Off the Clock

Off the Clock
KBIA News brings you a look at the arts and entertainment this week in mid-Missouri.

Off The Clock - Experts Are Preventing Teen Misconceptions About Sex From Porn
Dec 5 • 3 min
The accessibility of porn on the internet has allowed kids of all ages to be introduced to sex. KBIA’s Veronica Mohesky spoke with Derek Landes and Cale Mitchell of Spectrum Health Care about some of the common misconceptions about porn, and how it might…
‘Constantly Hustling’ Local Illustrator Wins Hearts, and Followers
Dec 3 • 3 min
Sometimes an artist just knows a person’s going to love their work. Jefferson City native Adrienne Luther knows when people ask her to doodle their cat, she’ll win their hearts. But Luther does more than just doodle cats. She makes portraits, lettering…
Local High School Band Makes Its Way Into Columbia Music Scene
Nov 15 • 3 min
The Sweaters are a band born and bred in Columbia, Mo. Since they started playing music together a few summers ago, they’ve hit many of the local music venues around town, opening for touring artists or playing their own shows. They even played at a stage…
Off The Clock - Faith and Sexuality
Nov 1 • 3 min
KBIA’s Veronica Mohesky sat down with OB/GYN Jennifer Su to discuss how she intertwines her faith into her work. Su is based out of Jefferson City and owns her own practicw. Hear their full conversation about online birth control and accessibility on…
Fayette Cafe and Creamery Bonds Community and Faith
Oct 28 • 2 min
The inside of Thrive Coffee & Creamery is bright and light, with pastel colors and a rustic modern aesthetic. This non-profit store’s only been open for three months, but it’s become popular with the residents of Fayette, Missouri.
Sermon at The Crossing Church Stirs Controversy in LGBTQ Community
Oct 27 • 4 min
Co-pastor of The Crossing Church Keith Simon gave a sermon on October 13, 2019 that discussed gender roles in the bible. Though he began by emphasizing the church’s approach to inclusion and diversity, much of his conversaiton fixated on the church’s view…
Local Craft Fair Raises Money for Veterans’ Service Dogs
Oct 11 • 3 min
For veterans, life after combat can be challenging. Jefferson City resident and direct sales vendor Reesa Sellnow knew that and wanted to make a difference. Her husband is in the National Guard.
Off The Clock - Columbia Parks and Recreation
Oct 4 • 3 min
Columbia Parks and Recreation has been busy with a multitude of projects and developments lately. Parks Planning and Development Superintendent Mike Snyder offers insight to what exactly has been changing, and what they’ve got in store.
Pow! At MU’s Ellis Library, Comic History Finds a Home
Sep 20 • 3 min
I have always been a nerd about comic books. I can remember reading issues of X-Men and Teen Titans and whatever I could get my hands on, as a kid. So when I walked into the Univerity of Missouri’s Special Collections and Rare Books at Ellis Library and…
Off the Clock - Columbia Arts Fall Preview
Sep 13 • 4 min
Fall is just around the corner, and Columbia’s Office of Cultural Affairs is getting ready to kick off several major events for the season. Columbia will play host to everything from music festivals, like Roots N Blues, to an African dance and percussion…
Off the Clock - Celebrating Homer, and a Historic Building ‘Reclaimed’ In Centralia
May 17 • 7 min
On campuses across mid-Missouri students and faculty are wrapping up the semester, and on this edition of Off the Clock we visit a unique end-of-term tradition hosted by MU’s Ancient Mediterranean Studies department: The Homer-athon. It’s a celebration of…
Off the Clock - Missouri Program Nurtures Traditional Arts, and ASL as Art Form
May 13 • 7 min
Missouri has one of the oldest trditional arts apprecticeship programs in the United States. And every year, the Missouri Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program sponsors eight master artists and their apprentices - for teaching, sustaining and promoting…
Off the Clock - Preserving Pennytown
Apr 26 • 7 min
On this edition of Off the Clock, producer Emily Aiken visits the Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church, a small rural churchhouse that holds a world of history and memories of the families who formed and lived in Pennytown. The town was founded by freed…
Off The Clock - Black Women Rock
Apr 18 • 4 min
Black Women Rock is a production showcasing remarkable Black Women chosen by the Columbia community, highlighting their hard work and accomplishments. Executive Coordinator Akinbamidele Durodola talks about the production and black women who motivate him.
Off The Clock - ‘Where Pigs Fly’
Apr 11 • 3 min
After months working to comply with state regulators, the only pig museum in the United States is open again for business. As KBIA’s Seth Bodine reports, the museum’s owner dedicated herself to agricultural education after some unexpected life events.
Off The Clock - eSports Finding A New Audience In A New Generation
Apr 4 • 4 min
Since breaking into mainstream media, eSports has fought for its space in athletics. Faced with conflicts for a spot in the Olympics and against misconceptions from the public, eSports is finding an audience in a new generation. Now, universities across…
Off the Clock - Afrosexology
Mar 21 • 7 min
Afrosexology is a duo of women based in St. Louis who aim to reclaim black sexuality. Dalychia Saah teaches aspiring sex educators and sex therapists. Rafaella Fiallo is a clinical social worker and relationship, sex and trauma therapist. The duo recently…
Off The Clock - Black Alchemy
Mar 14 • 3 min
The Relevant Youth is a student run creative agency disrupting education through innovation. In this edition of Off the Clock, the organization’s Diveristy and Inclusion Manager Alycia Washington talks about her first event. Black Alchemy is a celebration…
Off The Clock - Son Of The Pale Youth: Gary McClure
Mar 7 • 5 min
Gary McClure seemed to have it all with his band American Wrestlers, which channeled frenetic energy of alternative music to a nationwide audience. Yet even with a record deal and critical acclaim, the St. Louis singer/songwriter wasn’t satisfied. With…
Off the Clock - A Conversation With True/False Artist Sarah Nguyen
Mar 1 • 8 min
Columbia artist Sarah Nguyen has never attended the True/False Film Fest, and her first experience will certainly be a memorable one. Her installation “Break Into Blossom” will be featured at the 2019 festival. Nguyen, who has lived in Columbia for less…