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Christian community, mission and the future of the church
129: Rowan Williams - The Problem of Prayer
May 24 • 88 min
What actually is prayer? What happens when we do it? What difference can it make, if any, to the events and circumstances we find ourselves in? Should we expect to sense God in prayer, or perhaps even hear him communicate to us? And if so, why do so…
128: Greg Boyd - The Crucifixion of the Warrior God
May 8 • 94 min
Greg Boyd is back on the show. This time he’s tackling the tricky issue of violence in the Old Testament. How is it, for example, that the God revealed in Jesus loves his enemies and lays down his life for them, when the God we see in the Old…
Spirituality: Mark Vernon - Living on the Edge of the Circle
May 3 • 12 min
At our recent offline Gathering, Mark Vernon - former Anglican Priest, turned atheist, turned Christian agnostic - led us in a Buddhist inspired meditation. To get the full benefit from this, you might want to sit near some other people…
Live: Mark Vernon - The Art of Uncertainty
Apr 28 • 76 min
This podcast comes to you from Nomad’s first offline Gathering. We had a great weekend of food, drink, conversation, music and meditation. We also interviewed Mark Vernon. Mark was an Anglican priest but developed deep doubts about the faith. His…
126: Nomad Gathering - The Nomad Story
Apr 21 • 98 min
We recently invited the beloved listener to Nottingham for Nomad’s first offline get-together. It was a splendid weekend of conversation, interviews, music, food and drink. And we recorded some of it for you. First up is a Q&A we did on the Friday…
125: Is Christianity Good News for Animals?
Apr 5 • 121 min
We recently travelled to the Creature Conference in London, where we spent the day pondering the question ‘Is Christianity Good News for Animals?’. Animal welfare used to be seen as an important expression of the gospel for leaders such as Spurgeon,…
124: Tom Wright - The Day the Revolution Began
Mar 24 • 73 min
With Easter fast approaching, we thought it was about time we had a fresh look at the central symbol of our faith, the cross. And who better to help us than one of the world’s most respected and influential theologians, Professor N. T. Wright. So we…
123: Alastair McIntosh - The Ancient Art of Soulful Travel
Mar 13 • 97 min
For those of us who have been through some kind of faith deconstruction, spiritual practices often take on a new significance, as we seek to connect with God without what often feels like restrictive doctrinal and organisational frameworks. Scottish…
Spirituality: Brian Draper - Lent and the Transforming Power of Stillness
Mar 1 • 29 min
Lent is upon us once again. A wonderful counter-cultural season where we reflect on those things we might need to give up. So we asked Brian Draper to send us something that would help guide us through this time. And he came up trumps with a…
122: Justin Welby - Dethroning Mammon
Feb 23 • 58 min
We’ve been wanting to do an episode on money for a while now, so when the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby put pen to paper and wrote his first book - Dethroning Mammon - all about the dangers of money, we seized upon the…
121: Barbara Glasson - Baking, Weaving and Forming Community
Feb 8 • 75 min
In both Liverpool and Bradford, Barbara Glasson has drawn together communities that have provided safe, honest, authentic spaces for the poor, marginalised, disillusioned, and people from other faiths and none. As well as being a spiritual home for…
120: Rachel Mann - A Trans-Woman Meets a Queer God
Jan 23 • 79 min
Priest, poet and feminist theologian, Rachel Mann is a trans-woman. From an early age she had a profound sense that her body didn’t reflect her gender. After a long, frustrating and painful journey she emerged into the woman she is today. We ask…
119: Richard Beck - The Devil for Doubters and the Disenchanted
Jan 10 • 83 min
What are 21st Century educated, questioning Christians supposed to make of the Devil and evil spirits? Are they literal spiritual beings who spend their time trying to lure us into sinful acts? Or should we see them as metaphors for social injustices…
Spirituality: Nicola Slee - Come as a Girl
Dec 21, 2016 • 15 min
It’s that time of the year again! We thought we’d have a week off interviewing, and so we’ve arranged a little Christmas reflection for you. Nicola Slee is a feminist practice theologian and poet who is currently director of research at The Queen’s…
118: Sally Smith - Welcome the Stranger, Part 3
Dec 8, 2016 • 70 min
