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838 - Jennifer Jason Leigh
Aug 17 • 71 min
Jennifer Jason Leigh is in the garage with Marc to talk about her career in film, television and theater.
837 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar / Phil Stutz
Aug 14 • 93 min
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks with Marc about society and culture in Trump’s America. Plus, therapist Phil Stutz returns to the garage.
836 - Mike MacDonald / Jon Ronson
Aug 10 • 98 min
Canadian comic Mike MacDonald survived four decades in comedy and a liver transplant to make it to the garage. Also, writer Jon Ronson returns.
835 - The Lucas Brothers
Aug 7 • 91 min
Identical twins Kenny and Keith Lucas join Marc in the garage to talk about brotherhood, philosophy and comedy.
834 - Rory Scovel / Maz Jobrani
Aug 3 • 100 min
Comedian Rory Scovel stops by for a full chat with Marc in the garage. Also, Maz Jobrani is back to talk about being a comedian and immigrant in Trump’s America.
833 - Al Gore
Jul 31 • 78 min
Former Vice President Al Gore joins Marc in the garage to talk about climate, politics, journalism, and hope.
832 - David Alan Grier / Joe Mande
Jul 27 • 103 min
Marc talks with actor David Alan Grier and comedian Joe Mande.
831 - Randy Newman
Jul 24 • 97 min
Marc believes - and many agree with him - that Randy Newman is an American genius. One person who’s not so sure is Randy himself who, after half a century as a recording artist, 13 solo albums, 23 soundtracks, six Grammys, two Oscars and…
830 - David Remnick
Jul 20 • 76 min
David Remnick is a seasoned journalist, an accomplished writer and a proud amateur guitar player. But he’s also the gatekeeper of an American institution as editor of The New Yorker. Marc and David talk about the versatility of The New Yorker’s…
829 - Edie Falco
Jul 17 • 88 min
With indelible roles in shows like The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie and Horace and Pete, a lot of people feel like they know Edie Falco very well, even though they only know her characters. Edie helps Marc dispel some of these preconceived notions by…
828 - Keb’ Mo’ & Taj Mahal
Jul 13 • 78 min
Blues legends Keb’ Mo’ and Taj Mahal are distinctly different individuals. One grew up in Compton, California, the other grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. One was raised on Caribbean music, the other got schooled in the Southern Blues. One is…
827 - GLOW Writers & Creators
Jul 10 • 85 min
Give a listen to how the sausage of television gets made as Marc talks with the creative team behind the show GLOW. First, hear about the process of scripting a season of television as a group from the show’s writers, Rachel Shukert, Nick Jones…
826 - Jeff Baena / Dave Anthony
Jul 6 • 96 min
Filmmaker Jeff Baena was always into movies that didn’t fit into easy categories. He tells Marc about having his mind blown at an early age thanks to directors like Kubrick and Fellini, which helps explain how Jeff could wind up writing a…
825 - Kia Stevens / Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Jul 3 • 108 min
It’s a tag team match with two of Marc’s GLOW colleagues. First, Chavo Guerrero Jr. stops by to tell Marc what it’s like to be part of a wrestling dynasty and how he put his lifetime of experience to use as the behind-the-scenes trainer on GLOW….
