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121 - Help Us Impress Joe’s Mother with Joe Navarro
Sep 10 • 46 min
On This Episode We Discuss: Why do we do anything? The next project Joe is working on SEVillage Orlando 2020 preview and what Joe’s talk will be about Joe coming to the country, not knowing any English, and how this shaped his reliance on non-verbals The…
120 – Sizing People Up - LIVE AT DEF CON 27 with Robin Dreeke
Aug 18 • 69 min
On This Episode We Discuss: Robin’s book Sizing People Up Why trust is ultimately what matters Why you need to make every statement about the other person Why we always act in our best interest and understanding what that means for others How you can use…
119 – Laughing Your Way To Success with Stephanie Paul
Jul 8 • 50 min
Our Guest Stephanie Paul On This Episode We Discuss: Who Stephanie is and what she does How Stephanie produced, cast, and directed the launch of the Calvin Klein CK1 Fragrance in New Zealand at age 21 Stephanie’s acting role in the film Iron Sky How…
118 - Can I Scare You Into Being Secure With Dr. Jessica Barker
Jun 10 • 44 min
Dr. Jessica Barker runs a cyber security consultancy and, with a background in sociology, specializes in the human side of cyber security. She is especially interested in attitudes and behaviors in relation to cyber security, and her work is focused on…
117 – Fixing marriages, teenagers and saving hostages with Chris Voss
May 6 • 38 min
IChris Voss is an author, and professor. His is also a former FBI hostage negotiator, the CEO of The Black Swan Group Ltd, and co-author of the book, Never Split the Difference. Chris discusses: What are negotiation skills? How are they useful in every…
116 – Building a C.A.L.M Narrator With Gregg Henriques
Apr 8 • 53 min
Gregg Henriques is a psychologist and professor with expertise in depression, suicide and personality disorders. He developed a new theoretical system for psychology and joins us today to share it with us. As we discuss his theory we will talk about: His…
115 - Leading Everyone like Dogs with Chase Hughes
Mar 11 • 50 min
Chase Hughes is an ex-military Chief that wanted to learn how to better the study of influence. He wanted to see if he could teach anyone to use these skills fast and with precision. Join us this month as we discuss this very topic with Chase and try to…
114 – Finding Love with Whitney Merrill
Feb 10 • 58 min
Whitney Merrill is a privacy attorney, worked with the EFF and runs the Crypto and runs the Crypto Privacy Village at DEF CON. (See a pattern yet?) This month we have a very fun and lighthearted chat with Whitney about things like: Is it possible to…
Ep 113 - Nutrition Facts for Online Information with Clint Watts
Jan 14 • 52 min
Join us with our guest Clint Watts as we ask questions about: Misinformation campaigns and their success. How is misinformation used? Why is it so powerful? How can we be safe from falling victim? So much more Clint can be followed on his Twitter Account…
112 - Catching Spies and Paying Parking Tickets with Joe Navarro
Dec 10, 2018 • 56 min
Joe Navarro immigrated to American not knowing any English. How did this mold and shape him to become one of the most well known FBI agents and now one of the world’s leading expert’s in body language? Join us in this discussion to find out: Why did he…
111 – Crypto AI Blockchain Smoothies at Walmart with Nick Furneaux
Nov 12, 2018 • 59 min
Did you know that Walmart sells smoothies? Well we didn’t either (and we still don’t think they do), but this smooth talking Brit will have all of you driving to your local walmart ordering a Crypto AI Blockchain smoothie from Walmart before you are done…
110 – From SECTF to Pro SE with Whitney and Rachel
Oct 8, 2018 • 63 min
So many times we get asked how can you become a professional social engineer. This month we talk to two amazing women who where never in the industry, took a huge risk and it paid off. These two wonderful personify doing things ethically, honestly and…
109 – Do You Remember a Jennifer with Ian Rowland
Sep 10, 2018 • 54 min
I sense there is something important in your life? Something that you will be listening to shortly that will change the way you view… everything. Ian Rowland is a renowned expert into cold reading. In his book, “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading”, Ian…