Sally Smith joins us for part 3 of our Welcome the Stranger series. On this podcast, we hear about the fascinating and inspiring story that emerged when Sally opened the doors of her dying church to asylum seekers and refugees. She’s seen large…
117: Dave Smith - Welcome the Stranger, Part 2
Nov 24, 2016 • 70 min
Our regular listeners will remember our Welcome the Stranger refugee special where we looked at the crisis through the eyes of a Syrian refugee and a refugee charity worker. The aim was to raise awareness and money through the sale of David Benjamin…
116: Michael and Lisa Gungor - Music for Doubters and the Disenchanted
Nov 8, 2016 • 56 min
Gungor - a multi-grammy nominated Christian band - were the toast of the evangelical worship scene. That is until it became clear that Michael was having significant doubts about his faith. This did not go down well among evangelicals, to say the…
115: Brian McLaren - The Great Spiritual Migration
Oct 20, 2016 • 57 min
Brian McLaren has a knack for articulating what many of us are feeling. For a decade he has been the voice of those Christians who are concerned about, for example, the Church’s overemphasis on doctrinal belief, its lack of inclusivity, and its…
114: Mark Yaconelli - The Transforming Power of Stories
Oct 7, 2016 • 53 min
Mark Yaconelli is - among many other things - a storyteller. Such is his belief in the power of stories that he founded The Hearth, a gathering of local people who simply share their own stories. Mark has seen this simple gathering profoundly impact…
113: Kester Brewin - The Church and Other Means of Escape
Sep 22, 2016 • 62 min
Kester Brewin was founder of one the UK’s most creative and innovative alternative worship communities, Vaux. He went onto write The Complex Christ, a critically acclaimed book calling for an emerging Church. But over the following years he began to…
112: Paula Gooder - A Spirituality for the Whole Person
Sep 9, 2016 • 75 min
Christianity can be quite a disembodied faith. Muslim’s have prayer positions, Hindu’s have yoga, Buddhists have Tai-Chi, whereas Christians tend to pray with little more than a bowed head. We ask theologian Paula Gooder why Christians have separated…
111: Brian Draper - Mindfulness: The Doorway to the Soul?
Aug 23, 2016 • 90 min
Mindfulness has exploded in popularity over recent years, with seemingly every other community centre, school, health service and therapist offering it. But what benefit, if any, does it offer the follower of Jesus? Author, speaker and retreat…
110: Roger Mitchell - Jesus and the Politics of Love
Aug 10, 2016 • 82 min
With the dust just beginning to settle after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at our relationship with politics. Was Jesus political? Should Christians engage in party politics, or be a…
109: Pete Enns - The Sin of Certainty
Jul 22, 2016 • 78 min
Is faith based purely on belief, and a strong faith holding to those beliefs with certainty? If so, what happens when our beliefs evolve and shift? Prof. Peter Enns - author of The Sin of Certainty - believes that we’ve misunderstood the…
108 - Diana Butler Bass - A Horizontal Church for a Horizontal Spirituality
Jul 8, 2016 • 74 min
The question ‘who is God?’ used to be the starting point for religious reflection, but increasingly spiritual seekers are concerning themselves with the question ‘where is God?’. We ask historian, religious commentator and author of Grounded: Finding…
107: Anthony Reddie - Is God Colour-Blind?
Jun 22, 2016 • 79 min
Why in our multicultural society is the Church still predominantly led by, and our theology predominantly written by, white men? We head to Birmingham to meet up with one of the UK’s leading black theologians, Anthony Reddie. We ask him if the…
106: Welcome the Stranger - A Refugee Special
Jun 12, 2016 • 86 min
We have a humanitarian disaster unfolding on our doorstep. Many of us feel frustrated at our government’s half-hearted response, yet we feel overwhelmed and powerless to do anything ourselves. In this episode we hear from Adel Hamad,…
105: Christena Cleveland - Disunity in Christ
May 23, 2016 • 71 min
Why is the Church divided into over 40,000 denominations? Why do Churches in the same town often have very little to do with each other? Why are Christians always fighting on social media? It doesn’t seem much like the one new humanity Jesus came to…
Pentecost for Progressives 07: Richard Beck
May 12, 2016 • 12 min
With Pentecost almost upon us, we offer you our 7th and final refection. Associate Professor of Psychology, blogger and author, Richard Beck has the privilege of closing our this series. We hope you’ve found these reflections helpful. See you later…
104: Gary Burge - Whose Land? Whose Promise?
