More than a Few Words - A Marketing Conversation

More than a Few Words - A Marketing Conversation
A Marketing Conversation for Business Owners

#429 You Can’t Talk Shit Done
Dec 10 • 11 min
We have all attended meetings where nothing got done. Maybe there were great discussions, and maybe you had lots of notes when you left, but nothing changed. This week, out guest Randy Clark, the author of the new book, “You Can’t Talk Shit Done” explains…
#428 The Joy Powered Workspace
Dec 6 • 10 min
Susan White, co-host of the Joy Powered Workspace Podcast dropped by for a conversation about creating a work environment where people look forward to walking in the door every day. About Susan Susan White is the CEO of Susan Tinder White Consulting, a…
#427 Strategic Relationships
Dec 3 • 11 min
We all have lots of contacts, but most of the people we know are just that, contacts. Only a small, select few are true strategic relationships for us in our business. But those select few drive us to be better, hold us accountable and help us find the…
#426 The Art of the Freelancer with Laura Briggs
Nov 29 • 12 min
Thinking about a side hustle? Or maybe you have an employee who wants to do some freelance work on the side. In this episode, we talk about the do’s and don’ts of cultivating work on the side. Our guest is Laura Briggs, a writer, entrepreneur and author…
#425 Facebook Live - Sam Von Tobel
Nov 26 • 9 min
Monday morning at Roundpeg, right around 11 am, we set up the camera and shoot a Facebook live video. Why do we do it? That’s the topic of this week’s episode of More than a Few words, with Sam Von Tobel, the new host of Monday Morning at the ‘Peg.
#424 Workplace Empathy _ Lisel Mertes
Nov 22 • 10 min
Life happens and sometimes it is hard to keep the distruptions of your life or of your employee’s lives outside the workplace. This week’s guest Lisel Mertes believes that you shouldn’t have to keep those two parts of your employee’s lives separate. As a…
#423 Social Media Planning
Nov 19 • 9 min
When you are developing social media, where does the information come from? How do you figure out what to write? These are questions we get asked every day as we write content for companies as different as a flooring installer, to a bean company to a tech…
#422 Making the Transition to Business Owner.
Nov 15 • 11 min
Many of us started out as a solo entrepreneur. However, somewhere along the way the business grew and we had to make that transition from worker bee to business owner. Today, my guest Matt Zentz of Market Path shares his journey from developer to owner.
#421 Survive and Thrive Regardless of the Economy
Nov 8 • 7 min
As we get close to the 10 year anniversary of More Than a Few Words, I’ve been digging around in my archives. This week I’ve put together two episodes that both deal with small businesses and the economy. Although the episodes are 10 years old, there’s a…
#420 How to Get Unstuck with Andrea Liebross
Nov 6 • 11 min
We’ve all been there, with so many things to do, feeling overwhelmed and stuck. If you find yourself staring at a to-do list that is three pages long, or a giant task between you and success, then today’s conversation with Andrea Liebross is just what you…
#419 The New Science of Time Management
Nov 1 • 11 min
Robby Slaughter is a man who uses time well. The author of five books, he dropped by to talk about his newest one, The New Science of Time Management. We can’t change the amount of time we have, but we can change how we think about it. More than a Few…
#418 Meet Gen Z with David Vogelpohl
Oct 30 • 12 min
Just when you got used to millennials, along comes Gen Z. As these younger professionals are now entering the workforce and making their own purchase decisions they bring a very different set of experiences and a different set of values to those…
#417 The Help Method with Kevin Mullett
Oct 25 • 14 min
Let’s face it, most companies need a little HELP with their content. This week, my guest Kevin Mullett shared his special forumula for content HELP. Humanize Your Message Encourage Conversation Listen First Promote Less. Be sure to download the Content…
#416 The Entrepreneural Journey
Oct 18 • 10 min
Today, Heneka Watkis Porter is a succesful entrepreneur. How did she get there, and what did she learn along the way? Listen to today’s episdoe to find out. About Heneka Heneka Watkis-Porter is a serial-entrepreneur, author, speaker, fashion designer and…
#415 Live from She Podcast with JoDee Curtis and Danielle Ireland
Oct 14 • 11 min
This is a special episode of More than a Few Words, recorded live at She Podcast, a women’s podcasting event. Lorraine caught up with JoDee Curtis of the Joy Powered Podcast and Danielle Ireland of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs to talk about why business…
#414 Use Events to Grow Your Business
Oct 11 • 13 min
One to one marketing is great, but it takes a lot of time. This week, my gest Anna Osherov, an Eventologist explains that events allow you to be more productive, with one to many marketing. About Anna Anna is the founder of The Holistic Business Hub, a…
413 Pick the Perfect Promotional Item - Dean Kapsalis
Oct 4 • 11 min
Looking for a trade show give away or something for your team, Dean Kapsalis has a simple three step process to help you select the perfect item. About Dean Our guest, Fuel Merchandise Group founder, Dean Kapsalis, has been in the marketing industry for…
#412 Being Unapologetic Davide Di Giorgio
Sep 27 • 10 min
Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people to see how you measure up or are you proudly different? This week our guest David Di Giorgio thinks that perhaps cases you’re suffering from “Comparanoia” What is Comparanoia? Is that excessive and…
#411 StoryTelling — Alexandra Rufatto-Perry
Sep 24 • 11 min
Everyone has a story to tell. This week, my guest Alexandra Rufatto-Perry the owner and CEO of Practically Speaking, LLC, talks about how to use storytelling as part of your business communication. About Alex Alexandra Rufatto Perry is the owner and CEO…
#410 B2B Podcasting - Bill Caskey
Sep 20 • 11 min
Ten years ago, Bill Caskey inspired Lorraine to create a podcast. Today, he shares why every B2B company needs one. About Bill Caskey Bill Caskey writes books, records podcasts and produces videos with one intent: help sales teams move from ordinary to…