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Ep. 04 - Flying back throught Tucson Approach
Jul 15, 2018
This is the return from from Ep. 03 flying back from Benson (E95) to Ryan Airfield (KRYN). Find the podcast on most podcatchers like iTunes, Stitcher, or Overcast ===== Reach me on twitter: @DesertPilotTrev On my facebook page that I don’t keep up on:…
Ep. 03 - Busted the Charlie
Jun 15, 2018
This is a flight from Ryan Airfield (KRYN) to Benson Airport (E95) and yes you can hear me bust the class charlie airspace around Tucson International (KTUS). And yes I filed a NASA report for the event. Find the podcast on most podcatchers like iTunes,…
Ep. 02 - Cole’s first flight part 1
May 15, 2018
This is part one of Cole’s first flight in a general aviation aircraft. The uncut video of this is on YouTube here: ===== Reach me on twitter: @DesertPilotTrev On my facebook page that I don’t keep up on: DesertPilot Podcast…
Ep. 01 - Basic Med, It’s easy they said…
Apr 15, 2018
This is a basic med story. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, actually you probably won’t do any of that. ===== Reach me on twitter: @DesertPilotTrev On my facebook page that I don’t keep up on: DesertPilot Podcast Or shoot me an email: [email protected]
Ep. 0 - A boring Start
Mar 15, 2018
Desertpilot is back and this is the first of many short monthly podcasts. Just talking about what I’ve been doing.
Road Rage in the Air
Apr 4, 2017
There has been lot of changes in life, a change of job, I’m not in the military anymore, so that also means a change in location. Arizona called me back from San Diego. Although I was sad to leave this is where we are supposed to be. We moved to Marana a…
Champ Story on Airplane Geeks
Jan 22, 2013
If you are like me you listen to a plethora of aviation podcasts. I think some of the best aviation news comes from them and they stay on the topic I most care about most… aviation. A few months back I was listening to an episode of the Airplane Geeks…
T’was the night before Christmas, and out on the Ramp
Dec 21, 2012
This poem has been around the internet a while and probably on paper longer. Just a quick search I found it on AvWeb in 2006 and on an Airline forum in 2003. Another had posted it again this year and it made my smile so I thought I’d recored it here. I…
Staying In The Pattern
Oct 11, 2012
This cockpit audio was recorded at least 2 1/2 years ago I don’t really know. I just found it going through my computer and decided to share. I’m flying 3 touch-n-gos and have 2 other pilots in the plane with me. Dave an instructor and another buddy of…
Helo Ops on USS Princeton
Apr 16, 2012
Yes it’s true at almost 1 year since my last audio podcast and 6 months from my last post the DesertPilot podcast is back. I recorded this episode off the deck of the USS Princeton CG-59. Enjoy. Download the Podcast here SH-60B going around
[Video] Flying home (AA MD-81 into PHX)
Sep 18, 2011
Ok so I’m back after 5 month of Navy basic training and Operation Specialist (OS) “A” School. I’m now at my first duty station in San Diego, CA aboard the USS PRINCETON (CG-59). I have tons to learn now. It’s nice to be finally where I’m suppose to be for…
Shad’s First Flight
Apr 14, 2011
Yesterday I took my son up in a small airplane for the first time. A fellow pilot friend Bill sent me a tweet that he needed a co-pilot for the fly to Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) from Stellar Air Park (P19) for Cutter Aviation’s free BBQ so I said sure then…
FIFI the only Flying B-29
Dec 21, 2010
My youngest brother and I in November of 2010 got to go see the only flying B-29 when it came to the valley for a few days it was very neat. There was also a B-25 and B-17 there. We got to go inside of all of them and took lots of pictures. Below are some…
[Video] Air Bus A320 landing PHX Sky Harbor
Oct 11, 2010
I did it. I made the sacrifice and switched to AT&T and now have an iPhone 4. One of the features on the iPhone is that I can upload HD video that I took and edited on my phone to Youtube. I’ve done a few videos and wanted to post them on here. I flew a…
[Video] CRJ-200 Sim
Jul 17, 2010
Last month as part of my intership at Mesa Air Group 3 other interns and I got to “play” in their Canada Regional Jet (CRJ) model 200 full motion simulator while they’re was not pilot scheduled for training. It was loads of fun.