May 9, 2016 • 74 min
Professor Gary Burge joins us on the podcast to help us get our heads round the complexities of Israel/Palestine. Gary was a student at the university of Beirut, he now lecturers in the US on the New Testament and the Theology of the Promised…
Pentecost for Progressives 06 - Roger Mitchell
May 5, 2016 • 14 min
In our sixth instalment of our Pentecost for Progressives series, we bring you Roger Mitchell. Roger teaches political theology at Lancaster University and has pioneered a movement around the idea of Kenarchy, by which he means ‘self…
Pentecost for Progressives 05: Rachel Mann
Apr 27, 2016 • 14 min
Rachel Mann brings us our fifth Pentecost for Progressives reflection. Rachel is a Church of England priest, and is poet in Residence at Manchester Cathedral. She’s also transgender, and brings something of her experience of wrestling with…
103: Jon Underwood - Tea and Mortality at the Death Cafe
Apr 25, 2016 • 65 min
Apparently the vast majority of us feel uncomfortable talking about death, and haven’t spoken to anyone about our end of life wishes. Jon Underwood thinks this is having a profoundly negative effect on society. So he pioneered the Death Cafe…
Pentecost for Progressives 04: Sharon Putt
Apr 21, 2016 • 13 min
Our Pentecost series continues with a jazz inspired reflection from Sharon Putt. Sharon is a theologian, and author of Razing Hell and Executing God. Head over to for more from Nomad and Sharon.
Pentecost for Progressives 03: Ann Morisy
Apr 15, 2016 • 12 min
Our journey towards Pentecost continues. This week’s refection comes from freelance community theologian and author, Ann Morisy. Ann has researched and written on everything from the spirituality of public transport, through to the spirituality of…
102: Wayne Jacobsen - What Sort of Church is Jesus Building?
Apr 11, 2016 • 74 min
Wayne Jacobsen - author of The Shack - was a successful pastor. But as his disillusionment with the institutional nature of church grew, he decided to walk away and begin to search for the church Jesus was building. 20 years later he says this was…
Pentecost for Progressives 02: Alastair McIntosh
Apr 8, 2016 • 14 min
Here’s our second Pentecost reflection for you. This time Alastair McIntosh reflects on how his understanding of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit has changed and evolved, from one of judgement to one of spiritual activism.
Pentecost for Progressives 01: Barbara Glasson
Apr 1, 2016 • 14 min
We’ve got a new Nomad Spirituality series for you, Pentecost for Progressives. Each week between Easter and Pentecost we’ll be giving you a reflection from someone who’s been through a faith shift/deconstruction, or who just views the faith with…
Spirituality: James Martin - Jesus Understands You
Mar 26, 2016 • 14 min
As well as our usual interview shows we like to give you some food for thought focussed around the Church Calendar. This Easter we’ve asked the Jesuit Priest, Father James Martin to reflect on how he relates to the suffering and resurrected…
101: Alan Mann - Atonement for a Sinless Society
Mar 24, 2016 • 66 min
Easter is upon us, so we thought it was a fine time to look at the atonement again. So we popped down to Bristol to chat with Alan Mann. Alan asks the question, what could the atonement mean for a society that doesn’t consider itself sinful in any…
100: Robin Parry - How to Live in the Biblical Cosmos
Mar 11, 2016 • 69 min
Robin Parry is a theologian best known for advocating universalism (see our interview with him on this very topic). More recently he’s turned his attention to writing about The Biblical Cosmos. In this book he systematically lays out all the…
99: Grace Davie - Cathedrals, Charismatics, and the Changing Nature of Church
Feb 25, 2016 • 65 min
On Nomad we often talk about the changing nature of culture and how the church has changed (or not) in response. But rather than continuing to rely on our own anecdotal evidence, we thought it was about time we spoke with someone who actually knows…
98: Jamie Arpin-Ricci - Vulnerable Faith
Feb 9, 2016 • 66 min
Jamie Arpin-Ricci joins us on the latest leg of our Nomadic pilgrimage of hope. Jamie felt called to leave behind his comfortable middle class life and move to a high poverty and crime inner-city area. Obviously this presented many…
97: Elaine Storkey - Violence Against Women, and What it Means to be a Man
Jan 25, 2016 • 63 min
The UN said recently that ‘Gender-based violence is perhaps the most widespread and socially tolerated of human rights violations.’ We spoke to philosopher, sociologist and theologian Elaine Storkey about the reasons behind this, and how the church…
96: Terry Waite - In Captivity with Christ
Jan 8, 2016 • 75 min
Terry Waite travelled to some of the most dangerous places in the world, negotiating with the likes of Idi Amin and Colonel Gaddafi for the release of hostages. Then while working in Lebanon he was taken hostage by Islamic…
Spirituality: John Hayes - Christmas Contradictions
Dec 22, 2015 • 14 min
Last year we gave you our 12 Days of Christmas refections. We’re adding to that series with a refection by the director of the missional community InnerChange, John Hayes. John reflects on the contradictions inherent in our modern celebration of…
Journey 05: Tim and Dave’s Q&A Marathon!
