The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker

The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker
The definitive insider’s guide to our current golden age of television.

Erica Shelton Kodish, Marc Muszynski, & Emmy Diaz
Jul 2 • 65 min
Panel interview with Erica Shelton Kodish (Cold Case), Marc Muszynski (Abby’s), & Emmy Diaz (Jane the Virgin).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL MEDIA WRITER’S…
Carlos Foglia & Marquita Robinson
Jun 18 • 61 min
Panel interview with Carlos Foglia (Lore) and Marquita Robinson (Glow, You’re The Worst, New Girl).THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY HELIX, KEEPS, AND HONEYBOOK UP TO $125 OFF! FIRST MONTH…
Brigitte Hales, J. Holtham, & John Hyams + Stephen Scaia Bonus Interview
Jun 11 • 92 min
Panel interview with Brigitte Hales (11/22/63, Once Upon a Time), J. Holtham (Cloak & Dagger, Jessica Jones, Supergirl), & John Hyams (Black Summer). Plus a bonus interview with Stephen Scaia (Blood & Treasure).THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY AUDIBLE and…
Aida Croal, Marja-Lewis Ryan, & Annabel Oakes + Dailyn Rodriguez Bonus Interview
Jun 4 • 78 min
Panel interview with Aida Croal (Turn, Clone Wars), Marja-Lewis Ryan (The L Word reboot), & Annabel Oakes (The Edge of Seventeen, Awkward, Atypical). Plus a bonus interview with Dailyn Rodriguez, the new co-showrunner of Queen of the South.THIS EPISODE…
Introducing Life is Short with Justin Long
Jun 3 • 10 min
Life is Short with Justin Long finds the actor sitting down with some of the funniest and most intriguing people of today, like Dax Shepard, Olivia Wilde and Neil Patrick Harris. No topics are out of bounds, and no questions are too personal. Subscribe to…
Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, & Elisabeth Finch
May 21 • 55 min
Panel interview with Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson (creators/showrunners, The Hot Zone; Genius; Smallville) and Elisabeth Finch (Grey’s Anatomy; Vampire Diaries; True Blood).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL MEDIA…
The Twilight Zone (Alex Rubens, Glen Morgan, & Heather Anne Campbell)
May 14 • 48 min
A panel discussion with Twilight Zone writers Alex Rubens (“The Comedian” and the season finale; Key & Peele; Big Mouth); Glen Morgan (“A Traveler” and “Blue Scorpion”;The X-Files; Lore); and Heather Anne Campbell (“Six Degrees of Freedom” and “Not All…
From Pitch to Punchline (ATX Festival 2018)
May 7 • 61 min
Pitching a TV show can be an intimidating process, but these creators have the added level of having to sell “funny.” What are the do’s and don’ts of a comedy pitch? What’s the balance between humor and story? And what happens with the network/studio…
Lauren Bachelis, Kevin Avery, & Christine Chambers
Apr 30 • 67 min
Panel interview with Lauren Bachelis (Hollywood Assistant Tumblr, Club de Cuervos); Kevin Avery (Totally Biased, Last Week Tonight, The New Negroes); and Christine Chambers (Boardwalk Empire, Riverdale).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON…
Jennifer Kaytin Robinson + Leonard Dick, Raelle Tucker, Michael Kramer, & Lilli Birdsell
Apr 16 • 92 min
Panel interview with Leonard Dick (Lost, House, The Good Wife); Raelle Tucker (True Blood, Jessica Jones, Sacred Lies); Michael Kramer (Rugrats, Life Unexpected); and Lilli Birdsell (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)Plus Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin…
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Establishing a Career (ATX Festival 2018)
Apr 9 • 64 min
There is no straight path in Hollywood. Every career trajectory is different, full of ups and downs, victories and disappointments, twists and turns, and hopefully some great surprises along the way. This group of panelists give candid insight into the…
Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, WGFestival 2019)
Apr 2 • 80 min
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator/star Rachel Bloom and creator/showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna talk about bringing the CW musical in for a landing, their creative partnership, tackling romantic comedy tropes and mental illness, musical numbers, and lots more.…
Kassia Miller, Emilia Serrano, & Shukree Tilghman
Mar 19 • 60 min
Panel interview with Kassia Miller (The Good Place, You’re The Worst); Emilia Serrano (Cristela, Jane The Virgin); and Shukree Tilghman (This Is Us, The Vampire Diaries).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL MEDIA…
Mallory O’Meara (The Lady from the Black Lagoon)
Mar 5 • 67 min
Ben talks with Mallory O’Meara, author of The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick.BUY MALLORY’S BOOK: W/ BEN BLACKER &…
Jessica Grasl, Melissa Scrivner Love, & Stephanie Mickus
Feb 19 • 64 min
Panel interview with Jessica Grasl (Designated Survivor, Shades of Blue), Melissa Scrivner Love (Person of Interest, Fear the Walking Dead, CSI: Miami), and Stephanie Mickus (Hope Springs Eternal).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL…
Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror
Feb 5 • 50 min
Shudder TV’s first original documentary feature, HORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR takes a critical look at a century of genre films that by turns utilized, caricatured, exploited, sidelined and embraced both black filmmakers and black audiences.…
Jon Spaihts
Jan 22 • 54 min
In a special episode from the vault, Ben talks to screenwriter and comic book scribe Jon Spaihts (Doctor Strange, Prometheus, Passengers).Listen to The Angel of Vine on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. Episode 10 premieres…
Alfred Molina, Constance Zimmer, & Oliver Vaquer (The Angel of Vine)
Jan 15 • 49 min
Panel discussion with the cast/co-creator of The Angel of Vine, a limited series narrative podcast. Alfred Molina, Constance Zimmer, and Oliver Vaquer join Ben to talk about the brave new world of narrative podcasting.Listen to The Angel of Vine on Apple…
Marc Bernardin, Niceole Levy, & Morgan Faust
Jan 8 • 66 min
Panel interview with Marc Bernardin (Castle Rock, Alphas, Treadstone); Niceole Levy (Ironside, Shades of Blue, Cloak & Dagger); and Morgan Faust (Legends of Tomorrow).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL…
Dec 25, 2018 • 177 min
Thank you for listening to Forever Dog podcasts this year and please enjoy this year-in-review clips show! Listen to find a new favorite podcast to subscribe to in 2019 or just a killer back catalog to binge during your holiday travels. And please follow…
Kara Lee Burk, Franklin Hardy, & Denise Harkavy
Dec 18, 2018 • 71 min
Panel interview with Kara Lee Burk (Costume Quest, The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show), Franklin Hardy (The Mick, You’re the Worst), & Denise Harkavy (The Expanse, The Brave).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL…
Jihan Crowther, Ray Utarnachitt, & Jack Kenny
Dec 11, 2018 • 53 min
Panel interview with Jihan Crowther (The Man in the High Castle, The Underground Railroad), Ray Utarnachitt (Legends of Tomorrow, Person of Interest), & Jack Kenny (Jessica Jones, Caroline in the City, Dave’s World).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Hex Wives #2 (Comic Book Commentary)
Nov 28, 2018 • 50 min
Ben previews another episode of the forthcoming podcast COMIC BOOK COMMENTARY, an in-depth, page-by-page, behind-the-scenes journey through your favorite comics with the writers and artists themselves. Imagine a DVD commentary track. But for comic…
Hex Wives #1 (Comic Book Commentary)
Nov 26, 2018 • 72 min
Ben previews a new podcast coming your way in 2019, tentatively titled COMIC BOOK COMMENTARY, an in-depth, page-by-page, behind-the-scenes journey through your favorite comics with the writers and artists themselves. Imagine a DVD commentary track. But…
“State of the Scare” (Austin Film Festival 2018)
Nov 20, 2018 • 75 min
“State of the Scare” panel from the Austin Film Festival with C. Robert Cargill (Sinister; Doctor Strange); Scott Beck & Bryan Woods (A Quiet Place); Yasemin Yilmaz (The Protector, The Exorcist); and Alvaro Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series; Seis…
Alexandra Cunningham, Ben Cory Jones, & Beth Schacter
Nov 13, 2018 • 70 min
Panel interview with Alexandra Cunningham (Dirty John, Desperate Housewives, NYPD Blue); Ben Cory Jones (Insecure, Underground, Boomerang); and Beth Schacter (Bunheads, Quantico, Normal Adolescent Behavior).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON…
Steve Conrad (Creator of PATRIOT)
Nov 6, 2018 • 67 min
A conversation with Steve Conrad, creator of the Amazon original series PATRIOT.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL MEDIA: WRITER’S PANEL IS A FOREVER DOG…
Witchcraft in History, Practice, & Pop Culture w/ Jenny Calabro
Oct 30, 2018 • 53 min
Ben talks to artist/illustrator and practicing witch Jenny Calabro about witchery, pop culture witches, and witchcraft history.Ben’s new Vertigo book HEX WIVES is coming out this week on Halloween 10/31/18!!!Buy it online at Comixology:…
Julie Plec & Kevin Williamson (NYCC 2018) + Bonus Interview with Beth Broderick
Oct 23, 2018 • 79 min
A conversation w/ Julie Plec & Kevin Williamson from New York ComicCon 2018. Recorded Live October 5, 2018. Plus a bonus interview with Beth Broderick (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) about portraying witches and pop culture witchcraft.Ben Blacker’s new…
DC Vertigo Panel (New York Comic Con 2018)
Oct 16, 2018 • 57 min
A panel from New York Comic Con 2018 with the storytellers behind the DC Vertigo comics relaunch. This next generation is taking the beloved imprint to new heights, with fantastical series from the new Sandman Universe and brand-new titles launching each…
Pop Culture Witches (New York Comic Con 2018)
Oct 9, 2018 • 60 min
A panel from New York Comic Con 2018 about the pop culture witches, enchantresses, genies, charmers, and sorceresses who conjured the craft in our popular imaginations in the past. How have women with (super) powers been portrayed, and how is that…
Ben Macintyre + Bonus Interview with Madeline Miller
Oct 2, 2018 • 80 min
A conversation with Ben Macintyre, the author of several amazing and unbelievable non-fiction accounts of WWII spycraft, including The Spy and the Traitor; Operation Mincemeat; and Agent Zigzag. (Starts at 14:40). Plus a bonus interview with Madeline…
Grainne Godfree, Sierra Ornelas, & Monica Beletsky + Bonus Interview w/ Andrew Miller
Sep 25, 2018 • 89 min
Roundtable interview with Grainne Godfree (Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Arrow); Sierra Ornelas (Happy Endings, Superstore); and Monica Beletsky (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Fargo). Starts at 20:10.Plus a bonus interview with Andrew Miller (The…
BONUS! DC/Vertigo and The Sandman Universe
Sep 21, 2018 • 15 min
In honor of the relaunch of Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking SANDMAN series, Ben Blacker talks about the history of DC’s Vertigo imprint, its influence on the rise of graphic novels, and gives a sneak peek at two of the new Sandman titles, “The Dreaming” and…
Pop Culture Witches (SDCC 2018)
Sep 18, 2018 • 54 min
A panel from SDCC 2018 about power, gender politics, and the representation of witches in popular culture. Panelists: Sabrina the Teenage Witch showrunner, Nell Scovell; author of Children of Blood and Bone, Tomi Adeyemi; co-showrunner of the CW’s Charmed…
Meredith Averill, Chris Collins, & Sarah Gertrude Shapiro + Bonus Interview w/ Julie Plec
Sep 11, 2018 • 78 min
Roundtable interview with Meredith Averill (The Good Wife, The Haunting of Hill House, Locke and Key); Chris Collins (The Wire, Sons of Anarchy, The Continental); and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (Unreal). Starts at 18:50.Plus a bonus interview with Julie Plec,…
400th Episode! Live at Dynasty Typewriter
Sep 4, 2018 • 109 min
Ben records the 400th episode of The Writers Panel Live at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles featuring an incredible panel of writers and showrunners, including:Caroline Dries (NBC’s upcoming Witchblade; DC Universe’s upcoming Batwoman; Vampire…
Alison Bennett, Steven Lilien, & Bryan Wynbrandt + Bonus Interview w/ Winnie Holzman
Aug 28, 2018 • 86 min
Roundtable interview with Alison Bennett (You’re the Worst; LA to Vegas; Single Parents) and Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt (God Friended Me). Starts at 20:48.Plus a bonus interview talking witches with Winnie Holzman, the creator of My So-Called Life…
“Bottle Episodes” (ATX TV Festival 2018) + Bonus Interview w/ Maggie Friedman
Aug 21, 2018 • 70 min
“Bottle Episodes” from the ATX Television Festival 2018. Panelists: Michael Jacobs (Boy Meets World); Anthony Hemingway (Underground); John Wirth (Hell On Wheels); and Kevin Falls (The West Wing). Moderated by Ben Blacker. Recorded June 9, 2018 at the ATX…
BONUS! The TV Campfire Podcast & ATX TV Fest Co-Founders Caitlin McFarland & Emily Gipson
Aug 16, 2018 • 36 min
Ben talks with ATX Television Festival Co-Founders Caitlin McFarland & Emily Gipson and offers a preview of the ATX produced podcast, The TV Campfire.You can find The TV Campfire on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your…
Jacque Edmonds Cofer, Akela Cooper, & Caroline Kepnes + Bonus Interview w/ Amanda Damron
Aug 14, 2018 • 89 min
Roundtable interview with Jacque Edmonds Cofer (creator, Let’s Stay Together; Martin; Moesha); Akela Cooper (The Flash; Luke Cage; The 100); Caroline Kepnes (creator, YOU). Starts at 23:16.Plus a bonus interview with practicing witch Amanda Damron…
BONUS! DC Vertigo Relaunch (SDCC 2018)
Aug 9, 2018 • 48 min
Meet the new voices behind DC Vertigo comics relaunch. Moderated by DC Vertigo Executive Editor Mark Doyle. Panelists include the creative team from Sandman Universe’s HOUSE OF WHISPERS, Nalo Hopkinson and Dominike “Domo” Stanton; BORDER TOWN’s Eric M.…
Raamla Mohamed, James LaRosa, & Holly Henderson + Bonus Interview w/ Claudia Black
Aug 7, 2018 • 95 min
Roundtable interview with Raamla Mohamed (Scandal); James LaRosa (creator, Hit the Floor); and Holly Henderson (Hit the Floor; Smallville). Starts at 23:25.Plus a bonus interview with actress Claudia Black (The Originals) about playing a witch, her…
“The Spy Who Dumped Me” Creators + Bonus Interview w/ Amber Benson
Jul 31, 2018 • 93 min
The creators of the brand new action comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me, Susanna Fogel (writer/director) and David Iserson (writer), join Ben to talk about the making of the film and why it often takes 10 years to become an overnight success in Hollywood.Plus a…
Nash Bridges Writers Room Reunion (ATX Television Festival 2018)
Jul 24, 2018 • 66 min
Nash Bridges Writers Room Reunion from the ATX Television Festival. Carlton Cuse (Writer/EP); Shawn Ryan (Writer/Co-Producer); Glen Mazzara (Writer); Jed Seidel (Writer/Supervising Producer); Pam Veasey (Writer). Moderated by Ben Blacker.Recorded June 9,…
Robert and Michelle King (ATX Television Festival 2018)
Jul 17, 2018 • 65 min
Ben talks to Robert and Michelle King, co-creators of “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight.”Recorded June 9, 2018 at the ATX Television Festival, Austin TX.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL…
Shernold Edwards, Vera Santamaria, & Christine Boylan
Jul 10, 2018 • 80 min
Shernold Edwards (Red Line, Anne with an E); Vera Santamaria (Orange is the New Black, Bojack Horseman); and Christine Boylan (The Punisher, Painkiller Jane, Cloak and Dagger).Recorded July 1 2018.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL…
Breakfast with Phil (w/ Phil Rosenthal, Danny Trejo, Niki Nakayama, Carole Iida-Nakayama) + Glen David Gold
Jun 26, 2018 • 112 min
Ben brings his hit ATX panel “Breakfast with Phil” to LA’s Dynasty Typewriter Theater (30:00) talking food, entertainment, creativity, and why LA is the world’s best restaurant city with Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, actor/restauranteur…
Kenneth Biller, Maggie Mull, and David Graziano
Jun 19, 2018 • 86 min
Roundtable discussion with Kenneth Biller (creator, Genius); Maggie Mull (Family Guy; Life in Pieces); and David Graziano (American Gods; Southland).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL ON SOCIAL…
American Vandal from ATX 2018
Jun 12, 2018 • 55 min
Last fall, in the midst of pop culture’s ongoing obsession with all things “true crime,” Netflix’s American Vandal arrived just in time to set social media ablaze with one tantalizing question: Who drew the dicks? Like amateur documentarians Peter and…
“Directors and Showrunners” from ATX
Jun 5, 2018 • 62 min
As different directors tackle single episodes or an entire series, a strong relationship between directors and showrunners is crucial to maintaining a cohesive and dynamic vision of the storytelling. Join these showrunner + director pairs, who have worked…
“A Showrunner Defined” from ATX
May 29, 2018 • 62 min
Greg Garcia (creator, My Name Is Earl), Tracey Wigfield (creator, Great News), Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (The Carmichael Show), Bob Daily (Superior Donuts), and Javier Grillo-Marxuach (The Middleman) discuss what the job of showrunner actually entails,…
“Power(ful) TV” from ATX
May 22, 2018 • 64 min
Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (creator, Sweet/Vicious), Gloria Calderon Kellett (creator, One Day at a Time), Justin Simien (creator, Dear White People), and David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights) discuss how their series have surpassed diversity trends and token…
“The Revival of the Socially Conscious Sitcom” from ATX
May 15, 2018 • 68 min
Bob Daily (Superior Donuts), Justin Simien (creator, Dear White People), Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon Kellett (creators, One Day at a Time), and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (The Carmichael Show) discuss taking their inspiration from Norman Lear and…
“Teens on TV” LA Festival of Books
May 8, 2018 • 64 min
“Teens on TV” from the LA Times Festival of Books. Lauren Iungerich (creator, On My Block and Awkward), Gina Fattore (Better Things; Gilmore Girls; Dawson’s Creek), and Dave Nadelberg (creator, The Mortified Guide) discuss angst on TV, from the scripted…
Colony + Aline Brosh McKenna, Sam Bain, & Tanya Saracho @ LA Festival of Books
May 1, 2018 • 110 min
Catching up with Colony creator Ryan Condal and co-showrunner Wes Tooke. Season 3 of Colony premieres on USA tomorrow night, May 2! Then, Aline Brosh McKenna (co-creator, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Sam Bain (creator, Peep Show, Fresh Meat, Ill Behaviour),…
“Presidents of TV” from ATX
Apr 24, 2018 • 62 min
Craig Erwich (Hulu), Jennifer Salke (NBC), Casey Bloys (HBO), Nick Grad (FX), and Gary Levine (Showtime) discuss how their networks forge individual paths in a time of “Peak TV,” their decisions behind which and how many series to order, balancing their…
“Too Close To Home” from ATX
Apr 17, 2018 • 64 min
Javier Grillo-Marxuach (creator, The Middleman), Robia Rashid (creator, Atypical), Liz Tigelaar (creator, Life Unexpected), and David Hudgins (Parenthood) discuss storylines they’ve created or by happenstance been assigned to that have mirrored parts of…
Nell Scovell with Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels
Apr 10, 2018 • 78 min
Recorded March 22, 2018, at the Skirball Cultural Center as part of the “Writers Bloc Presents” series. For more terrific live writers events visits
Apr 3, 2018 • 57 min
Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen, writers of Chappaquiddick, discuss their motivation for writing about Ted Kennedy’s 1969 scandal, finding characters in well knows personalities, and more.
