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The Playstation Show UK (TpSUK)
The Playstation Show UK

264 TPSUK: The Lost Episode
Jul 29 • 47 min
Episode 264 of The Playstation Show UK**Apologies but half this show is missing due to the recording malfunctioning - But we have recovered some of the show**The Lost Episode - Say no more…..
263 TPSUK: Curry Sauce Massage
Jul 16 • 163 min
Episode 263 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we have another quiz provided by community member JSButters, we discuss the Ubisoft forward event and of course the ratlaika games that bod has played
262 TPSUK: Loosen The Restrictions
Jul 2 • 123 min
Episode 262 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is the last of our weekly episodes as the UK starts to get back to some normality, doesn’t mean we are “normal”enjoy
261 TPSUK: Snakey McSnake
Jun 24 • 124 min
Episode 261 of The Playstation Show UKBack again with another quiz, another guest and some more PS5 news and rumorsenjoy
260 TPSUK: PS5 looks like a….
Jun 20 • 224 min
Episode 260 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is fully loaded with hosts and guests as well as content, mainly about the recent PS5 game and design reveal, this is our thoughts Enjoy
259 TPSUK: Disgusting Words
Jun 9 • 133 min
Episode 259 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode BallistixVirus joins us again, some how bod ends up in negative points and lastly be warned there is some disgusting words that may lead to you being sick in your mouth…enjoy
258 TPSUK: The Movie Quiz
Jun 4 • 166 min
Episode 258 of The Playstation Show UKBack after a week off, bod rolls up with a quiz and we discuss our PS5 news disappointment
257 TPSUK: Celeb look-a-like
May 20 • 154 min
Episode 257 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode, with discussion of a possible TPSUK film, we talk which celebs best play us, and then rely on a website to tell us who we look like…Possibly not the best ideaEnjoy
256 TPSUK: Green Ring
May 14 • 126 min
Episode 256 of The Playstation Show UKThis week we have a new quiz host (InControlJames) we discuss gaming news, PS5 and more
255 TPSUK: Operation Destroy Bod
May 8 • 196 min
Episode 255 of The Playstation Show UKJoined again by a guest for another quiz and shenanigans enjoy
254 TPSUK: GOTY 1986
Apr 30 • 98 min
Episode 254 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode, yet another week and another quiz, and as always plenty of PlayStation talkenjoy
253 TPSUK: No Half Points
Apr 24 • 142 min
Episode 253 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are joined by BallistixVirus (Dave), another awesome quiz prepared by the main man Bod.
252 TPSUK: Generation Bros
Apr 15 • 163 min
Episode 252 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we have another quiz, also discuss our top 10 games of this generation, all while playing Bro ForceEnjoy
251 TPSUK: DualSense
Apr 9 • 137 min
Episode 251 of The Playstation Show UKThis Uno edition of the show is all kind of messed up in order, but some great content and breaking news while we were live with the DualSense controller being announced
250 TPSUK: Isolation Part II
Apr 5 • 154 min
Episode 250 of The Playstation Show UKThe world is still in lock down, but gaming never stops, so for those locked away like us all, here is another episode to keep you entertained
249 TPSUK: Isolation
Mar 26 • 188 min
Episode 249 of The Playstation Show UKWho said isolation cannot be fun, this show we have a quiz so why not try to play along.Gaming news and emails, take a listenSTAY HOME, PROTECT OUR NHS & SAVE LIVES
248 TPSUK: Dinky Dicks Tiny Tits
Mar 15 • 72 min
Episode 248 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are still safe from the corona virus and producing something that resembles a gaming podcast enjoy…
247 TPSUK: Playstation VCR
Mar 2 • 97 min
Episode 247 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we talk tattoo’s, Movies and Games, all the good stuff….Enjoy
246 TPSUK: Self Satisfaction Show
Feb 14 • 150 min
Epsiode 246 of The Playstation Show UKThis show Don hits us with another unexpected top 5, DsonicX is going to start a private webcam show on twitch, alongside this there is PS5, PS4 talk
245 TPSUK: Bulging Fisting Muscle
Jan 27 • 121 min
The one about fisting
244 TPSUK: Happy New Year
Jan 10 • 92 min
Ready for 2020
243 TPSUK: A Right Customer
Dec 20, 2019 • 118 min
Christmas and Gaming what more could you want
242 TPSUK: Replaced With Bots
Nov 27, 2019 • 86 min
The with the new bot
241 TPSUK: Pitter Patter
Nov 17, 2019 • 114 min
Baby Don was born
240 TPSUK: Too ill to Game
Oct 29, 2019 • 166 min
EGX discussions and Trophies
239 TPSUK: Moist Chicken Dinner
Oct 16, 2019 • 145 min
238 TPSUK: Completionist
Oct 3, 2019 • 91 min
Episode 238 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we talk about Playstation State Of Play event, Bod tries to introduce a new competition that he is sure to win.
237 TPSUK: Single Player Co-op
Sep 18, 2019 • 115 min
Episode 237 pf The Playstation Show UKThis episode Don get’s censored by Sky, Bod tells us about his awesome birthday and Zonal earned too many platinums.
236 TPSUK: PS5 Wish List
Sep 9, 2019 • 132 min
Episode 236 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss PS5, Rumors and our wish list
235 TPSUK: Tangents
Aug 14, 2019 • 156 min
Episode 235 of The Playstation Show UKIf the name of the show doesn’t give it away, take heed now that there is many tangents in this episode.
234 TPSUK: Devalued Platinum’s
Jul 23, 2019 • 113 min
Episode 234 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we talk Ratalaika, Sony and Developers and if cheap trophies are devaluing the platinum trophies.
233 TPSUK: Platinum Plathora
Jul 13, 2019 • 157 min
Episode 233 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode has nothing but platinum’s, enjoy
232 TPSUK: Bod Spoils Everything
Jun 20, 2019 • 133 min
Episode 232 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is one big spoiler thanks to bod, because he simply likes to spoil it for everyone
231 TPSUK: What After-life
Jun 6, 2019 • 131 min
Episode 231 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode starts off a little morbid, but we bring it back round to gaming and E3 talk
230 TPSUK: The Give Away
May 23, 2019 • 183 min
We are back after our 24 Hour Gaming Marathon and for those that donated.. you are awesome!The giveaway draw has been moved to the end of the podcast can be found at 2:15:00
229 TPSUK: Pre-Gaming Marathon
May 2, 2019 • 150 min
Episode 229 of The Playstation Show UKThis show is the lead up to the 24 Hour Gaming Marathon and we talk spoiler free about End Game
228 TPSUK: Cartoons
Apr 20, 2019 • 154 min
Episode 228 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we get all nostalgic about cartoons, there is some bonus content at the end so stay tuned.
227 TPSUK: Episode Of The Year
Apr 6, 2019 • 101 min
Episode 227 of The PlayStation Show UKThis episode there is borderlands talk, gaming marathon talks and the usual sarcasm from bod enjoy…
226 TPSUK: Microwave Glory Hole
Mar 22, 2019 • 167 min
Episode 226 of The PlayStation Show UKPlenty of banter, the title of the show should give you a hint on the direction.
