Friday Night Tracks

Friday Night Tracks
Unique undiscovered EDM, IDM & more.
FNT-201 The Headroom Era
Nov 9
New name, same game.
FNT-200 Sub Caesar
Sep 21
Is it the end of an era? The best of? A celebration? Why no it’s just a 5 hour long version of the same show as always. Thank you for all the support over this past decade. Here’s to another!
FNT-199 Dutch Angle On The Disk Jockey
Aug 24
Two initial packed hours leading up to a two hour guest mix from our friend Dubi. Lots of intricate IDM & downtempo. A good calm before the 200 storm.
FNT-198 Mosey With Purpose
Jul 27
A full studio and a full 4 hour episode. TCFox joins us for just over half before departing for a train, and s0ph0s joins us for the first time ever despite being deeply involved in our infrastructure. Good times :3.
FNT-197 Vinyl Snugs
Jun 22
A semi-extended groovy mix to celebrate finally having silent air conditioning.
FNT-196 Analog Checksum
May 11
Back on the air in our new studio, we playout an extended 4-hour show with plenty of eclectic summer feels.
FNT-195 Always Room Temperature
Feb 23
An extended season finale packed with groovy electro and a plethora of downtempo intricacy.
FNT-194 Subwoofer Groove
Jan 19
Lots of upbeat buzzy tunes with a big electro mix. We even played some glitchy trap for the first time!
FNT-193 Soapy Synths
Dec 22, 2017
Aura joins us this episode with some groovy tracks before the holidays.
FNT-192 Kbps
Nov 17, 2017
Stereo 44100hz 16bit PCM Signed Little Endian is 1411kbps, quite a bit more than 192kbps MP3! Let’s meet in the middle and go for a 320kbps version… *Fires up a LAME encoder.*
FNT-191 Backup Show Title
Oct 13, 2017
Alone in the studio with a rock solid track lineup. Can’t go wrong.
FNT-190 Anime Lo-Fi Aesthetic
Sep 1, 2017
A poppy start leads to a more intricate chill segment.
FNT-189 Post-Apocalyptic Jazz
Jul 14, 2017
Four hosts, a larger than average electro set and lots of densely packed uplifting tracks.
FNT-188 ADAT Dust
Jun 9, 2017
Two hosts, lots of groovy electro, deep house, psy, and a chillout ending.
FNT-187 Psydchain Compressor
Apr 28, 2017
Four people in the studio!
FNT-186 Noisegate SG-1
Apr 14, 2017
In a miraculous occurrence that surely had nothing to do with the date, two actual living breathing co-hosts joined us for an awesome 4-hour extended episode.
FNT-185 Ferromagnetic Failure
Mar 3, 2017
Our friend Takarias joins us for a four hour extended episode. From rock, to electro, to ambient, to psy… we got you covered.
FNT-184 Nothing Happened
Jan 20, 2017
Yep. Nothing at all. We did buy a house though.
FNT-183 Bedridden At A Paradise Beach Resort
Nov 25, 2016
Our New Zealand foxtaur friend joins us for this four hour extended episode. Lots of good vibes. :3
FNT-182 Snuggle Tax
Nov 4, 2016
A usual roundup of tracks but this time with extra DnB and Trance.
FNT-181 Wolf Over Waveform
Oct 7, 2016
Lots of flipping between traditional EDM and intricate indie stuff in this episode.
FNT-180 Breaker Dancing
Sep 2, 2016
So much for “4 hour extended.” This 5 hour episode is packed with loads of variety; From bangin’ electro, to IDM, to spoken word. With a power failure in the middle and lots of talking beds with our special guest, this episode is loaded, 66 tracks full.
FNT-179 ‘); DROP TABLE show_titles;–
Jul 29, 2016
Now that our list of show titles is out of the way you can get back to enjoying some awesome music. This week was a solo show, lots of mood setting. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go fire our web dev…
FNT-178 Quality Control
Jun 24, 2016
With a new audio interface and some fresh tracks we throw down a shorter than usual groove and have an extended talking bit near the end. See you all at AC next week!
FNT-177 Digital Chocolate
May 20, 2016
Quite a groovy episode! So groovy we’re posting it 10 minutes after it aired! Enjoy the awesome vibes while we cool off this boiling studio. 28°C sheesh.
FNT-176 Slow Motion Software Crash
Apr 22, 2016
A bit rough around the edges. It’s great when our playout software crashes four separate times throughout producing the show. Thanks playout software! In the meantime, enjoy some groovy tunes.
FNT-175 Leap Month
Mar 11, 2016
A fresh and eclectic mix including a live mix from our special guest Harke. Also, why does everyone keep asking us “what happened to February?” What’s Febuary?