Adam Rifkin
Mar 27, 2018 • 48 min
The writer/director of The Last Movie Star discusses his lifelong quest to work with Burt Reynolds, his past credits including Mousehunt and Knucklehead, his process, and more.
The Terror
Mar 20, 2018 • 44 min
Developer/showrunner David Kajganich (A Bigger Splash; True Story) and showrunner Soo Hugh (creator, The Whispers; The Killing) chat about their new AMC show, a cold thriller called The Terror. They discuss balancing various tones, a character-first…
Gerry Duggan + “Family Drama” from ATX
Mar 13, 2018 • 78 min
Catching up with comics writer Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), whose new Image title Analog comes out April 4. Check it out! From ATX: Michael Rauch (creator, Royal Pains), Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green (creators, Blue Bloods), David Hudgins (Friday Night…
Kayla Alpert, Leila Cohan-Miccio, and Dwayne Johnson-Cochran
Mar 6, 2018 • 75 min
Kayla Alpert (Code Black; Sweet Valley High); Leila Cohan-Miccio (Santa Clarita Diet; Awkward); Dwayne Johnson-Cochran (Heist 88).
“Network’s Identity” from ATX
Feb 27, 2018 • 62 min
As the TV landscape changes, each network grapples to find its own place on the spectrum. Kathleen McCaffrey (HBO), Grant Gish (Marvel), and Karey Burke (Freeform) discuss their respective programming ethos’ and how their competition’s successes and…
Kenny Smith, Rebecca Perry Cutter, and Andrew Reich
Feb 20, 2018 • 63 min
Andrew Reich (Friends; Netflix’s Rev Run show) Kenny Smith (black-ish; The Game); Rebecca Cutter (Gotham; The Mentalist).
Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber
Feb 13, 2018 • 54 min
Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award nominees for The Disaster Artist, Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, dig deep on their process, offer valuable advice about choosing what to write, discuss their past projects including their breakthrough script for…
“TV Under Trump” from ATX
Feb 6, 2018 • 70 min
Javier Grillo-Marxuach (creator, The Middleman), Michael Rauch (creator, Royal Pains), Julie Plec (creator, The Vampire Diaries), Beau Willimon (creator, House of Cards), Liz Tigelaar (Casual), and Paul Garnes (Queen Sugar) discuss approaching their art…
Liz Hara Part 2
Jan 30, 2018 • 39 min
New writer Liz Hara returns! When last we left Liz, she’d moved to LA from New York to work on Life In Pieces. She’s still on staff on the CBS sit-com and shares stories about growing more comfortable in the writers’ room, discovering how the show works…
Holly Sorensen, Nick Antosca, and Stacy Rukeyser
Jan 23, 2018 • 71 min
Holly Sorensen (Step Up: High Water; creator, Make It Or Break It); Nick Antosca (creator, Channel Zero); Stacy Rukeyser (Unreal; One Tree Hill)
Better Call Saul season 3 in review
Jan 16, 2018 • 79 min
Co-creator/showrunner Peter Gould and writers Thomas Schnauz, Gennifer Hutchison, Gordon Smith, Ann Cherkis, and Heather Marion discuss the third season of the AMC series, bringing back (introducing?) Gus Fring, their process and the show’s depictions of…
General Hospital
Jan 9, 2018 • 70 min
Head writer Shelly Altman and co-head writer Chris Van Etten of the long-running (55 years and counting!) daytime soap opera are joined by GH super-fan Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (The Carmichael Show; LA>Vegas) to discuss the nuts and bolts of writing a…
John Shiban, CeCe Pleasants, and Liz Hannah
Dec 19, 2017 • 88 min
John Shiban (Shut Eye; The X-Files; Breaking Bad); CeCe Pleasants (Bill Nye Saves the World; Jimmy Kimmel Live!); Liz Hannah (The Post)
The Exorcist
Dec 12, 2017 • 67 min
Show creator Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) and co-showrunner Sean Crouch (Numb3rs) discuss the Fox series’ second season, horror on network TV, capturing the feel of both the original film and William Peter Blatty’s book, and more. The season…
Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage
Dec 5, 2017 • 62 min
Writer Josh Schwartz is the creator of The OC, Chuck, Gossip Girl, and more. Fake Empire, his production company with partner Stephanie Savage, is behind Hulu’s Runaways, CW’s Dynasty and Hart of Dixie, and many other TV shows and films. Josh and…
Patrick Brammall and Trent O’Donnell, Cynthia Mort, Sanjay Shah
Nov 28, 2017 • 54 min
Patrick Brammall and Trent O’Donnell (creators, No Activity); Cynthia Mort (creator, Tell Me You Love Me; Roseanne); Sanjay Shah (Fresh Off the Boat; Cougar Town).
Frankie Shaw & Sarah-Violet Bliss
Nov 21, 2017 • 60 min
Frankie Shaw (creator, SMILF); Sarah-Violet Bliss (co-creator, Search Party).
Future Man
Nov 14, 2017 • 39 min
Creators Kyle Hunter & Ariel Shaffir (Sausage Party) and showrunner Ben Karlin (Modern Family; The Daily Show) discuss their new Hulu series, a sci-fi comedy.
Stephen Chbosky
Nov 7, 2017 • 58 min
The writer/director of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the forthcoming Wonder chats about the line between honesty and sentimentality, the similarities between novel writing and film directing, why and how he writes, and gives a valuable four-point…
Stan Against Evil
Oct 31, 2017 • 54 min
Live from Id10tfest, creator Dana Gould (The Simpsons) and stars John C. McGinley (Scrubs) and Janet Varney (Legend of Korra) look back on the show’s first season and look forward to the second which premieres November 1 on IFC! Moderated by Nerdist’s…
Glenn Gordon Caron, Hillary Benefiel, and Rob Wright
Oct 17, 2017 • 84 min
Glenn Gordon Caron (creator of Moonlighting, Now & Again, and Medium); Hillary Benefiel (Beyond; Person of Interest); Rob Wright (Lethal Weapon [TV]; Ash Vs the Evil Dead; Walker Texas Ranger).
Sera Gamble, Sallie Patrick, and Lindsey Shockley
Oct 10, 2017 • 58 min
Sera Gamble (showrunner, The Magicians; Supernatural; upcoming; You), Sallie Patrick (showrunner, Dynasty; Revenge), Lindsey Shockley (creator, Unit Zero; Black-ish; Trophy Wife)
Billy Ray, Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters, and Alison Schapker
Oct 3, 2017 • 71 min
Billy Ray (creator, The Last Tycoon; Captain Phillips; The Hunger Games); Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters (creators, Kevin [Probably] Saves the World; showrunners, Agent Carter); Alison Schapker (Scandal; The Flash; Fringe, Alias)
Mark Feuerstein, Dana Klein, and Davita Scarlett
Sep 26, 2017 • 68 min
Mark Feuerstein (co-creator, 9JKL; actor, Royal Pains); Dana Klein (co-creator, 9JKL; Friends; Becker); Davita Scarlett (Queen Sugar; Constantine)
“Watercooler Meets Murderboard” from ATX
Sep 19, 2017 • 58 min
From Reddit threads and think pieces to live-tweeting and podcasts, the TV Theory business is booming. Yet, for a series with an ongoing mystery and unanswered questions, it can feel like the fandom is more interested solving a show than experiencing it.…
“Prepackaged” from ATX
Sep 12, 2017 • 61 min
TV executives Kathleen McCaffrey (HBO), Grant Gish (Marvel), Carolyn Newman (eOne), Alex Maggioni (Amblin), Ali Krug (Annapurna Television), Peter Gal (Dreamworks Animation Television), and Simran Sethi (Freeform) discuss the pros & cons of finding and…
Tim McKeon/Stacey Sher
Sep 5, 2017 • 124 min
Producer Stacey Sher’s films include Adventures in Babysitting, Reality Bites, The Fisher King, Get Shorty, Pulp Fiction, Erin Brokovitch, Django Unchained, and many, many more. She discusses her successes and her role in making so many landmark films,…
“Life After TV High School” from ATX.
Aug 29, 2017 • 61 min
Just in time to go back to school, writers Julie Plec (Dawson’s Creek; The Vampire Diaries), Amanda Lasher (Sweet/Vicious; Gossip Girl) and YA author turned YA TV producer Rebecca Serle (Famous in Love) discuss the “New Adult” genre, why it has taken the…
Alias writers reunion from ATX
Aug 22, 2017 • 61 min
Ken Olin, Sarah Caplan, Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, and Monica Owusu-Breen reunite to reflect on the show’s long-term impact, the challenges of maintaining their elaborate concept across 105 episodes, and to share their favorite moments in the life of…
“Friendships on TV” panel from ATX
Aug 15, 2017 • 65 min
Mara Brock Akil (creator, Being Mary Jane), Kevin Falls (creator, Franklin & Bash), Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (creator, Sweet/Vicious), and Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham (creators/stars, Playing House) discuss writing TV friendships. Moderated by…
“First gigs” from ATX
Aug 8, 2017 • 65 min
Graham Yost (creator, Justified) and Dave Andron (Justified) and Julie Plec (creator, The Originals) and Carina MacKenzie (The Originals) in conversation about taking chances and catching breaks, exploring the relationship from both sides of that first…
Greg Garcia and James Roland
Aug 1, 2017 • 75 min
Greg Garcia (creator, The Guest Book, My Name Is Earl, The Millers, Raising Hope, and Yes, Dear); James Roland (creator, Blood Drive).
Samantha McIntyre, Jennifer Muro and Cherry Chevapravatdumrong
Jul 25, 2017 • 72 min
Samantha McIntyre (People of Earth; Unicorn Store); Jennifer Muro (Star Wars: Forces of Destiny); Cherry Chevapravatdumrong (Family Guy).
Northern Exposure
Jul 18, 2017 • 45 min
Creator Josh Brand, writers/executive producers Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, writer/producer Cheryl Bloch, and cast members Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, Cynthia Geary, and Adam Arkin reunite to discuss the series’ enduring strangeness, how the…
“I’ll Have What Phil’s Having… for Breakfast!”
Jul 11, 2017 • 110 min
A double feature with Everybody Loves Raymond creator and food-lover Phil Rosenthal. Breakfast with Phil has become an ATX Television Festival tradition. From last year’s fest, Ben Blacker join Phil to talk breakfast tacos, coffee, travel, and more, while…
Fargo & The Leftovers
Jul 4, 2017 • 120 min
A double dose from ATX Teleivion Festival. First, following a screening of Episode 309 (“Aporia”) , creator Noah Hawley, executive producer John Cameron, and actors Michael Stuhlbarg and Mary McDonnell discuss the series, season three, and the future of…
The Americans
Jun 27, 2017 • 46 min
Fresh off the heels of The Americans’ penultimate season, creator/showrunner Joe Weisberg and executive producer/showrunner Joel Fields reflect on the gripping, nail-biting journey of the Jennings family across the last five years, as viewers prepare…
Misha Green, Jake Fogelnest, and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
Jun 20, 2017 • 72 min
Misha Green (creator, Underground); Jake Fogelnest (Girlboss; Difficult People); Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (The Carmichael Show; New Girl).
Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz, Lindsey Allen and Heather V. Regnier
Jun 13, 2017 • 62 min
Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz (People of Earth; Brooklyn 99); Lindsey Allen (MacGuyver; Agent Carter); Heather V. Regnier (Sleepy Hollow; Falling Skies).
Full Frontal
Jun 6, 2017 • 50 min
Field Correspondents Ashley Nicole Black, Allana Harkin, and Mike Rubens discuss keeping a sense of humor when things get dire, putting the show together, keeping up with the news, the guidance of Samantha Bee, and more.