225 TPSUK: Murdering Happiness
Mar 10, 2019 • 115 min
Episode 225 of The Playstation Show UKThis Episode we find out about Bod’s special power, along with the normal banter and gaming related chat
224 TPSUK: The Real Hosts
Feb 22, 2019 • 143 min
Episode 224 of The Playstation Show UKDoes this episode have the real Hosts or are we all suckers to identity theft, well maybe not all of us
223 TPSUK: PS Now
Feb 7, 2019 • 102 min
Episode 223 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss the end of PS3 and Vita games on PS+ and what we think should replace it.
222 TPSUK: Oh Yay Oh Yay
Jan 24, 2019 • 108 min
Episode 222 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode has the announcement of our next Gaming Marathon, we also talk about Sex Education and Games, What a combination….
221 TPSUK: Hello 2019
Jan 9, 2019 • 140 min
Episode 221 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are back from Christmas break and discussing what we are looking forward to in 2019
220 TPSUK: Christmas Innuendo
Dec 12, 2018 • 166 min
Episode 220 of The Playstation Show UKMerry Christmas all, this episode we share our frustrating moments and our 2018 gaming moments.We wish everyone who listens a very merry Christmas
219 TPSUK: Marvel Legend
Nov 15, 2018 • 158 min
Episode 219 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we pay tribute to the legend Stan Lee, with our top 5 super hero characters, we also here from Don & DsonicX what the GRIP launch event was like…Oh and Bod met the Hoff
218 TPSUK: Horror Games
Nov 3, 2018 • 191 min
Episode 218 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss our thoughts of Red Dead Redemption 2, the game the everyone is playing and if your not playing it, you should be. we also list our top 5 horror games
217 TPSUK: RD2 or PawPatrol
Oct 19, 2018 • 154 min
Episode 217 of The Playstation Show UKThis Episode we discuss the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and other releases to challenge it.
216 TPSUK: Mexican, Curry, Beers & Games
Oct 5, 2018 • 199 min
Episode 216 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we have returned and recovered from EGX 2018 so now you get to hear all about it, all we can say is thank you again for all the community that rocked up at EGX
215 TPSUK: Trophy Count 2018
Sep 17, 2018 • 143 min
Episode 215 of The Playstation Show UKThis show is our pre-EGX show, so we are all a little bit excited. We also found which one of you have been the biggest TPSUK Community Trophy Whore.
214 TPSUK: Poor Quality Co-Hosts
Sep 8, 2018 • 157 min
Episode 214 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode the quality is just poor, the sound, the hosts and the content… This episodes brings the normal banter and gaming talk and all our excitement leading up to EGX
213 TPSUK: Southern Fried Fish
Aug 14, 2018 • 104 min
Episode 213 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode there is talk of southern fried fish, baby sharks and bod may of got a trophy and of course the normal gaming chat
212 TPSUK: Sticky Fun
Aug 2, 2018 • 130 min
Episode 212 of The Playstation Show UKThis show starts off with some sticky fun and birthday celebrations, and then moves into gaming topics as well as answering all you email questions …enjoy!
211 TPSUK: Digital Puzzles FTW
Jul 20, 2018 • 128 min
Episode 211 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode there is some puzzle talk, some unsavoury talk and to your surprise some gaming talk even if some of it as about possibly the worst PS4 game to date.
210 TPUSK: It’s Coming Home
Jul 6, 2018 • 120 min
Episode 210 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode take place during the nail biting England Vs Columbia match so we can only apologise now for the random shouts, cheers, ooo’s and ahhhh’s, but don’t worry we do also talk about gaming and our top 3 games…
209 TPSUK: E3 2018
Jun 19, 2018 • 172 min
Episode 209 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss E3, talking about all the good and the bad. we also bring you our top 5 crisps, Important stuff
208 TPSUK: Excuses Excuses
Jun 6, 2018 • 160 min
Episode 208 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode The-Big-Don is missing with same lame excuse & Bod gets attacked by a moth, plus we talk about upcoming E3 and what we would like to see and the usual banter
207 TPSUK: Stag Do Podcast
May 24, 2018 • 161 min
Episode 207 of The Playstation Show UKThe episode see that celebration of Dons up coming wedding, and as we are true friends (on the podcast) we threw him a stag do (on the podcast)What happens on the stag do stays on the stag do….you’ve been warned!
206 TPSUK: Slain by Thanos
May 13, 2018 • 120 min
Episode 206 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode there is spoiler free talk about Avengers: Infinity War, More platinum’s dings and upcoming games
205 TPSUK: Eating Platinums
Apr 25, 2018 • 104 min
Episode 205 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode there is some trophy love, trophy shenanigans and a lot of platinum’s, we can ensure you that no games were harmed in the making of this episode nor where any games played for fun
204 TPSUK: Gals & Guns
Apr 12, 2018 • 174 min
Episode 204 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is all about Music, Gals & Guns…Oh and maybe a little bit about games too
203 TPSUK: It’s A Far Cry
Mar 27, 2018 • 110 min
Episode 203 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is a “Far Cry” from the rest…Ok maybe not, it has some gaming talk and the usual banter.
202 TPSUK: Ultra Moist
Mar 9, 2018 • 112 min
Episode 202 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode comes with a moisture warning, those that are effected by moisture should not listen as there may just be to much moistness to handle that it drips through your fingers….
201 TPSUK: The Plats Keep Rolling
Feb 21, 2018 • 121 min
Episode 201 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode sees one of the host pull out all the stops for the host trophy count, it’s fair to say he is going for it this year and sadly Bod is still without KFC
200 TPSUK: Disco Balls
Feb 7, 2018 • 199 min
Episode 200 of The Playstation Show UKWell it is here, another huge milestone hit…200 Episodes, So for this special occasion we have our disco balls out.Thank you all that have supported us over the 200 episodes
199 TPSUK: Not Quite 200
Jan 26, 2018 • 130 min
Episode 199 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we start building the hype for episode 200, Quiz planned for the show doesn’t quite go ahead and we also bring the usual shenanigans.
198 TPSUK: Say Whaaaat!
Jan 10, 2018 • 149 min
Episode 198 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Bod is self medicating and Don brings us a quiz, alongside the normal mail bag and banter..Enjoy!
197 TPSUK: Xmas 2017
Dec 19, 2017 • 191 min
Episode 197 of The PlayStation Show UKThis is the Christmas episode, special guests, quiz’s and Laughs….Enjoy! Merry Christmas Everyone!!
196 TPSUK: Legend Bows Out
Dec 7, 2017 • 99 min
Episode 196 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we read possibly the sadist email ever so prepare yourself, plus the usual shenanigans and gaming releases.
195 TPSUK: Tag Lines
Nov 24, 2017 • 179 min
Episode 195 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode see’s a warm up quiz, with some underhand stalling tactics from one particular host, we also have some mail bag and upcoming releases.