108 - Neil Fallon Is My Tech Support
Aug 13, 2018 • 73 min
It might not come as a shock to you that we here at SEORG love Neil Fallon and Clutch. Having Neil out at DEF CON was an amazing experience. After 4 long days at DEF CON we hosted our annual live podcast for Episode 108. Join us as: Neil fixes Chris’…
107 – All Your Bias Are Belong to Us with Paolo Gaudiano
Jul 9, 2018 • 61 min
Paolo Gaudiano has more than 25 years of interdisciplinary research, teaching, entrepreneurship, consulting, public speaking and writing experience. He recently embarked on a mission to use everything he has learned to revolutionize the way people think…
106 – Going Between the Dog and the Wolf with Amy Herman
Jun 11, 2018 • 62 min
Join us as we have a fascinating conversation with Amy Herman about: Biases - are they useful? How can we recognize biases and they use them? What does it mean to be the dog? What does it mean to be the wolf? Can you ride a dolphin, wolf hybrid through…
105 – Networking is a Bad Word with Jordan Harbinger
May 14, 2018 • 67 min
Jordan Harbinger, formally from the Art of Charm, now hosts a new show called - The Jordan Harbinger Show. As a long time friend of the SEPodcast we wanted to discuss how Jordan restarted his life after parting ways with AOC. Instead our conversation took…
104 - Having the Courage To Create a Tribe with Dov Baron
Apr 9, 2018 • 66 min
How important is fitting into a tribe? Can you create a new tribe? If you do, will you be all alone? This month’s guest, the fascinating Dov Baron, explores these questions and more. You can find Dov on his website at: You…
103 - How To Be A Good Parent With Michael Bazzell
Mar 12, 2018 • 53 min
Michael Bazzell spent 18 years as a government computer crime investigator. During the majority of that time, he was assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force where he focused on open source intelligence, hacking cases, and personal data removal…
102 - Penning the Future with JJ Green
Feb 12, 2018 • 52 min
JJ Green just wants to share the story. With over 25 years of journalistic travel into 51 countries he has witnessed conflicts, disasters and political struggles that have shaped our world today. Join the Panel this month of: humanhacker, hackingdave,…
101: Flash Bangs: The Reformation of an Social Engineer
Jan 8, 2018 • 44 min
Eric TaylorEric Taylor, aka CosmoTheGod, formerly of UGNazi has been caught arrested and now reforming his past ways turn his skills to the good. Join us as we talk to Eric about: How did you stop the Kansas City Swatter? How did you get into hacking and…
100 - Sky Robots vs War Apes with Lucky Yates
Dec 11, 2017 • 76 min
Lucky Yates is an actor and writer, known for Archer (2009), The American Shame (2001) and American Dirtbags (2015). Lucky is a hilarious guest that entertained us and we got to discuss some really interesting topics: What is a war ape and a sky robot?…
099 - In Robin Dreeke we Trust
Nov 12, 2017 • 52 min
Robin’s first book changed many of us and our ability to build rapport. But how do you make those skills advanced? That is what Robin covers in his new book. Join us as we discuss: How do you use trust after rapport? Why is trust so important to building…
098 - Winning the SECTF with Chris & Rachel
Oct 9, 2017 • 54 min
Chris Kirsch, the 1st place winner of the SECTF, is a returning competitor that came back to prove to himself how and why he CAN win this competition after his previous attempt was …um… not so great. Rachel Tobac is our scariest competitor but also one of…
097 – Getting Psyched with Dan McGinn
Sep 11, 2017 • 48 min
Dan McGinn is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review and the author of “Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed.” He discusses: How Does Psyching yourself help help? Tips and Tricks for mental motivation How to use these…
Ep 096 - TKO Your Amygdala with Tim Larkin
Aug 14, 2017 • 53 min
Tim Larkin joined us LIVE at DEF CON 25 to be part of the SEPodcast Crew and discuss the importance of situational awareness. Tim has an extensive background in working with people all over the globe in helping them stay safe.