Liz Hara Part 1
May 30, 2017 • 44 min
Writer Liz Hara just completed her first week as a professional TV writer on a network show, Life In Pieces. In this first of what we hope will be many chats with Liz, she describes how she got the job, her previous work as a costumer and puppet-wrangler…
Powerful TV and The Shield Writers’ Reunion
May 23, 2017 • 118 min
Powerful TV panel from ATX, Jack Amiel (co-creator, The Knick), Jason Katims (creator, Friday Night Lights and Parenthood), Jennie Snyder Urman (creator, Jane the Virgin), Mike Royce (co-creator, Men of a Certain Age; Enlisted), and Carter Covington…
Downward Dog
May 16, 2017 • 98 min
The showrunners of ABC’s terrific Downward Dog, John Hoberg & Kat Likkel, talk about being a married couple and writing partners, protecting and translating the show creators’ vision, what they learned working on My Name Is Earl, The Neighbors, and more,…
Mary Kills People
May 9, 2017 • 48 min
Creator Tara Armstrong, showrunner Tassie Cameron (co-creator, Rookie Blue), and lead actor Caroline Dhavernas (Hannibal; Wonder Falls) discuss their new Lifetime show, writing complicated characters, their hectic shooting schedule, adding comedy and…
The OC Writers Room reunion from ATX
May 4, 2017 • 87 min
With creator Josh Schwartz (creator, Gossip Girl, Chuck, and more), Stephanie Savage (creator, Gossip Girl, The Astronaut Wives Club), Leila Gerstein (creator, Hart of Dixie), and music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas. Moderated by Alan Sepinwall (HitFix).…
Gerry Duggan/Philipp Meyer
May 2, 2017 • 105 min
A double header today. First, TV and comics writer Gerry Duggan (Attack of the Show) talks about his new Guardians of the Galaxy book for Marvel, bringing humanity to Deadpool, comedy in comics, and lots more. Gerry’s All New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is…
The Handmaid’s Tale
Apr 25, 2017 • 68 min
Executive Producer Warren Littlefield (former president of NBC) and creator Bruce Miller (The 100; Eureka; ER) discuss their adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel, why the time is right for the story, working with Hulu, their history together, and lots…
David Caspe, Amanda Lasher and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Apr 18, 2017 • 71 min
David Caspe (creator, Happy Endings and Marry Me); Amanda Lasher (Togetherness; Gossip Girl; Sweet/Vicious); Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (creator, Sweet/Vicious).
Hilary Winston, Henry Alonso Myers and Lon Zimmet
Apr 11, 2017 • 67 min
Hilary Winston (creator, Bad Teacher; Community; My Name Is Earl, Happy Endings); Henry Alonso Myers (Ugly Betty; The Magicians; Charmed), Lon Zimmet (Superstore; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Happy Endings).
Negotiations special
Apr 10, 2017 • 65 min
Former WGA President Christopher Keyser (co-creator, Party of Five) is joined by guild members Marqui Jackson (Rosewood; Battle Creek) and Deirdre Mangan (iZombie) to talk about today’s return to the negotiating table with the AMPTP (the studios and…
Krista Vernoff, Stefanie Leder, Wendy Molyneux & Lizzie Molyneux
Apr 4, 2017 • 72 min
Krista Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy; Private Practice; Shameless); Stefanie Leder (Faking It; Melissa & Joey); Wendy Molyneux & Lizzie Molyneux (Bob’s Burgers).
Amy Aniobi, Charles Murray and Ben Wexler
Mar 28, 2017 • 68 min
New pal Amy Aniobi (Insecure; Silicon Valley) joins returning champions Charles Murray (Luke Cage; Sons of Anarchy) and Ben Wexler (The Grinder; creator, The Comedians) to talk about what they all learned as assistants, common mistakes new writers make,…
Paul Scheuring
Mar 23, 2017 • 38 min
The creator of Prison Break and author of the new novel The Far Shore discusses prose writing, TV writing, compromising his vision, his Buddhism, and more. Recorded at Book Soup in Los Angeles on March 10, 2017.
Gina Fattore, Courtney Lilly & Kathleen Robertson
Mar 21, 2017 • 74 min
Gina Fattore (Dawson’s Creek; Californication; Better Things); Courtney Lilly (Black-ish; My Boys), Kathleen Robertson (writer: upcoming: Swimming with Sharks; Your Time Is Up; actor: Murder in the First; Beverly Hills 90210).
Simon Rich, Dave Holstein, Richard Keith & Erin Cardillo
Mar 14, 2017 • 74 min
Simon Rich (creator, Man Seeking Woman); Richard Keith & Erin Cardillo (creators, Significant Mother, Life Sentence), Dave Holstein (I’m Dying Up Here; Weeds).
Barbara Hall
Mar 7, 2017 • 65 min
The creator of Madam Secretary, Judging Amy, and Joan of Arcadia talks about tackling politics, writing about what’s important, what she’s learned from each experience, getting her start on Northern Exposure and I’ll Fly Away, her country rock band, and…
Fantasy TV from ATX
Mar 2, 2017 • 163 min
John Wirth (V; Falling Skies), Krista Vernoff (Charmed; Wonderfalls), and Joanna Klein (SVP Scripted Development, The CW) discuss fantasy TV from building the look of a new world and the characters that inhabit it to placing supernatural characters into…
Christine Lennon/Bob Daily
Feb 28, 2017 • 72 min
Superior Donuts co-creator Bob Daily talks about finding new material with every show, from his earliest days on Frasier to Desperate Housewives, The Odd Couple, and more, what he’s learned from rooms he’s worked in, how to write good characters, and…
Betsy Beers
Feb 23, 2017 • 65 min
Shondaland’s partner who isn’t Shonda talks about working in one of the top pods in the business, where it’s headed, and more. In conversation with EW’s editor-in-chief Henry Goldblatt. Recorded at ATX Television Festival on June 10, 2016. Get your badge…
Jon Bokenkamp
Feb 21, 2017 • 45 min
The creator of The Blacklist and its spin-off, The Blacklist: Redemption, discusses why he made the move to television after fourteen years in features, leaving and returning to LA, his collaborators, how he does and doesn’t like writing, and more.
Crisis of Faith panel from ATX
Feb 16, 2017 • 110 min
Comedies and dramas alike are finding the humanity and nuance in faith-based storylines, whether it’s reconciling concepts of self and sexuality in religion or questioning a long-standing ideology. How does a series navigate what role a character’s faith…
Feb 14, 2017 • 76 min
Brian Koppelman & David Levien, creators of Showtime’s Billions, discuss their long road to creating a hedge fund show, dole out valuable advice on screenwriting and working as a writer, their successes like Oceans 13, their disappointments like Runner…
Shawn Ryan & Eric Kripke
Feb 9, 2017 • 66 min
The creators of NBC’s Timeless discuss their collaboration, the tricks of writing time travel, how creating their own shows—The Shield and Supernatural, respectively—as young writers informed their process, and more.
Feb 7, 2017 • 70 min
Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent, creators of Channel 4/AMC’s Humans, talk about artificial intelligence in storytelling, what Westworld does well, their earlier work on MI-5, and lots more.
Incorporated’s Ted Humphrey and David Pastor
Feb 4, 2017 • 58 min
The showrunner and co-creator of the Syfy series Incorporated discuss their working relationship, their show’s relavence, and more.
Will Beall, Dan Newmark and Ben Newmark
Jan 31, 2017 • 63 min
Will Beall (developer/showrunner, Training Day); Dan Newmark and Ben Newmark (Gigi Does It; Coupled).
Escapist Comedy from ATX
Jan 24, 2017 • 64 min
Take a break from reality with a double header from ATX, a Television Festival. First, Jennie Snyder Urman (creator, Jane the Virgin), Kevin Biegel (creator, Enlisted and Cougartown), Justin Adler (creator, Life in Pieces), and Dana Tuinier (VP Original…
Can We Get Back to Politics? from ATX
Jan 21, 2017 • 62 min
The American political system often lends itself to some of TV’s bleakest and most inspiring moments. In this conversation, Kevin Falls (The West Wing), Rosemary Rodriguez (The Good Wife), and Bryan Seabury (SVP Drama Development, CBS) examine working…
Throwing Shade
Jan 17, 2017 • 47 min
Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi talk about translating their Maximum Fun podcast into a TV Land late-night style series, their performance backgrounds, and more.
Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton
Jan 10, 2017 • 84 min
The It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia writers and co-stars discuss their now-airing 12th season, changing the face of TV comedy, how their show is written, and more. Co-hosted by Sunny super-fan Jenny Klein (Supernatural; Jessica Jones).
Roundtable with Peter Tolan, Brannon Braga, Y. Shireen Razack and Adam Nussdorf
Jan 3, 2017 • 68 min
Peter Tolan (co-creator/showrunner, Outsiders, Rescue Me); Brannon Braga (co-creator/showrunner, Salem; Star Trek: Next Generation); Y. Shireen Razack (Shadowhunters); Adam Nussdorf (creator, Beyond).
Year in Review
Dec 20, 2016 • 79 min
Phillip Iscove (co-creator, Sleepy Hollow), Gloria Calderon Kellett (co-creator, the new One Day at a Time), and Dierdre Mangan (iZombie) look back on 2016 and try to find hope in the trends, movements, and good TV from this annus horribilis.
Patrick Ness
Dec 13, 2016 • 38 min
The screenwriter of A Monster Calls, and the author of the novel on which it’s based, talks about how anyone with a story can be a writer, adapting his novel, his process, his other books including the Chaos Walking series and The Rest of Us Just Live…
Matt Ross
Dec 6, 2016 • 52 min
The actor (Silicon Valley; Big Love) and writer/director of Captain Fantastic, one of the best movies of the year, chats about stepping behind the camera, writing for actors, the biographical aspects of Captain Fantastic, and more. Seriously, stop messing…
Eric Heisserer
Nov 29, 2016 • 66 min
The screenwriter of Arrival talks about the decade-long process of bringing that story to the screen, “hard hat jobs” he’s worked on including the remake/prequel of The Thing, his directorial debut, Hours, and more.
Writers Assistants
Nov 22, 2016 • 67 min
Megan Metzger (When Calls the Heart), Dave Metzger (The Blacklist), Joelle Cornett (Pure Genius), Charlotte Lewis (Faking It), and Jake Thomas (Notorious) discuss what the job entails, how they got their jobs, the best rooms, and the odd place a writers’…
300th episode
Nov 15, 2016 • 113 min
Michael Schur (creator of The Good Place; co-creator of Parks & Recreation), Damon Lindelof (co-creator, Lost, The Leftovers), Carlton Cuse (co-creator of Jack Ryan, Colony, and Bates Motel; co-showrunner, Lost), Marti Noxon (co-creator of Unreal and…
Martin Gero
Nov 8, 2016 • 48 min
Blindspot creator Martin Gero chats about putting together the team, breaking story, how he uses the writers’ room, his unusual hiring process, his late, beloved series LA Complex, procedurals, those tattoos, and more. Recorded at EW Popfest in Los…
John Green
Nov 1, 2016 • 99 min
The author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, and more discusses discovering young adult fiction, the invention of characters, how his stories take shape, his earnest love of The Babysitters Club books, and more; he even drops…
CBS Women Showrunners Panel
Oct 25, 2016 • 93 min
Barbara Hall (creator of Madame Secretary, Judging Amy, and Joan of Arcadia); Joan Rater (co-creator of Doubt); Aline Brosh McKenna (co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend); Jenny Snyder Urman (creator of Jane the Virgin); Corinne Brinkerhoff (creator of No…
Harry Elfont & Deborah Kaplan
Oct 18, 2016 • 77 min
The creators of the new MTV show Mary + Jane discuss writing what they care about, their partnership and process, their breakthrough feature that led to Can’t Hardly Wait, what happened after Josie & the Pussycats, and lots more. Ben Blacker and The…
Oct 11, 2016 • 53 min
Writer/creators/stars Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy discuss their TruTV comedy about teachers who are less mature than their students, getting their break in TV after the success of their Denver-based sketch group The Grawlix, the…
Romance and YA TV
Oct 4, 2016 • 120 min
A double-header recorded at ATX, a Television Festival earlier this year. First, “Keeping the Romance Alive” with Hart Hanson (creator, Bones), Liz Tigelaar (showrunner, Casual; creator, Life Unexpected), Carter Covington (creator, Faking It), and Jennie…
Nerdist TV: The Boundary Pushers Live from SDCC 2016
Oct 1, 2016 • 64 min
Steven Moffat (Doctor Who; Sherlock), Bryan Fuller (American Gods; Star Trek; Hannibal), and Michael Green (American Gods) join Alicia Lutes (co-host/creator, Fangirling) at the “Nerdist TV: The Boundary Pushers” panel. Recorded at San Diego Comic Con on…
Sep 27, 2016 • 49 min
Westworld creators Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy, Graham Yost (creator, Justified), Jonathan Tucker (actor, Justified), John Wirth (showrunner, Hell on Wheels), and Anson Mount (actor, Hell on Wheels) discuss the rich tradition of westerns on TV from iconic…
First Timers and One Season Wonders
Sep 20, 2016 • 119 min
A double-header recorded at ATX, a Television Festival this year. First, Ryan Condal (co-creator, Colony), Zander Lehmann (creator, Casual), Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (co-creator, unREAL), and Joe Pokaski (co-creator, Underground) discuss the process of…
High Maintenance
Sep 13, 2016 • 70 min
Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, the creators, writers, and directors of web-series High Maintenance discuss their emotional writing process, keeping their trusted collaborators, the stories that interest them, and more. High Maintenance makes its…
Breaking Story
Sep 6, 2016 • 64 min
Anna Fricke (developer, Being Human), Liz Tigelaar (creator, Life Unexpected), Hart Hanson (creator, Bones), John Wirth (Hell on Wheels), and Scott Rosenbaum (The Shield) discuss the process of planning and plotting a season. Moderated by Natalie Abrams…
Sam Esmail
Aug 30, 2016 • 60 min
The creator of Mr. Robot talks about how he is and isn’t like his creation, writing and directing, working with his writing staff, and more.
Development Executives
Aug 23, 2016 • 67 min
Joanna Klein (The CW), Kathleen McCaffrey (HBO), Grant Gish (Fox Animation), Bryan Seabury (CBS), and Brendan Countee (Hulu) discuss their role in getting an episode from pilot script to production to ready for air. Hear their POV and goals, the factors…
Jeff Baena
Aug 20, 2016 • 53 min
The writer/director of Joshy and Life After Beth talks about his new movie, his process, his script for I Heart Huckabees, and more.
Jessica Sharzer
Aug 16, 2016 • 57 min
The screenwriter of Nerve, Speak, and other features, as well as American Horror Story writer and producer, discusses writing and directing, presenting psychological states in scripts, her process, her beginnings, and more.
Pulp Page to TV panel
Aug 9, 2016 • 60 min
Javier Grillo-Marxuach (creator, The Middleman), Brian Michael Bendis (creator of Jessica Jones and Powers), and Rosemary Rodriguez (director, Jessica Jones) discuss how a storyteller infuses his or her own voice into an often stylized and specific world…
David Simon and Tom Fontana
Aug 2, 2016 • 57 min
After more than a decade of reporting crime from the streets of Baltimore, how did a career journalist like David Simon learn to navigate a TV writers’ room? The outcome was in no small part due to the indispensable guidance of veteran TV producer Tom…
Alan Ball
Jul 26, 2016 • 74 min
The creator of Six Feet Under and True Blood discusses the creation of his seminal HBO series, exploring death, working with actors, swinging 180 degrees for his vampire soap opera, writing American Beauty in reaction to his experiences on sit-coms like…
Norman Lear
Jul 19, 2016 • 111 min
Norman Lear (creator of All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Maude, One Day at a Time, and more) is interviewed by Katey Sagal (actor, Married with Children, Sons of Anarchy) following a screening of the new documentary about Lear, Just Another…
Brad Meltzer and Tod Goldberg
Jul 12, 2016 • 76 min
The best-selling authors of House of Secrets discuss what each of them brings to their co-writing, learning from each other, comic books, and more.
The Writers Guild of America
Jul 5, 2016 • 61 min
WGA vice-president David Goodman (Family Guy) and David Slack (Person of Interest; Teen Titans Go!) take a good look at the Writers Guild and discuss why writers need a union, what the union does, what was gained by the 2008 writers’ strike, and how the…
David Mandel
Jun 28, 2016 • 83 min
The showrunner of Veep discusses taking over those duties in the just-aired season 5, early writing opportunities with Al Franken, his three years on Saturday Night Live, his time on Seinfeld, scripting Curb Your Enthusiasm, and lots more.