194 TPSUK: Me Shell or Michelle
Nov 8, 2017 • 183 min
Epsiode 194 of The Playstation Show UKSomething strange is going on in this episode, Don is being nice, Bod is nearly relegated below DsonicX in the host intro and yet again seems to struggle with Free, Three, Four & Thor
193 TPSUK: The Best Of Netflix
Oct 25, 2017 • 156 min
Episode 193 of The PlaystationShow UKThis episode we go through the top 50 TV series on Netflix, talk upcoming releases and answer your emails.
192 TPSUK: Trophy Count Begins
Oct 12, 2017 • 120 min
Episode 192 of The PlayStation Show UKThis episode we talk about potential game of the year, has it already been release or is the best yet to come, and we also kick off the Host and Community Trophy count…
191 TPSUK: EGX 2017
Sep 27, 2017 • 163 min
Episode 191 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is the post EGX 2017 show, we discuss the games we played and our game show, was this our best year yet?….take a listen
190 TPSUK: The Sequel
Sep 13, 2017 • 129 min
Episode 190 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is the big one, the one you have been waiting for, the Host and Community trophy count finale, who is the biggest trophy collector (Whore) of them all…**Apologies for the audio in this episode, Zonal was…
189 TPSUK: Mischievous Don
Aug 17, 2017 • 105 min
Episode 189 of The PlayStation Show UKThis episode we are missing Bod, only in the physical sense though, We discuss the 80’s, more particularly 80’s Cartoons as well as catching up on playstation news.
188 TPSUK: Support Bods Little Guy
Aug 2, 2017 • 122 min
Episode 188 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is all about the little guy, but it’s also about getting shafted by the big guy. PS+ price increase, Community Trophy count and a poor excuse for a list of “What we’ve been playing”
187 TPSUK: The Worst Marvel Films
Jul 20, 2017 • 121 min
Episode 187 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode all the boys are back and we have important things to catch-up on, like the worst Marvel Films and the sacks and sacks full of mail. Sit Back, Get Comfy and Enjoy….
186 TPSUK: Filthy Casuals
Jun 28, 2017 • 157 min
Episode 186 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are back after pretty much a month unplanned break, we finally catch-up on the news that come out of E3 along with your mail and trophy counts
185 TPSUK: The Worst DC Films
Jun 1, 2017 • 123 min
Episode 185 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode starts with two and ends with four, We discuss the worst DC films, some you will never of heard of. We also have your normal upcoming releases, mailbag and Community Trophy count, enjoy….
184 TPSUK: Thank You Everyone
May 19, 2017 • 129 min
Episode 184 of The Playstation Show UKThis is the episode after out 24Hour Gaming Marathon, we also drawn the giveaway winners and read out your awesome emails, you guys are the best
183 TPSUK: Donate to listen
Apr 26, 2017 • 140 min
Episode 183 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is the build up to our 24 Hour gaming marathon which is happening in only a few days, it all kicks of at 10am Sunday 30th April, we plug plug our donation page enough times that there is no excuse not to…
182 TPSUK: Free To Listen
Apr 5, 2017 • 133 min
Episode 182 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode, Bod talks about Mass Effect and if the woes are justified or a load of BS, We discuss free to play games and the time wasters they are, we also discuss the upcoming 24 Hours gaming marathon
181 TPSUK: Not All is Clear
Mar 24, 2017 • 96 min
Episode 181 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode there is gremlins in the system, a conspiracy plot to sabotage our podcast, but we persevere gallantly and this is the end result. Is it perfect?…No, is it still funny?….Hell Yeah!!
180 TPSUK: The Saucy Debate
Mar 11, 2017 • 140 min
Episode 180 of The Playstation Show UKWarning this episode gets very Saucy and Heated, listen at your own risk – Of course there is the normal Upcoming release, trophy count and Mail Bag…..Enjoy!
179 TPSUK: Virtual Depression And Orcs
Feb 27, 2017 • 117 min
Episode 179 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode has been plagued with issues, Wifi issues at the hotel Zonal stayed at and Audio issues, but magic wand has been waved and an episode has appeared, Zonal talks VR and Games about depression, Bod is after…
178 TPSUK: Merchandise
Feb 3, 2017 • 124 min
Episode 178 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we talk Resident Evil 7, New Phones, some VR and we handle the bulging sweaty mail bag to answer your questions or handout your platinum dings…In Style
177 TPSUK: My Name Is Mayo
Jan 18, 2017 • 123 min
Episode 177 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we spend the whole time talking the engaging and deep, emotional story that comes when buying a game called My Name Is Mayo, oh and we do find time for Mail bag, upcoming releases and the community trophy…
176 TPSUK: Sleepy Grumpy and Drunk
Jan 4, 2017 • 165 min
Episode 176 of The Playstation Show UKThe Playstation show UK cannot be held responsible if this episode causes, depression, sadness, offence or Laughter – Well we will accept laughter but not the others, listen at your own risk. Happy New Year everyone!
175 TPSUK: Christmas 2016
Dec 20, 2016 • 150 min
Episode 175 of The Playstation Show UKFinal episode of the year, before we all stuff our face with food and drink then regret it when we sit uncomfortably waiting for the pain of the food baby to ease. All of us at The Playstation Show UK, wish you all a…
174 TPSUK: Pizza Included
Dec 9, 2016 • 107 min
Episode 174 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode DsconicX discusses his fully functioning, Shiny, new PS4 Pro. Bod talks about his new car, bought from that back of some shady back alley. alongside this we discuss the awesomeness of PSX 2016
173 TPSUK: Pro Status
Nov 25, 2016 • 149 min
Episode 173 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we have lost Don to the Germans, Zonal wants his Pro Status, Bod tells us of his car woes and Chris is feeling rejuvenated by ignoring everyone, along with this is a semi normal show…. enjoy!
