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To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.

Justice before Liberty, ok!
Apr 24
Part 2 of Karl’s Georgist course - the key essentials to understanding behind this timeless philosophy. We discuss first principles including birth rights, primary factors of production, justice, liberty and the importance of effective redistribution…
Property Rights Tilt the Playing Field for Generations
Mar 27
Karl returns for the 1st monthly show, with a focus on Property Rights. Just how much of an advantage are they and how can we re-balance these opportunities? Along the way we visit a London catwalk and hear from Fred Harrison alongside host of worldly…
Permanomics 2019
Feb 6
Hi all,I thought I’d keep this feed alive with a show encompassing the logical nature of Georgism. How can such a simple change affect so many of the world’s big problems? Thanks for those who have reached out over the break. Karl
Harnessing Efficiency to Delivery Opportunity
Dec 19, 2018
A collage to see us out in show 573. My first introduction to 3CR was via a late Sunday night show in 1990 called Itch to Scratch. They mixed politics over music to mix learning with fun. Hopefully this collage helps summarise some of the core themes of…
The End of the Month or the End of the World
Dec 12, 2018
Frank de Jong (co-founder Canadian Green Party) talks about the fading political currency of policy makers and their inability to meet the demands of inequality alongside rampant right-wing influence. How can a pre-emptive economic system be enabled to…
The Bounty of Place
Dec 5, 2018
Dave Giesen (Henry George School of Social Sciences, San Fran) discusses the latest round of efforts to help the homeless. Will a tax on Silicon Valley unicorns make a lasting difference? So many people are feeling the precarity but so few grasp the…
Soos on Banking Sharks
Nov 28, 2018
Independent economist Philip Soos ( is one of Australia’s leading young heterodox economists. We welcome him back onto the show to discuss the state of the Australian economy in light of the Royal Commission into banking. An…
Trusterty with John Emmeus Davis
Nov 21, 2018
John Emmeus Davis is the world’s leading Community Land Trust scholar with over 30 years hands-on experience as a co-founder of Burlington Associates ( We discuss the key learnings behind the establishment of a CLT and…
The Drive for Circular Communites
Nov 14, 2018
Nilmini de Silva and Steve Liaros (Polis Plan) are living the life as e-workers. Imagine a flood risk expert and a planner going undercover as professional nomads, trying to awaken councils and communities to the need for more sensible developments. They…
A Community Land Trust for Victoria
Nov 7, 2018
An entertaining workshop at the NENA conference sees Karl & Rayna give their first public presentation of the proposed community land trust. A solid primer for anyone wanting to get their heads around CLTs. Come on let’s get this going! Show notes.
Banksters Missing Pages
Oct 31, 2018
Denise Brailey (Banking and Finance Consumer Support Association) discusses the Royal Commission into Banking and what we have learnt, what should be investigated. With it established that banks act as a cartel, Denise elaborates on the missing pages that…
Markets or Meetings?
Oct 24, 2018
Geoff Davies (The Little Green Economics Book) discusses the nine things he would change for a new economics system. From regrowth to free markets, MMT to full employment, a lot is covered in a rather mild manner. 8 shows left? Show notes.
The Influence of Gas on Renewables
Oct 17, 2018
Following episode 553 (Another strange sojourn in Australia’s resource and energy policy) we delve deeper into the economic issues behind the gas price gouge with Bruce Robertson (IEEFA). We discuss policies to reduce gas prices as per international best…
We Live Here, They Own Us
Oct 10, 2018
“If you are a couple and one of you has to dedicate your entire wage for the next 25 years on the mortgage, what difference is that to slavery?” Mark Hassed takes us through his core Georgist understandings. Along the way we discuss subtle slavery, the…
Trickle Down Housing?!!
Oct 3, 2018
Karl rides the gauntlet analysing the state of the Australian housing market with some of our key indicators on show. Hopefully they reflect on the building momentum and provide a perspective on the state of the economy. As always, we like to think they…
Prof Michael Hudson on Geo-Political Games
Sep 26, 2018
Prof Michael Hudson discusses the globalisation fallout as new trading blocs distance themselves from US dollar denominated trade. Will the US be able to maintain its imperialist tendencies in light of these trends? How much further can the rentiers push…
Sustaining Social Evolution
Sep 19, 2018
Author Fred Harrison discusses the 10 year anniversary of the GFC as the only person to have predicted it from as far back as 1987. He warns we must prepare for the next big one in 2026. The misallocation of resources leads to debts, excessive taxes and…
Golden Threads with Alanna Hartzok
Sep 12, 2018
Alanna Hartzok (Earth Rights International) joins to discuss the reform agenda in the poverty stricken Baltimore. Our typical freewheeling discussion passes by the GFC, 9/11, the UN, early Christian teachings and the need for an earth rights democracy.…
The Unspoken Alternatives to Expensive Housing
Sep 5, 2018
A super-sized edition of the show - celebrating 11 years on air - with a review-like interview of the 127th dinner speech with the Unspoken Alternatives to Expensive Housing report author Dr Cameron Murray. Then you get to hear the full speech with the…
Imperialism’s Point of the Sword
Aug 29, 2018
Mason Gaffney delivers the detail on Corporate Power and US Imperialism. Hear about an article originally written in the 60’s that got him sacked, had CIA agents swirling around him but still he kept his resolve to maintain that military endeavours should…
Hong Kong’s Caged Housing
Aug 22, 2018
It’s time to look at Hong Kong, a nation often touted as the most economically liberated, but yet people live in caged housing. You may have seen the Vox video on this topic? Well here we discuss from our unique perspective the pathways forward, trying to…
Modelling student opportunities
Aug 15, 2018