824 - Jason Mantzoukas
Jun 29 • 104 min
Jason Mantzoukas is a great improvisational comedian, which you would know from seeing him in shows like The League, on podcasts like How Did This Get Made? and in movies like The House. As he explains to Marc, it was only after undertaking a global…
823 - Jenji Kohan
Jun 26 • 95 min
Even when she was in school, Jenji Kohan didn’t like being told what she couldn’t do. So it makes sense that after she was told there was no chance she’d ever get on a TV writing staff, Jenji would make the hit shows Weeds, Orange is the New…
822 - Sofia Coppola
Jun 22 • 71 min
Despite a surname that is practically synonymous with modern American cinema, Sofia Coppola didn’t want to be a film director. She tells Marc about her early career ambitions and how they inevitably led her into the family business. The two of them…
NEW SERIES! Classic Showbiz with Kliph Nesteroff
Jun 21 • 27 min
Marc presents a new podcast mini-series chronicling the seedy underbelly, forgotten heroes, and subversive oddballs of comedy history. Today’s episode: The Hood, The Schmuck & Miss New Jersey Legs. Find out what happened to Allan…
821 - Alison Brie & Betty Gilpin
Jun 19 • 69 min
Marc sits down with his coworkers Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin to take stock of the time they spent shooting the first season of the new Netflix series GLOW and to learn a bit more about each other now that they’re not in character anymore. They…
820 - Kumail Nanjiani & Emily Gordon / Jim Florentine
Jun 15 • 87 min
Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon are married. They also wrote the movie The Big Sick, which is based on their lives and in which Kumail plays himself. Marc also wrote an episode of television that was based on Kumail, only Kumail did not play himself….
819 - Ariel Leve / Wheeler Walker, Jr.
Jun 12 • 95 min
When Marc crossed paths with writer Ariel Leve back in the ’90s, she was working at MTV and on the verge of making a splash as a print journalist. Ariel didn’t know she would soon uncover the trauma inflicted by her gaslighting mother. As Ariel…
818 - Mark Mulcahy / Phil Elverum
Jun 8 • 109 min
It’s a doubleheader of singer-songwriters who are separated by several years but tied together by similar tragedies that reshaped their lives and their art. First, Phil Elverum of The Microphones and Mount Eerie tells Marc why he urgently…
817 - Lesley Stahl / Demetri Martin
Jun 5 • 103 min
Marc interviews an interviewer when Lesley Stahl spends 60 minutes in the garage. The veteran journalist tells Marc what it was like to cover Watergate, interview U.S. Presidents, report on the struggles of real people, confront the changing…
816 - Senator Al Franken
Jun 1 • 91 min
Marc travels to Washington, DC for a conversation with his old radio co-worker who now happens to be a United States Senator. Al Franken takes Marc through his start in comedy with Tom Davis, his fifteen years at SNL and his emergence…
815 - Jake Fogelnest / Ron Funches
May 29 • 98 min
Jake Fogelnest was a teenager with a public access show who was thrust into a high-profile MTV gig and before too long was in rehab for drug addiction. Now Jake’s a successful writer and show runner but it all started out…
814 - Danny Fields / J Mascis
May 25 • 99 min
Danny Fields is a music manager, a publicist, a magazine editor, a writer, and a conduit to some of the greatest artists ever, including Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground, the Doors, the Ramones, and many others. Danny takes Marc through a his…
813 - Griffin Dunne / Bill Burr
May 22 • 92 min
Griffin Dunne caught the acting bug at a young age and had early success with movies like American Werewolf in London and After Hours. But tragedy struck when his career was ascendant and his whole family channeled grief into…
Chris Cornell from June 2014
May 18 • 63 min
From Episode 502, this is Marc’s conversation with Chris Cornell, musician, singer and songwriter from the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. Chris Cornell passed away on May 17, 2017.