172 TPSUK: Back From Down Under
Nov 8, 2016 • 143 min
Episode 172 of The Playstation Show UKThis Episode Zonal is back from Australia where he seems to have fell into the care free world of an Aussie rather quickly, Don seems to of taken on the role of Bod and DsonicX is buying all the games, along side this…
171 TPSUK: EGX 2016
Oct 4, 2016 • 192 min
Episode 171 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss the shenanigans of EGX 2016, Discussing the good, the bad, and the damn right ridiculous – We also announce the Community Trophy Whore 2016This is one episode not to miss
170 TPSUK – Trophy Champ 2016
Sep 20, 2016 • 189 min
Episode 170 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we crown one of the hosts as 2016’s Trophy Whore, we also talk PS4 Pro, 4K & HDR alongside the normal upcoming releases and mailbag
169 TPSUK: Birthday Laughter
Sep 6, 2016 • 171 min
Episode 169 of The Playstation Show UKAs we suffer another episode without The-Big-Don, DsonicX seems to be all set with replacing him by drinking and giving his best impressions.We also discuss the normal Gaming Release, Gaming News and Trophies of course
168 TPSUK: Nostalgia The B-tch
Aug 16, 2016 • 154 min
Episode 168 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Don is back so we catch-up with what he has been up to, the guys discuss the second best selling PS4 game ‘No Man’s Sky’ and we also go all nostalgic with buying games that we shouldn’t of and listening…
167 TPSUK: Birthday Cake
Jul 29, 2016 • 132 min
Episode 167 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are Don’less again, Some may cheer, some may cry, but it is what it is – Zonal discusses his birthday celebrations and most importantly cake and then there is the usual gaming news, mailbag and Trophy…
166 TPSUK: Great Gaming Depression
Jul 18, 2016 • 122 min
Episode 166 of The Playstation Show UKWarning, if you’re currently in a happy mode it is likely that this episode will put an end to that. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or fund counselling sessions required after listening to this episode ;o)
165 TPSUK: Not a Referendum
Jun 25, 2016 • 173 min
Episode 165 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode instead of talking about the EU Referendum for 2 Hours, we decide to NOT talk about the EU referendum and talk about the usual upcoming games, what we’ve been playing and of course answer your emails,…
164 TPSUK: All Gone Wrong
Jun 8, 2016 • 215 min
Episode 164 of The Playstation Show UKWarning, if you are expecting to hear a professional gaming podcast, where we talk about the host trophy count, upcoming games, breaking gaming news – Then take a listen.Somewhere amongst the audio is something…
163 TPSUK: Too Big To Fit
May 25, 2016 • 118 min
Episode 163 of The Playstation Show UKThis Episode Bod feels he has done enough episodes to annoy everyone with his chewing, Don probably offends everyone in the community count, Zonal probably offends out only female listener and DsonicX is offeneded by…
162 TPSUK: Smashing Targets
May 10, 2016 • 180 min
Episode 162 of The Playstation Show UKFirstly Spoiler warning – There will be a spoiler alert during the gaming news section for a minor spoiler regarding Uncharted 4, if you do not wish to hear the spoiler, when you hear the alarm skip forward by…
161 TPSUK: Updates and Puppies
Apr 26, 2016 • 154 min
Episode 161 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode nicely leads us into our 24 Hour gaming marathon, we lose Bod for most of the show and when he returns he days just goes from bad to worse, we also discuss Mirrors Edge Beta and cover your emails, to…
160 TPSUK: Trophy Song
Apr 6, 2016 • 152 min
Episode 160 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss DsonicX and his disappearance, Bod and Zonal give their thoughts about Trackmania Turbo, Zonal pulls something out the hat for the host trophy count enjoy….
159 TPSUK: Playstation VR
Mar 24, 2016 • 229 min
Epsiode 159 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss Playstation VR, the TrackMania Turbo Beta and the usual gaming news and upcoming games enjoy….
158 – Porn Extravaganza
Mar 10, 2016 • 123 min
Episode 158 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we start of trying to switch it up a little and doesn’t quite go to plan, Gaming News, Itunes Review and Sweaty Male Bag are all in there tooDon’t forget our 24Hour Gaming Marathon, and you can donate and…
157 TPSUK: Not Seen Deadpool
Feb 24, 2016 • 101 min
Episode 157 of The Playstation Show UKI think we are very lucky for this episode to exist due to recording issues, if you do come across any issues feel free to take the piss, otherwise enjoy a show about Deadpool, Free Games and 24Hour Gaming
156 TPSUK: Install Quiz
Feb 9, 2016 • 139 min
Episode 156 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode there is discussions about game prices dictating the number of trophies, another fight to the top for the host trophy count and in impromptu game of “Guess the Install Size”
155 TPSUK: Play For Donations
Jan 27, 2016 • 158 min
Episode 155 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode has the usual banter and gaming talk but also the sweaty mail bag has one community member trying to set the wheels in motion for making our 24Hour Gaming Marathon as painful as possible, if you are this…
154 TPSUK: GOTY2015
Jan 12, 2016 • 176 min
Episode 154 of The Playstation Show UKHappy New Year everyone, we celebrate the new year by looking back at the best and worst games of 2015, we also give the results of you (the community) voting for GOTY and no Hide The Pickle wasn’t the winner…
153 TPSUK: Christmas 2015
Dec 26, 2015 • 113 min
Episode 153 of The Playstation Show UKAlan, Aaron, Lee and Chris would like to wish the TPSUK community a very merry Christmas and an awesome new year – Eat, Drink and be merry and if you get bored you could listen to this episode
152 TPSUK: VIP Status
Dec 10, 2015 • 113 min
Episode 152 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we talk PSX, Strip Clubs and Beer…Oh and games of course, what more could you want – Download and listen now!
151 TPSUK: No New Game November
Nov 20, 2015 • 114 min
Episode 151 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Don talks about his success so far with ‘No New Game November’ – we also have the usual upcoming releases and gaming news….Enjoy!
150 TPSUK: No Celebration
Nov 3, 2015 • 134 min
Episode 150 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are definitely not celebrating the fact that we have done 150 episodes (Shhhhhh WhoopWhoop), this episode we do discuss ‘No New Game November’ where the hosts and fellow members of the community start…
149 TPSUK: Musical Theme
Oct 26, 2015 • 151 min
Episode 149 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode seemed to naturally go down a musical theme, it’s OK none of us are singing ….. also we start off the community trophy count
148 TPSUK: Hazel Beta
Oct 7, 2015 • 171 min
Episode 148 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss EGX and our highlights, we also have a beta test for a female guest on the show, and Zonal gets a new soundboard…..Great!!
147 TPSUK: Final Count
Sep 22, 2015 • 132 min
Epsisode 147 of The Playstation Show UKThis is it guys the episode that crowns both the Host and Community Trophy Whore 2015…No Spoilers here, but there was great effort put in by all, along with this is a better quality episode, Enjoy.
146 TPSUK: Still Sore
Sep 9, 2015 • 91 min
Episode 146 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode has some interesting turn of events especially when it comes to the trophy count, and the trophy shenanigans that happened on the last episode still has Don sore and caused a stir with the community…Oooops
145 TPSUK: Trophy Service
Aug 18, 2015 • 180 min
Episode 145 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we cover the weird and wonderful games we have played, from Kung Fury to Seins Gate to the outrageously funny, Goat Simulator. There has also been some trophy shenanigans (again) that The-Big-Don is not…
144 TPSUK: No Cake For You
Aug 6, 2015 • 192 min
Episode 144 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we talk about birthday ‘s, Holidays, Films and TV – Oh and of course gaming – Bod and Don let us know how good Toro is on PS4, Zonal passes his thoughts on PGA Tour and Don also does his best to offend…
143 TPSUK: Late E3 Monthly Podcast
Jul 7, 2015 • 162 min
Episode 143 of The Playstation Show UKStarting this episode of with apologies to all our listeners for not putting out an episode sooner – Unforeseen circumstances I’m afraid , plus us being a little uselessThis episode will finally discuss E3 – Our likes…
142 TPSUK: Nine And Zero Flawless
Jun 9, 2015 • 88 min
Epsiode 142 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are among one of the greatest Destiny Players – DSonicX talking about his 9-0 Flawless, Zonal Gives a brief look into the world of Farming Simulator 2015, along with the normal what we’ve been playing,…
141 TPSUK: True Destiny Players
May 28, 2015 • 94 min
Episode 141 of The Playstation Show UKThis show we discuss the usual gaming news, mailbag and what we have been playing, we also talk about (possibly a bit too much) Toro and Farming Simulator 2015 – Check it out
140 TPSUK: Prequel to the PreSequel
May 12, 2015 • 149 min
Episode 140 of The Playstation Show UKPacked show this one, with lots of mailbag and updates on our 24Hour Gaming Marathon and also the live draw of the Gaming Marathon Prize Giveaway – Make sure you don’t miss this one
139 TPSUK: Gaming Marathon II
Apr 28, 2015 • 137 min
Episode 139 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode is all about our upcoming 24 Hour Gaming Marathon, Find out what the guys are willing or not so willing to do for your donations. All the information can be found here24 Hour Gaming Marathon IIDonations…
138 TPSUK: Doo Doo Brain
Apr 15, 2015 • 123 min
Episode 138 of The Playstation Show UKThe guys are back with another episode, filled with laughs, gaming news and the odd but of bad language, also check out the end song, it’s probably our best yetEmail:
137 TPSUK: Delayed
Mar 24, 2015 • 163 min
Episode 137 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Zonal gives his thoughts on the recently released Battlefield Hardline, we have a massive sweaty sack of mail to get through, and we cover the plethora of games that have all suffered from the common…
136 TPSUK: The Dying Order
Mar 5, 2015 • 146 min
Episode 136 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we pass on our thoughts on three of the most recent games to be release, Dying Light, The Order 1886 & OlliOlli2 as well as the usual banter …Enjoy!