FNT-174 Feets, Beats, and Eats
Jan 29, 2016
A good nerdy friend joins us this week for a massive electro house mix and lots of breaks.
FNT-173 360 No-Script
Dec 25, 2015
An up-beat holiday show! Don’t worry we didn’t play any [redacted] music.
FNT-172 Duelboot
Nov 27, 2015
Rehashed some classics and kept quite a 4x4 beat throughout this episode. If anything there’s good vibes but not much to make it unique.
FNT-171 Subfloofer
Oct 30, 2015
A unique kickoff followed by some groovy mixes and crazy psi.
FNT-170 FLAC In Bed
Oct 2, 2015
Another solo show. As the weather gets colder in the northern hemisphere we breakout the warm indie tunes to make up for it. Enjoy.
FNT-169 Warm Recovery
Sep 4, 2015
Wow a month and a half between shows. We’ve been busy! Luckily we’re back with new tracks and some good times to have. :3
FNT-168 The Redacted Mix
Jul 24, 2015
Sorry for the delay on posting this one! Other than ‘the redacted mix’ this episode has some great vibes, plus a second deep house mix later on. Enjoy!
FNT-167 Ethernet Cable Making Music
Jun 26, 2015
A bit wider of variety in this one. Good music for making ethernet cables to! Man Cat6a really makes your fingers bleed.
FNT-166 Overfloofed
Jun 12, 2015
Take two of an episode consisting of massive build-ups of grungy electro and then a massive downslide of intricate IDM. A stale but well flowing episode. Great if you’re in that mood.
FNT-165 Dank Fireflies
Apr 17, 2015
An exclusive pre-release, an electro mix and a long time missed guest. Enjoy!
FNT-164 Hung Like A Podcast
Apr 3, 2015
An interesting mix thanks to our guest kitty. This episode was fun to produce. Some bangin’ electro, groovy deep house and of course a round of intricate IDM and downtempo. Definitely a keeper.
FNT-163 Psy Guns
Mar 6, 2015
Our graphic designer joins us this week and brings along some indie tunes; Add that to a nice electro mix, lots of unique intricate stuff including an extended downtempo segment, some typical off kilter banter, and our metadata server in the studio dying…
FNT-162 Well Then
Feb 20, 2015
Well then. This was a fun episode to produce. Lots of upbeat for those who enjoy the upbeat, and lots of downtempo for those who enjoy downtempo. :3
FNT-161 Pizza Vore
Feb 6, 2015
It’s good to be back. Tons of new tunes, new vibes, and new guests ahead for this season. Speaking of guests, our good friend from Ireland joined us for this one. Welcome back everyone!
FNT-160 Journey To The Middle
Dec 19, 2014
The episode before the break. It was necessary. Less new, more random drops of great tracks in a not so great order. The individual vibes were good, the flow was not. That said, our guests were fantastic and the future is bright!
FNT-159 Brit Perfect
Dec 12, 2014
One of those “tonight will be a three hour show” that then turns into a four hour show, kinda shows. Seriously though this episode was a blast, especially with our token Doge guest Cueball. Enjoy this extended and fully packed episode!
FNT-158 I Was The Universe
Nov 21, 2014
“I was no-longer frightened of the universe, I WAS the universe.” Another fantastic and slightly extended episode this evening. With the town and city surrounding the studio’s location on lock-down from bad weather, the only thing left to do is kick off…
FNT-157 Freaks Have More Fun
Nov 8, 2014
Starting with some down in mood but up in energy, we pump out some new electro house and then get back to the relaxed but intricate.
FNT-156 Everything In Its Wrong Place
Oct 17, 2014
A fantastic mix from the happy up beat to the down beat & serious. A good source of content with some potentially bad cuing. What?
FNT-155 Content
Sep 19, 2014
Another episode with great music, though the flow was a bit more rough than last week. Some people like it rough. Do you?
FNT-154 Traditional Synthesizers
Sep 5, 2014
One of the best episodes in a while; packed with tons of goodies all over the spectrum. Thanks to all who joined live for the community experience, not to mention the bit-perfect FLAC stream. :3 Also thank you to several friends who provided me with some…
FNT-153 Gateway Failover
Aug 22, 2014
Another special solo show, this time with a lot more fresh stuff. :D Also some electro house and some bangin’ unique techno by the end.
FNT-152 Incidental Replica
Aug 8, 2014
Quite a different episode this week. First off this episode is only two hours and second off the music is quite a unique selection. While it’s not the best episode to start off on for anyone new, the usual fans might enjoy. Happy listening.
