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The Sporkful
We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn’t for foodies, it’s for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman of Cooking Channel’s You’re Eating It Wrong and the book Eat More Better. A Stitcher Production.
Wine Condoms And Popcorn Balls: A Holiday Gift Guide
Dec 11 • 35 min
We talk to three inventors who’ve sacrificed everything — from their life savings to their gall bladders — in pursuit of their dream of changing the way we eat and drink. It’s the first ever Sporkful Holiday Gift Guide! Today’s sponsors:Go to…
Can The Library Of Congress Cooking Club Rise Again?
Dec 4 • 35 min
We travel to DC to learn about a quintessentially librarian cooking club, founded in 1949, that’s in danger of disappearing. Today’s sponsors:Go to and use the code SPORK to save $5 on a one-year subscription (and get an exclusive…
To Eat Less Sugar, Bake A Cake, Says Yotam Ottolenghi
Nov 27 • 32 min
The Israeli-British chef is famous for getting people to eat more vegetables, but now he’s making the case for sugar. Plus he discusses the personality differences between bakers and cooks, why he never orders the specials in restaurants, and what happens…
The Ephemerality Of The Perfect Muffin
Nov 20 • 31 min
Julia Turner of the Slate Culture Gabfest offers muffin opinions, muffin analysis, and, according to Dan, muffin heresy. Is there a muffin they can both agree to love? Listen to find out, and to gain a new appreciation for the nuances of muffindom.…
The Last Sporkful Thanksgiving Special Ever
Nov 13 • 40 min
We discuss the beauty and tyranny of tradition, as well as the Wheel Of Infinite Thanksgiving Anxiety, with legendary food writer Mimi Sheraton, Milk Street Kitchen’s Christopher Kimball, and cookbook author Kian Lam Kho. And yes, we’re serious. Today’s…
Searching For The Aleppo Sandwich Pt. 2
Nov 7 • 29 min
A famous sandwich shop in Aleppo, Syria, played a key role in changing Shadi Martini’s life forever. Today on The Sporkful we hear the rest of Shadi’s story, and conclude our quest to find out what made that shop special and whether it survived the Syrian…
Searching For The Aleppo Sandwich Pt. 1
Nov 6 • 29 min
Before Aleppo became famous for fighting, it was famous for food. This week we go on a quest to find out what made a beloved sandwich shop there special, and whether the restaurant and its owners have survived the Syrian Civil War. Today’s sponsors: Go to…
Monologues Are Like Meatballs, Says Actor Michael McKean
Oct 30 • 32 min
The comedy icon discusses the role food can play in comedy and drama. Plus, he tells us why learning a new part is like eating spaghetti and how he reacts when people in the audience bring food into the theater. Today’s sponsors: Go to and…
As Hot Chicken Gets Hotter, Who Benefits?
Oct 23 • 35 min
Dan travels to Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville, where hot chicken was invented, to explore the restaurant’s complicated history with race — from segregation to today. Today’s sponsors: Go to and get 20% off your purchase, using the promo…
Is A Takeout Burger A Lesser Burger?
Oct 16 • 30 min
Two friends call in for help settling a long-running feud. Plus, food science guru Kenji Lopez-Alt explains what happens to a burger when it sits in a wrapper before being eaten. Today’s sponsors: Go to to learn more about Arhaus’s…
The Holy Smoker
Oct 9 • 34 min
During the week, Devin Pickard is the pitmaster at his family’s BBQ restaurant in Centerville, Tennessee. But on Sundays, he trades the pit for the pulpit at the local church where he preaches. Food and faith are a natural pairing in the south, but Devin…
Guy Fieri Doesn’t Live On A Yacht That Shoots Rockets
Oct 2 • 37 min
Behind the spiky hair and donkey sauce is a savvy businessman who’s been obsessed with finding success in the world of food since he was a kid. He talks with Dan about the importance of self-reflection, why he doesn’t serve more organic food at his…
Is The Best Cuban Food Still In Cuba?
