The Sporkful

The Sporkful
We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn’t for foodies, it’s for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman of Cooking Channel’s You’re Eating It Wrong and the book Eat More Better. A Stitcher Production.
The Jell-O Curse
Sep 24 • 37 min
We follow one family’s complicated relationship with Jell-O. Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go to to find a grocer near you.
Life Lessons From The Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet
Sep 17 • 33 min
Comedian Tim Dillon takes Dan out for lunch in Tim’s home town on Long Island. Tim talks about why this place is so important to him, why rich people don’t care about food, and what the founding fathers would have said about the Pizza Hut lunch buffet.…
Shabbat Dinner at Wendy’s
Sep 10 • 34 min
Dan travels to Palm Desert, California, to ring in the Jewish sabbath with a group of seniors the way they do it every week — at the fast food chain Wendy’s. Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go…
The Pashman Family Takes Your Calls
Sep 3 • 37 min
Dan’s wife Janie and their kids Becky and Emily join the show to solve listeners’ food-related relationship issues and dilemmas. “I don’t love talking into a microphone,” Janie says, “but I do have opinions.” Today’s sponsors: Go to to…
Inside The Mind Of A Culinary Mad Scientist
Aug 27 • 32 min
The flavor chemist who created Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza and the McDonald’s McGriddle talks about the science of burger cooking and the correct sequence for burger toppings. Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of…
Comedian Nicole Byer Sees Her First Shrimp
Aug 20 • 31 min
The host of the Netflix cooking competition show “Nailed It” tells us about her love of raunchy humor, the commonality between comedy spaces and restaurant kitchens, and the time her aunt sent her an Easter dinner in the mail. Today’s sponsors: Go to…
Lunch With The Simpsons
Aug 13 • 39 min
Dan’s dreams come true when he visits The Simpsons writers’ room to talk about the role food plays on the show, and behind the scenes. Plus, Simpsons creator Matt Groening explains how new technologies have changed the show’s food jokes. Today’s sponsors:…
Michael Ian Black Is A Man Who Eats Salads
Aug 6 • 38 min
Why does eating alligator seem more manly than eating chicken? Why does coffee seem more manly than tea? Comedian and actor Michael Ian Black tells us how his sense of masculinity and his body image issues affect what he eats. Plus he and Dan bond over…
Confessions of a Ballpark Food Vendor
Jul 30 • 31 min
A former Shea Stadium food vendor tells us about the worst gig in the ballpark. Plus a North Carolina peanut man tells us how they get the salt inside the shell, and Mike Pesca from The Gist tells us how much free advertising Cracker Jack got from being…
What 400 Gallons Of Oobleck Can Teach You About Ketchup
Jul 23 • 40 min
A husband irked by his wife’s loud chewing noises calls in for advice, and Cooks Illustrated’s Dan Souza tells us how science can help get ketchup out of the bottle. Today’s sponsors: Go to to have new Moo-Phoria Light Ice Cream…
L.A. Story
Jul 16 • 42 min
Dan travels through time in search of a coconut cake. Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go to to have new Moo-Phoria Light Ice Cream delivered to you.
Yewande Finds Her Super Power
Jul 9 • 37 min
A chef working in the US as an undocumented immigrant cooks to stay connected to her home. But what happens when food isn’t enough to bridge the distance? Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go to…
A Marriage Built On Rum Cake (with Alan Alda)
Jul 2 • 29 min
Alan and Arlene Alda have been married for 61 years, and food has been a big part of how they communicate since the night they met. In this week’s show, they talk about using food to communicate in their relationship, in geopolitics, and at dinner…
What If There Were No Nachos?
Jun 25 • 31 min
Famed football announcer Howard Cosell played an unlikely role in popularizing nachos, as we learn this week when Dan sits down with his old friend Mike Pesca, host of The Gist podcast at Slate. And Mike rants about restaurant practices that drive him…
The Man Who Married Pizza
Jun 18 • 39 min
“I love pizza, but I really don’t think I’m insane,” says Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours, who limits his consumption to 15 slices per week, and has a Guinness World Record holding collection of 1,400 pizza boxes. Today’s sponsors: Go to…
Is This Pizza Worth Waiting For?
Jun 11 • 36 min
Ever waited in a crazy long line for some famous barbecue or donuts? Was it worth it? This week we visit a legendary pizzeria with a famous queue — and talk with scientists — to find out when a long wait makes your food taste better and when it makes it…
The Ethics of Supermarket Lines
Jun 4 • 39 min
Two friends disagree about whether it’s OK to keep shopping after getting in the check-out line, and cookbook author Nicole Taylor tells us about some unsolicited advice she got about navigating the food world as a black woman. Today’s sponsors: Go to…
Nigella Lawson Is The British Beyonce
May 28 • 34 min
The cookbook author and food TV star talks about the condiment she keeps in her purse, and how she uses method acting to decide what to order in restaurants. Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go…
How To Read A Taco
May 21 • 37 min
Professor Steven Alvarez teaches a college course called Taco Literacy, which explores Mexican history and culture through food. When he and his students take us on their end-of-semester taco crawl, we learn that every taco tells a story — you just have…
Live: W. Kamau Bell And Hari Kondabolu Play The Newlywed Game
May 14 • 35 min
The two comics are old friends, but how well do they really know each other’s eating quirks? Plus, Kamau gives us an update on the racist incident he told us about last time he was on the show, and Dan reveals what comedians have taught him about food.…
Live: Hari Dreams Of Donuts
May 7 • 36 min
When comedian Hari Kondabolu isn’t delivering incisive jokes about politics and identity, he’s dreaming of being locked inside a magical bakery. Plus, Hari tells us why you shouldn’t ask him about Indian food, and shares his take on whether famous…
Searching For The Donut King Pt. 2
Apr 30 • 44 min
After months of searching, we finally meet Ted Ngoy, aka “the Donut King”, and learn what happened to him. He’s returned to the Cambodian community seeking redemption. But will he find it? Today’s sponsors: Go to to explore their huge…
Searching For The Donut King Pt. 1
Apr 23 • 34 min
After escaping Cambodia’s “Killing Fields,” Ted Ngoy built a donut empire in California. Then he lost it all, and disappeared. This week we’re searching for The Donut King — and his legacy. Today’s sponsors: Go to to start your free 30-day…
Prison Ramen Saved My Life
Apr 16 • 35 min
Gustavo Alvarez didn’t learn to cook until he went to prison. Sharing food there was a good way to win friends and find comfort in a rough place. But, for Gustavo, cooking also proved to be the ultimate survival skill. Today’s sponsors: Go to…
Love And Chopsticks
Apr 9 • 32 min
A couple calls in for advice about food tensions in their intercultural relationship, and New Yorker food writer Helen Rosner tells us why all relationships are “inter-everything.” Plus, an atheist listener struggles with his religious family’s insistence…
Your Food Is Talking To You. What’s It Saying?
Apr 2 • 33 min
In cooking and eating, sound is the forgotten sense. But you can tell whether you’re cutting scallions correctly, or how good your chocolate is, by the sounds they make. Today’s sponsors: Go to to start your free 30-day trial. Go to…
Bathtub Vodka
Mar 26 • 36 min
Is there really a difference between cheap and expensive vodkas? In this collaboration with NPR’s Planet Money, we go on a mission to learn how super premium vodka is made and marketed. Then we make our own, to see how it measures up. Today’s sponsors: Go…