Ep 095 - Spies Like Us: From Standup to the CIA
Jul 10, 2017 • 58 min
Emily Brandwin may be one of the funniest guests we have had on the show. She is an ex-CIA agent, ex-Stand up comic, present day comedy writer. No, we are serious. You will enjoy this conversation where: We find out how a haiku landed her in the CIA? Why…
Ep 094 - The Art of Charm Imitates Life
Jun 12, 2017 • 57 min
Join us this month with our long time friend, Jordan Harbinger. Jordan comes back to the SEPodcast to discuss a few important topics with us: How is marriage treating him? How has The Art of Charm changed over the years? How did he even start The Art of…
093 - How Diet Pepsi Almost Landed Jayson Street In a Lebanese Prison
May 8, 2017 • 61 min
Jayson E. Street is an author of “Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network” from Syngress and creator of He has also spoken at DEFCON, DerbyCon, UCON and at several other ‘CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security…
092 - The Trouble With Dating Michael Bazzell
Apr 9, 2017 • 57 min
Michael Bazzell spent 18 years as a government computer crime investigator. During the majority of that time, he was assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force where he focused on computer crime investigations and OSINT. He has trained thousands of…
091 - Picture This: Framing in (Virtual) Reality
Mar 12, 2017 • 58 min
A microbiologist turned producer, Whitney has produced commercials, pilots, feature films, and internet series for major corporations including SyFy, Verizon, The Travel Channel, Comedy Central, Machinima, and CBS. She was a member of the Academy Award…
090 - Pro-tips on becoming a professional social engineer
Feb 13, 2017 • 66 min
The single most asked question is “What do I need to do to be a professional social engineer?” Folks who had almost no SE experience before working with SECOM and now lead the market in all things SE. Enjoy our new format while we talk about these topics:…
089 - An Illusion of Unique Vulnerability
Jan 9, 2017 • 74 min
Our guest, Dr. Brad Sagarin, professor of psychology at Northern Illinois university has studied and researched about how to combat the negative side of influence. We have a very lively discussion (yes, Dave is at this one) about: What is influence? Can…
088 - Wisdom alone is not enough
Dec 12, 2016 • 79 min
aul Asadorian from Security Weekly,, joins us to discuss some pretty important topics. Things like: What is up with Apple and the new CrapBook? Why does Dave plays Hornsby so much? Will SE be a huge vector in 2017? What are the…
087 - ‘We’ as in ‘you’ - how pronouns make you look
Nov 14, 2016 • 62 min
Author, teacher, researcher and psychologist - Dr. Pennebaker is one interesting man. He has not only performed some fascinated research but he built tools around his research and then released them free to the world. This podcast we have a chance to ask…
086 - But wait, there’s more! - with Dr. Cialdini
Oct 10, 2016 • 57 min
This month we get a chance to talk to Bob (He wouldn’t let us call him Dr. Cialdini) about: How he got started in his career path? Was he really about to enter pro baseball? What does he think the difference between influence and manipulation is? Can 5…
085 - A Psychologists View of Security for the Digital Age
Sep 11, 2016 • 54 min
Over the past 15 years, she has been researching the human-centred aspects of security, privacy, identity and trust. Angela discusses some fascinating topics with us based on research she has done into things like: Analyzing employee behaviors for…
084 - Live From DEF CON 24 - Chipped and Pinned
Aug 10, 2016 • 61 min
The annual live podcast from DEF CON was an amazing show this year. Michele gets bio hacked live, Chris almost passes out and the crowd wonders where is the SE in the SEPodcast gone?
083 - Obviously the best podcast ever with Amy Herman
Jul 11, 2016 • 55 min
Amy Herman, JD, MA, designed, developed and conducts all sessions of the The Art of Perception. In addition to be an author of an amazing book, “Visual Intelligence.” She joins us this month for one of the best SEPodcast’s ever. We will discuss: What is…
082 - Hide and Seek with Michael and Justin
Jun 12, 2016 • 57 min
You have heard us talk about social engineering in every light possible as an attacker, now we invited two guests, experts in disinformation and and playing Internet hide and seek to help us see if we can use SE to HIDE from anyone. Check out Michael at…
081 - How creepy are you?