Dec 17, 2015 • 133 min
It’s time for our regular ‘Nomad Journey’ update (our last one being just shy of 2 years ago!). This time we’re answering your questions. Everything from ‘Who are you two?’, through to ‘Is there a north-south divide in heaven?’. It’s a marathon 2…
95: Rob Bell - Millones Cajones and How to Find Your True Self
Dec 11, 2015 • 64 min
As if building a church of 10,000+, producing an international bestselling DVD series, writing critically acclaimed bestselling books, producing a hugely popular podcast, and having his own TV show wasn’t enough, Rob Bell has decided to write a…
94: Jonny Baker - Pioneering and the Gift of Not Fitting In
Nov 24, 2015 • 76 min
Ever felt awkward and uncomfortable in Church, like you just don’t fit in? Well, according to Jonny Baker that could well be the gift of pioneering. Jonny was pioneering before pioneering was a thing. Most notably he founded the alternative…
93: Brad Jersak - A More Christlike God
Nov 10, 2015 • 65 min
At the core of author and teacher Brad Jersak’s faith is the belief that God looks like Jesus. Simple enough, right? But what about the violent ‘God of the Old Testament’? What about the parable’s of Jesus that liken God to an angry king? And what…
92: Dave Andrews - The Jihad of Jesus
Oct 23, 2015 • 56 min
Dave Andrews has lived and worked in intentional communities with marginalised groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal. Through these experiences he developed a passion for seeing Christians and Muslims learning together…
Extra: Dave Smith - Facing Up to the Refugee Crisis
Oct 9, 2015 • 26 min
The recent image of a drowned child washed up on a Turkish beach brought the refugee crisis into sharp focus. So to help us better understand the complexities of the situation and how best to respond, we’ve asked Dave Smith to send us a…
Spirituality: Bruce Stanley - Harvest Thanksgiving?
Oct 3, 2015 • 11 min
Every now and then we treat you to Nomad Spirituality, a guest meditation based around the Church calendar. So we thought a reflection on Harvest might be in order. Bruce Stanley seemed like the man as he’s a forager, owns a small holding,…
91: Joanna Jepson - Searching For Beauty
Sep 25, 2015 • 72 min
The idea of beauty has shaped Joanna Jepson’s life and ministry. Born with a jaw defect she was mercilessly bullied through her childhood and into adulthood. But after successful surgery she then had to figure out how her internal self related to…
90: Marina Cantacuzino - The Forgiveness Project
Sep 10, 2015 • 61 min
10 years ago Marina Cantacuzino began to interview people who had suffered all sorts of trauma, abuse and wrongdoing, but who instead of choosing vengeance chose forgiveness. It’s easy as Christians to think that we’ve cornered the market…
89: Robert Song - Sex BC vs. Sex AD (and the Redefinition of Marriage)
Aug 25, 2015 • 52 min
Robert Song is a professor in the department of Theology and Religion at Durham Uni. He recently wrote ‘Covenant and Calling’, in which he challenges traditional ideas of straight and gay marriage, having children and celibacy and proposes a…
88: Kelly Bean - How to Be a Christian Without Going to Church
Aug 10, 2015 • 65 min
Nomad started out with a group of people wanting to explore new forms of church, so after six years we thought we’d once again explore this idea. Kelly Bean grew up in traditional church and never questioned its practices or structure. But over time…
87: Robert Cohen - Back to Our Roots? Lessons from Judaism
Jul 24, 2015 • 56 min
Jewish blogger, Robert Cohen is back on the show, sharing with us lessons from his faith journey. So if you’re interested in knowing more about the connection between faith, ancestry and land, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, interfaith marriage,…
86: Eve Tushnet - Gay, Catholic and Celibate
Jul 10, 2015 • 68 min
Eve Tushnet is a freelance writer and blogger. And she’s gay, Catholic and celibate. So we ask Eve to tell us the story of how she went from atheist lesbian, to Catholic and celibate. And what she learnt about love, friendship and what it means to…
Extra: Carl Medearis - Is Islam Inherently Violent?