Karl wades into recent state politics before 3rd year Bachelor of Business student Jack Cameron discusses his perspective on economic modelling, life with a HECS debt and the new economics movement. Following some extraordinary new evidence, Karl finishes…
Another strange sojourn in Australia’s resource and energy policy
Aug 8, 2018
Louise Page (Save Westernport) discusses the rush job behind the AGL gas import terminal at Cribb Point. Why does the world’s largest gas exporter need to import ….gas? We run through the economic, environmental and social issues in play during this…
Assembling alternative pathways to homeownership
Aug 1, 2018
This week Emily interviews Ben Keck and Abbie Freestone from Assemble about their latest project in Kensington. We discuss Assemble’s deliberative development model: a boutique take on build-to-rent. For locked-outs struggling to save a deposit, the…
The Quest to Own the Future
Jul 25, 2018
Greek academic Yannis Tziligakis joins us to discuss the Right to the City movement. If we are to have rights, who should be included? Yannis has a way of words, dropping one-liners such as the trinity of inequality, the spiral of enslavement and…
Covering the data trail
Jul 18, 2018
Karl reports in on his time in the witness box at the inquiry into the privatisation of the Land Titles Registry. What will the property data gold rush be worth in years to come? The missing pieces designed to throw the masses off the source of so much…
Our Data, Their Profits
Jul 11, 2018
On a freezing day Karl digs into the archives with Paraic Lally giving his elevator pitch on all things Georgist. Then we go back to an interview with Silicon Valley commons coder Max Carlson to discuss the evolving influence of the digital era. Is there…
Planning to Ignore Strategic Thought
Jul 4, 2018
Emily Sims is joined by Crystal Legacy (Melb Uni, Dept of Planning) and Nathan Pittman (Planning PhD candidate) to discuss the machinations behind the Western Distributor tunnel. After years of strategic planning, some challenging outcomes eventuate.…
Victoria’s Privatisation Agenda
Jun 27, 2018
A refreshing change - my colleague Emily Sims hosts this week’s show. Dr Sophie Stirrup (Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University & former Dept of Treasury) provides an insiders account to Victoria’s early 90s privatisation agenda. From this we hear about the…
South Africa’s Land Reform Urgency
Jun 20, 2018
Peter Meakin reports on the push for land reform - without compensation for white farmers. He explains how this could occur with a legitimate trade off. Should we rely on the western development model to skill new landholders up?Show notes
Fight for your Mic
Jun 13, 2018
A warm welcome to all our new subscribers via the popular Michael Hudson episode last week. As a student of economics, you will understand that once a year we need to pay our bills, so we can still fight for our mic, for our right to alternative media. So…
US Financial Imperialism - Protected by Academic Propoaganda
Jun 6, 2018
Prof Michael Hudson joins to review his critique of US financial imperialism in light of recent events. From the WB, IMF through to deep state strategy, Hudson is the best in the business at tying the economic pressures in our lives to the geo-political…
The Groundhog Feasts Again
May 30, 2018
An investigation into some of the PIGS nations as the same trends and traps occur in the race for economic success. Is the new economic model really the highpoint for humanity? And some commentary on the millennial housing dream photo lustre. How much…
Rethinking The Paradox of Property
May 23, 2018
Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing: Author Laurie Macfarlane delves into the depths of property rights to reveal the paradox of property. We wade into the UK housing market as core themes to the book are highlighted amidst our ongoing critique…
Campaign Strategies for Public Land Selloffs
May 16, 2018
Let’s step into the world of grassroots citizenry with Peter Henderson from the Kyneton Town Square Reference Group and their battle to save the old Kyneton Primary School from yet another public lands selloff. In the second half, Karl discusses potential…
Pitchforks & Promises
May 9, 2018
Leading value capture academic Associate Prof Matthew Burke (Cities Research Institute, Griffith Uni) discusses the political complexities of changing the way we relate to infrastructure and the windfall gains landholders enjoy. This is discussed in light…
Cheats, fraudsters and darn rent seekers
May 2, 2018
Karl digs into the Royal Commission on Banking, discusses what’s coming up when the superannuation sector is investigated and reveals important details on the Victorian State budget. Along the way there is background to what actually goes on during the…
Show Off Economics
Apr 25, 2018
Polly Cleveland (Columbia University) discusses the origins of inequality, taking us on a journey from Tanzanian tribes in desert lands to aboriginal people engaging in horticultural activities. How does inequality begin? Join us for this trek through the…
Drip Feeding Formula Revealed
Apr 18, 2018
Peter Smith, social housing developer, joins to discuss the UK economy, revealing a key formula that developers use to manufacture scarcity and thus guarantee profits. Make sure you rock out in the middle of this episode as we return to discuss the game…
Make Me Do It
Apr 11, 2018
New economics and green tech - in this episode Gary Flomenhoft (formerly Gundt Institute) joins to discuss the raft of policy solutions on offer. From cryptocurrency to tiny homes, UBI to CLTs - this is a fast paced interview with a number of edgy…
Trojan Strike Zone
Apr 4, 2018
We discuss the growing momentum behind the Build to Rent movement - could this be a trojan for that latest strike zone tool of Wall St? Beware Australia - your community is at even greater risk! Hopefully you will be prepared following this show to take…
Bankers Recipe: Ripe for the Taking
Mar 28, 2018
Denise Brailey (Banking and Finance Consumer Support Association) spent the week at the Royal Commission into Banking. She reveals the machinations behind the investigation and how the big issues have been curtailed. Her insights on the banksters strategy…
Pure Fantasy: Supply Cliche
Mar 21, 2018
Karl wades through NIBYism as demonstrated by the Sierra Club. This leading US environmental group surprisingly objected to a bill on greater density in Californian cities. When carbon emissions are so travel related, the conflicting pressures for sane…