Conan Writers
Jun 14, 2016 • 87 min
Head writer Matt O’Brien, Mike Sweeney, Todd Levin, Dan Cronin, Jessie Gaskill, Jose Arroyo, Leah Krinsky, Levi MacDougall, and Andres Dubouchet. Recorded April 14, 2016 at the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics.
Joe Pokaski, Mike O’Malley, Stephnie Weir, and Hugh Sterbakov
Jun 7, 2016 • 92 min
Joe Pokaski (creator, Underground), Mike O’Malley (Shameless; creator, Survivor’s Remorse), Stephnie Weir (MadTV; The Millers), and Hugh Sterbakov (Robot Chicken). Recorded April 24, 2016 at the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics.
Chris Black
May 31, 2016 • 74 min
The showrunner of Cinemax’s Outcast (based on the Robert Kirkman comics) talks about his start in syndicated shows like Weird Science, Cleopatra 2525, and Xena, his work on Star Trek: Enterprise, moving out of genre with Desperate Housewives and Ugly…
Claudia Lonow
May 24, 2016 • 71 min
The creator of Rude Awakening, Accidentally on Purpose, and How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) discusses starting out as a teen actor on Knots Landing, transitioning to stand-up comedy and then writing, heartbreaks and joys of the…
Shane Black
May 17, 2016 • 93 min
The writer-director-Christmas enthusiast, whose new film The Nice Guys opens May 20, discusses his interests and process, being called a hack, success and failure, and all of his films, including Lethal Weapon, The Monster Squad, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron…
“Behind Every TV Show” from Wondercon
May 14, 2016 • 55 min
Allison Baker (IDW Comics) hosts Emily Andras (creator, Wynonna Earp; Lost Girls), Amber Benson (actor, Buffy The Vampire Slayer; author, The Last Dreamkeeper), Deirdre Mangan (writer, iZombie), and Carolyn Omine (writer, The Simpsons; Full House)…
Nicholas Stoller
May 10, 2016 • 66 min
The director/co-writer of Neighbors 2, director and/or co-writer of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Five Year Engagement, Get Him to the Greek, and The Muppets, among others, discusses his start in TV, collaboration, emotional comedy, co-creating The…
“Writing for TV: From First Draft to Getting Staffed” from Wondercon
May 7, 2016 • 59 min
Spiro Skentzos (Grimm) hosts Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead; creator, Damien), Richard Hatem (Dead of Summer; Damien; Witches of East End), Meredith Averill (Jane the Virgin; creator, Star-Crossed), Natalie Chaidez (12 Monkeys; Hunters; Terminator: The…
May 3, 2016 • 68 min
Filthy Preppy Teen$ co-creator Paul Scheer and writersTim Neenan (Newsreaders) and Nicole Shabtai (KirbyBuckets) discuss the new series now available on FullScreen,working on a small budget, parody, and more.
“Inside the Writers’ Room” from Wondercon
Apr 30, 2016 • 53 min
Mark Altman (creator, Femme Fatales) hosts Jose Molina(Agent Carter; Firefly), Steven Melching (Star Wars:Rebels), Sarah Watson (Parenthood), Ashley Miller(Thor; X-Men: First Class), Amy Berg (Counterpart;Eureka), and Gabrielle Stanton (Haven;…
Joe Hill
Apr 26, 2016 • 87 min
The author of the new novel The Fireman, as well asHorns, NOS4A2, and Heart-Shaped Box, the shortstory collection 20th Century Ghosts, and the comic bookseries Locke & Key talks candidly about his process,his influences, horror and genre, his famous…
Scot Armstrong
Apr 19, 2016 • 58 min
The creator of Dice and the writer of Old School, School for Scoundrels, Semi-Pro, The Hangover II, and more, discusses working with Andrew “Dice” Clay on the new Showtime series, his “cutting away” process, gathering ideas and when it’s time to write,…
Daniel Levy
Apr 12, 2016 • 53 min
Daniel Levy, the co-creator of Schitt’s Creek with his father Eugene Levy (Waiting for Guffman; SCTV), discusses being a first-time showrunner, creating a happy work environment, learning from his father, and more. Schitt’s Creek is now in its second…
Apr 9, 2016 • 37 min
Creator Chad Hodge, executive producer Donald De Line and cast members Carla Gugino and Reed Diamond discuss the first season of the hit summer series. Moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Fienberg.Recorded at ATX Television Fest in June 2015.
Ben Karlin
Apr 5, 2016 • 82 min
The former Daily Show showrunner and Colbert Report co-creator discusses the daily grind of late night, his new pilots and the shows that got away, writing features, books, and TV, The Onion, Modern Family, and lots more.
“Boy Meets Girl Meets World” from ATX
Apr 2, 2016 • 61 min
Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs is joined by cast members Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard, and Sabrina Carpenter for a look at tween series from 1990s and the 2010’s. Moderated by TV Guide’s Robyn Ross.Recorded at ATX Television…
Justin Adler
Mar 29, 2016 • 68 min
The creator of Life in Pieces talks about the short story structure of his sit-com, how far to push in comedy, early experiences on The Larry Sanders Show and Less Than Perfect, collaborating with his writers and cast, and lots more.The first season…
Mar 26, 2016 • 55 min
Writer/executive producer/co-creator Danny Strong (Recount; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1&2) and co-executive producer/writer Wendy Calhoun (Justified; Revenge; Nashville) discuss the first season of the blockbuster series. Moderated by Buzzfeed’s Jarett…
Ali Adler
Mar 22, 2016 • 54 min
The co-creator/showrunner of Supergirl dicusses the three-shows-in-one being produced every week, balancing the “super” and the “girl,” being drawn to multi-generic television, her first job on Beverly Hills 90210, early work in comedy rooms such as It’s…
Focus Testing panel from ATX
Mar 19, 2016 • 87 min
Kyle Killen (creator of Awake, Lone Star, and Mind Games) returns for another look at a specific track of television production with a presentation on the testing process. Following his breakdown of the unique stage of production, Kyle is joined by Julie…
Doug Petrie & Marco Ramirez, Melissa Rosenberg, Jason Katims, Jessica Goldberg
Mar 15, 2016 • 99 min
Doug Petrie & Marco Ramirez (showrunners, Marvel’s Daredevil); Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight movies; creator, Marvel’s Jessica Jones); Jason Katims (creator, Parenthood; creator, About a Boy; Friday Night Lights); Jessica Goldberg (creator, The Path).…
“Final Finale” panel from ATX Television Festival
Mar 12, 2016 • 55 min
Marta Kauffman (co-creator, Friends), Ron Cowen & Dan Lipman (developers, Queer as Folk [US]), and Graham Yost (creator, Justified) discuss the pressure, the satisfaction, the luxury, and pain of wrapping up their stories, the weight that comes with…
Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski
Mar 8, 2016 • 71 min
The writers of The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, as well as Ed Wood, The People Vs. Larry Flint, and more discuss how the ten-episode OJ story is different to writing a feature, its Dickensian appeal, writing real people, rebranding after…
Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec in conversation
Mar 5, 2016 • 54 min
Kevin Williamson (creator, Dawson’s Creek, The Following; Scream; co-creator, The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, more) and Julie Plec (co-creator The Vampire Diaries, The Originals; creator, Containment) look back over their working relationship, where…
The Last Man on Earth
Mar 1, 2016 • 58 min
Creator/star Will Forte (Saturday Night Live; MacGruber), showrunner Andy Bobrow (Community) and writers Tim McAuliffe, Erica Rivinoja, Erik Durbin, Matt Marshall, Kira Kalush, Dave Noel, and John Solomon. The Last Man On Earth returns on March 6th on Fox!
What’s Your Pitch? panel from ATX
Feb 27, 2016 • 64 min
Ever wonder how your favorite series was pitched in the room? Hear directly from showrunners/creators how they pitched their original series ideas, plus executives that have heard some of the most iconic pitches. They discuss the factors that affected the…
Kenya Barris, Jonathan Groff, Mike Scully, Lilla Zuckerman and Nora Zuckerman
Feb 23, 2016 • 99 min
Kenya Barris (creator, Black-ish); Jonathan Groff (co-showrunner, Black-ish; creator, Andy Barker PI); Mike Scully (The Simpsons; Parks & Recreation; Everybody Loves Raymond); Lilla Zuckerman & Nora Zuckerman (Suits; Haven; Fringe).Recorded at 826LA on…
“Unseasonably” panel from ATX
Feb 20, 2016 • 62 min
Traditional seasons are a thing of the past. With new content available to viewers at all times, and the distance between seasons being anywhere from 6 weeks to 22 months, there is a new reality that TV is a year-round industry. It’s discussed by Noah…
Jeff Probst
Feb 16, 2016 • 95 min
The Survivor host and showrunner, screenwriter, director, producer, and author discusses storytelling in all of its forms, learning by doing, finding big drama in small, personal moments, collaborating, honesty, and lots more.The new season of Survivor…
Kristin Newman
Feb 13, 2016 • 63 min
The new showrunner of The Muppets discusses taking the reigns on that show, working with felt, jokes and heart, starting out as writers’ assistant and her first job on That 70’s Show, and her work on The Neighbors, Galavant, and more.
Feb 9, 2016 • 72 min
Creator Bridget Carpenter (Friday Night Lights; Red Road) discusses the new Hulu series based upon the Stephen King novel. She talks about her enthusiasm for the project, working with King, JJ Abrams, and James Franco, drawing out the themes that…
Feb 6, 2016 • 66 min
Creators/executive producers Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland, and writer/producer Ryan Ridley. Moderated by Variety executive editor Debra Birnbaum.Recorded at ATX Television Fest in June 2015.
Feb 2, 2016 • 67 min
Charles Randolph, co-writer of The Big Short, discusses grappling with difficult or multiple concepts, zeroing in on characters, his background as a philosophy professor, The Life of David Gale, and more.
Jan 30, 2016 • 89 min
Dawson’s Creek writers room reunion with creator Kevin Williamson (Scream; The Following), Jenny Bicks (The Big C; creator, Men In Trees), Paul Stupin (Switched at Birth), Rob Thomas (creator, Veronica Mars; co-creator, iZombie), Gina Fattore…
Jan 26, 2016 • 54 min
Outsiders creator Peter Mattei discusses his new WGN America series, the ups-and-downs of writing for TV, his background as a playwright and visual artist, writing without a map, and more. Outsiders premieres on WGN America on January 26th.
Black Sails
Jan 19, 2016 • 68 min
Creators Jonathan Steinberg and Robert Levine (Jericho; Human Target) and executive producer Dan Shotz discuss the creation and execution of the Starz pirate action-drama, finding the show’s tone, their insane production schedule, their collaborators, and…
Chris Parnell and Jason Clodfelter
Jan 16, 2016 • 79 min
From the JHRTS (Junior Hollywood Radio & TV Society) event August 2015, Sony EVPs of drama development Chris Parnell and Jason Clodfelter talk about rising through the studio ranks, speaking the language of writers, developing material they believe in,…
Jan 12, 2016 • 31 min
Co-creators Carlton Cuse (Lost; co-creator of The Strain, Bates Motel) and Ryan Condal (Hercules film) and star Josh Holloway (Lost; Intelligence) discuss the new USA series including the importance of family, the show’s creation, colonization, and more.…
David Goyer
Jan 5, 2016 • 73 min
The co-writer of Batman Begins, Man of Steel, Blade, and more; creator of TV’s Da Vinci’s Demons, Constantine, and Flashforward; and producer of the upcoming The Forest (among others) discusses the role of a film producer, his process, getting into the…
Year in Review 2
Dec 22, 2015 • 72 min
Jose Molina (Agent Carter; Children of Tendu podcast), Nell Scovell (The Muppets; creator, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and Rico Gagliano (The Dinner Party Download podcast/radio show) discuss 2015 and their experiences writing for Disney-owned properties,…
Marty Feldman’s autobiograhy, eyE Marty
Dec 19, 2015 • 55 min
Mark Flanagan is the custodian of the estate of Marty Feldman (Young Frankenstein; Silent Movie; more) and the driving force behind LA’s Largo, the theater that’s been home to musicians and comedians for nearly 20 years. Flanny discusses finding Feldman’s…
Year In Review part 1
Dec 15, 2015 • 85 min
Some of this year’s favorites return to talk about “The Wiz Live,” buying and selling trends in 2015, their favorite shows, types of comedy, and lots more. With Laura Valdivia (Telenovela), Andrew Miller (Backstrom; upcoming: Tremors), and Ben Wexler (The…
Dead Pilots Society backdoor pilot
Dec 8, 2015 • 77 min
Ben Blacker is joined by writer Andrew Reich (Friends) to discuss and sneak-preview Dead Pilots Society, a Writers Panel spin-off coming in 2016 in which pilots that were developed but not shot are given the table reads they deserve. Starring actors you…
New York Comic Con
Dec 1, 2015 • 58 min
Alfred Gough & Milles Millar (creators of AMC’s Into the Badlands, MTV’s Shannara Chronicles, and Smallville), Brian Koppelman (Oceans Thirteen; creator, Billions), Craig Engler (creator, Z Nation), Jake Coburn (Quantico; Arrow; Gossip Girl), Aaron Cohen…
Abi Morgan
Nov 24, 2015 • 60 min
The writer of the film Suffragette, out now, and the new Netflix series River, discusses writing issues-driven work, rewriting and rewriting, accolades, how hard it is to get movies made, and more.
Frank Spotnitz
Nov 17, 2015 • 49 min
The creator and showrunner of the new Amazon series The Man in the High Castle, based upon the Phillip K. Dick novel, discusses his start on The X-Files and what he learned from working in the Chris Carter camp, putting together a staff, running his…
MARON’s Sivert Glarum and Michael Jamin
Nov 10, 2015 • 62 min
The showrunners of IFC’s Maron discuss their creative partnership, their experiences in the WB Writers Workshop, their early, formative experiences on Just Shoot Me, running Glen Martin DDS, collaboration, and lots more.
LA Podfest
Nov 3, 2015 • 92 min
Two rounds in this live episode because not everyone could fit on the stage at once! First, hear Unreal co-creators Sarah Gertrude Shapiro and Marti Noxon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer; co-creator, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce) and The Brink co-creators Kim…
CBS Showrunner All Stars
Oct 27, 2015 • 86 min
Recorded live from CBS Studios with Rob Doherty (Elementary), Aline Brosh McKenna (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Craig Sweeny (Limitless) and David Rosenthal (Jane the Virgin).Recorded October 15, 2015.
Oct 20, 2015 • 45 min
Executive Producer/Director Jason Reitman (Young Adult; Juno), EP/creator Zander Lehmann, EP Helen Estabrook, and EP/showrunner Liz Tigelaar (Life Unexpected) discuss their new Hulu series, airing now! Special appearance by Casual star Tommy…
THE KNICK’s Michael Begler and Jack Amiel
Oct 15, 2015 • 71 min
The Knick’s Michael Begler and Jack Amiel discuss creating the series, collaborating with director Steven Soderbergh on all 20 episodes, writing about social issues, New York, and more.The second season of The Knick premieres tomorrow, October 16, on…
Jason Rothenberg, Janine Sherman Barrois, Gloria Calderon Kellett, and Zev Borow
Oct 13, 2015 • 92 min
Jason Rothenberg (creator, The 100), Janine Sherman Barrois (Criminal Minds; ER), Gloria Calderon Kellett (iZombie; How I Met Your Mother), and Zev Borow (Chuck; lots of legit stuff like The New Yorker and McSweeney’s).Recorded September 27, 2015.
MANHATTAN’s Sam Shaw and Thomas Schlamme
Oct 10, 2015 • 72 min
Show EP/creator Sam Shaw and EP/director Thomas Schlamme (Sports Night; The West Wing; ER; The Americans) discuss bringing out the show’s themes, casting, pitching, and lots more.Season 2 of Manhattan airs Tuesday, October 13, at 9pm on WGN America.