May 9, 2016 • 55 min
Frank McAndrew is the Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology at Knox College. He is a social psychologist with interests in environmental and evolutionary psychology, and his research is guided by the simple desire to understand the psychology of…
080 - The Aftermath: How our hack affected Kevin Roose
Apr 10, 2016 • 55 min
Kevin Roose is a business and technology writer for New York magazine and the Daily Intelligencer blog. He has written several books too. In 2015, Kevin asked Chris and his team of expert social engineers to hack him. There was no restrictions - phishing,…
079 - Overcoming obstacles by staying present
Mar 14, 2016 • 43 min
What would you do if you were in a car accident that lowered your IQ and then had doctors basically tell you to throw in the towel? Would you listen or would you fake it till you make and stay present? Find out what the truly inspirational Amy Cuddy did.…
078 - Curiosity, Trust and Getting Zen with Robin Dreeke
Feb 8, 2016 • 48 min
Join us for another amazing episode with one of our favorite guests Robin Dreeke. He helps us with: Building on the 10 steps to rapport How do we apply the 5 steps to trust? Can this really make you more zen? What is the name of his new book? What is…
077 - Neil Fallon is Watching You!
Jan 10, 2016 • 53 min
Ok so if you haven’t heard of Clutch you just have been living under a rock… but if you have come out to listen to this podcast today is your special day… Meet Neil Fallon, leader singer, poet and scotch lover… oh yah and chances are if you go to one of…
076 - Putting the SE into Star Wars
Dec 14, 2015 • 77 min
Dec 18th Star Wars debuts its Episode VII!! And while all of geekdom is getting ready, is there Social Engineering Elements to Star Wars? Join us with our guest Dr. Travis Langley, a psychologist who studies Star Wars characters for the answer! …. Dec 14,…
075 - Scam Schooling The Social Engineer
Nov 9, 2015 • 71 min
If you took 10 billion parts high energy, 10 billion parts social engineer and 10 billion parts raw awesome and blended them together, poured them in a mold and let them gel it would come out this month’s guest. Brian Brushwood is all that and more….. Nov…
074 - Sounds like Phishy Business to Me
Oct 12, 2015 • 67 min
Phishing is the number one security threat to organizations around the globe. Yet only a fraction of the companies that control our services, infrastructure and resources are educating their people how to combat this threat. Why? Lets discuss with Mark…
073 - How to win the SECTF with Jen and Jon
Sep 14, 2015 • 77 min
Another amazing year at DEF CON and the women have again dominated the SECTF. Join us with our first and second place winners, Jen and Jon, to discuss strategy and how to win…. Sept 14, 2015
072 - Live From DEF CON 23 with R. Paul Wilson
Aug 10, 2015 • 91 min
R. Paul Wilson is a good friend and we have been following his work for year. This year he flies all the way to Vegas to join us for the podcast…. Aug 10, 2015
071 – Don’t Scan Me Bro! Fun with HD Moore
Jul 13, 2015 • 83 min
70 months is a long time, wouldn’t you agree? Well after 70 months we have managed to get HD Moore on our podcast and what a treat it is for all you listeners… you won’t want to miss this one…. July 13, 2015
070 – Thinking With Out A Box
Jun 8, 2015 • 71 min
Can you remember episode 07? Our amazing guest, Dr. Ellen Langer, is back now on episode 70! Mindfulness, the effects of it on decision making and so much more…. From Podcast 07 to Podcast 70, Dr. Langer hasn’t lost a beat and she continues to impress us,…
069 – Putting the Psych into PSYOP
May 11, 2015 • 73 min
PSYOP, or psychological operations, is a fascinating topic that we will be delving into with our guest, Jimmy Do. May 11, 2015
068 - Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Identification Through Writing Style
Apr 13, 2015 • 58 min
Did you know that the unique little errors and style you have in writing can pinpoint you like a fingerprint, even in your anonymous online posts? Join us as we discuss this exciting topic with Sadia Afroz. April 13, 2015
067 – Getting Physical With Deviant Ollam
Mar 9, 2015 • 61 min
How important is physical security to your overall security posture? Should security people really know how to pick locks and hack elevators? Join the SEORG Podcast panel with our guest Deviant Ollam to discuss these very important topics.