Single Mums Taking on the Government
Mar 14, 2018
It’s the International Women’s Day takeover with Rayna Fahey interviewing Juanita McClaren (Good Shepherd). They build on last year’s discussion and the challenges single mum’s, (anyone on welfare) are put through by the powers that be. Is this the most…
Roundtable Concentration
Mar 7, 2018
Ed Dodson joins a roundtable discussion with Emily Sims and Neil Gilchrist on this age of business concentration. Just how fast is the top end consolidating? Issues include market share, patents, coops and economic framing. Show notes…
Michael West on Accounting for Energy Rorts
Feb 21, 2018
Investigative journalist Michael West ( joins to analyse why Australia’s energy prices are jumping through the roof. We step through more accounting (dis)ease with the lavish use of Depreciated Optimised Replacement Costs to write off…
Really? Davos on the power of Monopoly
Feb 14, 2018
A key forum from none other than the World Economic Forum, Davos asks ‘How is Rentier Capitalism Aggravating Inequality?’ Renegade economists’ ears will prick up at such a title, where a sophisticated discussion of monopoly rents, patents, globalisation,…
De Niro’s Island Paradise Coup
Feb 7, 2018
We forge ahead deeper into the disaster capitalism tearing at island life on Barbuda, one of the few remaining places on the planet where land hasn’t been commodified and the people thrown into a lifetime of debt. Teckla C Nega Melchior hits hard with one…
Winds of Change hit Paradise Barbuda
Jan 31, 2018
A billionaire, a hollywood superstar and Hurricane Irma have converged to wipe away some of the last tidings of communal land title on the idyllic island of Barbuda. Listen to this harrowing story of rent-seekers enlisting disaster capitalism to wipe away…
Outsourcing Insiders
Jan 24, 2018
Michael Tull (CPSU) discusses the first ever national audit of consultancy fees. Whilst we continually hear of budget cutbacks in order to achieve surplus, the insiders are making a surplus of their very own. Tune in to this rocky road of privatisations,…
Privatising the Shade
Jan 17, 2018
With the summer heatwave about to hit, Karl looks into the shortcomings of economic theory allowing insiders to make easy profits and pollute at will. We usaed to laugh at paying for oxygen but they now do so in Asia. Will shade be next? The show also…
A Wall Free World
Jan 10, 2018
We start the year with a collage featuring highlights of last year alongside a few audio samples to keep you guessing. Onwards we forge into 2018! Show notes -
Timeless Battle
Dec 20, 2017
Prof Michael Hudson, author of J is for Junk Economics and many others, joins to discuss the fight for the natural bounty of the earth, with his unique take on the Middle Ages. Watch out for our debate in the last third of the interview. Thanks for all…
Clutching at Straws
Dec 6, 2017
Frustrated at a number of old friends who are flipping out at terrorist activities, Karl digs into this thorny issue by looking at the influence of Malthus on critical analysis. Jonathan Green from Crash Course in History joins us from youtube. More on…
Charter of the Forest
Nov 29, 2017
A special extended show - Dave Wetzel joins to explain the Charter of the Forest and light of its recent 800th anniversary. How does this act represent a right to the commons? We also get an update on his influence in funding London’s Cross Rail tunnel.…
The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in HIstory
Nov 22, 2017
Raquel Rolnik, the former UN Special Rapporteur for the right to housing and Prof of Architecture and Urban Design (Uni Sao Paolo) joins to discuss her new book War on Places. We delve into the seismic shift in housing as a financialised asset. See we…
The Distinctive Factor
Nov 15, 2017
Lindy Davies joins to discuss banking as a natural monopoly. We cover the epidemic of consumer debt - what causes this, the banks or the underlying inequality? Concentrate at the 25 minute mark as Lindy delivers key insights for land reformers. Show…
Grand Final Day
Nov 1, 2017
Just how far did Australia’s land prices go? There should have been a drum roll for this announcement! We traverse through the impact of such increases via latest census findings, reference Saul Eslake, geek out on the Productivity Commission’s latest…
Trickled On Times to Cease
Oct 25, 2017
Bryan Kavanagh discusses the failure that is neo-classical economics with the statement “We’ve seen that being ‘trickled on’ doesn’t work”. We discuss this in light of another surprising election result with Jacinda Ardern in NZ (apologies kiwis for my…
Zero Government
Oct 18, 2017
Prof Michael Hudson steps into a neo-con future to position where society could be in years to come. Just why are the Lloyd Blankfein’s (Goldman Sachs CEO) of the world so confused about the state of global politics? Show notes -…
How the World Might Work
Oct 11, 2017
One of Australia’s leading economic modellers, Ben Phillips (ANU) joins to discuss his latest research into the housing supply mantra. He provides some illumination to the standard lines. We then delve into the future of economic modelling, best practices…
Inequality of One GPS Location
Oct 4, 2017
Karl delves into the inequality issue by looking into two recent reports on the topic. What is truly driving inequality? Some shocking after-effects of the tax loopholes are being felt by the young and low income earners. It’s always fun here on the…
All the Advantages in the World
Sep 27, 2017
Karl runs through the immense advantages property investors enjoy. The list starts at 27 but how many do we end up with? Whilst these advantages exist at the macro and the micro, those locked out of housing face little but policy fraud, as regular…
An Economic Thriller
Sep 20, 2017
Former Fannie Mae risk-assessor Ed Dodson ( joins to discuss the transformations in finance he witnessed over 35 years. We progress to the unwinding of QE3 and the predicament monetarists face. Show notes -…
Popcorn Banking
Sep 13, 2017
Lindsay David ( discusses his The Big Rort report on the latest investor favouritism provided by the banks. LF again exposes the limited oversight APRA and ASIC provide on banking practices. How many similarities are there to the lending…
10 years - Now Do as the Queen Does!
