Scriptnotes Podcast

Scriptnotes Podcast
John August and Craig Mazin discussing things screenwriters talk about.
374 - Real-World Villains
Nov 6 • 59 min
John and Craig investigate actual villains in this installment of How Would This Be a Movie? From the eerily prescient writer of “How to Murder Your Husband” to the dark comedy of Jacob Wohl, sometimes reality provides the character — now you just n
373 - Austin Live Show 2018
Oct 30 • 76 min
John and Craig invite Wendy Calhoun (Station 19, Empire), Phil Hay (The Invitation, Ride Along), Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel), and Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman, Ice Age: Continental Drift) to join them onstage for a discussion ab
372 - No Writing Left Behind
Oct 23 • 52 min
John and Craig discuss the dangers of leave-behinds. The “writing before the writing” is an important part of the craft, but giving it away for free is bad for everyone. We also answer a listener question about character wants versus needs, and why t
225 - Only Haters Hate Rom-Coms
Oct 16 • 63 min
John and Craig talk romantic comedies with screenwriter Tess Morris, whose film Man Up is unapologetically part of the genre. We discuss what distinguishes rom-coms from other comedies, and why they get singled out for disdain and death-of articles.
371 - Writing Memorable Dialogue
Oct 9 • 56 min
John and Craig have a dialogue about dialogue. They discuss how thinking about memorizing lines can help write them, and how to service quieter characters in a scene. We also answer listener questions about adapting plays for the screen, creating a diff
370 - Two Things at the Same Time
Oct 2 • 66 min
John and Craig look into simultaneity and how to visually articulate two things happening at once with the temporally-limited medium of written word. We also explore how simultaneity can ramp up tension, fracture narrative and play with expectations. The
369 - What Is a Movie, Anyway?
Sep 25 • 41 min
John and Craig welcome Franklin Leonard to weigh in on the current definition of “movie.” In the age of streaming, this distinction is not only important for audiences and awards, but has a meaningful effect on how writers are paid. We also take umb
368 - Advice for a New Staff Writer
Sep 18 • 61 min
John welcomes Alison McDonald (American Dad!, Nurse Jackie, the remake of Roots) and Ryan Knighton (In the Dark) to talk through the basics of the TV writers room, covering how they got in, how much to talk, how to make a living, what to wear and what’s
367 - One Year Later
Sep 11 • 59 min
Aline Brosh McKenna joins John and Craig to discuss the progress made in the year following the Weinstein revelations. Have the systems for reporting and preventing sexual harassment improved, or are we still just dealing with hurricanes?
Extra: WGA Elections 2018
Sep 6 • 28 min
John and Craig discuss their choices for WGA Board Elections and misinformation about proposed revisions to the Screen Credits Manual.
366 - Tying Things Up
Sep 4 • 60 min
John and Craig cover endings, both for craft and for business. First they articulate the importance of the denouement and the social contract it fulfills with the audience. Then they discuss what happens to a writer’s work after their death. We also fo
365 - Craig Hates Dummies
Aug 28 • 66 min
John and Craig are back at it with another installment of How Would This Be a Movie? They consider the story of a competitive mass Tinder date, a retirement home for ventriloquist dummies and the McDonald’s Monopoly heist. We also revisit John’s WGA
364 - Netflix Killed the Video Store
Aug 21 • 50 min
John welcomes Kate Hagen to talk about missing movies and the role that video stores play in archiving film history, preserving access to all movies and creating a sense of community. They discuss some of the barriers to films getting digital distribution
363 - Best Popular Screenwriting Podcast
Aug 14 • 58 min
John and Craig pack this business-centric episode with big picture conversations about guild negotiations, changes to the Oscars, the Disney/Fox merger, the Paramount Consent Decree, and the tragedy that is being unable to stream The Flamingo Kid.
Extra: My Abortion Story
Aug 13 • 9 min
In this extra mini-episode, John and Craig discuss John’s abortion article.
362 - The One with Mindy Kaling
Aug 7 • 70 min
John sits down with writer/actor Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project, Champions) to talk about her origin story, her big break as Ben Affleck, what it’s like to simultaneously showrun and star in a sitcom, and the nature of half-hour comedies.
361 - From Indie to Action Comedy
Jul 31 • 61 min
John welcomes Susanna Fogel and David Iserson to talk about making their new movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me. They discuss the transition from TV and indie film to blockbuster, the collaboration involved in crafting a comic action sequence, and the fun of pr
360 - Relationships
Jul 24 • 62 min
John and Craig discuss the importance and basics of developing relationships in storytelling. Characters are nothing without relationships, like Woody without Buzz, Shrek without Donkey, John without Craig… We then test these ideas about relationships
359 - Where Movies Come From
Jul 17 • 69 min
John and Craig welcome Liz Hannah (screenwriter of The Post) to explore where movies come from, be it real life, storytelling social media sites, or all-powerful comic book IP. How do these story sources affect the writer’s relationship with the materia
358 - Point of View
Jul 10 • 51 min
John and Craig discuss the power of point of view in scripts and how the choice of which characters have storytelling power changes how we experience a movie. Point of view has a meaningful role in creating mystery, expanding scale, elevating characters,