FNT-151 PostAmp
Jul 25, 2014
Bringing back the upbeat but keeping the intricate. Screw preamps those are so 21st century… It’s all about postamps now! :D
FNT-150 Bit-Perfect Intensifies
Jun 27, 2014
Well, somehow we made it to episode 150! Its the perfect time to announce our new FLAC live stream and bit-perfect studio. Despite some technical glitches getting off the ground, this episode has so much packed in without missing a single emotion. A nice…
FNT-149 Linear Phase Face
May 30, 2014
A more semi-unusual episode, trending away from big bangers (with some good electro still don’t worry) while diving into more experimental, down-tempo and IDM by the end.
FNT-148 Fundamental Frequency
May 16, 2014
The lowest frequency of a periodic podcast.
FNT-147 Haet
May 2, 2014
A simpler laid out show, a great mix in the middle. From high energy to low energy, a nice diagonal curve… for once. :3
FNT-146 Flossless
Apr 18, 2014
Flossless is a codec for flossless compression of digital teeth. A digital tooth compressed by Flosless’s algorithm can typically be reduced to 50–60% of its original plaque buildup and decompressed to an identical copy of the original tooth data.
FNT-145 Used Memories
Mar 21, 2014
There are repeats on this show, probably more than I’d like to admit, but this week, we play songs that have been played before… only once. That, some new treats added to that mix and some solo time with the chat room completes this week.
FNT-144 Kontroll
Feb 21, 2014
Despite having no music initially, our awesome three guests brought together a fully packaged show. Heh “Package.”
FNT-143 Perforated Landscape
Feb 7, 2014
A bunny and a wolf host this episode. Well that sounds normal now doesn’t it?
FNT-142 WeedFlakes™
Jan 24, 2014
Part of a complete breakfast. 420% of your daily value.
FNT-141 #OccupyPlate
Oct 11, 2013
A special hour extended edition of FNT with a special guest from like two years ago or something like that and a bunch of awesome music! Yay!
FNT-140 Sketchy Tuna Sandwich
Sep 27, 2013
Back after another four week sabbatical with an awesome guest, some fresh tunes and a whole round of headbangable glitch hop. Enjoy!
FNT-139 Existential Perspective
Aug 30, 2013
Another week of tunes with some new psy and electro to add to the mix.
FNT-138 Crowdsourced Equalizer
Aug 16, 2013
Another solo show with some great jams! Good vibes, good processing, some new some old, another classic start to the weekend! Lots of playful breaks, psy, hip hop and electro. Oh right that’s normal on every episode. :9
FNT-137 Acoustic Cheesecake
Aug 2, 2013
Finally not a solo show, but with the resources of a guest added the resources of music disappear. You can’t win right? With that in mind, a revisit to some classic EDM over the years with some show favorites in the mix. Not a bad gig; Then again the new…
FNT-136 The Glued
Jul 19, 2013
Another solo show that went well! … except for the whole main encoding computer overheating in the middle of the broadcast thing… Yay backups! Thanks to all my close friends who stick by me with love and support in doing these episodes; I’m pretty…
FNT-135 Co-hostless
Jun 21, 2013
I was all alone in the studio! D: It was terrible! Actually no it went quite well, and thanks to all my friends who motivated me to produce alone rather than canceling. See you guys in four weeks, or if you’re going to AnthroCon, see you in person even…
FNT-134 Fluffy Wubs
Jun 7, 2013
Another one of those yay we’ve been off air for like 4 weeks so we have a ton of good music episodes. :D
FNT-133 Mormon Panties
May 10, 2013
Presenting an FNT episode so good you’ll need to get special garments that boost your sexual attractiveness while still protecting your genitalia from the devil! Or you could just take them off, I mean the air flow from the ported subwoofer feels good…
FNT-132 Neon Grey
Apr 26, 2013
A nice full episode with unique music and all new content built up from weeks of being off air. Oh, and a first time guest appearance from Keo. :3
FNT-131 Tempur-Pedic Butt
Mar 29, 2013
Ahh back to our good ‘ole jam, with some awesome guests too! :3
FNT-130 Bubble Wrap Bondage
Mar 15, 2013
A unique and unusual episode. Strange EQing on the mics, and some alternative types of music. Definitely not a starter show for newbies but a change of pace with some gems for usual listeners.
FNT-129 Dildo Minigun
Mar 1, 2013
A great episode packed full of badly EQed mics and bouncy electro! :D
FNT-128 Republicans With Mirrors
Feb 15, 2013
Another star episode thanks to a two week build-up of awesome content. That, or just some Republicans with mirrors. Seriously though this is an awesome episode.
FNT-127 Modulated Yiff
Feb 1, 2013
In roleplay and furry art, yiff modulation (YM) conveys information over an orgasm wave by varying its instantaneous orientation. This contrasts with straight modulation, in which the orientation of the orgasm is varied while its attractiveness remains…
FNT-126 Pizza Update Daemon
Jan 18, 2013
Looks like good ‘ole TimeSuppression joined us in the studio for another night of awesome. Some ups, downs, and thumps to keep your head bopping.