Sep 6, 2017
Karl celebrates 10 years on air before delving into a revelation that the Queen is a Georgist. Listen to how she behaves. Now dear landlord - follow her lead!Give me a 10th birthday present by saying hello - [email protected] or by reviewing…
The Big Shift
Aug 30, 2017
Deirdre Kent ( discusses the need for a new economic system encompassing both land and monetary reform, as outlined in her new book The Big Shift. How can these core natural monopolies be used to enhance the common good? We discuss…
Power Ledger a Bitcoin
Aug 23, 2017
Bitcoin is booming and the blockchain technology behind it is being used in innovative ways. David Martin is the Managing Director of Power Ledger a Perth-based startup using the technology to link surplus solar production with tenants wanting renewable…
Surprise! Collusive Cycles Coerce Commuters
Aug 16, 2017
Commentary from the World’s Most Liveable City and how neo-con analysis overlooks the biggest issue. How does that sort of oversight effect Karl’s commuter polluter friends on the Cannonball run-like Calder freeway? Bid rent curves lead us to the cost of…
Geotopia’s Surplus
Aug 9, 2017
Author Jeffrey J Smith joins to discuss his new sci-fi book Perfect Timing. Alongside it we discuss the blinkered ideology of the sci-fi genre, the nature of social improvements and the potential of life in a futuristic community. Jeff was speaking from…
Uncomforting Politicians
Aug 2, 2017
Karl takes us through the latest policy fraud as housing pressures continue to escalate, such that a homeless protest camp gains national media exposure. We hear a video from Lanz Priestley at sydney’s 24-7 street kitchen and safe space community and his…
A Magnificent Fraud
Jul 26, 2017
Energy economist Chris Cook joins to discuss the pressure points within global commodity markets. We look at the financialisation of oil and gas and the role of middlemen. Australia’s transition to global pricing parity in the gas market has led to the…
Including Community in Economic Analysis
Jul 19, 2017
Karl broadcasts from the farm for the first time covering Henry George’s Social Problems and the need to ensure the community (as much as the individual) is included in economic analysis. We then line up our sights on the neo-liberal agenda of the…
500 Shows - Fred Harrison on Rent-Seekers Responsibilities
Jul 12, 2017
Leading Georgist author Fred Harrison ( joins to discuss the frontiers of the linguistics battle for humanity to rediscover their civic rights to a share of the rents. Thanks for all your support and the various emails from around the…
Foundations for a New Urban Agenda
Jul 5, 2017
Alanna Hartzok (Earth Rights Institute) joins to discuss policy machinations at the UN level in the face of the commodification of real estate. Water rights, inequality and the root causes of inequality are discussed. Show notes -…
Fever - 9 Days On
Jun 28, 2017
What to do when you’ve been wiped out for the last week with a fever? I just made it through last week’s show, this week is a collage of Allan Watts, Shawn Wallace reading Henry George, an excellent TEDx presentation by Laurie Macfarlane, I Robot, a…
Bood Boils
Jun 21, 2017
The multimedia megaphone comes out to play with clips from Grenfell Tower, the ongoing AirBnb disparity, Australian house prices up $300 per day with Andrew Leigh and a clip taking us way back to the ironically named Pyramid Building Society. Show notes…
The Most Important
Jun 14, 2017
The 3CR resistance needs a little support. It’s radiothon time, so dig in and throw a little our way. Donate here throws in a few highlights alongside the beckonings. Thanks all for your support!
Game of Mates Rates
Jun 7, 2017
Dr Cameron Murray walks us through the state of legalised corruption in the Game of Mates and the rates they give each other. From banking to supermarkets, taxis to pharmacies, finally someone has quantified just how extensive the right to rort is. Show…
Michael Hudson on Economic Growth Gimmicks
May 31, 2017
Professor Michael Hudson ( pulls apart the economic theory underpinning economic growth, free trade and the global house price conundrum. As usual Karl tries his best to keep up with one of the fastest minds in the business. Show notes…
Land Rents Confession!
May 24, 2017
Karl reveals a big ‘thing’. What would you do in his situation as our corrupted democracy devolves from community to community created millionaires? Solution - how can we enable our freedom to define the future? Further reading:…
Privatising Core Government Functions
May 17, 2017
Mohsen Kalantari Soltanieh ( discusses the recently announced privatisation of the Victorian Land Titles office. This is mentioned in light of the privatisation of the NSW titles office and the costs…
Scalpel the Youth
May 10, 2017
It’s time for our our yearly budget analysis with David Collier ( to discuss the latest round of political economy. Does the economics get in the way of the politics or what? $30,000 for first home buyers, $300,000 in incentives for the…
Imitation Inflation
May 3, 2017
Stepping into the big league with the CommonWealth Bank’s Snr Economist Gareth Aird on the trail of how land could be removed from the core inflation figures. Is this a valid reflection of reality? How much higher would inflation be if it was included and…
Instinctual Sharpenings
Apr 26, 2017
Author of Biohistory, Jim Penman (CEO Jims Mowing), joins to discuss his analysis of the rise and fall of civilisations. We discuss the biological and behavioural underpinnings to society and how environmental factors can be sculpted to affect outcomes. A…
Corruption, Transparency & Traction
Apr 19, 2017
Mark Zirnsak ( - investigator extraordinaire on tax havens, money laundering and corruption discusses the most recent report to get Karl excited - Doors Wide Open. A wide ranging discussion on the momentum towards transparency…
Deviating from Life’s Blinkers
Apr 12, 2017
Karl runs through another big week in housing pressures both here in Australia and into the UK. Has there ever been a greater cacophony of affordability type shrieking? About 20 news items are covered as per usual Show notes -…
Money laundering through property in India, Argentina
Apr 5, 2017
Econometricians Varsha Mohinani (India) and Tamara Lojo (Argentina) discuss their nations economies in light of the Transparency International report into money laundering in property. Isn’t it refreshing to hear what’s happening outside the anglosphere?…
Air BnB Melbourne
Mar 29, 2017
As a follow up to last week’s show investigating the effects of Air BnB on NY’s gentrification, it’s time to look into what’s happening here in Melbourne. Just how much of Melbourne’s possible rental stock has been transformed into a money making,…
Air BnB & NY Gentrification
Mar 22, 2017
As usual, we’re on the edge of some of the most interesting research on the planet, particularly as you stare at your 4 walls to consider where you are in life. Prof David Wachsmuth takes us through his recent research on the impact of Air BnB and the…
Home Makers
Mar 15, 2017
Karl runs through the last weeks media blizzard surrounding vacant housing as xenophobic pressures mount, an economic apartheid approaches and democracy once again is for sale. Show notes -
IWD - The Feminisation of Poverty
Mar 8, 2017