Jul 1, 2015 • 24 min
With yet another terrorist atrocity in the news, this time leading to the deaths of at least 38 people in Tunisia, people are again asking, ‘Is Islam inherently violent?’ We ask Carl Medearis, an international expert in Muslim-Christian…
85: Tom Wright - The Man Behind the Theology
Jun 25, 2015 • 62 min
Tom Wright is unquestionably one of the most influential New Testament scholars of our generation. It’s hard to overestimate the influence he has had on the Church’s understanding of Jesus and Paul. But what makes this great man tick? We asked…
84: Alastair McIntosh - Liberation, Spiritual Activism, and How to Find a Sense of Place
Jun 10, 2015 • 65 min
It’s quite popular these days to refer to yourself as an activist. But Alastair McIntosh is the real thing. He’s taken on major corporations, and won! Why? Because he believes much of the modern world is threatening our sense of place, which he…
83: Rachel Held Evans - Losing My [Evangelical] Religion
May 23, 2015 • 84 min
Rachel Held Evans is a hugely successful and influential progressive Christian blogger, author and speaker. We talk to Rachel about her journey from a conservative evangelical faith characterised by certainty, to wrestling with…
82: Mike McHargue - “The Best Thing That Ever Happened to My Faith was Losing it”
May 8, 2015 • 62 min
[Science] Mike McHargue describes himself as a Christian turned atheist turned follower of Jesus. That’s right, Mike was a fully-fledged conservative evangelical Christian, but his faith crumbled away and he found himself in the rather awkward…
81: Derek Flood - Disarming Scripture
Apr 24, 2015 • 66 min
What on earth are we meant to do with those passages in the Bible where God commands genocide, the stoning to death of rebellious children or poems about dashing the heads of babies on rocks?! Well, according to theologian, author and artist, Derek…
Extra: Paul Bickley - Why Bother Voting?
Apr 16, 2015 • 26 min
Another General Election is upon us. Levels of apathy and disillusionment are at an all time high, and popular figures like Russell Brand are urging us to have no part in what he sees as a corrupt system. So the question we’re wrestling with is: Why…
80: Lewis Dartnell - What to Do if You’re Left Behind
Apr 8, 2015 • 55 min
The Rapture is a curious doctrine, as it’s not in the Bible, anywhere! But let’s pretend it’s real, and you missed it! How would you survive the collapse of civilisation? Lewis Dartnell’s day job is to search for life on Mars, but for fun he wrote…
Interfaith Easter 08: James Ford - A Buddhist Easter
Apr 3, 2015 • 14 min
For the final show in our ‘Interfaith Easter’ series we’ve asked Zen Buddhist Priest, James Ford, to reflect on Easter, which he does with great wisdom and insight.