[Video] Flightbag and Survival Gear
May 28, 2010
A little while back I was listening to the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast ep. 186 and they were talking about flight bags and all the things that they carry in their flight bag. I was shocked when they didn’t mention any survival gear that they carry. I…
[Video] RC School Project
May 8, 2010
In my Aircraft Design and Logistics Management class at Arizona State we made a Radio Controlled Airplane. But the way we did it was the class was step up like a company would be with a design, supply, manufacturing, etc. departments that all worked…
Through the students into Scottsdale
Apr 19, 2010
This is a recording of a flight back into Scottsdale coming home from a 5 hours Civil Air Patrol exercise. We are flying in from the north west and there are tons of students around we really had to have our heads on a swivel.…
Free Flying!
Feb 25, 2010
Download podcast here: This flight is my first really funded flight flying for the Civil Air Patrol that I flew last Tuesday. My squadron at Falcon Field Airport (FFZ) just got a plane assigned…
[Video] B-17 at IWA doing touch-n-gos
Feb 14, 2010
Boeing B-17 touch-n-gos at IWA from Trevor Smith on Vimeo. Podcast Download: I was driving (Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010) to Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport where I go to school back from lunch and looked up and…
Mom’s First Flight
Feb 9, 2010
This episode is my mother and I flying back from Payson, AZ to have breakfast with my Grandpa on his 79th Birthday. Mom did great she was a little nervous but that is normal from anyone who hasn’t sent too much time in little airplanes. Here is a link to…
[Video] Christmas Touch-n-gos
Dec 20, 2009
This the promised video from the podcast from yesterday. In this video I did 4 touch-n-go’s and I full stop landing back a Chandler. Merry Christmas! Desert Pilot: Christmas Touch-n-go’s from Trevor Smith on Vimeo.
Copperstate 2009 part 2
Nov 10, 2009
This is part two of the podcast where we are flying back from Copperstate 2009 at Case Grande Airport (CGZ) It’s not a long flight but a fun one. I posted pictures and the 3D map of this trip on the previous post Copperstate 2009 part 1. The podcast is…
Copperstate 2009 part 1
Nov 5, 2009
This episode is part 1 of flying with my friends Nick and Jacob to Copperstate 2009 last month. Copperstate is an EAA event and I would say that it is like Arizona’s Oshkosh. It’s is at Case Grande Airport (KCGZ) just about .5 hobbs south of Chandler…
Crazy Approach into GYR
Oct 18, 2009
This flight I’m flying right seat for a friend (Dave) practicing IAP. The podcast isn’t the whole flight just coming back into Goodyear (GYR) when it got a little interesting. here is a link direct to the file but you can always subscribe to the podcast…
Fly-in Breakfast with Nick
Oct 14, 2009
This is my first try at a podcast: For those of you who don’t know what is that is I found a good little article about what it is.…
[Video] CAP Mountain Ground School
Aug 2, 2009
Got my first free flying “mission” with CAP today. It wasn’t a lot it was a short 20min flight from Chandler to Deer Valley airport and back. I shared the flight with 2 others so I only flew on the way back. All the pics I took from the back seat on the…
[Video] Chandler to Payson, AZ
Jul 28, 2009
This is my new DIY camera clip that I made to hold my my camera and clip it to the dash board. I drilled a hole in the top and put a screw in there it worked pretty well. As you can tell from the video. Went to Payson, AZ to take some pics of a train set…
[Video] Safety Pilot
Jul 2, 2009
I went Flying with David, from the Phoenix Pilot Group meetup, who needed to do some instrument approaches to stay IFR current. You don’t need a instructor to do this just another pilot. He had a great just over 10 year old Bonanza in great shape and flew…
[Video] Sells, AZ E78 airport
May 11, 2009
I Flew to Sells, AZ today. I love finding and going to new airports. This one is a smaller airport with tight runway with cracks in the pavement lined with bushes and trees. I had never landed with trees so close to the runway it was a neat new…
[Video] Cactus Fly-in
Mar 7, 2009
This is the first Fly-in that I flew in to. Super fun!