Off the Clock

Off the Clock
KBIA News brings you a look at the arts and entertainment this week in mid-Missouri.
Black Women Rock
Apr 18 • 4 min
Black Women Rock is a production showcasing remarkable Black Women chosen by the Columbia community, highlighting their hard work and accomplishments. Executive Coordinator Akinbamidele Durodola talks about the production and black women who motivate him.
‘Where Pigs Fly’
Apr 11 • 3 min
After months working to comply with state regulators, the only pig museum in the United States is open again for business. As KBIA’s Seth Bodine reports, the museum’s owner dedicated herself to agricultural education after some unexpected life events.
eSports Finding A New Audience In A New Generation
Apr 4 • 4 min
Since breaking into mainstream media, eSports has fought for its space in athletics. Faced with conflicts for a spot in the Olympics and against misconceptions from the public, eSports is finding an audience in a new generation. Now, universities across…
Mar 21 • 7 min
Afrosexology is a duo of women based in St. Louis who aim to reclaim black sexuality. Dalychia Saah teaches aspiring sex educators and sex therapists. Rafaella Fiallo is a clinical social worker and relationship, sex and trauma therapist. The duo recently…
Black Alchemy
Mar 14 • 3 min
The Relevant Youth is a student run creative agency disrupting education through innovation. In this edition of Off the Clock, the organization’s Diveristy and Inclusion Manager Alycia Washington talks about her first event. Black Alchemy is a celebration…
Son Of The Pale Youth: Gary McClure
Mar 7 • 5 min
Gary McClure seemed to have it all with his band American Wrestlers, which channeled frenetic energy of alternative music to a nationwide audience. Yet even with a record deal and critical acclaim, the St. Louis singer/songwriter wasn’t satisfied. With…
A Conversation With True/False Artist Sarah Nguyen
Mar 1 • 8 min
Columbia artist Sarah Nguyen has never attended the True/False Film Fest, and her first experience will certainly be a memorable one. Her installation “Break Into Blossom” will be featured at the 2019 festival. Nguyen, who has lived in Columbia for less…
True/False Conversation With Filmmaker Avi Belkin
Feb 28 • 4 min
The True/False Film Festival is here and KBIA has been talking with filmmakers and artists. Aviva Okeson-Haberman spoke with the director of Mike Wallace is Here, a documentary that examines the legacy of the legendary 60 minutes anchor. Director Avi…
Cafe Berlin’s Open Mic Session: Onemic Embraces Local Artistry
Feb 21 • 4 min
Onemic is a local open-mic session that gathers once a month at Cafe Berlin Downtown. Drawing people from many facets of life into one room, to listen to the many songs and poems that reveal deeply held secrets and feelings. Reporter, Brandon Eigenman has…
The Greens Co. Brings Creativity To Columbia
Feb 14 • 4 min
Two Mizzou grads worked together to create and open the only black-owned and millenial-owned business in Columbia. The Greens Co. is a boutique and curation space located at 16 N. Nith St., in downtown Columbia. Co-Owner Marquise White says, “The Greens…
The Academy of Rock at Hickman High School
Dec 6, 2018 • 3 min
Down in a side room in the basement of Hickman High School, two juniors, Conor Byrne and Sam Wills, broadcast their radio show called Dad Rock World Tour. They speak into a small laptop computer about the different songs they are about to play and it…
MU’s New Entrepreneur Quest Pitch Competition
Nov 15, 2018 • 4 min
From Shark Tank to Startup Weekends, entrepreneurship is a growing craze in the nation. More than 25 million Americans are starting or running new businesses. The University of Missouri is the latest to encourage innovation on campus. KBIA’s Betsy Smith…
Moon Chanting At Stephens Lake Park
Nov 2, 2018 • 3 min
One music teacher learns how to chant at the moon. Now she provides the opportunity for others to join her at Stephens Lake Park. Margaret Waddell started chanting more than a decade ago. KBIA’s Aviva Okeson-Haberman caught up with Waddell on a cool fall…
Daniel Boone Regional Library Teaches A Lesson On Native American Culture
Oct 18, 2018 • 3 min
A tipi sat outside the Daniel Boone Regional Library on a mid-September afternoon to teach people some valuable lessons about Native American identity. KBIA’s Betsy Smith has more on how one interdisciplinary artist tested people’s knowledge of what it…
Experimental Music Festival Brings Musical Connections To Columbia
Oct 12, 2018 • 3 min
Alex Cunningham, a violinist from St. Louis, is in a trio that will most likely never play at a mainstream festival. Their music is an acquired taste. Cunningham had no notes to memorize when he played with a trio made up of a saxophone player and a…
Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival Features Grant Elementary School Blues Corp
Oct 5, 2018 • 3 min
The 12 th annual Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival featured students from Grant Elementary School. As a part of the Roots N Blues Foundation, artists from all over the country spend the week in Columbia with students, teaching some history of blues music,…
Blackkklansman Author Ron Stallworth Speaks About Ku Klux Klan Investigation
Sep 6, 2018 • 3 min
Columbia College hosted a conversation with Ron Stallworth, author of The Black Klansman on Aug 30. The memoir recalls Stallworth, a former African-American detective, and his infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Stallworth…
Off the Clock – Meet Alice Wells, Missouri Contemporary Ballet’s Newest Member
Dec 15, 2017 • 3 min
Off the Clock – Meet Alice Wells, Missouri Contemporary Ballet’s Newest Member Columbia’s Missouri Contemporary Ballet celebrated its 12th season last month with its original production Eclipse in Movement. This week, I talked with its newest member,…
Off the Clock – The Resurgence of American Bluegrass: From Fiddle Music to “Stomp Grass”
Dec 8, 2017 • 3 min
Traditional bluegrass music is a melting pot. It has roots in Appalachian, Celtic and jazz music, and musicologists trace the origins of the banjo back to traditional stringed instruments from West Africa. It’s a genre that’s constantly evolving. Pat Kay…
The Art of Tattooing
Dec 1, 2017 • 4 min
Three in 10 Americans now have a tattoo, according to a 2016 Harris Poll survey . But even with so much demand, getting a start as a tattoo artist can be difficult. Gabe Garcia has owned and operated Iron Tiger Tattoo in Columbia for eight years and…