Damon Lindelof, Chris Dingess, Noelle Valdivia and Kit Boss
Oct 6, 2015 • 96 min
Damon Lindelof (co-creator, Lost, The Leftovers), Chris Dingess (Agent Carter), Noelle Valdivia (Ash Vs the Evil Dead; Manhattan), and Kit Boss (iZombie; Bob’s Burgers).Recorded September 13, 2015.
Marc Guggenheim, Corinne Marshall, Evan Bleiweiss and Laura Valdivia
Sep 29, 2015 • 92 min
Marc Guggenheim (co-creator, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), Corinne Marshall (School of Rock; Surviving Jack; creator, KC Undercover), Evan Bleiweiss (Rosewood; Matador; The Shield), and Laura Valdivia (Hot and Bothered; Weird Loners; Ben &…
Family Men: Masters of the Family Sitcom
Sep 22, 2015 • 105 min
Family Men: Masters of the Family Sitcom with Norman Lear (creator of All in The Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, One Day at a Time, Sanford and Son, Good Times, and MORE), Phil Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond), and Steve Levitan (co-creator…
An Animated Career 2
Sep 19, 2015 • 65 min
Join us for a lively panel discussion with a very engaged audience on the ups and downs of careers in cartoons between voice actor Jason Spisak (Young Justice), producer/writer/director/artist Shannon Eric Denton (Ultimate Spider-Man) , and writers Heath…
Steven Knight
Sep 15, 2015 • 52 min
The creator of Peaky Blinders, The Detectives, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and screenwriter of the upcoming Pawn Sacrifice and World War Z II, as well as Locke, Closed Circuit, Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things, and others discusses his process,…
The Leftovers
Sep 8, 2015 • 63 min
Writer/creator Damon Lindelof, director/executive producer Mimi Leder, and co-stars Ann Dowd, Chris Eccleston, Carrie Coon discuss the first season of the HBO series and what’s coming next. Recorded June 7, 2015 at ATX
“To Adapt Is To Evolve” from ATX Television Festival
Sep 5, 2015 • 60 min
Adaptions are hard enough — honoring an original vision, satisfying a fan base, and translating characters from one medium (written word or film) to another (episodic television). What if in addition to that, you also had to balance tone, voices, and…
“The Buyers” panel from ATX Television Festival
Sep 1, 2015 • 62 min
How does a studio or network know whether or not a show is right for them? What happens when multiple executives from different companies want the same series? Hear from a panel of network, cable, and platform executives responsonsible for buying content.…
Bunheads/Teachers/Younger panels from ATX Television Festival
Aug 29, 2015 • 119 min
First, Bunheads creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and cast members Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, and Stacey Oristano discuss the dance sequences, turning points, and character moments that made this Cancelled-Too-Soon series so loved in it’s short time on…
The Simpsons from ATX Television Festival
Aug 25, 2015 • 53 min
The Simpsons has spanned 27 years. It has shaped many people’s childhood, young adolescence, and adulthood, while defining a culture and a medium. Listen to co-creator James L. Brooks, and veteran writers/producers Al Jean, Matt Selman, and David…
Justified finale panel from ATX Television Festival
Aug 22, 2015 • 68 min
Esquire’s Andy Langer chats with writer/creator Graham Yost, writer/producers Dave Andron and Fred Golan, director Jon Avnett, and co-star Nick Searcy (“Art Mullen”) about ending the brilliant FX series based upon the Elmore Leonard story.Recorded June 6,…
“Coffee with Amy Sherman-Palladino” from ATX Television Festival
Aug 18, 2015 • 67 min
The creator Gilmore Girls and Bunheads joins Entertainment Weekly’s Danielle Nussbaum for an intimate conversation about the creation of her shows, writing strong characters and dialogue, and lots more.Recorded June 5, 2015 at ATX Television Festival.
BAMFest at San Diego Comic Con
Aug 11, 2015 • 62 min
Riki Lindhome (co-creator, Another Period; Garfunkel & Oates), Mickey Fisher (creator, Extant), Tad Stones (creator, Darkwing Duck), Ben Edlund (creator, The Tick; Powers; Gotham), Cheryl Heuton (co-creator, Numb3rs), Jenny Klein (Supernatural), Aaron…
James L. Brooks in conversation with Phil Rosenthal from ATX Television Festival.
Aug 4, 2015 • 50 min
James L. Brooks is the writer/director of such seminal films as Terms of Endearment and Broadcast News. In TV, he started in series such as My Mother the Car, That Girl, and The Andy Griffith Show before creating or co-creating a staggering list of shows…
Halt and Catch Fire
Aug 1, 2015 • 67 min
Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers, creators of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, discuss telling personal stories in a public medium, writing together, pitching and selling, and more.
ORPHAN BLACK panel from ATX Television Festival
Jul 25, 2015 • 46 min
With co-creator Graeme Manson and co-star Kristian Bruun (“Donnie”). Hosted by Natalie Abrams (Entertainment Weekly). Recorded June 6, 2015 at ATX Television Festival.
BONUS EPISODE TV Writers Room from WonderCon
Jul 23, 2015 • 54 min
Moderated by Sony Pictures Television’s jocular senior VP of drama development & production Chris Parnell, this year’s heroic lineup includes Jesse Alexander (Agent X, Heroes, Lost, Hannibal), Michael Narducci (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Medium),…
Marta Kauffman
Jul 21, 2015 • 53 min
The co-creator of Friends, Grace & Frankie, and Dream On discusses how she runs shows, what she looks for in a room, bringing heart to her shows, working with Netflix, the cultural impact of Friends, and lots more.Recorded June 5, 2015 at ATX Television…
BONUS EPISODE FX Comedy Night panels from ATX Television Festival
Jul 16, 2015 • 89 min
FX Comedy Night panels from ATX Television Festival, June 5, 2015.Married featuring creator Andrew Gurland and stars Nat Faxon, Judy Greer, Brett Gelman, and Sarah Burns; moderated by Ben Blacker; Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll featuring creator/star Denis Leary and…
Chris Carter
Jul 14, 2015 • 72 min
Chris Carter, The X-Files creator discusses returning to the franchise he started 24 years ago, pitching and planning the show, mythology and “monster-of-the-week” episodes, his collaborators, how the room works, and lots more.
Neil Cross
Jul 7, 2015 • 94 min
Neil Cross, the creator of Luther and Crossbones talks about his beginnings as a novelist, banging his head against the wall, working from Wellington, New Zealand (where this interview was recorded!), learning TV from his first job on BBC’s Spooks/MI-5,…
Kay Cannon
Jun 30, 2015 • 60 min
Kay Cannon, the hilarious, charming writer of Pitch Perfect and its sequel talks about her compulsion to write an a capella movie, her six years on 30 Rock, training at various Chicago improv studios, and lots more.
BONUS EPISODE: CBS Summer Series Writers from ATX Television Festival
Jun 27, 2015 • 55 min
Mickey Fisher (creator, Extant), Joshua Applebaum (co-creator, Zoo), and Adam Stein (Under the Dome) discuss their CBS summer event series, how they started in the business, and lots more. Under the Dome’s third season debuted June 25; Zoo premieres June…
BONUS EPISODE The Devoted Niche vs The Casual Mass panel from ATX Television Festival
Jun 25, 2015 • 56 min
What makes an audience valuable? Can a loyal, passionate fan base whose voice is ten times louder than a casual viewer make an impact? That and more are discussed by Phil Rosenthal (creator, Everybody Loves Raymond), Bryan Fuller (creator, Hannibal,…
BONUS EPISODE from ATX Television Festival
Jun 18, 2015 • 37 min
Following an advance screening of the Complications premiere, creator Matt Nix (Burn Notice), writer/producer Michael Horowitz, and stars Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) discuss the show with Mark Peikert of Backstage Magazine.…
Brannon Braga
Jun 16, 2015 • 62 min
Brannon Braga, the co-creator of WGN America’s Salem discusses his 15 years in the Star Trek franchise, starting as an intern on The Next Generation, running Voyager, and creating Enterprise, as well as talking candidly about Fox’s Terra Nova, getting…
Jun 9, 2015 • 66 min
Matt Nix, the creator of USA’s upcoming Complications and Burn Notice returns to talk about his new medical thriller, telling a personal story, changing viewer habits, caring about stories, and making soup. Complications debuts on USA on June 18th.
Chris Sparling
Jun 2, 2015 • 65 min
The writer of the Cannes premiering Sea of Trees, directed by Gus Van Sant, as well as thrillers-in-a-box Buried and ATM, talks about the good side of being pigeon-holed, breaking in, writing for himself, and lots more.
May 30, 2015 • 56 min
Creator/executive producer Joelle Garfinkel, director/executive producer David Slack, and co-star/executive producer Kate Bond discuss their new web-series, including its origins, the thematic goals, production, and lots more. Cam Girls premieres June 1…
May 19, 2015 • 48 min
Director/co-writer Jack Plotnick and VFX supervisor Billy Brooks discuss the independent science fiction period black comedy, available now On Demand.
May 12, 2015 • 66 min
Showrunner Chad Hodge (creator of The Playboy Club, Runaway, and All About Us) talks about writing scripts you’re passionate about, getting his unexpected break, early success in the Peter Engels (Saved by the Bell) camp, Oprah, writing pilots, and how…
Jennie Snyder Urman
May 5, 2015 • 69 min
Jane the Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman (Gilmore Girls; Hope & Faith; Men in Trees) discusses the various stages of the show’s development, finding Jane’s voice, collaborating with her writers’ room, the creation and cancelation of her…
Adam Pava & Mark Miller
Apr 25, 2015 • 77 min
Adam Pava (The Boxtrolls; Out of Jimmy’s Head) and Mark Miller (VP of Clive Barker’s Seraphim Inc; writer of the Hellraiser comic) talk about writing as much as possible, writing even when you’re not being paid, writing other people’s properties, and…
Better Call Saul
Apr 21, 2015 • 102 min
Better Call Saul season 1 in review with co-creator/co-showrunner Peter Gould, writers Thomas Schnauz, Gennifer Hutchison, and Gordon Smith, and special guest Michael McKean (Chuck). Recorded live at Largo at the Coronet on April 13, 2015.
Diane Ruggiero and iZombie
Apr 14, 2015 • 84 min
Diane Ruggiero co-created iZombie and became showrunner Rob Thomas’s right hand on Veronica Mars. Here, we dig deep with Diane to talk about how she was always a writer, how she went from waitressing to selling her first script to Nora Ephron to creating…
Spoiler Alert panel from ATX
Apr 11, 2015 • 56 min
While TV viewing evolves so does our appetite for spoilers. How do they affect how we consume television? Featuring Beau Willimon (creator, House of Cards), Udo Azuba (actor, Orange is the New Black), Nick Wechsler (actor, Revenge), Kerry Ehrin (creator,…
Apr 7, 2015 • 81 min
The Comedians co-creator and showrunner talks about his new FX show, working with a comedy legend, who steers the ship on an auteur-driven show, his time on season 4 of Community, season 4 of Arrested Development, and the only season of The Michael J. Fox…
Mar 31, 2015 • 68 min
Peter Horton, the actor (thirtysomething), director (Grey’s Anatomy; Dirty Sexy Money), and writer discusses the new show he co-created, American Odyssey, as well as storytelling in its different modes, working on and behind the camera, building…
Mar 28, 2015 • 61 min
Indie game creator Alexis Kennedy (Fallen London, Sunless Sea) of Failbetter Games plumbs the murky depths of games with Heath Corson (Bizarro, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis) as they discuss the role of Kickstarter in indie gaming, game pacing,…
Mar 24, 2015 • 45 min
Diane Ruggiero (co-creator, iZombie; Veronica Mars; creator, That’s Life) and Sarah Shapiro (creator, UnReal) discuss their new shows and take questions from the audience.
Mutant Enemy writers room reunion
Mar 17, 2015 • 97 min
David Greenwalt (Buffy seasons 1-3; co-creator of Angel; later work includes co-creating Grimm), Marti Noxon (Buffy seasons 2-7; Angel; later work includes co-creating Un-Real and developing Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce), David Fury (Buffy seasons 2-7;…
BONUS EPISODE: Robot Chicken
Mar 14, 2015 • 53 min
Heath Corson (Bizarro, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis) is on special assignment at the Stoopid Buddy HQ to interview the masterminds behind ROBOT CHICKEN: co-creator Matt Senreich, Exec. Producer Eric Towner and John Harvatine. Tune in as they talk…
BANSHEE’s Jonathan Tropper
Mar 10, 2015 • 50 min
Jonathan Tropper, the co-creator of Banshee and author of six novels including Plan B and This Is Where I Leave You discusses discovering plot in the process of writing, his interests as a writer, developing Banshee and keeping it interesting, and lots…
Bates Motel
Mar 3, 2015 • 63 min
Co-creator Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights; Boston Public) and co-star Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) discuss their collaboration on both the hit A&E drama and the pilot they co-wrote this year. They also talk about keeping Bates…
Feb 24, 2015 • 69 min
Executive producer Matt Thompson and co-producer Casey Willis, both of whom have been with show creator Adam Reed since Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, discuss how Archer is written and produced, the increasing quality of the animation, working with FX,…
EMPIRE’s Ilene Chaiken
Feb 17, 2015 • 65 min
The showrunner of Fox’s hit Empire and the creator of Showtime’s The L Word, Ilene Chaiken talks about the similarities between these shows, her years as a development executive for Aaron Spelling, how the Empire room tries to be true to the voices of…
Friends Writers Room Reunion Part 1
Feb 10, 2015 • 110 min
Jeff Greenstein & Jeff Strauss (season 1; later work includes co-creating Partners), Alexa Junge (seasons 1-5; later work includes Grace and Frankie [with Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman]; United States of Tara; Once and Again), and Adam Chase (seasons…
TV Executives
Feb 3, 2015 • 105 min
CBS’s Bryan Seabury, Sony’s Chris Parnell, and Caitlin Foito of ABC Studios take you inside the TV pitching and selling process from another perspective. Their candid conversation covers how decisions are made, what works in pitching and selling, the…
Jan 27, 2015 • 67 min
Co-creator/showrunner Bob Fisher (Traffic Light) and actor Kevin Bigley of the USA half-hour program Sirens chat about how the show is made, shooting in Chicago, comedy they love, and lots more. Season 2 of Sirens premieres tonight on USA!
Nell Scovell
Jan 20, 2015 • 74 min
Nell Scovell, creator of the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch series, has been in the business for thirty years and has worked with such luminaries as David Letterman, the Smothers Brothers, and more. She’s been on the staff of such shows as Newhart, Coach,…
Patton Oswalt and John Hodgman
Jan 13, 2015 • 65 min
Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt’s new book, Silver Screen Fiend, is out now. In this chat with author, humorist, and actor John Hodgman, Patton talks about how the book came to be, his love of movies, comedy, and lots more. Recorded at Barnes & Noble in…
HART OF DIXIE’s Leila Gerstein
Jan 6, 2015 • 81 min
The creator of Hart of Dixie, which begins its fourth season this Friday (January 9), talks about creating the show, being a first-time showrunner, working with the CW, creating the show as a response to her time on Gossip Girl, as well as how she broke…
Year in Review
Dec 16, 2014 • 79 min
Our old pals Josh Friedman (showrunner, The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Avatar sequel), Aaron Ginsburg (The 100; Intelligence; The Good Guys), and Emily Halpern (co-creator, Trophy Wife) discuss the difficulty in getting things made in 2014, the buying trend…
GIRLS’ Jenni Konner
Dec 9, 2014 • 53 min
Since starting out as an assistant on Freaks and Geeks and her first staff writer job on Undeclared, Jenni Konner has gone on to write and produce shows for network television and cable. She’s now the co-showrunner of HBO’s Girls with show creator Lena…
Ben Queen, Kim Shumway and Deirdre Mangan
Dec 2, 2014 • 68 min
Ben Queen (creator, A to Z), Kim Shumway (The 100; Dallas), Deirdre Mangan (I, Zombie). Getting back to our “panel” roots by throwing together three writers from different backgrounds and experiences to talk about the business and process of writing for…
SCORPION’s Nick Santora
Nov 25, 2014 • 81 min
The creator of CBS’s hit Scorpion and the beloved Prison Break talks about his work habits, blending drama and comedy, transitioning from law to screenwriting, what he looks for in putting together a room, and more.