In this special International Women’s Day episode, tune in to hear western suburbs based feminist anti poverty activists Rayna Fahey and Juanita McLaren in conversation on the feminisation of poverty. Topics for discussion include the economics of women’s…
UN Stamp of Approval
Mar 1, 2017
The UN Special Rapporteur gives our Speculative Vacancies report a prominent quote in a blistering critique of the commodification of housing. Jacob Schwartz Lucas discusses the conservative mego-NGOs world of dark posts and cultural cognition. Talk about…
Rental Tentacle
Feb 22, 2017
Akhil Patel joins to discuss the state of the UK property market. Will it ever crash? What is society doing to evolve with the myriad of pressures we face? Don’t worry, somehow we always figure a way forward. Or do we? Show notes -…
Land Grabbing the Poor
Feb 15, 2017
Karl discusses the relationship to earth rights in the context of the recent submission frenzy before Jacob Schwartz-Lucas ( & takes us through his journey with Georgism and the Law of Rent. Poverty, land grabbing, wage…
Corporate Landlords Live
Feb 8, 2017
The show in 6 headlines: The High Cost of a Home Is Turning American Millennials Into the New Serfs as the ‘Temporary Absence Rule’ sees Seattle the new Vancouver for Chinese investors. Britain’s land hoarded as Renters More Likely to Be Food Insecure,…
Bent by Nature
Feb 1, 2017
Sorry this is up late gang, gradually getting back into the swing of things. Catherine Cashmore’s presentation to the 125th Annual Henry George Dinner on the Culture of Abundance. She gives a comprehensive insight into Georgism, arming the listener with a…
Homeless Haranguing Misses Systemic Failings
Jan 25, 2017
Meg Mundell, author of the recent op-ed Homeless law is misguided, dangerous and destined to fail, discusses the recent moves to make life even tougher for those struggling to make ends meet. Karl builds on this lack of systemic analysis with our…
Symptoms of Success
Jan 18, 2017
Emily Sims, Prosper Australia’s Office manager joins to discuss the imperatives of Georgist philosophical analysis. Why is it a useful tool when analysing affordability, gentrification and the wealth gap? How can both Libertarian and Anarchists find…
Controlling Property Interests
Jan 11, 2017
Is there such a thing in this day and age? Karl depicts the advantages of property through some travelling anecdotes before NSW MLC David Shoebridge really spells out the influence of this never-ending lobby. Show notes
Rent-Seekers Revealed
Dec 14, 2016
Karl winds through the fundamental aspects of those seeking favour for immense profit. From casinos to bribing Ministers, the land game and the largesse of capitalism. You’ve heard parts of it before, but have you joined the dots yourself?…
Surveying the Top End of Town
Dec 7, 2016
Join storyteller John Jamieson - the former Albany Councilor, President of the Bornholm Fire Brigade, founding board member of the Denmark Environment Centre as he discusses the role of surveyors in ensuring the public is represented on the frontiers of…
City Deals, Value Creation
Nov 30, 2016
Prof Peter Newman (Curtin Uni Sustainability Policy Institute discusses the return of the robber barons. Can they build railway ethically and at the lowest cost to the community? Or will the accompanying property…
Rental Culture
Nov 23, 2016
Chantal Roberts, Executive Office of Shelter WA joins to give a perspective on housing policy and pressures post mining-boom. What can we do to encourage a better rental culture? Show notes
Trump’s Real Estate Rortts
Nov 16, 2016
The race is on to trace Trump’s real estate loopholes and the possible handouts he will deliver for fellow rent-seekers. However, there are already so many that enable rentiers to avoid paying anything back for the billions and billions in unearned income…
8 Unexpected Outcomes of Georgist Economics
Nov 9, 2016
How to improve population pressures, urbanisation, boom-bust economies, dwindling wages, the burgeoning size of government and the time-poor nature of life? Could a change in economic policy achieve that? The need for Georgist economics could not be more…
Campfire Perspectives
Nov 2, 2016
UK chemical engineer Gary the mad cyclist joins investment banking lawyer Nige to analyse the ways of the world from Brexit to the TPP, the mining tax and treatment of local communities. How do we foster an enlivened community? Show notes at…
Mining the earth, wrecking the local housing market
Oct 26, 2016
This week we visit the world’s largest iron ore port @ Port Hedland to discuss with Arnold Carter (Treasurer - Ratepayers Association) the state of the local economy in the downturn following the mining boom. Arnold reveals some extraordinary facts about…
Hudson - Monopoly Income
Oct 19, 2016
Michael Hudson on the raw power of the financial sector at ‘the end of history’. How can policy makers move sluggish economic growth rates forward? Some radical policy agendas are covered with Hudson’s unique historical insights on show. Recorded next to…
Loophole of the Week
Oct 12, 2016
Fred Harrison’s latest clip on the importance of sacred rents to community cohesion, then Karl sums up 3 months of economic detectivery insights into the pressures on the eastern seaboard. Included is the tax loophole of the week. Send any of your…
Peer to Peer Trading, Cassowary Conservation
Oct 5, 2016
Kevin Azz joins us to discuss his trading software that builds community consensus for share trading. What stocks to buy? Let your brainstrust assist! Ingrid Maker then discusses the importance of Cassowarys to the conservation of rainforests and the…
Kanjini’s Part of the Solution
Sep 21, 2016
Svargo and Suha join to discuss their huge property in the Atherton tablelands (Tropical North Queensland) following their Eco Inspirations gathering. They are another group on the trail of establishing a sustainable community. What a simple way to pay…
Swagman in the Living Room
Sep 14, 2016
Imagine a rainforest critter, a huge flowing beard, a storytelling wizard who commands the attention of walkers by…… surely he was a candidate for the Renegade Economists? This was Australian swagman culture in living form, those living on the land,…
Banks - Vote With Your Feet
Sep 7, 2016
Undercover banker Ashley X discusses the role of public banks, banking coops and more as we delve into the capabilities of an ethical banking system. Now - vote with your feet!Show notes up next week!xx from the Daintree rainforest (and precarious…
Affordable Housing in Action
Aug 31, 2016
In our continual quest for affordable housing solutions, we invited the Australian Capital Territory’s Simon Tennent to discus the innovative Canberra Land Rent Initiative. During the discussion we delve into some much needed detail on how big the scheme…
Covering Their Tracks
Aug 24, 2016
Respected Land Valuer Ted Gwartney discusses the importance of land valuations and LVT in the context of hereditary land title (code for beneficiaries of genocide). Karl then launches into the latest developments by rent-seekers to cover their tracks,…
Boom Bust Energy Battleground
Aug 17, 2016
Broadcasting from the Mackay Environment Centre, Peter McCallum & Patricia Julian provide insights on the major challenges to their community in the face of the coal, sugar cane, land clearing and great barrier reef onslaught.
