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2116 - Hawks Circle Iran, Dems Clouding M4A, & Biden’s Favorite Segregationists
Jun 19 • 85 min
On today’s show, the MR team discusses Trump’s lonely cabinet, the State Department’s threatening posture towards Iran, the state of Medicare for All’s popularity, and how the Democratic Party is losing its grip on House legislation. Yesterday, acting…
2115 - Republic Of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists & Their Surprising Rise to Power w/ Anna Merlan
Jun 18 • 64 min
Anna Merlan (@annamerlan), reporter at G/O Media (formerly Gizmodo Media Group), joins us to discuss her book, Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power. On today’s show: Trish Regan says deep…
2114 - State Capture: How Conservative Activists & Big Businesses Reshaped the America w/ Alex Hertel-Fernandez
Jun 17 • 61 min
Alex Hertel-Fernandez (@awh), Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at Columbia University and author of ‘State Capture: How Conservative Activists, Big Businesses, and Wealthy Donors Reshaped the American States — and the Nation,’ joins us. On…
2113 - GOP Beats War Drums & A Heaping Dose Of Reality w/ Benjamin Dixon & David Feldman
Jun 14 • 103 min
Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) and David Feldman (@David_Feldman_) join us for Casual Friday. On today’s show: Trump admin beats the drum for war with Iran. Owner of the “attacked” oil tanker disputes part of US account of…
2112 - Bernie Sanders on Finishing the New Deal & The Billion Dollar McKinsey Way to Save Puerto Rico w/ Andrew Rice (M)
Jun 13 • 67 min
Yesterday, after an important campaign speech in Washington, Bernie Sanders joined Sam to discuss what Democratic Socialism means in the 21st century and why freedom in America is predicated on economic Bill of Rights. Sanders looks at the biggest…
2111 - Capitalism: The Future Of An Illusion w/ Fred L. Block
Jun 12 • 71 min
Fred L. Block, Professor of Sociology at the University of California Davis, joins us to discuss his new book, Capitalism: The Future of an Illusion. On today’s show: #NoKidsInCages installation outside Barclays Center. Citizenship question in census…
2110 - No Go World: How Fear Is Redrawing Our Maps and Infecting Our Politics w/ Ruben Andersson
Jun 11 • 64 min
Ruben Andersson, anthropologist and associate professor at Oxford University’s Department of International Development, joins us to discuss his new book, No Go World: How Fear Is Redrawing Our Maps and Infecting Our Politics. On today’s show:…
2109 - We’ve Got People: From Jesse Jackson to AOC, the End of Big Money w/ Ryan Grim
Jun 10 • 92 min
Ryan Grim (@ryangrim), DC bureau chief at The Intercept, Young Turks contributor and author of the new book, We’ve Got People: From Jesse Jackson to AOC, the End of Big Money and the Rise of a Movement, joins us. On today’s show: Jonathan…
2108 - Biden Is Running Like It’s 1905 & Joe Rogan’s False Equivalency w/ David Dayen & Andy Kindler
Jun 7 • 116 min
American Prospect Executive Editor David Dayen (@ddayen) and Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler ) join us. On today’s show: Joe Biden says he can no longer support the Hyde amendment. David Dayen (@ddayen), executive editor of The American…
2107 - Protests in Brazil & Why Bolsonaro Should Worry w/ Brian Mier
Jun 6 • 59 min
Brian Mier (@BrianMteleSUR) of BrasilWire joins Michael Brooks to discuss the protests against austerity taking place in Brazil and their impact on Bolsonaro’s policies and government. On today’s show: Bernie says the Waltons have not heard his…
2106 - Biden’s Bad Week, Republicans “Fight” Trump, and YouTube’s Folly
Jun 5 • 87 min
On today’s show: Bernie goes to Walmart shareholder meeting. Walmart CEO calls for Congress to raise the minimum wage. Joe Biden drops in the polls, plagiarized many of the plans on his website. May 8: Biden tells ACLU rep in South Carolina he’d…
2105 - No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us w/ Rachel Louise Snyder
Jun 4 • 70 min
Author Rachel Louise Snyder (@RLSWrites) joins us to discuss her new book, No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us. On today’s show: Trump endorses the Chinese government’s crackdown on…
2104 - Democracy May Not Exist, But We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone w/ Astra Taylor
Jun 3 • 66 min
Author and documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor (@astradisastra), joins us to discuss her new book, Democracy May Not Exist, but We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone. Despite having existed for a long time as a concept, true democracy has rarely been…
2103 - Mueller’s Press Conference & The Return Of John McCain w/ Digby & Judy Gold
May 31 • 107 min
Heather “Digby” Parton (@digby56) from Hullabaloo and and comedian Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) join Sam to discuss the week in news. On today’s show: Supercut of Stephen Crowder’s homophobic rants against gay Vox journalist Carlos Maza….