Bojack Horseman
Nov 18, 2014 • 75 min
Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and designer Lisa Hanawalt discuss the conception of the animated comedy, Raphael’s inspiration from Lisa’s middle-school drawings, the freedom of working with Netflix, going dark and serialized, and lots more.Get the new…
Nov 11, 2014 • 60 min
The creators of the USA comedy, Michaela Watkins (Saturday Night Live; Trophy Wife) and Damon Jones (Halfway Home) discuss issue-driven comedy, long takes, complicated characters, selling their series twice, their writers’ room, and lots more. Benched…
Nov 4, 2014 • 69 min
Erica Messer has been with Criminal Minds from its first day and has been promoted through the ranks to showrunner of the long-running CBS series. She talks about the big changes the show has made over the years, where the staff finds stories, balancing…
Showrunners Documentary
Oct 28, 2014 • 58 min
Producer Ryan Patrick McGuffey, director Des Doyle, and author Tara Bennett (who wrote the official companion to the film, Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show) discuss showrunning and showrunners, what sort of a person becomes one, what they…
Rina Mimoun
Oct 21, 2014 • 62 min
The showrunner of Red Band Society and Mistresses talks about writing at the heyday of the WB, having worked on Jack & Jill, Dawson’s Creek, and Everwood (eventually running the latter), developing the delightful Privileged only to find it didn’t fit the…
Chris Chibnall
Oct 14, 2014 • 70 min
The creator of Broadchurch and its American remake, Fox’s Gracepoint, as well as Born and Bred, discusses writing personal stories, show-running Torchwood and Law & Order: UK, writing for Doctor Who and Life on Mars, advice from Russell T. Davies, his…
Sam Shaw
Oct 7, 2014 • 73 min
The creator of WGN’s terrific series Manhattan talks about his inspiration for the show, relationships with writers, balancing his characters’ stories with historical fact, what he learned from working on Masters of Sex, and lots more.
Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters
Sep 30, 2014 • 53 min
The showrunners of both Marvel’s Agent Carter series debuting in January and ABC’s Resurrection (second season Sept 28) talk about their long writing partnership, what they learned from their colleagues on series as diverse as Law & Order: SVU, Dollhouse,…
Person of Interest
Sep 23, 2014 • 72 min
Creator/executive producer Jonah Nolan (The Dark Knight), executive producer/co-showrunner Greg Plageman (NYPD Blue), and writers/producers Lucas O’Connor, Erik Mountain, Ashley Gable, and Andy Callahan chat about the 4th season of the hit CBS drama, big…
Simon Barrett
Sep 16, 2014 • 57 min
The writer of the lauded horror film You’re Next as well as the upcoming The Guest talks about writing for himself and his creative partner Adam Wingard as well as for an audience, walks us through his late nights of writing, his attempts to write films…
Nerdist Podcast Network Super Panel
Sep 14, 2014 • 60 min
Live from SDCC 2014, it’s the Nerdist Podcast Super Panel with Matt Mira (Nerdist, James Bonding), Jonah Ray (Nerdist, Jonah Raydio), Janet Varney (The JV Club), Cole Stratton (Pop My Culture), Gil Letelier (The Mutant Season), Ben Blacker (Nerdist…
Quick Draw
Sep 9, 2014 • 53 min
Creators of the Hulu original series, director Nancy Hower and actor John Lehr, talk about their improvised Western procedural sit-com, how they collaborate, comedy influences, their previous show, TBS’s 10 Items or Less, and lots more. Season 2 of Quick…
“So Dramatic” panel from ATX
Sep 2, 2014 • 73 min
With Liz Tigelaar (Nashville; Bates Motel; creator, Life Unexpected), Kyle Killer (creator, Awake and Lone Star), Mark Johnson (EP, Rectify), Bryan Seabury (VP, Drama Development at CBS), David Madden (President, Fox TV Studios). Moderated by the AV…
Ratings, Recaps, Reviews panel from ATX
Aug 26, 2014 • 92 min
Kyle Killen (Awake; Lone Star) knows more about ratings than he cares to, and he’s going to break it down for you starting with who, what, when, where, or IF watching matters. Dissecting Neilsen, DVRs, live viewing, social media, and streaming, he’ll…
Legend of Korra/Avatar: the Last Airbender
Aug 19, 2014 • 90 min
Creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino talk about bringing their adventure/action/comedy/coming-of-age animated series to the screen, finding a new process for producing animated television, their non-cancelation, the big screen adaptation,…
Maureen Johnson
Aug 12, 2014 • 60 min
The author of such young-adult novels as The Name of the Star (first of the “Shades of London” series), 13 Little Blue Envelopes, and Suite Scarlett talks about writing and writing and writing…
Reboot, Re-imagine, Remake panel from ATX Television Festival
Aug 5, 2014 • 23 min
Whether it’s a beloved relationship (Jason Katims’ About a Boy), a specific tone (Noah Hawley’s Fargo), a foreign format (Andy Daly’s Review), or a tale with a pre-determined ending (Carlton Cuse’s Bates Motel), a reimagined story looks to balance the…
Thomas Lennon & Neal Baer Live at San Diego ComicCon!
Jul 29, 2014 • 43 min
Thomas Lennon (co-creator, Reno 911; Night at the Museum; @midnight) and Neal Baer (showrunner, Under the Dome; ER; Law & Order: SVU). Recorded live at the Nerdist space at Petco Park during San Diego ComicCon, on July 24, 2014.
Terence Winter
Jul 22, 2014 • 80 min
The creator of Boardwalk Empire and Oscar nominee for his adaptation of the Wolf of Wall Street talks about his start in sit-coms, short-lived, and syndicated shows, lessons from great rooms (including The Sopranos), his interests in crime and cons (and…
Pairing Off: A Look at Co-Creating and Writing from ATX Television Festival
Jul 15, 2014 • 70 min
Mike Royce and Ray Romano (creators, Men of a Certain Age); Emily Halpern (co-creator, Trophy Wife), Andy Daly (co-creator, Review), and Kerry Ehrin (co-creator, Bates Motel) discuss working with another creative person, how pilots are created together,…
Carlton Cuse
Jul 8, 2014 • 60 min
From this year’s ATX Television Festival, an intimate discussion of his influences and TV inspirations, his mentors, tales on how he got his start, and his personal and professional highs and lows. Joined by Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall, Cuse talks about…
Adam Rogers Returns!
Jul 1, 2014 • 70 min
We last spoke with Wired editor Adam Rogers way back in episode 24 and discussed the book he had just begun. Now that book is here! Proof: The Science of Booze is a fascinating and immensely enjoyable survey of how your favorite spirit gets into your…
Orphan Black
Jun 24, 2014 • 83 min
Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, creators of Orphan Black, talk about the long gestation period of their clone saga, how the show works, what each of them brings to the project, what happens in the room, and lots more. PLUS: a not-so-great recording…
Noah Hawley and Fargo
Jun 17, 2014 • 80 min
Noah Hawley (creator of My Generation and The Unusuals) talks about adapting the Coen Brothers’ movie for the ten-episode FX series, the atypical writing and production process for the show, and what may come next. PLUS: Hawley, producer Warren…
The Signal
Jun 10, 2014 • 65 min
Will Eubank has worked as a cinematographer for years in the film industry, and now his second feature as writer/director, The Signal, is being released by Focus Features. Will talks about how he got where he is, bringing visual style to scripts, and…
Writers and The Law
Jun 3, 2014 • 73 min
This is not the name of a terrible TV procedural, but rather the topic of discussion with lawyer Larry Zerner and lawer-turned-TV-writer David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights). What do writers, especially beginning writers, need to know about their rights?…
Improvisation in TV and Film panel from C2E2
May 27, 2014 • 66 min
Second City luminary Craig Cackowski (Community; Veep), and Second City alumni Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin (Thrilling Adventure Hour) discuss improvisation techniques and uses for aspiring actors at a panel at Chicago’s C2E2. So much of this applies to…
May 20, 2014 • 40 min
Creator/co-showrunner Kevin Biegel (co-creator, Cougar Town) and co-showrunner Mike Royce (co-creator, Men of a Certain Age) discuss the critically beloved Fox comedy, why it’s personal for them both, breaking stories, and more.
Person of Interest
May 13, 2014 • 72 min
Creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight; Interstellar) and executive producer Greg Plageman (NYPD Blue; Cold Case) sit down to talk about the hit CBS show, balancing procedural, sci-fi, and personal stories, working in the room, and…
The Children of Tendu/Nerdist Writers Panel crossover part 2!
May 6, 2014 • 57 min
Ben Blacker sits down with Children of Tendu hosts Javier Grillo-Marxuatch (Helix; creator, The Middleman) and Jose Molina (Sleepy Hollow; Terra Nova) and their mentors Rene Echevarria (Star Trek: TNG/DS9; Dark Angel; Medium; Terra Nova) and Naren Shankar…
New writers!
Apr 29, 2014 • 90 min
Judalina Neira (who went from the NBC writers program to being writers’ assistant on Do No Harm) and Heidi Cole McAdams (who moved from development to writing for ABC’s Intelligence), so-called “baby writers,” staff writers who recently have been given…
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely
Apr 22, 2014 • 83 min
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, writers of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, The Chronicles of Narnia, and more, chat about their process, being architects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being pleasant to work with, and…
The Scriptnotes/Nerdist Writers Panel Crossover part 2!
Apr 15, 2014 • 73 min
Scriptnotes hosts John August (Big Fish; Frankenweenie; Go) and Craig Mazin (The Hangover 2; Identity Thief) join NWP’s Ben Blacker to talk about what Craig and John are working on, their writing habits, take questions from the audience, and more.For part…
Jonathan Groff, Rob Doherty, & Steven Maeda
Apr 8, 2014 • 83 min
Jonathan Groff (creator, Andy Barker PI; Happy Endings; Scrubs); Rob Doherty (creator, Elementary); Steven Maeda (Helix; Pan Am; Lost; X-Files). Recorded March 16, 2014
Matt Walsh
Apr 1, 2014 • 60 min
UCB co-founder Matt Walsh (actor, Veep, Dog Bites Man) talks about his present project as writer/director, A Better You, which is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to pay for post-production. Matt chats about scripting an improvised film, writing…
Mar 25, 2014 • 79 min
Andy Daly, writer/actor Andy Blitz, and writer/director Jeffrey Blitz discuss their terrific new Comedy Central show Review. How the show was made, Andy’s character “Forrest McNeil,” how episodes are broken, and the arc of the show are discussed.
Mar 18, 2014 • 85 min
Clark Gregg (writer/director: Choke; Trust Me; actor: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD); Dan Bucatinsky (writer: Web Therapy; Grey’s Anatomy; actor: Scandal); Liz Vassey (writer: NBC bowling pilot; actor: CSI; The Tick)Recorded March 9, 2014
Moira Kirland, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett, and Douglas Petrie
Mar 11, 2014 • 83 min
Moira Kirland (Arrow; Castle); Terry Matalas & Travis Fickett (SyFy’s upcoming 12 Monkeys; Nikita; Terra Nova); and returning guest Douglas Petrie (Buffy; American Horror Story: Coven).Recorded February 16, 2014.
Phillip Iscove, Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin, and Cole Haddon
Mar 4, 2014 • 91 min
Phillip Iscove (co-creator, Sleepy Hollow); Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin (The Killing; Carnivale); Cole Haddon (creator, NBC’s Dracula).Recorded February 9, 2014.
Bryan Fuller
Feb 25, 2014 • 100 min
The creator of Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, and Dead Like Me discusses his work habits, putting a philosophy in every scene, death, collaboration, Star Trek, and lots more.Recorded January 19, 2014.
Michelle Ashford, John Hamburg, and Carlos Coto
Feb 18, 2014 • 83 min
Michelle Ashford (creator, Masters of Sex); John Hamburg (Meet the Parents; Zoolander; creator, Welcome to the Captain), Carlos Coto (showrunner, From Dusk Till Dawn).
John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein
Feb 11, 2014 • 64 min
The writers of Horrible Bosses, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Burt Wonderstone; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) talk about their process, their breakthrough Blacklisted script called The $40,000 Man, learning how to pitch, their National…
Emmy Grinwis, Deric Hughes, and Benjamin Raab
Feb 4, 2014 • 91 min
Emmy Grinwis (MTV’s upcoming Eye Candy); Deric Hughes and Benjamin Raab (Warehouse 13). A chat with up-and-coming writers about being up-and-coming writers, how they got noticed, writing and selling, and more.
Dan Harmon, Chris McKenna, Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Joe Henderson
Jan 28, 2014 • 105 min
Dan Harmon (creator, Community); Chris McKenna (Community); Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker (creators, Surviving Jack and $#*! My Dad Says); and Joe Henderson (Graceland; White Collar).Recorded January 12, 2014.
Karina Longworth
Jan 21, 2014 • 55 min
Former LA Weekly and Village Voice film critic Karina Longworth (Masters of Cinema: George Lucas) discusses her new book, Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor, authorial voice in criticism, and what makes movies good.
Kurt Sutter
Jan 14, 2014 • 96 min
The Sons of Anarchy creator is joined by SoA superfans Jessica Goldstein (Cougar Town) and Paul Grellong (Revolution) to discuss how the show is put together, his work on The Shield, and more. Recorded live at Meltdown on December 8, 2013. Lots of live…
Non-episode Episode!
Dec 24, 2013 • 10 min
TV Year in Review part 2
Dec 17, 2013 • 113 min
TV Year in Review part 2 with Josh Friedman (Avatar sequel; creator, Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jeff Greenstein (director, Mom; Will & Grace), and Cathryn Humphris (Elementary).
TV Year in Review part 1
Dec 10, 2013 • 76 min
With Hart Hanson (creator, Bones), Andrew Miller (creator, Secret Circle), and Aaron Ginsburg (Finder; Intelligence).
Directors panel from ATX, an Austin TV Festival
Dec 3, 2013 • 62 min
Featuring Tom Verica (Scandal), Dave Semel (American Horror Story), and Rob Schrab (Childrens Hospital). A look at directors of episodic television. They say that TV is a writer’s medium…as opposed to film that is a director’s medium. If that’s true, then…
Austin Film Festival
Nov 26, 2013 • 72 min
Ashley Miller (Thor; X-Men: First Class), Kelly Marcel (Saving Mr. Banks; 50 Shades of Gray); and Kell Cahoon (Psych; Just Shoot Me; NewsRadio). Recorded live at the Austin Film Festival on October 24, 2013.
Mark Protosevich
Nov 19, 2013 • 58 min
Mark Protosevich (The Cell; I Am Legend) talks about adapting Oldboy—directed by Spike Lee, in theaters this week—from the Korean original, feature adaptations, and lots more.
Welcome to Night Vale
Nov 12, 2013 • 74 min
Recorded at NY Comic Con, it’s a look behind the curtain of the mega-popular podcast, Welcome to Night Vale with creator Joseph Fink, co-writer Jeffrey Cranor, voice of Night Vale radio Cecil Baldwin, and guest star Mara Wilson.Plus: Correspondent Liz…
The Colbert Report
Nov 5, 2013 • 65 min
Head-writer Opus Moreschi (Craig Kilborn; Li’l Bush) and writers Eric Drysdale (The Daily Show), Nate Charny, Michael Brumm, Meredith Scardino, and Aaron Cohen discuss how the show is put together, writing jokes, and just how good Stephen Colbert really…
Sesame Street
Oct 29, 2013 • 110 min
Head-writer/puppeteer Joey Mazzarino and writers John Weidman, Christine Ferraro, Belinda Ward, and Molly Boylan tell Ben how to get, how to get to Sesame Street in this bonus-sized episode which also includes a visit to the Muppet Workshop and brief…
Actors Roundtable
Oct 22, 2013 • 70 min
“Actors Roundtable” from ATX Television Festival: Some of today’s leading episodic actors talk about the ups and downs of their TV careers. With Joshua Malina (Scandal), Lucas Neff (Raising Hope), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Matt Lauria (Friday…
Showrunners & Creators
Oct 15, 2013 • 62 min
Showrunners and Creators panel from ATX Television Festival. Michael Rauch, Andrew Lenchewski, Dmitry Lipkin, Tim Doyle, Kevin Biegel, Mike Royce, Dan Bucatinsky. Moderated by Andrew Miller.