Community Led Housing
Aug 10, 2016
Community led housing is on the rise but could it be better targetted? We visit Oakland, NY and the UK as we round up some recent Community Land Trust themes. Show notes -
Land Alternatives
Aug 3, 2016
Who wins, who loses - how to use land for the greater good. Today we have two contrasting views - one with Cam Murray ( sports commentating the rapidly changing landscape of West End, Brisbane. Then Jenny Fletcher…
Australia’s Oldest Intentional Community - How to Do It
Jul 27, 2016
5th upload lucky, this time from the errrr…… Woodford pub. The All The Good Things Journey visits Australia’s oldest intentional community, Tuntable Falls to discuss with solicitor David Spain his key learnings during his 45 years of living in paradise.…
CLTs are happening, and how UK Enclosures led to Oz Convicts
Jul 20, 2016
We start with the catalyst to what could be Australia’s first Community Land Trust, Kelvin Daly ( Exciting. Then we talk to Colin Cook about the pressures of UK enclosures. How did that contribute to arrests and what ramifications…
Byron Bay - Vision over Regulation
Jul 13, 2016
Alternative architect and town planner John Sparks ( joins to philosophise over the modern development mantra. In particular we discuss the West Byron re-zoning, where short-term profits paper over crucial eco-system…
Public Banking Hawks
Jul 6, 2016
Dr Liz Elliot discusses the power of public banking in light of the recent election. Pfft banking fees, creating money out of thin air is what matters. Then we visit a bio-dynamics workshop to discuss this creative perspective on connecting with the land.…
The Other Sydney Lockout
Jun 29, 2016
A live recording of our Sydney event with Karl alongside Friendly Jordies, cracking a few jokes amongst the economic carnage. Including Q n A.As usual we fire through a range of topics defining the economic warfare of life in these testy times. Watch out…
Jun 22, 2016
A collage episode as we address the issue of all 3CR issues - keeping this flagship alive. Please support the show and the station that is celebrating 40 years on air. Cheers from the Woodford Pub, QLD, where i know i am in QLD as they have a ‘Pig Day…
Eden to Eternity
Jun 15, 2016
Karl has just begun the 6 month trek around Australia. As he gets his wheels going, a highlights real of interviews with Saul Eslake, Michael Pascoe (Fairfax), Niels Niman, Jesse Hermans, Karl Williams and Mr Robot is today’s show. Check out the longer…
The Internet of Ownership
Jun 8, 2016
Rising concerns about the inequity between those who design web platforms such as google, FB and Uber and their users has seen a growing movement questioning the trend. The alternative is Platform Cooperatives. Lets discuss with Janelle Orsi (SELC), Prof…
Emerging Tax Wars
Jun 1, 2016
Dr Terry Dwyer delivers a lawyers versus economists insight into the evolution of tax havens. Is the onus on the state or the entrepreneur - who is to blame for base erosion? A fascinating presentation recorded at Prosper Australia.Show notes -…
Kinda Chipper
May 25, 2016
Senator Scott Ludlam discusses the Greens housing policy reforms amidst the new attitude towards reforming capital gain and negative gearing. Karl continues with the week’s rent-seeking alerts. Show notes -
Man Your Battlestations
May 18, 2016
Karl runs through the property lobby’s latest scaremongering campaign with the help of The Project, Catherine Cashmore (Prosper Australia), Cassandra Goldie (ACOSS) and Innes Wilcox (Industry Australia Group). Man your battlestations, the fight is ON!Show…
The Price of Looking…the Other Way
May 11, 2016
Karl presents the radio show that will be a report - quantifying the capital gains renters forfeit thanks to the economic system that ignores the advantages of location, location. The numbers are staggering, just how much money in capital gains people…
Double the Cost - Private over Public
May 4, 2016
Kenneth Davidson (Fairfax) joins to discuss the Federal Budget and the underpinning debt pressures. Just how is the Australian economic honeymoon playing out? Buy a house for your kids will ya!Show notes -
Getting it Done?
Apr 27, 2016
David Collier and Jesse Hermans join to discuss the big spending Victorian government budget. We dig through the details to discuss who some of the hidden winners and losers were. We finish with a little negative gearing critique of Malcolm Turnbull.Show…
Launch Housing Rights
Apr 20, 2016
Karl swings through the latest happenings with clips from our appearance on Channel 10’s The Project, the new documentary The Divide and the one and only Max Keiser. in between is a mountain of info as we segue from housing rights as human rights, some…
Pocketting Windfalls
Apr 13, 2016
Renowned Fairfax journalist Michael Pascoe joins to discuss the big week in economic reform with discussion of Land Value Capture by the Prime Minister and a prominent new network advocating further property tax reform. Show Notes:…
Platform Rents Policy Shootout
Apr 6, 2016
Associate Professor Neil Niman discusses the intellectual foundations to the open source movement as we traverse through economic rights to monopoly power in airports to a policy brainstorm on the elusive Renegade Economists question: how to share the…
Everybody needs a home, not a property portfolio
Mar 30, 2016
Karl sums up the challenge to life on earth as Kelly Whitworth (Homeless Persons Union of Victoria) discusses an action surrounding empty homes owned by government. Then more on Rental backed Mortgage Securities and the commodification of the planet. Get…
The Incentives for War
Mar 23, 2016
Phillip Anderson, the author of the Secret Life of Real Estate & Banking (, discusses the core aspects to understanding an economic system that supports war. The battle for location is everywhere but in economic theory. Show Notes -…
EU Declaration of Bankruptcy
Mar 16, 2016
Dirk Loehr ( discusses EU economic pressures with regards environmental taxation, the refugee crisis and a central bank ignorant of the danger asset bubbles pose. I hope the sound recording isn’t too dogged. Apologies!Show…
From Resource Rents to Value Capture
Mar 9, 2016
Karl interviewed on the Beyond Zero Emissions show about his role, the Total Resource Rents of Australia & the need for land value capture to finance infrastructure. Show Notes
Peak Monopoly
Mar 2, 2016
Karl presents at the Sustainable Living Festival on the diverse powers of so-called resource shortages. Why was Malthus the perfect remedy for the French Revolution?Show Notes
In Pursuit of the Mining Millions
Feb 24, 2016
Kevin Morrison (UTS) discusses best practices in consensus building when it comes to resource rent taxation. We then debate the mechanism to share these mining millions.Show Notes
Negative Gearing for Marginal Seats
Feb 17, 2016
Australia’s leading economist Saul Eslake gives a masterclass in current Negative Gearing reform options. The top 20% own 72% of the value of investment property. But yet the reforms will target ….?
