The Old College Try

The Old College Try
A podcast dedicated to the celebration of college football, America’s First and Greatest Game.

Nov 29, 2018 • 58 min
It’s Championship Week! Join Tim and Mike as they discuss all the biggest storylines from the biggest weekend of the college football year.
Nov 23, 2018 • 52 min
It’s Thanksgiving weekend! So celebrate with Tim, Mike and The Old College Try. Pocase!
Nov 16, 2018 • 50 min
It may not be Rivalry Week everywhere, but it is Rivalry Week somewhere, and in the Week 12 episode of The Old College Try, Tim and Mike chat about the week’s big grudge matches, as well as all of the other major stories of the week in our beloved sport…
Nov 9, 2018 • 57 min
Yes, folks, it’s already Week 11. The college football season is flying by (as it always does) and as we gear up for another big weekend of America’s greatest game, Tim and Mike are here to talk all about it. Enjoy, everyone. Pocase!
Nov 2, 2018 • 172 min
As the college football world descends into utter insanity (hello, Maryland) Tim and Mike are back with yet another episode of The Old College Try. In this week’s show, they discuss all of the somewhat insane off-the-field news, look back on Week 9, and…
9 - 2018
Oct 26, 2018 • 46 min
Another wild weekend of college football is in the books, and as always, Tim and Mike are here once again to banter all about it. Plus: the locks of the week, Mike’s latest travel news, and more. Pocase!
Oct 18, 2018 • 45 min
In the latest episode of The Old College Try, Tim laments Penn State’s latest fourth quarter collapse, and Mike pretends to care. Also: an update on our awful gambling picks, a reiteration that Alabama is almost unbeatable, the Top 25, the games of the…
7 - 2018
Oct 12, 2018 • 42 min
It’s already Week 7. Yes, you heard that right. It’s already Week 7. In the latest edition of The Old College Try Show, Tim and Mike take stock of where we find ourselves here in the college football year of 2018. Also, reflections on John Gagliardi, the…
6 - 2018
Oct 5, 2018 • 49 min
In the wake of their eighth annual podcast trip, Tim and Mike review their stay in Colorado, recap Penn State’s heartbreaking loss to Ohio State, look ahead to a big Week 7 and more. Enjoy, everyone. Pocase!
5 - 2018
Sep 28, 2018 • 54 min
It’s time for the annual Old College Try Show road trip. Tim, Mike and Noted Listener Brian Schleter are off to Colorado for a double-header of college football. Also in this episode: the week in review, the week to come, and so much more. Pocase!
4 - 2018
Sep 21, 2018 • 50 min
Here’s the bad news: We are already one-third of the way through the 2018 college football season. Here’s the good news: Tim and Mike are back with the Week 4 edition of The Old College Try. The week in review, the lock of the week, and much college…
Episode 3 - 2018
Sep 14, 2018 • 40 min
Yes, believe it or not, it’s already Week 3. In the latest edition of the Old College Try, Tim and Mike review Mike’s trip to College Station for the Texas A&M-Clemson game, discuss Penn State’s 51-6 demolition of Pitt, preview all of the action to come…
2 - 2018
Sep 7, 2018 • 55 min
It’s college football, Week 2, and Tim and Mike are here once again to review all of last week’s action and preview all of the games to come. Plus, Mike reviews Ireland, the lock of the week and more. Pocase.
1 - 2018
Aug 30, 2018 • 64 min
College football is back! And so are Tim and Mike. Against their better judgment they have returned for another season of The Old College Try Show, and in their latest episode preview all of the action to come in college football’s Week 1. Plus, their…