FNT-125 Positive Thinking Stick
Jan 4, 2013
I just don’t know what to write for an episode descriptio- OWW! ALRIGHT I GET IT HAPPY THOUGHTS! FINE!
FNT-124 Morse Code Cuddles
Dec 22, 2012
squeeze-hump-squeeze-squeeze hump-hump hump-hump-squeeze-hump hump-hump-squeeze-hump. :3
FNT-123 Freezer Dip
Dec 7, 2012
All new! Whipped, sublimated, and air-marinated, it’s Freezer Dip!™ Try it with your favorite expired corn chip brand! (Available at any participating recently unopened pantry near you.)
FNT-122 Space Wolf Cock
Nov 30, 2012
Only those most worthy may suck the cock of the space wolf.
FNT-121 Grand Theft Audio
Nov 2, 2012
“Geez, vets are so cranky. Look, if you don’t like the music, start your own station. It’s easy.” ~Lazlow
FNT-120 Electro Mush
Sep 14, 2012
“Electro Mush” n. A soft, wet, pulpy mass of beats and warm synth distortion.
FNT-119 FNT++
Sep 7, 2012
Hello world.
FNT-118 Kitty Confliction
Aug 24, 2012
After 4 long years of traveling a blazing fast 1/100th Miles Per Hour, Matt Choyce / Time Supression finally made it into our studio! Unfortunately we also had some cat nip somewhere in the studio, because a kitty wandered in and gave quite the bad guest…
FNT-117 Truncated Gravity
Aug 17, 2012
In this episode we have two wonderful guests. Our server admin RCP, and some other guy too, can’t remember what he does though.
FNT-116 Dithered Ambience
Aug 10, 2012
You can’t always yiff what you want.
FNT-115 Sensory Overload
Aug 3, 2012
A very good electro mix in this episode. So good it’s sensory overload! Oh sorry for saying that so loud. I’ll be quieter.
FNT-114 Thermomistat
Jul 27, 2012
Your mom is at the door.
FNT-113 Wolf Particles
Jul 20, 2012
Wolf smoke. Don’t breathe this.
FNT-112 Human Quantization
Jul 13, 2012
We found our headroom again this week, but lost our organization. These are the artifacts, of human quantization. A world completely perceived from the limitations of human sample accuracy and sample resolution. The perfect imperfect being.
FNT-111 Missing Packet
Jul 6, 2012
A night of missing headroom, and missing data packets. But until that’s fixed, there’s electro house and breakbeats! Oh, and ice cream. There’s always ice cream.
FNT-110 Dynamic French Fries
Jun 22, 2012
Personally, I prefer at least 96dB of dynamic range on my french fries. For those of you who are new to food cooking terms, that’s 16bits of deep fried goodness! :3
FNT-109 Warm Thumps
Jun 22, 2012
[insert 80s disco themed dubstep here] What?
FNT-108 Rack Mounted Money
Jun 1, 2012
We took electro and brought it back to an 80s rock feel… even though in many ways that’s sorta where it came from in the first place! A fun unique episode that takes the electro grunge back to the jazzy guitar level. An episode description this accurate?…
FNT-107 Velvet Bubble Wrap
May 23, 2012
So velvety from the heat in the room you can’t even pop it anymore. D: At least this episode of FNT poped some beats. Wait, is that good or bad?
FNT-106 Braille Nipples
May 18, 2012
They’re so hard that they can speak words.
FNT-105 Disco Pole Dancing
May 4, 2012
No description available. I know, crazy right? That never happens!
FNT-104 Self Repairing Pizza
Apr 28, 2012
So much grease. SO MUCH.
FNT-103 Microwaved Beats
Apr 20, 2012
CAUTION: Product will be loud after cooking. Please allow adequate time to quiet down after removing product from microwave.
FNT-102 Unn-Tss Unn-Tss Unn-Tss
Apr 11, 2012
“Ever since I murdered Daft Punk, and hid their bodies beneath the floorboards, I’ve been haunted… By this *pounding*.” -Randall Munroe, xkcd Comic 740
FNT-101 Binary Traffic Cones
Mar 30, 2012
01001001011101000010011101110011001000000110011101101111011011110 11001000010000001110100011011110010000001100010011001010010000001 10001001100001011000110110101100100000011001100110111101110010001…
FNT-100 Friday Night Tech
Mar 9, 2012
FNT-99 Corndog Virus
Mar 2, 2012
Don’t listen to what they say man. The government man. They’re infecting our corndogs man. Anyway, here’s some musics.