135 TPSUK: New York
Feb 18, 2015 • 138 min
Episode 135 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Don gives his initial thoughts about Evolve, We discuss upcoming games ‘Dying Light’ & ‘The Order: 1886’ – Along with the usual mailbag and community trophy count.
134 TPSUK: Citizens Of Earth
Feb 3, 2015 • 137 min
Episode 134 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Bod and Zonal get stuck in a loop, Don & Bod tell us about their trip to Dublin ..You can decide who had a better time and DsonicX is still job hunting. We cover Gat out of Hell, and Resident Evil HD as…
133 TPSUK: Woah Dave
Jan 20, 2015 • 122 min
Episode 133 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we start with an unexpected review of recent films we have seen, some good, some bad. We then get into the usual banter, Playstation releases and gaming news, Listen out for the “24 Hour Gaming Marathon…
132 TPSUK: Hide The Pickle
Jan 7, 2015 • 110 min
Episode 132 of The Playstation Show UKFirst episode back after the Christmas period and everyone is suitably depressed, Not much news or upcoming releases so much more banter this show, Enjoy
131 TPSUK: Christmas 2014
Dec 23, 2014 • 135 min
Epsiode 131 of The Playstation Show UK2014 comes to an end and the TPSUK crew are wishing you all a very merry christmas and we will see you in the New Year, for more shenanigans.Keep an eye out for info on the TPSUK 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Special…
130 TPSUK: Playstation Experience
Dec 9, 2014 • 134 min
Episode 130 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we discuss the games that Sony displayed at the first of their new annual “Playstation Experience” from the big titles like Uncharted 4 and the smaller indie titles like Darkest Dungeons.Not forgetting we…
129 TPSUK: No Control
Nov 25, 2014 • 157 min
Episode 129 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode Bod gives us his views on WWE2k15, Don fills us in on his thoughts about Far Cry 4.Some big counts in both Host and Community trophy count and hosts that Zonal has no control over.Email Us:…
128 TPSUK: Suspended With Full Pay
Nov 4, 2014 • 133 min
Episode 128 of The Playstation Show UKThis show is filled with usual banter, Bod is on top form, there are some more shocks in the host & community trophy count, you need to listen to this show
127 TPSUK: How Many?
Oct 21, 2014 • 106 min
Episode 127 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode see that start of the Host Trophy Count again, but this time you lot are at it, with the community trophy count… all we have to say is WOW…, also this episode you got the usual Gaming releases, gaming…
126 TPSUK: EGX Exploits
Oct 9, 2014 • 148 min
Episode 126 of The Playstation Show UKSo EGX2014 has come and gone, and this episode we discuss the highs and lows, The games we played, our thoughts on the after partyand how awesome it was meeting up with the communityEmail…
125 TPSUK: The Sober Episode
Sep 23, 2014 • 146 min
Episode 125 of The Playstation Show UKIn this episode it would be fair to say this is the calm before the storm of EGX2014,however what does occur in this episode in the TPSUK Trophy Whore of 2013/14 annoucementDoes it go the way you expect…. Take a…
124 TPSUK: Live From Rotterdam
Sep 9, 2014 • 143 min
Episode 124 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we are joined by ‘Official’ Community Manager DsonicXThe guys are very excited for Eurogamer, but the Trophy whore fight between Don & Zonal is so closeit has them both worried.Emails:…
123 TPSUK: GamesCom 2014
Aug 19, 2014 • 176 min
Episode 123 of The Playstation Show UKThis Episode we talk about the GamesCom news, we pass on our thoughts of the Scariest game yet P.T. and we also discuss marvel films, giving bod the chance to give us his one word review of any marvel film we can…
122 TPSUK: Late To The Show
Aug 6, 2014 • 136 min
Episode 122 of The Playstation Show UKWell it seems this episode, you just can’t get the staff, First Bod turns up late and there is a no show from our unofficial Community Manager DsonicX, well he does turn up…But late!Also this episode there maybe a…
121 TPSUK: Birthday Celebrations
Jul 24, 2014 • 116 min
Episode 121 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode the Birthday wishes start early for both Zonal and Don, Don is also not happy with Zonal’s shenanigans in the trophy count, The race for the Trophy whore of the Year is getting tight Bod still doesn’t…
120 TPSUK: Phone Expert
Jul 9, 2014 • 138 min
Episode 120 of The Playstation Show UKThis episode we take you through our last couple of weeks of what we’ve played, covering from the recently released games like ‘Sniper Elite 3’ to the remake of ‘Another World’. Gaming news, mailbag and more on this…
119 TPSUK: E3 Round Up
Jun 24, 2014 • 154 min
Episode 119 of The Playstation Show UK:This episode we do a round up and give our thoughts on what Sony showed us a E3 – Was we pleased, did Sony win E3 again, we also have gaming news and an abuse filled mail bag along with the general banter and laughs…
118 TPSUK: HardLine
Jun 11, 2014 • 123 min
Episode 118 of The Playstation Show UK##This show may contain adult content##On this episode of TPSUK we discuss out thoughts on WatchDogs, Bod gives us his response to his PS4, Don is annoyed about his driving test cancellation and spends most of the…
117 TPSUK: Platinum Episode II
May 29, 2014 • 141 min
Episode 117 of The Playstation Show UK##Warning This episode may contain adult humour##This Episode is a very Platinum orientated episode, there is a lot of you out there earning those Platinum Trophies and we love it, So many Platinum’s so many shout…
116 TPSUK: Quiz Take 2
May 13, 2014 • 162 min
Episode 116 of The Playstation Show UKThe Quiz is back, Bigger and Better, who will win ….You better listen to find out, Also on this episode: Upcoming Games, Mailbag and Trophy CountAlso joining us on this episode is our Unofficial Community Manager……
115 TPSUK: Turtle Power
Apr 23, 2014 • 133 min
Episode 115 of The Playstation Show UK – Happy Easter Everyone, This episode Zonal talks about his niggles with Infamous, we talk finding Squirrels and Secret Buttons in Trials Fusion and Bod explains his unexpected Trophy Whoring….Trophy Whore in Denial…