066 – Into The Breach
Feb 9, 2015 • 56 min
Our anonymous guest joins us this month from one of the companies that was breached in the last year. He discusses what we all can learn and how to stay safe and what to do to avoid being the next headline. Feb 09, 2015
065 - 2015 - The Future of Security and Social Engineering
Jan 11, 2015 • 58 min
The Social Engineer Podcast crew comes back together to discuss 2015 and what we can expect to see in the world of Social Engineering and Security. Jan 12, 2015
064 – The Official John Mcafee - Social Engineer
Dec 7, 2014 • 64 min
John Mcafee has certainly been in the news over the last year or two. Now he joins the Social-Engineer Podcast crew and discusses his thoughts on social engineering and how he used it in Belize. Dec 8, 2014
063 – Winning the SECTF - The Schmooze Operators
Nov 9, 2014 • 48 min
Each year the SECTF at DEF CON grows in popularity and this past year was no different. Join us with the dynamic duo that won DEF CON 22’s SECTF competition - The Schmooze Operators Nov 10, 2014
062 - Propaganda, Influence and the Social Engineer
Oct 12, 2014 • 58 min
Jorina von Zimmermann graduated from University College London (UCL) with a Master degree in Social Cognition in 2012. A year later she started her PhD in the department of Experimental Psychology at UCL to investigate group behaviour. She joins us to…
061 –Krebs on Social-Engineer.Org
Sep 7, 2014 • 65 min
Join the SEORG Podcast crew as we are joined by Brian Krebs to discuss the most cutting edge breaches in the news today.
060 –Live From DEF CON 22 with Johnny Long
Aug 11, 2014 • 79 min
DEF CON 22 was an amazing year for us… 5 year anniversary, a packed house and Johnny Long… what more can we say.
059 – Legal Stalking and Other Scary Tales from Michael Bazzell
Jul 13, 2014 • 74 min
Information is the life blood of the social engineer. Knowing how to obtain, locate, catalog and use all the info and their resources can be a daunting job. Our guest this month, Michael Bazzell, has made a career out of it. July 14, 2014 - See more at:…
058 - How to Control Your Self Control
Jun 8, 2014 • 66 min
Self control is one thing we know little about, but thanks to new research we are understanding more of what it is and how we can control our self control. Join the SEPodcast crew while they chat with Dr. Inzlicht as we discuss this fascinating topic.
057 - Looking To The Horizon For the Next Challenge
May 11, 2014 • 46 min
Join the SEORG Podcast crew and one of our favorite guests, Dr. Paul Ekman again this month to discuss his new research into mapping human emotions. In addition, his research into compassion and understanding how emotions play a role in behavior. Released…
056 - Environmental Control and the Social Engineer
Apr 14, 2014 • 57 min
We met Calvin at RSA in San Francisco, where he amazed us with a cold reading, mind reading, environmental control illusion that made us NEED to interview him. Join us in a fascinating conversation with him. April 14th, 2014
055 - Learning to Notice What You See
Mar 10, 2014 • 55 min
Nonverbal communication is a pretty hot topic lately, especially with the release of Chris’ newest book. This month we invite Paul Kelly, the technical editor of that book, friend and Ekman Group’s main trainer to the podcast. Mar 10, 2014
054 - Social Engineer Media
Feb 10, 2014 • 66 min
White Canvas group is a small collection of social media geniuses. We are talking with their front man, Chris Dufour about how social media is being and can be engineered for the good, the bad and the ugly. Feb 10, 2014
053 - The RSA, The NSA and InfoSec
Jan 13, 2014 • 70 min
This month the panel and crew you know and love (well we hope) is banging our heads together to discuss the topic of the RSA and the NSA. While we can’t know for sure what is true or not, should we boycott the RSA Conference? Should we boycott the…
052 - Social-Engineering and the Future of Info-Sec
Dec 9, 2013 • 49 min
Join the Social-Engineer Podcast Crew with our guest, the interesting and eclectic, Richard Thieme as we discuss the very fabric of info sec and how social engineering will change in the future.