2102 - Mueller Hands Off to Congress w/ Marcy Wheeler
May 30 • 97 min
On today’s Majority Report, Marcy Wheeler from emptywheel joins Sam to discuss Robert Mueller’s press conference. Listen in for what’s next as House Democrats weigh impeachment proceedings and the House Judiciary considers subpoenas for Mueller’s…
2101 - Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom w/ Katherine Eban
May 29 • 64 min
Sam speaks with investigative reporter and author Katherine Eban (@KatherineEban) about her new book, Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom. On today’s show: Mueller says you can’t accuse someone of a crime when there’s…
2100 - SCOTUS Rules on Gerrymandering & the DCCC Bulwark w/ Sean McElwee
May 28 • 62 min
Sean McElwee of Data For Progress joins us to discuss the Supreme Court decision to block gerrymandering rulings in Ohio and Michigan, and why on earth the DCCC is backing Dan Lipinski’s pro-life Democratic platform. On today’s show: Asked why he…
2099 - Trump Targets Pelosi, Journalism As Impeachment Looms w/ Mehdi Hasan & Film Guy Matthew Weiss
May 24 • 88 min
On today’s show, Mehdi Hassan (@mehdirhasan) from the Intercept and Al Jazeera joins Sam to discuss the case to impeach Trump and Film Guy Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom) to give us an update on his eBay store and some film recommendations….
2098 - Good Riddance, Rahm Emanuel w/ Miles Kampf-Lassin
May 23 • 62 min
Joining Michael Brooks this Thursday is Miles Kampf-Lassin to discuss his piece, “No One Should Ever Listen to Anything Rahm Emanuel Has to Say About Politics” at In These Times. While the now former mayor of Chicago embarks on his path to…
2097 - Ben Carson’s Outrageous Callousness & Democrats Getting On Board With Impeachment
May 22 • 84 min
On today’s show: Steve Mnuchin says the Harriet Tubman redesign of the $20 bill has been postponed. Beto says we don’t have time to do Medicare-for-all because people are sick now. Rep. Sylvia Garcia asks Carson why HUD is looking to make children of…
2096 - The Uninhabitable Earth w/ David Wallace-Wells
May 21 • 98 min
Journalist David Wallace-Wells (@dwallacewells), author of The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, joins us. On today’s show: Alabama public TV pulls the ‘Arthur’ episode where two guys get married; Steven Crowder reacts. Nancy Pelosi…
2095 - The Digital Civil War w/ Peter Daou
May 20 • 73 min
Author and activist Peter Daou (@peterdaou) joins us to discuss his new book, Digital Civil War: Confronting the Far Right Menace. On today’s show: Billionaire Robert F. Smith to pay off class of 2019 Morehouse grads’ student debt. Brian Kilmeade…
2094 - The Handmaid’s Tale Becomes A Reality w/ Benjamin Dixon & Things Get Awkward w/ H. Jon Benjamin
May 17 • 105 min
Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) and H. Jon Benjamin (@HJBenjamin) join us for Casual Friday. On today’s show: The real reason the religious right is attacking abortion rights. Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh says abortion = “destruction of…
2093 - Mexico in the Era of AMLO w/ Laura Carlsen
May 16 • 57 min
Joining Michael Brooks on today’s Majority Report is Laura Carlsen, a political analyst and director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy, to discuss Mexico under the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. While…
2092 - Magnificent Fight: The Winnipeg General Strike w/ Dennis Lewycky
May 15 • 60 min
Activist and journalist Dennis Lewycky joins us to discuss his new book, Magnificent Fight: The Winnipeg General Strike. On today’s show: Joe Biden says once Trump is gone, GOP will have epiphany. Flashback: Obama says GOP “fever” will…