FNT-98 Friday Night Bass
Feb 24, 2012
So much bass that anyone’s pants will get wet! Oh, and not in the bodily fluids sense, but in the sense that the capacitors in your sub-woofer’s power amp are going to be exploding all over you.
FNT-97 Friday Night Stress
Feb 17, 2012
Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle. ~Bill Phillips
FNT-96 Flat Nipple Testing
Feb 10, 2012
Well this week, th— ehh fuck it. Good show.
FNT-95 Friday Night Dubstep
Feb 3, 2012
A great show! We had some amazing songs including some awesome dubst- WAIT WE ACTUALLY PLAYED DUBSTEP? HOLY SHIT!
FNT-94 Friday Night Technical Difficulties
Jan 27, 2012
Well, despite technical difficulties, I think this has been one of our greatest sounding and fun shows yet. Enjoy. :3
FNT-93 Ray William Wolf
Jan 20, 2012
I’m Ray William Wolf, and I approve of this message. :3
FNT-92 Horizontal Ass Crack
Jan 13, 2012
A fun, cool, and very unique episode of FNT. Audio processing took a complete hiatus this week, as we brung in the chill-out, down-tempo, experimental, and new drum and bass music. Good stuff. :3
FNT-91 Gain Attenuation
Jan 9, 2012
I don’t always use the -10dB gain switch on my microphone, but when I do, I always use compression.
FNT-90 The Blue Army
Dec 16, 2011
All hail lord blue!
FNT-89 Scinder’s List
Dec 9, 2011
Scinder’s List is a 1993 American film about Scinder Civit, a German furfag who saved the lives of more than a thousand mostly gayish-furry refugees during the internet censorship era by employing them in his factories.
FNT-88 Miles per Hour
Nov 25, 2011
You’re gonna see some serious shit.
FNT-87 An Interesting Night
Nov 11, 2011
Yeah, it was interesting. Well we’re off next week for Midwest FurFest 2011. :D See you guys in Chicago!
FNT-86 Quoteception
Nov 4, 2011
“”We” “need” to “go” “deeper”“
FNT-85 Manifest Of Cute
Oct 28, 2011
Manifest it. MANIFEST IT. :D
FNT-84 Experimental Hugs
Oct 7, 2011
A large studio tonight. Good for some ADHD style radio show hosting! *cringe*
FNT-83 An Imbalance Of Awesome
Sep 23, 2011
A good show with a full house, including Shroud who’s back finally! Lots of genres and banter. Philosophical debates at the end. Another week another success. :3
FNT-82 Progressive Psychedelic MenokhStep
Sep 16, 2011
FNT-81 Texting While Amish
Sep 9, 2011
Texting while driving while Amish.
FNT-80 Hypoallergenic Cookie
Sep 2, 2011
Does anybody want a cookie? It’s a hypoallergenic cookie! Anyone? Hello? Nope. *noms*…. *sneeze*….
FNT-79 Change Status, Get Phone Call
Aug 26, 2011
Lonely? Bored? Just change your status, and you’ll get a phone call! Be lonely and bored no more! Change your status? Get a phone call. It’s that simple.
FNT-78 Hat Assery
Aug 12, 2011
A nice chill out week with Caleb and Josh. About time!
FNT-77 Liquid Diabetes
Aug 5, 2011
A great full house, something we haven’t had in a while… Creative music, creative genres and a wide dynamic range of energy levels. Enjoy.
FNT-76 Sick Day 2
Jul 8, 2011
A bit of a different taste in music than our normal shows. Oh well. Here you all go. Oh, and there’s some strange secret encoded messages in this episode. First person to decode them and tell us what it is wins 200 internet points! *cough*
FNT-75 DubTro
Jul 1, 2011
How much dub could dubstep step if dubstep could step dub? None. That’s why we played drum and bass instead.
FNT-74 Drum and Bass
Jun 17, 2011
This description will self destruct in… [redacted]….
FNT-73 Techno and Stir-fry
Jun 10, 2011
An amazing night, all over with genres, energy up and down, life up and down, an- *pukes from motion sickness*
FNT-72 Too Perfect For A Name
Jun 3, 2011
Too perfect for a description too.
FNT-71 The Delivery Church Your Computer
May 27, 2011
Yep. The delivery church your computer. No other choice man. Why are you looking at me like that? YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?
FNT-70 I Have No Idea
May 13, 2011
A nice calm quiet simple week. One episode after 69 and one new episode full of cool new music. What else is there to say? I have no idea.
FNT-69 Hashtagging Life
May 6, 2011
We made it to episode 69? SWEET! #life
FNT-68 What Is A Snooki?
Apr 22, 2011
Seriously. What is it?