812 - AJ Mendez Brooks / Fred Stoller
May 18 • 99 min
As AJ Lee, she was a larger than life superhero who won the WWE women’s wrestling championship three times. But as AJ Mendez Brooks, she spent most of her life coping with mental illness. AJ tells Marc why she decided to open up about her struggles…
811 - Joel Hodgson / Jonah Ray
May 15 • 107 min
Joel Hodgson took his Midwestern sensibility, his interest in theater of the absurd, his standup comedy experience, and his robot assembly skills, put them together and created the beloved comedy institution Mystery Science Theater 3000. Joel takes…
810 - Kevin Bacon
May 11 • 100 min
Kevin Bacon started his career with an awkward experience on the set of Animal House. Then his fear of becoming a major star after Footloose led him to self-sabotage. It wasn’t until he rejected Hollywood’s idea of being a leading man and…
809 - John Michael Higgins / Maria Bamford
May 8 • 101 min
John Michael Higgins is instantly familiar to audiences after seeing him in the Christopher Guest movies and Pitch Perfect and so many other films and TV shows. But he and Marc discover in the middle of their conversation that they actually…
808 - Wendi McLendon-Covey / Al Madrigal
May 4 • 98 min
Wendi McLendon-Covey may have found success with The Goldbergs and Bridesmaids but the Hollywood lifestyle was never her thing. As she tells Marc, Wendi lived at home with her parents until she was 26, worked at a hotel in Anaheim while she was…
807 - Mark Mothersbaugh
May 1 • 91 min
Although Mark Mothersbaugh co-founded Devo, he didn’t think it was a band at first. To Mark and his bandmates, Devo was an art movement. Mark sits down in the garage to talk about his upbringing in Akron, attending Kent State…
806 - Mark Lanegan / Mac DeMarco
Apr 27 • 95 min
Mark Lanegan is the soft-spoken elder statesman of the ’90s Seattle grunge scene. Marc Maron talks with the former frontman of Screaming Trees and finds out how Mark went on to collaborate with a wide variety of artists, from Guns N’ Roses…
805 - Walter Hill
Apr 24 • 105 min
Poor health kept Walter Hill out of the Army in the ’60s, but that twist of fate led him into filmmaking during the tumultuous end of that decade. Walter tells Marc about being there for the major shift in cinema during the ’70s, making his…
804 - Amanda Peet / W. Kamau Bell
Apr 20 • 100 min
Marc is a fan of Amanda Peet when she’s playing funny, quirky characters, like in Togetherness or Brockmire, and when she’s cold-hearted and mean, like in Changing Lanes or Syriana. He finds out in person if those two sides of Amanda come to…
803 - Baron Vaughn / Moshe Kasher
Apr 17 • 98 min
Baron Vaughn knows that growing up without a father and sharing a bunk bed with grandma can ignite the comedy spark. He tells Marc about being a latchkey kid watching cable TV and drawing inspiration from the black…
802 - Michael Chiklis / Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook
Apr 13 • 91 min
It turns out Michael Chiklis and Marc went to Boston University at the same time, but soon after school Michael got cast as John Belushi in the movie Wired, which almost ended his career on the spot. Michael talks about how he…
801 - Anne Hathaway / Aimee Mann
Apr 10 • 100 min
Marc tries not to fanboy out too much with Anne Hathaway in the garage. While he attempts to keep it together, they talk about her path from party girl to motherhood, the lessons gleaned from messed up relationships, dealing with the aggressive…
800 - Jeff Ross
Apr 6 • 102 min
For the 800th episode of WTF, Marc welcomes back the show’s very first guest, Jeff Ross. Just as WTF evolved since that first episode in 2009, Jeff evolved from the Roastmaster General to a comedian using his talent as a put-down artist in order…
799 - Jason Zinoman / Hank Azaria
Apr 3 • 101 min
New York Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman is the one person analyzing comedy from the most prominent journalistic platform in the world. So naturally Jason and Marc would want to talk about the nuts and bolts of creating…
798 - Paul Beatty / Jackie Kashian
Mar 30 • 95 min
Marc was blown away by author Paul Beatty’s celebrated novel The Sellout and wanted to know how a writer can turn a stew of ideas about identity, race, pride, language and representation into a provocative and hilarious book. Paul visits the…
797 - Paul Shaffer
Mar 27 • 88 min
Paul Shaffer takes Marc down the path that turned a piano-playing kid from Canada into a keyboard-for-hire who became the bandleader for the famous Toronto production of Godspell. And from there, the dominoes fell, as Paul joined the SNL…