Sep 25 • 38 min
While Cuban-Americans in Miami enjoy the dishes their grandparents grew up with, food shortages in Cuba have forced the cuisine there to change. So what defines Cuban food today? We go to Miami to try to find out. Today’s sponsors: Go to…
The Geometry Of Pizza
Sep 18 • 29 min
A neuroscientist calls in to debate the geometry of pizza, and food science guru Kenji Lopez-Alt explains how woodworking can help us make a better bagel and cream cheese. Today’s sponsors: Go to to get $35 off your first order. Go…
LeVar Burton’s Stolen Steaks
Sep 11 • 30 min
The longtime Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek star talks about the power of food memories and the art of PB&J. Plus he performs dramatic readings of recipes. Today’s sponsors: Go to for spice facts and recipes. Go to…
Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Cases Hollywood Parties For Free Food
Sep 4 • 38 min
As a struggling young actor, Ty Burrell pretended to be a guest at hotels to get the free breakfast buffet. Now he fights the urge to pocket food at the Emmys. He talks about his hors d’oeurves strategy at fancy Hollywood events, getting his kids to eat…
How To Pair Your Food With The Beach
Aug 28 • 29 min
Summer is winding down, so it’s time for one last trip to the beach. Here’s how to pair your snacks with the smell and taste of salt water. Plus, we debate potluck etiquette for hosts and guests. Today’s sponsors: Go to and enter promo…
Your Mom’s Food Pt. 4: Til Pork Do Us Part
Aug 10 • 28 min
Dan and his wife Janie are both white and Jewish, both raised in the NY area. In many ways it’s an easy fit. But not so much with food — Janie grew up kosher and Dan didn’t. In part four of Your Mom’s Food they talk about navigating food tension in their…
Your Mom’s Food Pt. 3: Soledad O’Brien Cooks Rice, Not Beans
Aug 7 • 29 min
The TV host’s Afro-Cuban mom and Irish-Australian dad got married when interracial marriage was still illegal in parts of the US. She talks about how their different cultures came together on the dinner table, why staying connected to Cuban food was so…
Your Mom’s Food Pt. 2: Midwest Meets Masala
Aug 3 • 36 min
When a meat-and-potatoes white girl falls in love with an Indian vegetarian, what food will be their food? And how will their families feel about their choices? Today’s sponsor: Go to to get 50% off your first order.
Your Mom’s Food Pt. 1: What Dumplings Can’t Fix
Jul 31 • 44 min
How do parents who adopt kids from other countries use food to connect their children to their birthplace? And what happens when those kids grow up and feel like it wasn’t enough? This is part one of a new series on race, culture and food called Your…
Rachel Maddow Fixed The Pina Colada
Jul 24 • 31 min
The MSNBC host nerds out on cocktails, debates lime wheels vs. wedges, and speculates about what the bartenders in heaven are like.
Cooking Pad Thai For 20,000 People (with Jet Tila)
Jul 17 • 32 min
Food Network star Jet Tila’s parents opened the first Thai market in the US in 1972. Now he’s trying to introduce people who aren’t Asian to the foods he grew up with. He tells the story of protecting his family’s store during the LA riots and explains…
Why Lefties Buy Less Soup
Jul 10 • 32 min
Psychologist Charles Spence explains that “taste” is influenced by many different factors — from the background music in a restaurant to your own DNA and even the shape of your spoon. Plus, Dan and his daughter recreate one of Charles’ experiments when…
You Can’t Cure Manic Depression With Puff Pastry
Jul 3 • 27 min
Food writer David Leite talks about how bipolar disorder affects what he cooks and eats. Plus he and Dan bond over the difficulties of being neurotic party hosts.
The Thinking Person’s Competitive Eater
Jun 26 • 31 min
Tim “Eater X” Janus talks about how being a competitive eater affects your dating life, how much money these guys actually make, what happens when people on the circuit try to cheat, and how he taught himself to like hot dogs so he could compete in the…
How To Be Fat (with Lindy West)
Jun 19 • 32 min
The author of “Shrill” and leader of the fat acceptance movement says, “As a fat person, you’re always under surveillance when you’re eating.”