051 - Using Positive Framing as a Social Engineering Tool
Nov 11, 2013 • 81 min
This month we talk to a conflict resolution expert that believes that any conflict can be resolved in a peaceful and positive manner. He uses affirmation and positive methods to bring out the best for all involved. Join us and our guest Joe Weston in an…
050 - Self-Help Tips for the Social Engineer
Oct 14, 2013 • 69 min
Join us as we discuss the idea of self framing with a very successful counselor who has devoted her life to helping children learn how to re-frame and cope with terrible circumstances in life. Elizabeth Tracy joins the cast of the Social-Engineer Podcast…
049 - Neil Fallon, Olfactory and Social Engineering
Sep 9, 2013 • 91 min
If you haven’t heard of Clutch then shame on you. One of the best rock bands around. With deep lyrics, a strong family sense for the band and some of the most interesting methods for framing himself we have a great discussion with Clutch frontman, Neil…
048 - The First Woman Winner of the SECTF - DEF CON 21
Aug 12, 2013 • 76 min
The Social-Engineer Capture the Flag has been a staple of DEF CON for 5 years. For 5 years we have looked for a woman to challenge the men. We have found her - enter Lilly. She came down upon the SECTF with a vengance and not only won, but won by over…
047 - Is that a phish in your mouth or you just happy to see me?
Jul 7, 2013 • 79 min
Being a stand up comic is a hard job, and full of Social Engineering Goodness. Being a magician in Vegas is just as hard. What if you were both? Our guest Mac King is just that combination, join us for a delightful, blood filled conversation. July 8 2013
046 - My mind is made up, Don’t confuse me with facts
Jun 9, 2013 • 87 min
Back in the late 1960’s one teacher dared to stand up and teach children a powerful lesson in prejudice. That lesson has implications for us today. Join us as we interview world renowned teacher, Jane Elliot. June 10 2013
045 - Negotiation Skills Applied to Social Engineering
May 13, 2013 • 97 min
Negotiation skills - how closely do they mirror Social Engineering? Join us and our guest, Jenny “The Radcliffe” Radcliffe as we discuss these topics
044 - Do you trust me?
Apr 9, 2013 • 76 min
Trust. It is the foundation that every relationship must have to succeed. Our guest Dr. Paul Zak spent many years studying trust. Join us as he answers questions like: What is trust? What chemical creates trust? How can you make someone ooze with that…
043b - SPECIAL - Employee Security: Should we Educate or Ignore
Mar 20, 2013 • 34 min
We don’t do it often… but when a topic so fitting comes up we just get together and chat about it. Yesterday a well known author wrote an article that stated basically “security gets in the way of having fun on the Internet”. This topic is close to us as…
043 Social Engineering without a pretext
Mar 11, 2013 • 77 min
Join us with Seena Sharp of Sharp Marketing as she helps us understand if it possible to social engineer with out the use of pretexting. She is the author of the book “Competitive Intelligence Advantage” She answers questions like: What type of…
042 - Thank you for Social Engineering Me!
Feb 17, 2013 • 76 min
Imagine having the power to not only social engineer anyone into giving over information with out hesitation but actually being happy for having done it? Our long time friend and podcast guest, Robin Dreeke talks about context framing and how we use it to…
041 - Framing Your Life and Becoming Inspirational
Jan 14, 2013 • 81 min
Framing is one topic that can make or break the success of a social engineer. What if you could harness the power to reframe yourself to become anything despite any obstacle? Christine Ha is this months guest and she is truly a success story, an…
040 - Putting the Psycho in Social Engineering
Dec 11, 2012 • 77 min
As social engineers we don’t often have to deal with the negative aspects of psychology, but this month we do. Retired FBI Profiler and international trainer and speaker, Mary Ellen O’Toole joins us to discuss identifying psychopaths and much much more.