Policy Learnings & Yearnings
Feb 10, 2016
Sorry about the slow podcast upload this week, was busy with a government submission and the festival itself.Warwick Smith (Per Capita) analyses the learnings from the last Australian recession (1990 - 91) in light of recent cabinet documents released…
The City as a Commons
Feb 3, 2016
Dr Jose Ramos joins to discuss the fast moving commons culture that is evolving through systems thinking, peer-to-peer and the sharing economy. We focus on the City as a Commons line of thinking before Karl gives a precis of the top peer-to-peer trends of…
The Fruits
Jan 27, 2016
Comedian Friendly Jordie joins to discuss our economic perspective on the fruits of the earth and the gamut of deflections embedded in the system.Show notes
Rentiers Roundtable
Jan 20, 2016
Host Karl Fitzgerald is joined by Catherine Cashmore, Bryan Kavanagh, Karl Williams and Jesse Hermans to discuss the state of economics in early 2016. Is the end nigh? What policy levers are left for government to enact?
Silicon Valley Fables
Jan 13, 2016
Popular podcaster KMO from the C-Realm is interviewed on the core themes of his futuristic show regarding Singularitarianism, post-scarcity and hope for the future.Show notes
Free Demolition 2
Jan 6, 2016
Take 2 on uploading this show! Braybrook storyteller Lucy tells of a fire at derelict home and the cost to the community after Karl runs through recent economic trends, events as outlined below. Show Notes
Currency Wars to Split Global Trading?
Dec 30, 2015
The full interview with Michael Hudson on how the US is penalising nations for trading in non-US dollars.Show notesImage - Padurariu Alexander
Renegade Economists 2015 Collage
Dec 23, 2015
Lets tell a story using a collage of samples from Wall Streets latest weapons of mass deception plus some of the many interviews held over the year including Fred Harrison, Michael Hudson, Phil Anderson, Mary Rose and Maureen Taylor. Music Dr Turtle, All…
Financing Our Own Oppression
Dec 16, 2015
Financing Our Own Oppression: Prof Michael Hudson ( in another blistering critique on the systemic flaws enabling US imperialism. The New Currency Cold War between the Washington Consensus and Oceania reflects on the need for…
Vacancies up, House Prices Up
Dec 9, 2015
Catherine Cashmore joins to discuss her Speculative Vacancies report findings of 82,000 empty homes, up 22% on last year. How can house prices keep increasing? Notes
The Black Box
Nov 25, 2015
Roman Lanis (Assoc Prof Accounting, UTS) discusses tax evasion strategies by oil companies undermining one of our ‘most efficient’ taxes.Show Notes - Image -
Into Focus
Nov 18, 2015
Mary Rose Liverani, author of ‘Sicily, a Captive Land’ joins to discuss the relationship between the Catholic Church and mafia in Sicily, then onto the land reform zest in Scotland. Show Notes - - Doctor Turtle…
Ripping Yourself Off.con
Nov 11, 2015
Jason Murphy ( joins to discuss his wake up call that small business has dried up in the face of the immense profits in real estate speculation. Economics IS interesting!Show notes Image
Guardians of Intent
Nov 4, 2015
A broadcast of the Quarter Acre panel: ‘On the Home Front: Where is our Great Australian Dream? featuring Moreland Cr Meaghan Hopper, artist Jessie Scott and your host Karl FitzgeraldShow Notes
Micro Nations, Macro Issues
Oct 28, 2015
Zbigniew Dumienski (Uni of Auckland) discusses his research on the world of micro states - tiny nations making a splash in a world of big problems. We cover the usual unusual - from customary land title, fishing rights, foreign aid to …manufacturing…
The Pricing Pork-Barrel
Oct 21, 2015
The Pricing Pork-Barrel: Rick Rybeck ( joins us from Washington to discuss the intricacies to PM Turnbull’s infrastructure breakthrough - land value capture. Finally we are getting somewhere. Thanks for your support.Show notes
Oct 14, 2015
Bioprospecting our future: Prof Natalie Stoianoff (UTS, Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney, and the Director of the Intellectual Property Program) discusses the legal side to pharmaceutical efforts to privatise nature.…
Tax Evasion BEPS
Oct 7, 2015
AJ Gupta ( joins to discuss the growing pressure on MNCs to pay their fair share. Gupta moderated a prestigious panel in NY on the topic of tax evasion and gives insights beyond OECD recommendations announced this week.
