Each week, our host Sara Shahriari sits down with community members to discuss issues concerning mid-Missourians. From politics, to local art to social issues, anything that generates good conversations and affects our community is on the table.
United and Divided: Stories on Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide
Sep 19 • 28 min
Today, we’re bringing you United and Divided , a series of stories on bridging the urban-rural divide. It’s reported by Harvest Public Media . In the wake of the 2016 presidential election one thing is clear: rural America and urban America see things…
Back to School With Fossils in the Columns, Toxicology and Textiles
Sep 12 • 28 min
Intersection is marking the new school year with conversations with three MU professors whose work and teaching styles make then stand out. We learn that parts of Missouri were once on the coast of a huge inland sea, how a veterinarian and toxicologist…
Missouri Health Talks on Access to Oral Healthcare
Aug 29 • 28 min
This week on Intersection we bring you a special on oral health from the new KBIA project, Missouri Health Talks. Health reporter Rebecca Smith spoke with Dr. John Dane, the current State Dental Director, and Gary Harbison, the Executive Director for the…
The ‘Most Watched Celestial Event’ with Astrophysicist Angela Speck
Aug 14 • 28 min
Central Missouri is on the path of totality for the upcoming solar eclipse. That means that the sun will completely disappear from view for a few minutes during the middle of the day. Intersection’s Sara Shahriari and Harvest Public Media reporter Kris…
Author William Least Heat-Moon on New Novel, ‘Celestial Mechanics’
May 1 • 28 min
This week on Intersection we are joined by William Trogdon, who writes under the name William Least Heat-Moon, to discuss his new novel, “Celestial Mechanics.” The novel follows Silas Fortunato, an amateur astronomer, through a serious accident and…
Neighborhood Conservation and Real Estate Development in Columbia
Apr 25 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we continue our look at Columbia’s new Unified Development Ordinance. Listen here:
Mayor Brian Treece Talks Zoning, Infrastructure and Downtown Parking
Apr 18 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, Columbia Mayor Brian Treece joins us to discuss the Unified Development Ordinance, which took effect at the end of March. The new zoning code is the biggest comprehensive reform to zoning in Columbia since the 1950s. Treece says…
Diversity in Academia and the College Language Association
Apr 12 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, representatives from the College Language Association, or CLA, join us to discuss its yearly convention, which was held in Columbia late last week. The CLA was founded in 1937, when black professors and scholars were looking for…
A Conversation with Columbia’s First Ward City Council Candidates
Apr 3 • 28 min
Columbia’s First Ward City Council candidates joined us to share their priorities. The election is April 4. Candidates discussed their views on housing, infrastructure, community policing and social equity.
A Conversation with Fifth Ward City Council Candidates Art Jago and Matt Pitzer
Mar 28 • 28 min
Columbia City Council elections for the Fifth and First Wards are April 4. This week, Intersection talked with the Fifth Ward City Council Candidates, Arthur Jago and Matt Pitzer . The candidates discuss issues including safety, policing, development and…
If GOP Plan Replaces Obamacare, What Changes for Missourians?
Mar 21 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we talk with KBIA health reporter Bram Sable-Smith about possible changes to healthcare in Missouri. One change could come this Thursday, when the U.S. House is scheduled to vote on the American Health Care Act. This bill is the…
New Center at VA Hospital Means More Space for Patient-Centered Care
Mar 14 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we talk about the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran’s Hospital’s new patient education center and the hospital’s patient-centered approach. Our guests are Communications Specialist Heather Brown, Health Promotion Disease…
The True/False Podcast, Building Character with Lou Pepe and Keith Fulton
Mar 6 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we listen to the first episode of the new True/False Podcast presented by KBIA. Host Allison Coffelt talks with directors Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe about their film The Bad Kids and the process of developing character in…
True/False Preview Including I Am Not Your Negro and Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
Feb 28 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we speak with the directors of several films in the 2017 True/False Film Festival. This year’s festival marks the thirteenth consecutive gathering of documentary filmmakers in Columbia. Conversations include Hebert Peck of I Am…
Organized Labor, Civil Rights and Protest in St. Louis with Clarence Lang
Feb 21 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we talk with Clarence Lang, Professor of African and African-American Studies at The University of Kansas. Lang’s book, Grass Roots at the Gateway: Class, Politics and Black Freedom Struggle in St. Louis from 1936-1975 ,…
A Conversation with District 44 Representative Cheri Toalson Reisch
Feb 21 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we talk with Representative Cheri Toalson Reisch about her first session in the Missouri General Assembly. Republican Reisch represents District 44, which includes Northeast Columbia, Hallsville , Sturgeon and Centralia.The seat…
Back to School With Media Law, Superheroes and Poetry
Jan 31 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we talk with three MU professors about their teaching and research in and outside of the classroom. From the First Amendment and social media to what superheroes can teach us about American history, we’re learning from some of…
From Music to Tornadoes, Students Tell Their Stories With Sound
Jan 24 • 28 min
This week on Intersection we talk with three students from the University of Missouri. Last fall Autumn Gholston, Daniel Litwin, Nora Thiemann and about 20 other students spent the semester exploring how to tell stories using sound in a digital…
Origins of Community Policing and How it Looks in Columbia
Dec 13, 2016 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we continue exploring what community policing looks like in Columbia, and where ideas about community policing come from. We talk with Daniel Isom, a former chief of police and professor of policing and the community at the…
Caleb Rowden Talks Elections and Plans for the Missouri Senate
Nov 28, 2016 • 28 min
This week on Intersection, we talk with Caleb Rowden, the newly elected Missouri State Senator for District 19, which is made up of Boone and Cooper Counties. Rowden will replace two-term District 19 Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer. We talk about Rowden’s…