Michael Jacobs
Oct 8, 2013 • 41 min
Michael Jacobs’ first foray into TV was a home run with creation of the iconic ’80s series Charles in Charge, and he didn’t stop there, as he went on to create some of the most recognizable series in the 1980s and 1990s: My Two Dads, The Torkelsons,…
Oct 1, 2013 • 58 min
Mythology panel from ATX Television Festival. Remi Aubuchon (creator, Caprica), Richard Hatem (Grimm; The Gates), Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time), Dmitry Lipkin (creator, The Riches and Hung), and Winnie…
Sep 24, 2013 • 40 min
BONUS EPISODE: Enlisted panel from ATX Television Festival. All about the new Fox army sibling comedy, with its creator Kevin Biegel (co-creator, Cougar Town), executive producer Mike Royce (Men of a Certain Age), and stars Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell,…
Once Upon A Time
Sep 24, 2013 • 42 min
Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, recorded at ATX Television Festival.Recorded at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX, on June 8, 2013.
Structure of a Sitcom
Sep 17, 2013 • 65 min
“Structure of a Sitcom and Rise of the Anti-Sitcom” panel from ATX Television Festival: Dan Harmon (creator, Community), Paul Scheer (creator, NTSF:SD:SUV), Dave Finkel (New Girl; 30 Rock), Tim Doyle (Last Man Standing), and Rob Schrab (director, Mindy…
Ghost Girls
Sep 9, 2013 • 55 min
A chat with the writers/creators of the awesome and hilarious new Yahoo series, Amanda Lund, Maria Blasucci, and Jeremy Konner (Drunk History). The 12-episode paranormal procedural was directed by Konner and co-produced by Jack Black’s Electric Dynamite…
ATX Television Festival
Sep 3, 2013 • 57 min
Pitch-Pilot-Pick Up panel from ATX Television Festival: Julie Plec (showrunner, Vampire Diaries; co-creator/showrunner, The Originals), Liz Tigelaar (creator, Life Unexpected), Kyle Killen (creator, Mind Games, Awake, and Lone Star), Chris Keyser…
Veronica Mars
Aug 27, 2013 • 67 min
Veronica Mars’s Rob Thomas and Chris Lowell, live from ATX Television Festival.Recorded at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel ballroom in Austin, TX, on June 9, 2013.
Davey Holmes
Aug 24, 2013 • 39 min
BONUS EPISODE: An in-depth chat with Davey Holmes (Awake; Shameless; Law & Order; Pushing Daisies) about his 2013 pilot Boomerang, pitching, finding your voice, and more. (Note: this interview was recorded before the network upfronts, so Boomerang’s fate…
Aug 20, 2013 • 109 min
The Jaws Summer Special! End your summer talking Jaws, comedy, and more with Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb (The Smothers Brothers; The Jerk) and Jaws enthusiast Paul F. Tompkins (Comedy Bang Bang).Recorded live at Nerdmelt on August 4, 2013.
Comedy Bang Bang!
Aug 13, 2013 • 34 min
Comedy Bang Bang! From ATX Television Festival, a chat with CBB creator and Earwolf network co-founder Scott Aukerman (Between Two Ferns) and CBB’s head writer Neil Campbell.Recorded at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX, on June 8, 2013.
Vince Gilligan, Greg Daniels, Carlton Cuse, and Liz Meriweather
Aug 6, 2013 • 122 min
100th episode spectacular! Live from Largo at the Coronet, in conjunction with Fast Company magazine, an all-star line-up with Vince Gilligan (creator, Breaking Bad), Greg Daniels (creator, King of the Hill; developer, the Office; co-creator, Parks and…
Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme
Jul 30, 2013 • 76 min
A fun chat with writers/comics/actors/producers Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme of comedy brand Broken Lizard (Supertroopers; Beer Fest). Check out Kevin and Steve’s new webseries at
Arthur Phillips
Jul 23, 2013 • 66 min
#98 An in-depth chat with author Arthur Phillips (The Tragedy of Arthur; The Egyptologist; Prague) about Shakespeare, making work of writing, unreliable narrators, and more. Recorded at a cafe in Brooklyn on May 11, 2013. There is a lot of background…
Nerdist Writers Panel #97: JG Quintel and Alex Hirsch
Jul 16, 2013 • 68 min
JG Quintel (creator, The Regular Show); Alex Hirsch (creator, Gravity Falls).Recorded May 19, 2013. As of today The Regular Show seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD and Blu ray!
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Jul 9, 2013 • 67 min
The team behind the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, including co-creator Bernie Su, writers Margaret Dunlap, Rachel Kiley, and Kate Rorick, and writer/transmedia mastermind Jay Bushman.
Rebecca Sinclair, Greg Malins and Mark O’Keefe
Jul 2, 2013 • 94 min
Rebecca Sinclair (90210; Gilmore Girls; Buffy), Greg Malins (Friends; How I Met Your Mother; 2 Broke Girls), and Mark O’Keefe (The Weird Al Show; News Radio; Bruce Almighty). Recorded March 24, 2013.
Greg Daniels, Jessica Goldstein, and Chrissy Pietrosh
Jun 25, 2013 • 88 min
Greg Daniels (developer, The Office; co-creator, Parks and Recreation; creator, King of the Hill); Jessica Goldstein and Chrissy Pietrosh (Cougar Town; My Name Is Earl).Recorded April 28, 2013.
Carlton Cuse, Michael Schur, and JJ Philbin
Jun 18, 2013 • 102 min
Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel; Lost; The Strain); Michael Schur (co-creator, Parks and Recreation); JJ Philbin (New Girl; The OC; Gilmore Girls).Recorded April 21, 2013
Graham Yost, creator and showrunner of Justified
Jun 11, 2013 • 37 min
Graham Yost, creator and showrunner of Justified.As part of Fast Company magazine’s “Most Creative People” issue, Ben Blacker interviewed the showrunners and creators of some of television’s most interesting and groundbreaking shows about how they’re…
Howard Gordon, co-creator of Homeland
Jun 4, 2013 • 32 min
Howard Gordon, co-creator of Homeland, executive producer of three 2013 pilots.As part of Fast Company magazine’s “Most Creative People” issue, Ben Blacker interviewed the showrunners and creators of some of television’s most interesting and…
Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, showrunners of Key & Peele
Jun 1, 2013 • 58 min
BONUS EPISODE with Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, showrunners of Key & Peele.As part of Fast Company magazine’s “Most Creative People” issue, Ben Blacker interviewed the showrunners and creators of some of television’s most interesting and groundbreaking…
Vince Gilligan, creator and showrunner of Breaking Bad
May 28, 2013 • 60 min
Vince Gilligan, creator and showrunner of Breaking Bad.As part of Fast Company magazine’s “Most Creative People” issue, Ben Blacker interviewed the showrunners and creators of some of television’s most interesting and groundbreaking shows about how…
Callie Khouri, creator of Nashville
May 22, 2013 • 54 min
BONUS EPISODE with Callie Khouri, creator of Nashville.As part of Fast Company magazine’s “Most Creative People” issue, Ben Blacker interviewed the showrunners and creators of some of television’s most interesting and groundbreaking shows about how…
Jason Fuchs
May 21, 2013 • 69 min
An in-depth chat with Jason Fuchs about the work he did on the ABC/Disney pilot Big Thunder, the animated feature Ice Age: Continental Drift, being a child actor, and lots more. (Note: this interview was recorded before the network upfronts, so Big…
Liz Meriweather, Brett Baer and Dave Finkel, creator and showrunners of the New Girl
May 14, 2013 • 53 min
Liz Meriweather, Brett Baer and Dave Finkel, creator and showrunners of the New Girl.As part of Fast Company magazine’s “Most Creative People” issue, Ben Blacker interviewed the showrunners and creators of some of television’s most interesting and…
Adam F. Goldberg
May 7, 2013 • 58 min
An in-depth chat with Adam F. Goldberg about his varied writing career on such projects as indie feature Fanboys, childrens’ entertainments The Muppets Wizard of Oz and WordGirl, network comedies Breaking In, Community, and others, and his new pilot, The…
Ryan Condal
Apr 30, 2013 • 77 min
An in-depth chat with Ryan Condal who is currently adapting the comic series The 6th Gun for NBC and Hercules: The Thracian Wars for Paramount, MGM, and director Brett Ratner.
Nicholas Falacci, Cheryl Heuton, Taylor Elmore and Michael Gilvary
Apr 23, 2013 • 101 min
Nicholas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton (creators, Numb3ers), Taylor Elmore (Justified), and Michael Gilvary (Chicago Fire; Breakout Kings). Recorded March 17, 2013.
Celebrating Husbands, the comic!
Apr 16, 2013 • 47 min
The creators of Husbands, the series, Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time; Buffy; Caprica) and Brad Bell (“Cheeks”), have written a wonderful series for Dark Horse Comics, and it is finally released in collected, hardcover form! Join Jane, Brad, and Husbands…
Writers of Kroll Show
Apr 9, 2013 • 85 min
An in depth chat with the writers/directors/creators of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, Nick Kroll, Jonathan Krisel, and John Levenstein, about bringing characters to TV, building worlds, what’s funny, and lots more. Recorded March 10, 2013.
Andy Bobrow, Emily Halpern, Gideon Yago and Max Winkler
Apr 2, 2013 • 101 min
Andy Bobrow (Community; Malcolm in the Middle); Emily Halpern (The Unit; Private Practice); Gideon Yago (The Newsroom); Max Winkler (writer/director, Ceremony; director, New Girl, New Normal). Recorded February 17, 2013.
Bob Harris
Mar 26, 2013 • 61 min
A chat with author Bob Harris (Prisoner of Trebekistan) about his new book on micro-loans The International Bank of Bob. We talk about doing good to feel good, emotional writing, the business of books, advice from Joss Whedon, and lots more. Check out…
Joe Port and Joe Wiseman
Mar 19, 2013 • 50 min
An in-depth interview with Joe Port and Joe Wiseman (Dilbert; Son of the Beach; Just Shoot Me) about their new, autobiographical pilot Joe and Joe and Jane, their writing partnership, what’s funny, and lots more.
Bill Prady, Donick Cary and Stephen Scaia
Mar 12, 2013 • 106 min
Bill Prady (co-creator, The Big Bang Theory); Donick Cary (New Girl; Bored to Death; former head-writer, Late Show with David Letterman); Stephen Scaia (Human Target; Jericho; adapting Y: The Last Man for feature film). Recorded February 10, 2013.
Live from the Jonathan Coulton Cruise!
Mar 5, 2013 • 57 min
Live from the Jonathan Coulton Cruise! Bill Corbett (Rifftrax; Mystery Science Theater 3000) hosts author John Scalzi (Old Man’s War), singer/songwriter John Roderick (The Long Winters), Josh Cagan (Geek and Sundry’s Learning Town), web-comic wrier/artist…
Leslye Headland
Feb 26, 2013 • 86 min
An in-depth chat with writer/director Leslye Headland (Bachelorette) about movies, plays, working on FX’s Terriers, David Mamet, and her new pilot, Assistance.
Live from San Francisco!
Feb 19, 2013 • 110 min
Live from San Francisco! Michael Chabon (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay; Telegraph Avenue); Glen David Gold (Carter Beats the Devil; Sunnyside); Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon; co-founder of Image Comics); Joshua Davis (The Underdog).
Nerdist Comics Panel backdoor pilot
Feb 12, 2013 • 65 min
Nerdist Comics Panel backdoor pilot. The spin-off podcast is coming soon. For now, enjoy this chat with its hosts Ben Blacker, Len Wein (creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, and hundreds of other favorite characters), Adam Beechen (Batman Beyond, Hench;…
Robert Kirkman
Feb 5, 2013 • 84 min
An in-depth chat with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman (Invincible; Super Dinosaur; Thief of Thieves) about the formation of his Skybound imprint at Image Comics, his process for breaking story, choices he’s made for his characters, zombies vs.…
American Horror Story: Asylum in review!
Jan 29, 2013 • 55 min
American Horror Story: Asylum in review! Executive producer Tim Minear and co-exec producers Jennifer Salt, and Jessica Sharzer on the incredible second season of the FX horror-drama-comedy-musical (“The Name Game?”), what went right and wrong, a look…
Marlon Wayans
Jan 22, 2013 • 51 min
Marlon Wayans. Recorded January 16th, 2013
BJ Novak, Elaine Ko and Kevin Shinick
Jan 15, 2013 • 73 min
BJ Novak (The Office); Elaine Ko (Modern Family; Family Guy); and Kevin Shinick (developer, MAD; Robot Chicken). Recorded November 11, 2012.
2012 in review, part 2!
Jan 8, 2013 • 78 min
2012 in review, part 2! Join some MORE of our favorite panelists—Join some MORE of our favorite panelists—Aaron Ginsburg (Do No Harm; Finder) and John Ross Bowie (from Big Bang Theory, who sold two pilots this year)—as they talk about what they learned…
2012 in review, part 1
Dec 11, 2012 • 74 min
2012 in review, part 1! Join some of our favorite panelists—Josh Friedman (creator, Sarah Connor Chronicles), Andrew Miller (creator, Secret Circle), and Cathryn Humphris (Ringer; Mob Doctor)—as they talk about what they learned this year, what a strange…
Man of Action Studios!
Dec 4, 2012 • 73 min
An in-depth chat with the creators of Ben 10 and Generator Rex and the developers of Ultimate Spider-Man and the upcoming Avengers Assemble cartoons. Also accomplished comic book writers and artists, Man of Action is Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau, and…
Pendleton Ward, Martin Gero and Kent Osborne
Nov 27, 2012 • 99 min
Pendleton Ward (creator, Adventure Time); Martin Gero (creator, The LA Complex); Kent Osborne (head writer, Adventure Time; Spongebob; Flapjack). Recorded October 21, 2012.
Live from NY!
Nov 14, 2012 • 70 min
Live from NY! Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live; South Park) and Peter David (comic books! Including X-Factor, Supergirl, 12 years on Incredible Hulk, and lots more). Recorded at 61Local in Brooklyn on October 1, 2012.
Live from Brooklyn!
Nov 1, 2012 • 90 min
Live from Brooklyn! Some of the funniest people in NY. Joe Randazzo (former editor of The Onion); Caissie St. Onge (Best Week Ever; Rosie O’Donnell; Letterman); Stephen Falk (Weeds; Next Caller); Matt Debenham (author, The Book of Right and Wrong). Follow…
Jeff Eastin, Lauren Hissrich and Victor Fresco
Oct 25, 2012 • 82 min
Jeff Eastin (creator, White Collar and Graceland); Lauren Hissrich (The West Wing, Justice) Victor Fresco (creator, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Better Off Ted, The Trouble with Normal); Recorded October 14, 2012.
Iain Morris, Fred Stoller, Charlie Grandy and Amy Ozols
Oct 18, 2012 • 94 min
Iain Morris (co-creator, The Inbetweeners [UK]; Flight of the Conchords); Fred Stoller (Seinfeld; Handy Manny); Charlie Grandy (The Daily Show; co-creator, Guys with Kids); Amy Ozols (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; co-creator, Guys with Kids). Recorded…
Mad Men season five in review!
Oct 11, 2012 • 71 min
Mad Men season five in review! Creator/showrunner Matthew Weiner, showrunners Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, and writer Erin Levy give their take on the AMC series’ fifth season, choices they made about the characters, audience expectations, collaboration,…
“Why Aren’t More People Talking About These Awesome Shows?”