039 - Information Gathering on Steroids
Nov 11, 2012 • 90 min
Our guest this week is notorious forensics guru from the UK, Nick Furneaux. Nick discusses with us the magic of API manipulation. He gave us some free “posh” tips for making websites dump the data we want as social engineers. Follow Nick on his twitter…
038 - Live from DerbyCon 2012
Oct 14, 2012 • 92 min
DerbyCon V2.0 was an epic con. The team was all present to share if a few firsts - and our first live podcast from DerbyCon… Check it out Date Oct 15, 2012
037 - “Trust Me I’m Lying” An Interview with Ryan Holiday
Sep 9, 2012 • 85 min
Media Manipulation. What Is it? How does it work? Can you really make people see, buy and read things? Ryan is an experienced and talented media manipulator.
036 - LIVE From Defcon 20: Social-Engineer Anniversary
Jul 31, 2012 • 82 min
3 years - wow. A truly humbling journey its been. 3 years we have spent researching, dissecting and analyzing all manner of human influence. With the most successful SECTF to date, we celebrate our 36th in style - AT DEFCON 20. The panel has changed (we…
035 - Mastering Elicitation with John Nolan
Jun 9, 2012 • 110 min
The art of obtaining information without ever asking a question, known as elicitation, is a skill that can make you a master social engineer. Join us as we talk with author and expert on this topic, John Nolan. Date June 11, 2012
034 - Beating the Polygraph - Social Engineer Style
May 14, 2012 • 119 min
Can the polygraph be beaten? How can a social engineer utilize non-verbal communication to become an professional interviewer? Join us with our guest Mike Liwiki, an FBI veteran and professional Polygraph examiner as we answer these questions. Date May 14…
033 - Hacking Human Behavior
Apr 8, 2012 • 88 min
Hackers are people who like to understand the deeper things in life. Those who aren’t satisfied with boundaries or being told how to think or what to do. Our guest this month is a true “hacker”, Josh Klein. Join us as we discuss what is hacking this…
032 - Non-Verbal Human Hacking
Mar 11, 2012 • 125 min
Emotions cause an involuntary muscular response that last only 1/25th of second to 1 sec on a human face. Being able to decode these reactions can help a person communicate on a very deep and personal level. But how can they be used as a social engineer?…
031 - Profiling People with Social Media
Feb 13, 2012 • 106 min
Being able to build a successful profile is an essential tool for a social engineer. There are tools out there that specialize in gathering and detailing information on targets. What about social media? Chris Sumner helps us to use social media to build…
029 - Force Multipliers in Modern Social Engineering
Dec 11, 2011 • 94 min
What can you do if a loved one was kidnapped and the government couldn’t help? The Halo Corp is a group of ex-Military commando’s that specialize in rescuing and recovering of people in very dangerous circumstances. We invited Brad Barker, the CEO of The…
028 – Getting Physical With Social Engineering
Nov 13, 2011 • 98 min
Physical Social Engineering is a very interesting topic. Although it is the easiest method into a company it is also the hardest type of pentest to sell to clients. We discuss this topic with two experienced and professional physical social engineers,…
027 - No Hype NLP for Social Engineers
Oct 10, 2011 • 125 min
NLP is a subject of much debate in the security world as well in the science community. This podcast we delve deep into the top… dissecting what NLP is, how it is used in daily life, in the medical field, for therapy and of course, how it can be used by…
026 - Kevin Mitnick - Raw, Uncensored and Uncut
Sep 12, 2011 • 123 min
Probably no other name is thought of more when people talk about social engineering than Kevin Mitnick. Kevin’s new book, “Ghost in the Wires” is now on the New York Times Best Seller list and there is a lot of comments, debates and opinions about Kevin…
025 - Social-Engineer.Org Live at Defcon 19
Aug 14, 2011 • 113 min
Our live podcast from Defcon 19
024 - The Authors of Metasploit: A Penetration Testers Guide
Jul 12, 2011 • 90 min
Our guests this month are people you all know and love… but this time we talk to Muts, Jim, Dookie… oh and Dave (and a special GUEST) about the release of their book, Metasploit: A Penetration Testers Guide in this first interview with the crew about…
023 - Social Engineer Yourself Into Rational Thought
Jun 12, 2011 • 97 min
Our guest Dan Airely is a behavioral economist. He is a renowned author and speaker on the topics of Predictable Irrationality.