796 - Reza Aslan
Mar 23 • 84 min
Religious scholar Reza Aslan has spent his life studying the facts and misconceptions about belief and the evolutionary reasons people need to believe in something larger than themselves. Beginning with his family fleeing a religious…
795 - Paul Rust / Dax Shepard
Mar 20 • 108 min
Actor and writer Paul Rust knew how to be funny as a kid growing up in Iowa and struggling with OCD. But he tells Marc it was his knack for taking intense, borderline-unspeakable risks on stage when he got to LA that caught the attention of…
794 - Louis Theroux
Mar 16 • 77 min
Filmmaker Louis Theroux once tried to make a documentary featuring Marc but he never used the footage. Marc’s been puzzled by that ever since, but when you look at the subjects of many Louis docs - addicts, criminals, hate mongers, pornographers -…
793 - Kevin Nealon
Mar 13 • 91 min
Kevin Nealon is trying a new approach to life in order to be less of a people pleaser and to allow himself some anger from time to time. But Kevin is able to keep that anger at bay while he tells Marc about heading to LA during the ’70s…
792 - Fred Melamed / Andy Kindler
Mar 9 • 104 min
Fred Melamed is instantly familiar, not only because of his scene-stealing performances in the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man and Maria Bamford’s Lady Dynamite, but because he is an indelible New York character. But that familiarity came with…
791 - Eugene Levy
Mar 6 • 87 min
Eugene Levy brings more than five decades of comedy history from north of the border into the garage. He tells Marc about his early days as a college student in Canada hanging out with Martin Short, Ivan Reitman, and Catherine O’Hara,…
790 - Jennifer Coolidge
Mar 2 • 86 min
Whether you see her in Christopher Guest’s movies or on 2 Broke Girls or as Stifler’s mom, Jennifer Coolidge is always a unique comic presence. She tells Marc how she put her wild New York City cocaine days behind her to come to LA and join the…
789 - Raoul Peck
Feb 27 • 89 min
Filmmaker Raoul Peck spent more than a decade putting together the documentary I Am Not Your Negro, a powerful film illuminating the words and life of writer and social critic James Baldwin. But as Marc learns in this conversation, Raoul’s…
788 - Norah Jones / Pete Holmes
Feb 23 • 93 min
Singer-songwriter Norah Jones can float between multiple genres of music with ease, whether its jazz or standards or country or acoustic pop. That’s not surprising when you consider how she was influenced by her Texas roots, her early piano playing,…
787 - Trae Crowder / Lena Dunham
Feb 20 • 91 min
Comedian Trae Crowder does not shy away from his Southern upbringing, in which he saw economic devastation and drug abuse lay waste to several generations around him. But in defiance of the stereotypes some might assign to him, Trae finds…
783 - Bill Paxton / Dylan Brody
Feb 6 • 101 min
If Bill Paxton hadn’t suffered from rheumatic fever when he was growing up in Texas, he might not be in show business. Bill tells Marc some great stories about some of his most memorable work in things like Weird Science, Aliens, Big Love and his…
Marc Spitz from January 2014
Feb 5 • 78 min
From Episode 466, this is Marc’s conversation with author, playwright and music journalist Marc Spitz, conducted in two parts. Marc Spitz passed away on February 4, 2017.
779 - Martin Landau
Jan 23 • 87 min
Martin Landau is an Oscar-winning actor with a lifetime of work on film, TV and stage. But he’s also one of the foremost educators on his craft. Martin takes Marc through his early days in New York City at The Actors Studio studying…
773 - Bruce Springsteen
Jan 2 • 75 min
Marc leaves the cozy confines of the garage and heads to New Jersey (where else?) to talk with The Boss. Just two Jersey guys hanging out, talking about dads, depression, fear, fulfillment and the future. Bruce tells Marc how and why he…
614 - The President Was Here
Jun 25, 2015 • 76 min
From the minute the Presidential motorcade pulled away, Marc began recording his reaction to the momentous event that just occurred in his garage. Hear Marc’s ongoing reflections in the aftermath as well as a discussion with WTF producer Brendan…
613 - President Barack Obama
Jun 22, 2015 • 67 min
Marc welcomes the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to the garage for conversation about college, fitting in, race relations, gun violence, changing the status quo, disappointing your fans, comedians, fatherhood and…