FNT-67 A Noticeable Taste Of Music
Apr 15, 2011
Please be advised that a noticeable taste of music is not part of any broadcast protocol, but is an unintended side effect of the ..::XANA::.. Creations sound emancipation grill, which may in semi-rare cases, emancipate dub-step, electro, minimal techno…
FNT-66 Mining Wi-Fi
Mar 25, 2011
A Wi-Fi access point has been added to your inventory. Congratulations, your mining level has reached level 2 at 25xp. Next level in 100xp.
FNT-65 Signal Interrupt
Mar 23, 2011
Another fine episode of five star fun, packed with—SIGNAL INTERRUPTED
FNT-64 Drive-Thru Church
Mar 11, 2011
Would you like to try our new Bible combo? Just $3.99 with a medium drink.
FNT-63 Nasal Brothers
Feb 25, 2011
The second sick day. Still a good show. Sooo… anyway, wanna go out for a drink or something? I’ve been writing episode descriptions all day and… well you just look like you need it. My treat. :3
FNT-62 Invisible Rocks
Feb 18, 2011
Invisible rocks are invisible because they are rocks that are rocking, and rocking things are invisible because they are rocking, therefore invisible. What? I don’t know. Just don’t get hit man.
FNT-61 Sparkle Motion
Feb 4, 2011
Woah Sean’s back! So is awesome music. We should totally take awesomeness like this, make it into a podcast and offer it for download! Oh.
FNT-60 Murdering Technical Difficulties
Jan 28, 2011
More technical difficulties than ever before, the crew sits down with the special guest host for the evening, and rocks out to computer and sound clock healing rock vibes. A late night, a loud night. Pumped, rendered, uploaded, posted.
FNT-59 Circle Of Anus
Jan 21, 2011
Another cold winter night in the nice hot studio of love. 3 hours of tunes, and 2 remixes to bop your head to. A successful broadcast. Wo-hoo!
FNT-58 Corn Granules
Jan 14, 2011
Josh is back, and so is Mattox, only permanently. Lots of classic rock, thrown in with some good new jems the hosts threw up into the new season. It sounded smooth, and that’s all that matters. :3
FNT-57 Bicameral Rape Coliseum
Jan 7, 2011
Wow this show just doesn’t stop. Tons of classics, tons of new, tons of fun. ‘Nuff said.
FNT-56 Thermite Is A Hell Of A Drug
Dec 17, 2010
Old fashioned chemistry, combined with old fashioned energy, with some old fashioned fun. The season finale of season 3 is finally here, and gone. Already eager to produce season 4, we can only listen to this episode as a memory of just how awesome FNT…
FNT-55 Unexpected Cheese
Dec 3, 2010
Sean comes back from Japan, and Josh comes back from his booty call, for another linear streaming fully blasted night. Man these description boxes are getting so tiring to write. I need to hire some Chinese kid to do them.
FNT-54 George Lopez Sock Puppets
Nov 26, 2010
With Josh on booty call to the company’s art bitch, and Sean somehow in Japan, Mattox from FurCast was called in, once again, to tackle the depths of the music world. Fishing out every bit of good tunes we could find, and throwing in some relaxing jazz…
FNT-53 Sick Day
Nov 12, 2010
Another wonderful FNT episode, filled with tons of great music includ- *cough*
FNT-52 Syn Food
Nov 5, 2010
Hungry for some Syn packets? Our router wasn’t, but it was fed, big time. It also was fed with high quality streams of classic rock, sexy video feeds, crazy chat rooms, and the “Awesome Radio Show” protocol. As ARS took up more and more RAM, and the…
FNT-51 Rage Quit Compressors
Oct 22, 2010
Mattox from FurCast joins in on a little visit. Sean decides to take a break while Caleb and Josh kick good music butt. A decent little play out of music ranging from smooth dubstep, to thrashing electro house. Wait, since when does this episode…
FNT-50 Carbonated Jizzness
Oct 15, 2010
50? Like, seriously? I mean, I thought we’d kill some people by episode 30… but we made it to 50? Needless to say it was a good show. We’ll be back next week, you lovely fuckers.
FNT-49 Negative Internets
Oct 8, 2010
Be careful when friendly fire is off. You never know. You might lose internet points. Only those who do not pay attention, shall dwell into the realm of negative internets.
FNT-48 Gangster Chicago
Oct 1, 2010
Don’t you start dissin’ my shit. Oh, and you better not be getting funny on me or I’ll get all Gangster Chicago on yo ass! Along with your mom. What?
FNT-47 Horhay The Spanish Warrior
Sep 24, 2010
1. horhay -n. : a crackhead, pothead, lying sonofabitch 2. horhay -n. : a whore. a hot looking whore/female that you would want to mac
FNT-46 Show Title
Sep 17, 2010
That’s a good show title! Alright… I am running out of ideas for these description boxes. I need a writer.