Oct 4, 2012 • 98 min
The “Why Aren’t More People Talking About These Awesome Shows?” panel, featuring Awkward. creator Lauren Iungerich and Parenthood/Friday Night Lights writer David Hudgins. We also brought back our old pals Josh Friedman (creator, The Sarah Connor…
An Evening with Ed Brubaker
Sep 27, 2012 • 66 min
Comic book writer/creator of Fatale, Criminal, Captain America, and more. Topics discussed include the “rules of comic book writing,” the state of Marvel and DC and its creators, film adaptations of comics, and Ed’s TV pitches. Recorded June 22, 2012.
Key and Peele
Sep 20, 2012 • 75 min
Creators/writers/stars of Comedy Central’s Key and Peele: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, showrunner Ian Roberts, Rebecca Drysdale, Colton Dunn, Charlie Sanders, Rich Talarico, and Alex Rubens. A really fun chat with some really funny people. The new…
Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder
Sep 13, 2012 • 87 min
An in-depth chat Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder, co-creators of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. We talk about that watershed show for Comedy Central, as well as the Snyder-produced Home Movies, “Squiggle-vision,” Katz’s stand-up and the WB sitcom he…
Breaking Bad Season Five in Review
Sep 6, 2012 • 73 min
Breaking Bad season five in review! Showrunner/creator Vince Gilligan and writers Peter Gould, Sam Catlin, George Mastras, Gennifer Hutchison, Thomas Schnauz, Moira Walley-Beckett and Gordon Smith talk about their take on the AMC series’ fifth season.…
Stages of TV Writer
Aug 30, 2012 • 55 min
The “Stages of TV Writer” panel from the ATX Television Festival: Noah Hawley (creator, the Unusuals); Kyle Killen (creator, Awake and Lone Star); David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights; Parenthood); Hardy Janson and Evan Miller (Hook Ups). Recorded June 2,…
Andrew Bujalski
Aug 23, 2012 • 56 min
An in depth chat with Andrew Bujalski, writer-director of such films as Funny Ha-Ha (forerunner of the so-called “mumblecore” movement), Mutual Appreciation, Beeswax, and the upcoming Computer Chess. Recorded June 7, 2012.
Book to TV Series
Aug 16, 2012 • 44 min
“Book to TV Series” panel from the ATX Television Festival. David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights); Bob Levy (Alloy Entertainment: The Lying Game, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl); Julie Plec (co-creator, The Vampire Diaries); Michael Rauch (creator, Love…
“TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream” (ATX Television Festival 2012)
Aug 9, 2012 • 53 min
“TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream” panel from the ATX Television Festival. Jeff Davis (creator, Teen Wolf and Criminal Minds); Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time; Husbands; BSG; Buffy); Richard Hatem (creator, Miracles; Grimm); Jose Molina (Firefly; Terra Nova;…
“Women on TV” (ATX Television Festival 2012)
Aug 2, 2012 • 53 min
“Women on TV” panel from the ATX Television Festival. Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time, Husbands, BSG, Buffy); Liz Tigelaar (Nashville; Revenge; creator, Life Unexpected); Erica Messer (showrunner, Criminal Minds). Moderated by Meg Masters of…
Animation Celebration! Meghan McCarthy, Tim McKeon, & Swampy Marsh and Dan Povenmire
Jul 26, 2012 • 95 min
Swampy Marsh and Dan Povenmire (creators, Phineas & Ferb); Meghan McCarthy (head writer, My Little Pony; Class of 3000); Tim McKeon (Adventure Time, Fish Hooks). Recorded May 6, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
“Creators” (ATX Television Festival 2012)
Jul 19, 2012 • 60 min
“Creators” panel from the ATX Television Festival. Noah Hawley (creator, the Unusuals); Kyle Killen (creator, Awake and Lone Star); Kevin Biegel (co-creator, Cougar Town); Mark Schwahn (creator, One Tree Hill); Liz Tigelaar (creator, Life Unexpected).…
Len Wein, Ed Brubaker, & Jackson Publick
Jul 12, 2012 • 102 min
Len Wein (creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, Human Target, and tons more); Ed Brubaker (Fatale, Criminal, Sleeper, Captain America); and Jackson Publick (co-creator, The Venture Brothers).Recorded April 29, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Andrew Miller, Chic Eglee, & Dana Gould
Jun 21, 2012 • 91 min
Andrew Miller (creator, The Secret Circle); Chic Eglee (adapter of Powers for FX; co-creator, Dark Angel; Walking Dead; The Shield); and Dana Gould (The Simpsons). Recorded April 22, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Shawn Ryan, Cheo Hodari Coker, & Amy Berg
Jun 14, 2012 • 106 min
Shawn Ryan (creator, The Shield; Chicago Code; Last Resort); Cheo Hodari Coker (Southland, Notorious); and Amy Berg (Eureka, Person of Interest). Recorded April 15, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
2012 Pilot Season Wrap-Up with Alexa Junge, Andrew Miller, & Josh Friedman
Jun 7, 2012 • 73 min
Alexa Junge (exec producer, Save Me; Friends); Andrew Miller (Secret Circle); and Josh Friedman (Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Asset). Recorded June 6, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Graham Yost
May 31, 2012 • 70 min
An in depth chat with Justified creator Graham Yost about his journey through Speed, From the Earth to the Moon, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Boomtown, and translating Elmore Leonard’s worldview to the small screen. Great advice about seeing through…
Neil Goldman, Aisha Muharrar, & Dailyn Rodriguez
May 24, 2012 • 84 min
Neil Goldman (Community, Scrubs, Ben & Kate); Aisha Muharrar (Parks & Recreation); Dailyn Rodriguez (Lie to Me, The Glades). Recorded May 20, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Andrew W. Marlowe, Tim Long, & Terri Miller
May 17, 2012 • 94 min
Andrew W. Marlowe (creator, Castle); Tim Long (The Simpsons); Terri Miller (Castle). Recorded April 1, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL: WRITER’S PANEL IS A…
Creators of The Walking Dead / S2 In Review
May 10, 2012 • 68 min
The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara and writers Scott Gimple and Angela Kang trade takes on the AMC series’ second season, characters’ goals both immediate and emotional, audience expectations, hot zombie action, and some choice tidbits about season…
Jane Espenson and Douglas Petrie
May 3, 2012 • 74 min
Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time, Husbands, Buffy, Caprica) and Douglas Petrie (Charlie’s Angels, Buffy, Pushing Daisies) revisit Jane’s old blog,, and discuss how, while the business may have changed since she was regularly updating it,…
Bill Lawrence, Ken Levine, & Richard Hatem
Apr 26, 2012 • 89 min
Bill Lawrence (creator, Scrubs and Cougartown); Ken Levine (MASH, Cheers, Wings, Fraser, The Simpsons); Richard Hatem (Grimm, Secret Circle). Recorded March 25, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg
Apr 19, 2012 • 73 min
An in depth interview with John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the writers of the Harold and Kumar movies and American Reunion, the new sequel to American Pie.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Creators of Adult Swim’s Eagleheart
Apr 12, 2012 • 75 min
The brains behind Adult Swim’s Eagleheart, writer/creators Michael Koman and Andrew Weinberg, and director Jason Woliner, sit down to talk comedy, the learning curve of the show’s first season, working with Chris Elliott, and lots more.CONNECT W/ BEN…
Winnie Holzman, Matt Selman, & Paul Grellong
Apr 5, 2012 • 89 min
Winnie Holzman (creator, My So-Called Life, Thirtysomething); Matt Selman (The Simpsons); Paul Grellong (Terra Nova, Law and Order: SVU). Recorded March 11, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Damon Lindelof
Mar 29, 2012 • 87 min
An in depth talk with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof about comics, Star Wars, sequels, Star Trek, JJ Abrams, fandom… everything you want a Damon Lindelof talk to be about.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Tami Sagher, Eliza Clark, & Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon
Mar 22, 2012 • 86 min
Tami Sagher (30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother); Eliza Clark (Rubicon, The Killing); Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon (Spartacus, Dr. Horrible).Recorded February 12, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Vince Gilligan
Mar 15, 2012 • 85 min
An in-depth chat with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. Vince is candid and thoughtful about his past experiences (including seven years on the X-Files), the process of creating complex characters, and the importance of collaboration.
Dana Gould, Liz Tigelaar, & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Mar 8, 2012 • 85 min
Dana Gould (The Simpsons); Liz Tigelaar (creator, Life Unexpected); Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Alphas). Recorded January 15, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL: WRITER’S PANEL…
Vince Gilligan, Julie Plec, Josh Friedman, & Jeff Greenstein
Mar 1, 2012 • 98 min
Vince Gilligan (creator, Breaking Bad); Julie Plec (developer, Vampire Diaries); Josh Friedman (developer, Sarah Connor Chronicles); and Jeff Greenstein (Desperate Housewives, Will and Grace). Recorded January 20, 2012.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE…
Creators & Cast of Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV
Feb 23, 2012 • 88 min
Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, Jon Stern, Curtis Gwinn, David Wain, Ken Marino, Erica Oyama, and Rob Huebel. Recorded December 11, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL:…
Marti Noxon, Danny Zuker, & Craig Silverstein
Feb 16, 2012 • 103 min
Marti Noxon (Buffy, Glee); Danny Zuker (Modern Family); Craig Silverstein (creator, Nikita; co-creator, Terra Nova).Recorded November 20, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Josh Berman, Leigh Dana Jackson, & Adam Glass
Feb 9, 2012 • 80 min
Josh Berman (creator, Drop Dead Diva); Leigh Dana Jackson (Alcatraz, No Ordinary Family); Adam Glass (Supernatural).Recorded November 13, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Adam Rogers
Feb 2, 2012 • 68 min
An enlightening chat with Adam Rogers, a senior editor at Wired magazine. Ben Acker sits in too, as we discuss magazine writing and editing and how it differs from television production, the state and future of both industries, and lots more.Recorded…
Liz Meriwether, Angela Kang, & Liz Craft and Sarah Fain
Jan 26, 2012 • 83 min
Liz Meriwether (creator, The New Girl); Angela Kang (The Walking Dead, Terriers); Liz Craft and Sarah Fain (Vampire Diaries, Dollhouse). Recorded October 23, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Dan Harmon, Kyle Killen, Chris McKenna, & Charles Murray
Jan 19, 2012 • 84 min
Dan Harmon (creator, Community); Kyle Killen (creator, Lone Star; co-creator Awake); Chris McKenna (Community, American Dad); Charles Murray (Castle, V, Criminal Minds). Recorded October 16, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Hart Hanson, Jose Molina, & Sarah Goldfinger
Jan 12, 2012 • 99 min
Hart Hanson (creator, Bones; The Finder); Jose Molina (Terra Nova, Angel, Firefly); Sarah Goldfinger (CSI, Grimm).Recorded November 6, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Ben Acker, Aaron Ginsburg, & Wade McIntyre
Jan 5, 2012 • 95 min
A 2011 round-up about what we learned this year and the state of the industry with Ben Acker (Supernatural), and Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre (The Finder).CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
David Fury
Dec 15, 2011 • 52 min
An in depth chat with David Fury (Buffy, Angel, 24, Lost, Fringe) about his career, process, and the choices he’s made.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL: WRITER’S PANEL IS A…
Zack Whedon, Jeremy Carver, & John Rogers
Dec 8, 2011 • 86 min
Zack Whedon (Fringe, Deadwood, Rubicon); Jeremy Carver (developer, Being Human); John Rogers (creator, Leverage).Recorded September 25, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz & Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder
Dec 1, 2011 • 70 min
Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (creators, Once Upon a Time); Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (creators, Ringer).Recorded September 18, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL:…
Naren Shankar, Meredith Stiehm, & Bradley Thompson and David Weddle
Nov 16, 2011 • 91 min
Naren Shankar (Star Trek DS9, CSI, Grimm); Meredith Stiehm (creator, Cold Case); and Bradley Thompson and David Weddle (Battlestar Galactica, Falling Skies).Recorded July 31, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Glen Mazzara, David Slack, & Norm Hiscock
Nov 2, 2011 • 82 min
Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead); David Slack (Person of Interest); Norm Hiscock (Parks and Recreation). Recorded July 17, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL: WRITER’S…
Steven S. DeKnight, Tim Minear, Megan Ganz, & Harris Wittels
Oct 26, 2011 • 92 min
Steven S. DeKnight (creator, Spartacus; Buffy; Angel); Tim Minear (Angel, Firefly, American Horror Story); Megan Ganz (Community); Harris Wittels (Parks and Recreation).Recorded June 19, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Allan Loeb, Phoef Sutton, & Rob Roy Thomas
Oct 19, 2011 • 83 min
Allan Loeb (creator, New Amsterdam; Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps); Phoef Sutton (Terriers, Cheers); Rob Roy Thomas (creator, Free Ride).Recorded March 6, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Steve Levitan, Rob Thomas, & John Enbom
Oct 12, 2011 • 100 min
Steve Levitan (co-creator, Modern Family); Rob Thomas (creator, Veronica Mars); John Enbom (co-creator, Party Down; developer, Free Agents). Recorded March 20, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Peter Gould, Kerry Ehrin, & Bridget Carpenter
Oct 5, 2011 • 82 min
Peter Gould (Breaking Bad); Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights); Bridget Carpenter (Friday Night Lights, Dead Like Me). Recorded August 21, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Alan Yang, Michael Taylor, Genny Hutchison, & Ryan Farley
Sep 28, 2011 • 85 min
Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation); Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica); Genny Hutchison (Breaking Bad); Ryan Farley (Justified). Recorded August 14, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Amy Berg, Ben Edlund, & Angelina Burnett
Sep 21, 2011 • 85 min
Amy Berg (Eureka); Ben Edlund (The Tick, Angel, Supernatural); Angelina Burnett (Boss, Memphis Beat).Recorded June 12, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL: WRITER’S PANEL…
Creators & Cast of Husbands
Sep 14, 2011 • 72 min
Creators and Cast of the web series Husbands ( Producer Jane Espenson (Buffy, Caprica, Torchwood); Director Jeff Greenstein (Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives); Co-Writer/Actor Brad “Cheeks” Bell; Actor Alessandra…
Matt Nix, Peter Tolan, & David Schulner
Sep 7, 2011 • 86 min
Matt Nix (Burn Notice); Peter Tolan (Rescue Me); David Schulner (The Event). Recorded April 20, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL: WRITER’S PANEL IS A CO-PRODUCTION OF…
Douglas Petrie, Alexa Junge, Josh Friedman, & Michael Green
Aug 31, 2011 • 91 min
Douglas Petrie (Buffy, CSI); Alexa Junge (Friends, United States of Tara); Josh Friedman (Sarah Connor Chronicles); Michael Green (Heroes, Kings, Green Lantern film). Recorded May 29, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Veena Sud, Gary Lennon, Sarah Watson & Bob Kushell
Aug 24, 2011 • 90 min
Veena Sud (The Killing); Gary Lennon (Justified); Sarah Watson (Parenthood); Bob Kushell (3rd Rock from the Sun).Recorded May 15, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S PANEL:…
Dan Harmon, Javier Grillo Marxuach, Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre
Aug 18, 2011 • 94 min
Dan Harmon (Community); Javier Grillo Marxuach (The Middle Man, Lost); Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre (The Good Guys, Finder). Recorded April 27, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
David Fury, Jeff Greenstein, Emily Cutler, & Cathryn Humphries
Aug 11, 2011 • 104 min
David Fury (Buffy, Angel, Lost, 24); Jeff Greenstein (Friends, Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives); Emily Cutler (Community); Cathryn Humphries (Mad Men, V).Recorded March 13, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…
Damon Lindelof, Jane Espenson, Erin Levy, & Drew Z. Greenberg
Aug 4, 2011 • 104 min
Damon Lindelof (Lost); Jane Espenson (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood); Erin Levy (Mad Men); Drew Z. Greenberg (Buffy, Warehouse 13).Recorded March 27, 2011.CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER’S…