114 TPSUK: Bacon & Beer
Apr 8, 2014 • 145 min
Episode 114 of The Playstation Show UKThe week we are joined by youtuber Waterfields1 – We discuss how good bacon is in the bacon capital, Waterfields brings the gaming news that he wasn’t expecting to bring and we answer all you great questions in the…
113 TPSUK: Banked My BJ
Mar 18, 2014 • 117 min
Episode 113 of The Playstation Show UKOn this episode we have the normal format of upcoming games from Ninja Gaiden to Infamous:Second Son, gaming news and what we have been playing including ZonalRipper’s first thoughts on Devolvers Latest game…
112 TPSUK – Just Add Water
Mar 4, 2014 • 150 min
##This podcast may contain adult content##Episode 112 of The Playstation Show UK – This episode is kind of special, not only do we bring you the normal host of upcoming games, gaming news and mailbag, this episode we also have the silky tones of Stewart…
111 TPSUK – The Flappy Birds and The Bees
Feb 18, 2014 • 120 min
### Warning This Podcast May Contain Adult Humor and Content ###Episode 111 of The Playstation Show UK – Bod having now completed Beyond: Two Souls lets us know his final thoughts, Don does Zonal a favour by not playing any games and Zonal talks about…
110 TPSUK: Cold Chicken
Feb 4, 2014 • 94 min
###WARNING – THIS PODCAST MAY CONTAIN ADULT HUMOUR###Episode 100 – The Playstation Show UKThis week Bod is seeing how long he can last without chicken, Don has actually played some games, and Zonal is attacking is backlog – Also we got some upcoming games…
109 TPSUK: Sun-kissed Don
Jan 21, 2014 • 107 min
Episode 109 of The Playstation Show UK###Warning this episode may contain adult content###Don may be back from Barbados but we do talk about stuff other than rum and pirate ships – Gaming News is rammed pack this week and we answer some of your questions…
108 TpSUK: Gaming Priorities
Jan 7, 2014 • 135 min
Episode 108 of The Playstation Show UKAfter 3 weeks away for Christmas, the guys are back, this time Bod has got his gaming priorities correct, who needs food or to pay bills when you can game – We discuss a lot of Minecraft of PS3, but let’s us know his…
107 TPSUK: On The Naughty List
Dec 17, 2013 • 127 min
Episode 107 of The Playstation Show UK, This is our festive episode, which could possibly be called the Beep episode as you will be hearing a lot of beeps, We play some of the best music you are ever likely to hear, contact us if you want these awesome…
106 TpSUK: 24Hours of PS4
Dec 3, 2013 • 167 min
On this episode of TpSUK we have a special guest to start off the show, this person was Gavin from the charity Special Effect. We discuss what Special Effect do, how your donations towards our 24Hour gaming marathon will help them out with supporting…
TpSUK 105: A Little Excited
Nov 19, 2013 • 159 min
Episode 105 of The Playstation Show UK has landed, on this episode our excitement for the PS4 hitting the UK becomes all apparent (Little School Girls), we discuss our plans for day one and the 24Hour Gaming marathon, oh we also talks about gaming news…
104 TpSUK: Driving Tests & Midnight Launch
Nov 6, 2013 • 97 min
Episode 104 – We bring you upcoming releases, we talk COD and it’s Midnight Launch that we are not going to…. We discuss Battlefield 4, it’s great and not so great moments, We dig our way through the mound of emails and iTunes reviews, with of course your…
103 TpSUK: Playstation Memories
Oct 23, 2013 • 151 min
Episode 103 starts many of episodes where we pay homage to the PS3 and it’s predecessors, talking about what games we think defined this generation and our memories of the Playstation brand and we also bring you the latest gaming news, Playstation…
102 TpSUK: Eurogamer Expo 2013
Oct 9, 2013 • 170 min
This is a Eurogamer special podcast – Where we talk a lot about what was at eurogamer, what we got our hands on (and it wasn’t just Bod), The best and worst of the Eurogamer Expo 2013Also covering some of the bigger news and of course the start of our…
101 TpSUK: Tight Arse Squeaks
Sep 11, 2013 • 114 min
Episode 101Well we are back after our extended break and we now fall in the shadow of what was episode 100This episode Bod talks about his “get rich quick scheme” and reveals the listeners how tight her really is, Don is on a Gaming lull andZonal talks…
100 TpSUK: Celebrations And Giveaways
Aug 20, 2013 • 165 min
Well this is it guys, The Playstation Show UK has reached it’s 100th episode, and we wasn’t going to let this moment pass without pulling out all the stops to make this a show to remember.Give-away’s, emails, call in’s, voice mails, more give-away’s,…
099 TpSUK: Birthday Gifts & Ice Cream
Aug 7, 2013 • 114 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 99On this episode we start the preparations for Episode 100, Including kicking off our first give-away (See Below for Details), also on this weeks episode, Zonal & Don talk birthday celebrations, Bod pulls out all the…
098 TpSUK: Too Small and Chafes
Jul 23, 2013 • 97 min
Welcome to episode 98 of TpSUKThis episode, we start to make plans for our big 100th episode and we call upon you, the community to make it a show to remember, also Bod tries to recall how he was able to give wrestlemania away, Don has become a film buff,…
097 TpSUK: The TpSUK Store
Jul 9, 2013 • 121 min
Episode 97 of The Playstation Show UK is here – The boys get musical, shamelessly plug the new TpSUK Store (Which Can be found HERE), Bod describes his plans for LoveFilm and Don still holds his place for resident trophy whore.Email:…
096 TpSUK: Enormo-Boss
Jun 25, 2013 • 122 min
Welcome all to Episode 96 of The Playstation Show UKOn this Episode the boys discover a new word, and try to fit this word into working life, Zonal & Don Discuss (Spoiler Free) the game that everyone should play….The Last Of US.We also discuss Microsoft’s…
095 TpSUK: E3 2013
Jun 13, 2013 • 171 min
Howdy all, Welcome to episode 95 of The Playstation Show UK.This episode is dedicated E3 2013 and ZonalRipper, Here-Comes-Bod & The-Big-Don talk about what occurred at E3, what we thought of the Big announcements from Micro$oft, $ony and EA, We also get…