FNT-45 String Cheese Bomber
Sep 10, 2010
This is the description box. You can use this text box to type a description for your episode posts. For example, if you run a music entertainment podcast called “Friday Night Tech,” you can write insulting and incredibly stupid descriptions in this area.…
FNT-44 Gangster Flavored Water
Sep 3, 2010
Billy Mays here, with “Gangster Flavored Water!” The cheapest way to experience being held at gun point, the way EVERYONE loves! No more licking gun barrels. No more collecting copious amounts of sweat. With Gangster Flavored Water, just open, drink, and…
FNT-43 Down Syndrome Oompa Loompas
Aug 13, 2010
[Insert non-relevant well thought out and secretly insulting description here.]
FNT-42 The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything
Aug 6, 2010
Gather around, all mothers, children, and ass-holes alike! This is the moment you have been waiting for. The calculation. It’s complete. Years and years of work have gone into processing this answer non-stop. The answer. The answer to Life, the Universe…
FNT-41 God Hates FNT
Jul 23, 2010
This world, and this country, are all at stake. God will unleash his wrath, on all podcasts and supporters of podcasts, non-commercial radio and all supporters, and all hosts of online internet radio shows. Can’t you people see? This internet has sinned.…
FNT-40 Underground Bunny Terrorist
Jul 16, 2010
After moving the knowledge of their inevitable deaths in the year 2012 from cute bunny terrorism to the back of their minds, the hosts desperately try to run the show, and contain chat room drama. It’s a war zone, as the hosts pull the pins, over hand…
FNT-39 Turtle Destruction Wave
Jul 9, 2010
Turtles. Seriously! Like, hundreds of them! The broadcast was perfect, and even rated as a star episode by the OCD production manager. After spraying some progressive electronic pesticide to rid the turtles, the show hosts relaxed, put on some ambiance,…
FNT-38 Questionmarking Jane Nash
Jul 2, 2010
After question-marking the keygen’s missing characters required to power the new season, a shit ton of crazy ass people dived into the studio for some audio ‘sploding. After ironing out all of our ODC inducing audio problems in post production, the team…
FNT-37 The Peaceful Ginger
Apr 2, 2010
What an elongated, fun, successful, kick-ass, packed, enjoyable and loving end to Season 2. This greatest hits episode should satisfy the masses until Season 3 starts up again. Until then, more announcements will come about on this website. For now, we…
FNT-36 Foam Sex
Mar 26, 2010
Jeremy, Sean and Caleb all run into the studio, with tons of classics tonight, as they fight the first real live technical difficulty the show has ever had. Cleaned, rested, re-organized and edited, this show episode is clean and ready, for next week’s…
FNT-35 Religious Pop-Tarts
Mar 19, 2010
Oh! I’m supposed to put a description here! Ahh, right. That makes more sense. For a second there, I thought that toolbar at the top of this window named “Search” was where I was supposed to put the description. Oh right, I should type one now. Damn I…
FNT-34 The MacGyver Wireless Card
Mar 12, 2010
The show started finally, and everyone was ready… except Craig. Using a large LCD TV as a computer monitor on the main studio table this evening, he finally got his system up, running, and hacked into our wireless network. Thanks to him, the other show…
FNT-33 We Did It For A Klondike Bar
Mar 5, 2010
Well, it looks like the show hosts were REALLY hungry, combined with the peer pressure of getting that Klondike bar, so they decided to pump out every piece of unique, electronic, kick ass music for the show this week. Another awesome show. Thanks guys!