Symphony of Energy
Sep 30, 2015
And off to the Global Conference on Environmental Tax we go! Interviews with Agime Berteri (Author Symphony of Energy) and Sven Rudolph (Kyoto Uni) on carbon pricing and the political economy of such challenging policy.Show NotesPic - Demi Kwant
Tour Times
Sep 23, 2015
Karl runs through the US tour in detail, with more time on economic pressures through LA, SF, Detroit and almost …..NY, hoping that the story helps spell out the purpose of this reform for one of our favourite listeners. He finishes off the show late at…
Detroit: Value World
Sep 16, 2015
Maureen Taylor from the Michigan Welfare Rights Organisation takes us on a rolling tour of Detroit’s development district and hits us punch after punch with insiders making easy money. A unique insight on ‘community development’ – boy can she tell a story…
Fair Hope for Land Reform
Sep 9, 2015
Alodia Arnold from the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation joins to discuss the history of her vibrant community, which has existed for 121 years as a bastion to land reformers around the world. There’s more to investigate on this topic!Show Notes
The Niger Delta Needs this EcoVillage
Sep 2, 2015
Gordon Abiama returns to the Renegade Economists to discuss the state of play in the Niger Delta, with some harrowing stories on oil grabs and the externalities the community endures. On the positive, he is on the pathway to setting up an ecovillage in…
China Turns Over
Aug 26, 2015
Karl reveals his lead indicator of looming economic calamity as we step through why China has exploded so spectacularly this week. Jim Chanos lends his insights on why he bet so heavily against the Chinese economic miracle. Thanks Unsplash for the pic…
Planned Obsolescence of the Public Interest
Aug 19, 2015
Part 2 to the Forest Park interview with Prof Michael Hudson and Tune Nielsen on the state of economic reform. This week we delve deeper into the Greek capitulation to the Troika, how to get free of the euro, the state of US democracy and other aspects to…
QE for the People
Aug 12, 2015
Financial warfare discussed as only we can with Prof Michael Hudson, this time joined by Tune Nielson (Positive Money Denmark). We wind through the tricks of the trade the FIRE sector (Finance Insurance and Real Estate) adopt to keep our economic rights…
There Goes the Neighbourhood
Aug 5, 2015
San Francisco is under attack. Many blame the tech workers for pushing prices higher than most can afford. But what about the role of real estate speculations? DJ Cooba (Clarion Alley Mural Project), Andy Blue and Felicia appear in an on the streets of…
Distribution too dangerous for economists
Jul 22, 2015
Joseph Stiglitz discusses with the Institute for New Economic Thinking the important role of monopoly rents Piketty overlooked. If ever there was a demonstration of the Corruption of Economics, this was it. Karl then comments within the Australian…
State Revenue Sovereignty
Jul 15, 2015
Brendan Coates joins the 400th edition of Renegade Economists radio to discuss the need for the fairest of all taxes to raise revenue efficiently and equitably. Geek out!Show notes -
Channelling the Land Bubble
Jul 8, 2015
Karl interviewed on Solidarity Breakfast with Annie McLoughlin & Kim Doyle, discussing the recent housing bubble spotlight and how the political process is so contorted when it comes to addressing this issue. Show Notes
Remote Community Land Grab
Jul 1, 2015
Curtis Taylor (Bungol lands) and Suri Bin Saad, a proud Nyikina man from Derby (Kimberley region) discuss the proposed forced closure of remote aboriginal communities. What does it mean to the oldest known culture on the planet? What does it say about our…
Re-zoning Routine Corruption
Jun 24, 2015
Cam Murray presents at the Clean Money, Dirty System event held at RMIT Centre for Urban Research. Calling all economic detectives! This is THE system and we need your help. Show Notes
Magna Carta’s Missing Piece
Jun 17, 2015
Fred Harrison & Karl Williams join to discuss the age old battle between the rulers of the earth and the people, and where this much heralded document failed to recognise our common rights. Show Notes
Real Estate Dynasty
Jun 10, 2015
No wonder the Abbott government support the bubble. Not only do politicians own $300m in property holdings, but Joe Hockey is from a dynasty of real estate agents. The most important show of the year, we hope you can support 3CR. Show Notes
The Stewardship Factor
Jun 3, 2015
Paraic Lally ( discusses the challenge of communicating earth rights and economic rents to the mainstream. The Project also analyses the Australian bubble phenomenon. Is it a natural disaster? Further show notes. Go on - review the show on…
Clean Money, Dirty System
May 27, 2015
Cameron Murray ( + @rumplestatskin) discusses his investigative report into the links between well connected property developers and the likelihood they benefit from re-zoning windfalls. Does money talk?Show Notes
Monopoly RIghts
May 20, 2015
Finally getting thios show onto the etherwebs, the topic this week is Monopoly and how it flows through land and privatised resources. Imagine if you had a single bridge that could deliver you $100m or you were a mining magnate who recently destroyed the…
Budgeted Vision
May 13, 2015
Dr David Bond (UTS - @drdavebond) and David Collyer (@dontbuynow) join to analyse the Federal Budget. MNC tax avoidance reforms and infrastructure, foreign investment and ASIC privatisations are discussed. Show Notes -…
Victorian Budget & Planning
May 6, 2015
Stuart Menzies (Vice President Planning Institute Australia joins to give a … planning interpretation of the budget. We cover the new Metro Loop, the Interface growth areas, the need for value capture. Karl finishes with a…
Speculative Vacancies Goes International?
Apr 29, 2015
A discussion with Uni of Toronto post-grad Stephanie Malcher on life there and the effects of planning and real estate commodification on the homeless. Toronto winter homelessnessData Transparency VictoriaShow notes
Vested Interests Party
Apr 22, 2015
Chris Martin ( discusses the recent NSW election and the push by some sections of the property lobby to remove the one tax they can’t avoid with the No Land Tax Party. A string of controversies followed wherever the party went.…
Age of Monopoly
Apr 15, 2015
A reprise of the last 4 weeks shows with snippets from Michael Hudson, Fred Harrison, Alanna Hartzok and Phil Anderson. Karl reinforces some of the central themes in this age of monopoly. Wealth of Generations reportPhilip Anderson via Daily Reckoning -…
Full Spectrum Dominance
Apr 8, 2015
Show NotesAlanna Hartzok discusses US Imperialism through South America, Eastern Europe and beyond. The systemic imperative that encourages such destruction is then explained. We finish on a positive with the Universal Basic Income.Related LinksAlanna is…
Michael Hudson on the Ancient Near East
Apr 1, 2015
We discuss Hudson’s soon to be released book Labor in the Ancient World, on the manner in which incentives were provided to build public works. Also the battle between rulers, the evolving banking system and the resultant tensions to maintaining community…
Government Cornered
Mar 25, 2015
Phoa we have almost moved office, but enjoy this one, Fred is one of the best!Fred Harrison: His first book, The Power in the Land (1983), predicted the economic crisis of 1992. He followed this with a 10-year forecast (published in The Chaos Makers…
Land Price Takes all the Gains with Phil Anderson
Mar 18, 2015
Phil Anderson returns to the Renegade Economists to continue his accurate run of forecasting future trends. This time last year we interviewed for Phillip to push the importance of cheap shale energy to the global economy. Last night he gave more insights…
Recovering Financial Crises
Dec 10, 2014
Akhil Patel ( discusses the influence of the land game on the stockmarket and how to decipher the stage of the economic cycle – crucial info for any reformer as we dart from China, the UK, EU to Australia.