094 TpSUK: Remember Moi?
May 28, 2013 • 154 min
Episode 94No Don this week, so Zonal & Bod deliver the goods, and by good we mean a below average podcast We discuss the power of the question mark, Bod confuses Zonal with long words We also spend a lot of time on this “Playstation” podcast discussing…
093 TpSUK: Suk Flesh
May 14, 2013 • 94 min
Epsiode 93This Epsiode we dicuss gaming publishers that shot themselves in the foot, which game characters we would like to chow down on.We also talk about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and how good we thought it was, we also suggest some PS3 must play games to…
092 TpSUK: Trophy Stats
Apr 30, 2013 • 109 min
Episode 92On this episode of The Playstation Show UK, we all go into details about trophy stats and a new Trophy Whore is crowned, Bod and Don discuss their review of “Thomas Was Alone” Zonal talks about Prototype 2 and disqualifies someone from the…
091 TpSUK: Super HD Remake
Apr 16, 2013 • 122 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 91This episode Zonal polishes his lovely Bioshock Infinite Platinum, Bod pulls something our the hat, but he doesn’t quite know how he done it, and Don talks about all that games he downloads but doesn’t playDon’t forget…
090 TpSUK: Three Fools
Apr 2, 2013 • 127 min
This episode of TpSUK: Zonal & Don review Bioshock Infinite, Zonal Talks through boosting on Tomb Raider’s Multi Player, Bod picked up Sherlock Holmes and lets us know how the game plays, few emails with your ever so important questions it’s definately…
089 TpSUK: Saucy
Mar 19, 2013 • 146 min
The episode where we discuss in detail what sauce to have on your chip butty (this is important stuff), Bod rants at Skype for hating him, Don discusses God Of War: Ascension, Zonal reviews his review of Tomb Raider….Take a…
088 TpSUK: Moans Groans And Heavy Breathing
Mar 5, 2013 • 145 min
This episode the boys go into a little too much detail about Lara Croft and her bouncy assets, ZonalRipper tells us about his glitching in Dead Space 3, and the Don covers his Wonder Book platinum also……###SPOILER WARNING### – The boys talk Walking Dead…
TpSUK Special: PS4 Recap and Impressions
Feb 21, 2013 • 52 min
The-Big-Don & ZonalRipper have put together a podcast with their first impressions, which you can listen to below or via iTunesThe PlayStation meeting just happened and despite Sony never confirming what the event was about, the general census was that…
087 TpSUK: Wake Up Trophy
Feb 13, 2013 • 154 min
The Episode where Bod brings us his thoughts on Dead Space 3, Zonal passes his thoughts of Let’s Fish! Hooked OnThe 3 of us discuss the PS4 and it’s rumours, we also advise the community on some of the fastest platinum trophies you can earn.We answer your…
086 TpSUK: Special Limited Collectors Edition
Jan 29, 2013 • 148 min
The Episode of TpSUK – Don is back and not to happy about the comments made about him on the previous episode, During the mailbag we cover Limited Editions and we touch on the PS4 news, Bod brings us the upcoming releases, while zonal goes through the…
085 TpSUK: People Skills
Jan 15, 2013 • 84 min
The Guys are back after Christmas, New year and some changes are happening already, Don is not on the show as he was sent away on a training course, Bod had a mediocre Christmas and new year and Zonal bought his own Christmas presents and spam’s the hell…
084 TpSUK: Merry Effin Christmas
Dec 19, 2012 • 129 min
Welcome to TpSUK chrsitmas 2012 Episode – Bod is back after his Fibre Optic Fail! Don is on the show with his close friend Mr Jack Daniels, and also Zonal is back, this time with no audio issues, We talk about Sleeping Dogs, Zonal offers up a visit to his…
083 TpSUK: You Tube Sensation
Dec 11, 2012 • 128 min
On this episode of TpSUK after battling with audio issue’s The-Big-Don & ZonalRipper introduce you to the “Apple You Tube Sensation” Waterfields1He joins us in place of Bod who broke his internet (Heavy Usage…Porn!), we go through a normal show of news,…
082 TpSUK: Platinum Episode
Nov 27, 2012 • 133 min
This episode we have platinum shout outs, some talk about platinum, and platinums in the trophy count.We also talk games, Bod talks about his time with Jet Pack Joyride, Zonal & Don talk COD: Black Ops 2, is it the same old same old?Take a listen and find…
081 TpSUK: Fibre Optic Awesome
Nov 13, 2012 • 134 min
This episode Bod brings us up to “Speed” with his fibre optic, because if you didn’t know Bod has got Fibre Optic, and if you didn’t know then you will by the end of this podcast.Don & Zonal talk Need For Speed Most Wanted, and Bod talk oiled up men in…
080 TpSUK: Spooktacular
Oct 31, 2012 • 126 min
Be prepared to be scared with episode 80 of TpSUKHalloween is upon us so the TpSUK crew pull out all the stops to make you feel uncomfortableBod covers his review of BreakQuest: EvolutionDon covers his review of DerekTheDeathFinTake a listen behind a…
079 TpSUK: Free To Sing
Oct 17, 2012 • 129 min
This week on TpSUK, Here-Comes-Bod talks X-com and why you should by this game, Bod and Zonal discuss Resident Evil 6 and the Co-op ups and downs, Don has just the one beer oh and tries to sell Tokyo Jungle and Table Ice Hockey to the listeners…..Don’t Do…
TpSUK: Eurogamer 2012 Special
Oct 3, 2012 • 153 min
The TpSUK EuroGamer Expo 2012 Special: The Crew attended the UK’s biggest gaming expedition and this is the show to listen to if you want to hear what the guys saw, played or listened to at EuroGamer, also Mrslugga shares some sad news with the…
078 TpSUK: Borderlands Plus
Sep 25, 2012 • 111 min
ZonalRipper, Here-Comes-Bod & The-Big-Don are back with another episode of TpSUKBod gives his final thoughts on sleeping dogs, Zonal & Don discuss borderlands 2 and give you their initial thoughts, we also discuss the highs and lows of Walking Dead…
077 TpSUK: Beer Pain and Stupidity
Sep 11, 2012 • 114 min
This Episode The-Big-Don manages 10 beers in two hours , and then talks of the pain and abuses people, ZonalRipper tells of his stupidity while the guys enjoy taking the piss, Bod was the sensible one and gives us a run down of his thoughts on Sleeping…
076 TpSUK: The Danger Zone
Aug 21, 2012 • 132 min
Episode 76 The Boys are back (minus Slugga) and this week we have a plethora or Mail, some itunes reviews
075 TpSUK: Twelve Point Six Million
Aug 6, 2012 • 130 min
The boys are back at eachothers throats, disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing… Is Foosball 2012 really that bad
074 TpSUK: VitaPorn
Jul 27, 2012 • 149 min
BOOM in your face listeners, the TpSUK crew are back in full force, firstly MrSlugga has returned from “Bitch Leave” and is our first show with new 4 Man format, and boy are you in for a good’n.MrSlugga tells us a story about Flo, Zonal & Slugga try to…
073 TpSUK: War Meadow 3
Jul 15, 2012 • 125 min
So we are back again with another episode of TpSUK, This episode no MrSlugga or Here-Comes-Bod, But they are easily replaced with The-Big Don & Loyal Listener and community member DsonicX, This week we try our hardest to not talk about third game in the…
072 TpSUK: Do Something Tin Tin
Jun 27, 2012 • 109 min
Fresh of the plane from his holiday, The-Big-Don, and Fresh from the KFC, Here-Comes-Bod, Join ZonalRipper again for another episode of TpSUK.Bod talks you through why everyone should by Tin Tin, and Zonal takes you through the delights of Lollipop…
071 TpSUK: E3Lollipop
Jun 13, 2012 • 121 min
Episode 71 3 weeks later and the boys return with another epsisode of TpSUK. Zonal, Bod & Don talk E3 this show.