FNT-32 The Vista Virus
Feb 26, 2010
WARNING: There is a spreading virus, called “Vista.” It will try and disguise itself as an operating system by a company called Microsoft. Please, listen to this episode of FNT, and find out how to de-activate the virus, using the latest frequencies of…
FNT-31 Video Killed The Radio Star
Feb 19, 2010
This time, we didn’t explode! Ustream did! As it all turns out, our viewers who we usually consider to have the “pleasure” of watching our video feed, were all 20 minutes behind real time. Using Sean’s kick ass classics, and some RAM cleaning Electro from…
FNT-30 Inside Out Two Miles Away
Feb 5, 2010
Rule 30: There are no females on the internet… no exceptions. So, I honestly can’t believe that we’ve made it to episode 30, and no-one’s died yet. Sean, Caleb, some good music, a stupid chat room, and you’ve got episode 30. Luckily the weather on the…
FNT-29 Tasty Wheat
Jan 22, 2010
A typical, normal, simple… KICK ASS MUSIC EXPLOSION. You just have to LOVE these episodes. After unplugging from the Matrix during the intro, we somehow throw in all of our music, for your complete rock-out styled entertainment. Then we pulled back…
FNT-28 Soundcard RAM
Jan 15, 2010
A web-server blow out blowing up extravaganza sick day. Caleb has a bit of cognitive dissonance, as he is bombarded with an exploding web-server, but yet a friend and a very dedicated co-host, who comes to save the day even though he’s very sick. We must…
FNT-27 Twinkie Sex
Jan 8, 2010
A great show after a nice two week break. An ass load of great music and only a small truck load of intelligent conversations in the chat room. I honestly can not believe, that I would even have the audacity, to even want, to even try, to even think…
FNT-26 Drowning In Sample Rates
Dec 18, 2009
Caleb, Sean, Ryan, Alex, a stupid chat room, a free giveaway, an- wait, this sounds awfully familiar. It sounds like Episode 26 of FNT. Yeeeaahhh, I remember that! It was a great show. The description of that episode was really stupid though. I know that…
FNT-25 Teleporting Kittens
Dec 11, 2009
One of the best nights yet, with Caleb, and Sean bringing in the kick-ass tunes an— HOLY CRAP THERE’S 200 PEOPLE WATCHING US! What was planned to be a normal relaxing episode, turned out to be a Guitar Hero Phenom powered huge-ass music night. With a hard…
FNT-24 Industrial Strength Cheese Dispenser
Dec 4, 2009
Caleb, Caleb’s Mom, Sean, and…. wait that’s enough. A kick ass episode. Thanks to a stupid phone conversation with some fat guy that called me half an hour after the show ended, we have a great show title and more ideas to come. Three hours of banter,…
FNT-23 Gingercide
Nov 20, 2009
Sean popped in to the studio with his new lappy (not a MacBook), as we continued our rather awesome music list tonight. All our classic hits, and some new stuff (no MacBooks). After co-reasoning with the stupid chat room (not a MacBook), some people…
FNT-22 Brian Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Nov 6, 2009
Fatty grows his Fro extra big for tonight’s insane web-server blow up extravaganza. After the explosion, with a replacement live page, we racked up the viewers by playing some awesome kick-ass tracks. I mean, ever since Sean looked up Brina Peppers, we…
FNT-21 Flying Spaghetti Monster
Oct 24, 2009
Queen…. AGAIN. A cut short, yet awesome episode. We broke our listener record tonight, as Caleb goes OCD over the mics not working perfect and Sean finds some of the most disturbing porn ever. I think the Church of the Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster might…
FNT-20 Pressure Treated Air
Oct 17, 2009
If you have Sean, Caleb, people watching, awesome music, and Pepsi… what do you get? With cool new music along with the test broadcast content last week, this episode just needed one more thing. If only it had some classic hits from previous episodes……
FNT-19 Cupcake Reach Around
Sep 26, 2009
Sean… again? As it seems we just can’t have enough classic rock, Sean lugs over more queen than people knew existed. Playing music that doesn’t even exist yet (according to the secondary chat machine’s clock), Caleb chugs down some kick-ass electro house…
FNT-18 Penguin Fornication
Sep 18, 2009
Sean dives into the studio tonight, as he provides nearly all of the music that powers us through the show. Using all 600MHZ of processing power available, he conjures up some of the most disturbing ways of being distracted from tonight’s music. Nothing…
FNT-17 Fags R Us
Sep 12, 2009
Anthony and Sam(mm) walk into the studio tonight, to help Caleb, as he fights the low intelligence levels in the chat room. Meanwhile Dropbox servers churn out a stream of music that must somehow be designed for your listening displeasure. Classic Rock…
FNT-16 Obey the Fro
Sep 4, 2009
The Fro and it’s sister somehow kick out some awesome tracks supported by our viewers and the upload system. After magically hosting the second half of the show while sleeping, we get a record amount of callers, asking if someone truly is going to take…
FNT-15 Gas Station Glove Goodness
Aug 29, 2009
With not just two, but 4 wackos in the studio tonight, the chaos just got to another hilarious level. Ryan and his solid state access abilities throw us some awesome heavy tracks, while the rest of it… just seems to stick with 80s music and sex.…
FNT-14 The night of not quite right
Aug 8, 2009
Mike AKA Fattass was blessing us in the studio this evening, as his massive fro puts on a show of Alternative Rock and smooth reckless jazz. Meanwhile the chat room seems to have lost it’s control, as the server gets confused on who’s stupider. Tons of…
FNT-13 The self cooking pizza is a lie
Jul 25, 2009
After a thorough investigation of why there was no pizza, Leslie was sent to fix the job, as Caleb and Clayton punch out some sweet new music, and lots more talk that ever before. See you next week!