070 TpSUK: Max Pain For Zonal
May 23, 2012 • 82 min
This week on Episode 70 of TpSUK,Zonal is feeling the pain about his delay of Max Payne 3 and pulls out all the stops to get you to feel sorry for him….Don’tBod refuses to bring chicken to the celebratory episode 70, and finally introduces us to his…
069 TpSUK: Dinner For Two
May 11, 2012 • 127 min
The guys are back with episode 69 of TpSUK, These boys are grown up and don’t stoop so low as to joke about the episode number as that would be immature (Not for lack of trying though)This Week we cover a plethora of gaming releases and PSN store updates,…
068 TpSUK: The Rising
Apr 28, 2012 • 100 min
The boys are back (Kind of), In this weeks TpSUK rises from the ashes with ZonalRipper, Here-Comes-Bod & The-Big-Don (Stand In for Slugga)The Format is back to normal and the boys feel at home,we talk some of the highlights of what we have done since we…
067 TpSUK: The Finale
Nov 30, 2011 • 172 min
Episode 67 The time arrived guys & girls, This is TpSUK’s final show? (possibly), On this episode we talk facts and figures, we also have some call in’s.
066 TpSUK: The Penultimate
Nov 23, 2011 • 113 min
Episode 66 So this is it…The Start of the END, This is TpSUK’s Penultimate show, The show starts with two and ends with four.
065 TpSUK: No Rift
Nov 16, 2011 • 125 min
Episode 65 This week we bring you an onslaught of gaming, Mrslugga treats him self to some Skyrimming.
064 TpSUK: Changes-A-Coming
Nov 8, 2011 • 126 min
The Playsation Show UK – Episode 64 This week on TpSUK, MrSlugga & ZonalRipper are on it like a car bonnet when it comes to talking about uncharted 3
063 TpSUK: Music To Fly To
Nov 2, 2011 • 126 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 63 We all new it was coming and now it has been and gone, i am of course talking about the release of Battlefield 3
062 TpSUK: UK Dave Special
Oct 26, 2011 • 112 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 62 In honour of the love hate relationship between TpSUK and UK Dave (We love him, He hates us).
061 TpSUK: Comedy Road Show
Oct 18, 2011 • 119 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 61 This Week on TpSUK, Here-Comes-Bod passes on his thoughts of Dead Rising 2: OTR, Zonal Gives a quick review of Duke Nukem.
Oct 12, 2011 • 127 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 60 So after a week of the TpSUK crew are back and all rested – Bod tells us all about the caravan of love.
TpSUK: Eurogamer Expo 2011
Sep 28, 2011 • 152 min
TpSUK Special: Eurogamer Expo 2011Welcome to another TpSUK special, this time its all about the UK’s number one gaming expedition.The TpSUK crew, ZonalRipper, Here-Comes-Bod and MrSlugga, all met up at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court on the 23rd Sept…
059 TpSUK: Drinking Games And VIP
Sep 21, 2011 • 120 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 59 This week episode is our pre Eurogamer Expo episode, we are a little bit excited and Slugga can’t wait for his Man Hug.
058 TpSUK: Happy Birthday Bod
Sep 14, 2011 • 89 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 58 Welcome to the BOD birthday edition of TpSUK – This week Bod talks the Highs & Lows of Dead Island.
TpSUK: Hakoom Interview
Sep 13, 2011 • 30 min
Hi all, welcome to this special edition on TPSUK, On this special edition we interview one of the PS3′s biggest trophy collector HAKOOM.Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at the top of your game, putting in blood and sweat to make sure you…
057 TpSUK: Hypnotised Oranges
Sep 6, 2011 • 78 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 57 The Boyz are back, Here-Comes-Bod has gone cold turkey and is doing the show sober, and MrSlugga is now broadcasting from his Mancave
056 TpSUK: No God Damn Chicken
Aug 31, 2011 • 117 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 56 Welcome back peeps – This week on tpsuk, not only set on make the live show late Here-Comes-Bod turns up drunk
055 TpSUK: Echoing Apologies
Aug 23, 2011 • 110 min
The PlayStation Show UK – Episode 55 After an appalling start to the live show this week thanks to Zonal’s PC deciding to have the night off
054 TpSUK: Better Than Driver
Aug 17, 2011 • 130 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 54 On this weeks podcast we discuss many of difficult subjects that are challenging the average gamer these day, like the Rioting and looting
053 TpSUK: Beeping Prevents Lawsuits
Aug 10, 2011 • 102 min
The PlayStation Show UK – Episode 53 Welcome to a celebratory Season 2, Episode 1 edition of The PlayStation Show UK aka episode 53.
052 TpSUK: At Least Bod Had Chicken
Aug 3, 2011 • 133 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 52 Firstly i have to say Happy Birthday TpSUK, our 1st year Anniversary Whoop Whoop!, Secondly what a show we have.
051 TpSUK: Zonals Birthday
Jul 27, 2011 • 122 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 51 So this week we are back to our normal agenda after last weeks celebrations, but the celebrations haven’t stopped, this week was Zonals birthday
050 TpSUK: The Big Five O
Jul 20, 2011 • 164 min
The PlayStation Show UK – Episode 50 So the Big Five O is here, some people thought i couldn’t be done, Some people saying it Shouldn’t be done, but hear it is
049 TpSUK: Extinct Monkey Blood
Jul 12, 2011 • 59 min
The PlayStation Show UK – Episode 49 This week on TpSUK we are minus one MrSlugga….But he does have the best if not the most Strangest excuse you will ever hear.
048 TpSUK: Face Painting FTW
Jul 6, 2011 • 101 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 48 ZonalRipper, Here-Comes-Bod & Mrslugga are back, this week we here about Bod’s drunken weekend including his well balanced diet.
047 TpSUK: Ebony Ivory Special
Jun 29, 2011 • 112 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 47 We’re Back, and this week we talk about a “special” you can get at certain establishments, What games we played, rumours and news.
046 TpSUK: Inappropriate Uncle Bod
Jun 22, 2011 • 120 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 46 Another week of gaming news and reviews, This week we talk BF3 console Footage, Some more PS Vita talk about what we think.
045 TpSUK: MrSlugga and Friends Show
Jun 15, 2011 • 143 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 45 Welcome back, This week on TPSUK we are hacked off with all the hacking, BOD gets scammed by Sony.
044 TpSUK: Addicting Podcast
Jun 8, 2011 • 149 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 44 This week on TpSUK we bring you the PSN Store Updates (It’s Back, Whoop Whoop)
043 TpSUK: The Great Trophy Caper
Jun 1, 2011 • 122 min
The Playstation Show UK – Episode 43 Hey all we are back with another episode of TpSUK, this week we talk some more on LA Noire.