An Interfaith Easter 07: Jason Mankey and Mike Stygal - A Pagan Easter
Mar 29, 2015 • 15 min
Our latest Easter reflection comes from Jason Mankey and Mike Stygal. Jason was a Christian, but became increasingly disillusioned with right wing politics and intolerant attitudes, and so began to explore paganism. But despite this, he maintained his…
An Interfaith Easter 06: Paul Beaumont - A Godless Easter
Mar 25, 2015 • 18 min
For our sixth Easter reflection we’ve asked Paul Beaumont to mull over what Easter means for someone who has lost their faith. Paul was a committed evangelical Christian for 25 years, but when he began to be honest about his lack of spiritual…
An Interfaith Easter 05: Jay Lakhani - A Hindu Easter
Mar 20, 2015 • 8 min
Our latest Interfaith Easter reflection comes from Jay Lakhani. Jay is head of the Hindu Academy in London and Education Director for the UK Hindu Council. Oh, and he’s a theoretical physicist! So sit back and enjoy an Easter reflection from a Hindu…
An Interfaith Easter 04: Robert Cohen - A Jewish Easter
Mar 13, 2015 • 16 min
Our interfaith Easter series continues with Robert Cohen. Robert is a Jew, but one who is married to an Anglican Minister. This combined with the fact he lives in one of the least Jewish counties of England puts him very much on the margins. Needless…
Extra: Rick Love - Are Christians Called to Love Isis?
Mar 6, 2015 • 29 min
Jesus told us to love our enemies. But surely not the monstrous soldiers of Isis?! Rick Love is President of Peace Catalyst International, and Associate Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Peace and Reconciliation Initiative. He…
An Interfaith Easter 03: Michael Merrifield - An Astronomer’s Easter
Mar 5, 2015 • 15 min
We took a bit of a chance with this one. We asked a secular scientist if they could find a link between their scientific discipline and the themes of Easter. Prof. Michael Merrifield had a crack at it, and found some sweet connections between his…
79: Mike Stygal - Dancing with the Devil?
Mar 2, 2015 • 71 min
Mike Stygal is a shaman (i.e. he whips himself up into an altered state of consciousness in order to hang out in the spirit world). He also happens to be the president of the British Pagan Federation. Oh, and he’s married to a Christian. So he seems…
An Interfaith Easter 02: Omid Safi - An Islamic Easter
Feb 25, 2015 • 15 min
Second up in our Interfaith Easter series is Omid Safi. Omid is the Director of the Islamic Studies Centre, at Duke University. So if you’re interested in what a Muslim makes of Easter, you’ve come to the right place, as Omid gives us a fascinating…
Extra: Denis Alexander - What Are We to Make of Three Parent Babies
Feb 20, 2015 • 31 min
Britain is set to become the first country to have three parent babies! It’s all to do with genetically modifying an embryo to prevent certain inherited diseases. But as with many scientific advances folks like us are left worrying about the…
An Interfaith Easter 01: Mark Vernon - An Agnostic Easter
Feb 18, 2015 • 11 min
Each week on the lead up to Easter, we’ll be giving you an Easter reflection, with a twist. Rather than asking Christians to reflect on their own festival, we thought it’d be more interesting to ask people from other faiths and none to reflect on the…
78: Dave Tomlinson - Coming Back to the Institution
Feb 11, 2015 • 72 min
Dave Tomlinson is effortlessly interesting and seems to effortlessly attract interesting people. He mentors the leaders of the now global atheist church, he took the funerals of two of the countries most notorious criminals, and his church is so cool…
77: Wendy VanderWal Gritter - Same-Sex Relationships (and How to Lovingly Disagree)
Jan 22, 2015 • 57 min
Wendy is passionate about creating ‘generous spaces’ in churches, where people with different understanding of sexuality can meet together without judgment, listen to each others stories and to seek Jesus together. Sounds great! But is it realistic?
Spirituality: Ian Adams - Finding Stillness
Jan 8, 2015 • 15 min
2015 sees the resurrection of Nomad Spirituality! Nomad can be a bit cerebral, so we occasionally want to balance this with something a bit more experiential. Writer, poet and priest, Ian Adams, has stepped up and given us a meditation on…
Christmas Special: Paul Kerensa - Not the Queen’s Speech
Dec 25, 2014 • 8 min
Just in case you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms from our 12 Days of Christmas series, and are slumped listlessly in front of your now empty mp3 player, we’ve got one final Christmas treat for you. We asked standup comedian and BBC comedy…
12 Days of Christmas 13: Krista Tippett - Why I Don’t Do Christmas
Dec 24, 2014 • 8 min
And you thought we’d finished (so did we, actually!). This one, however, really is the great finale, and it’s a corker. Krista Tippett has an award winning radio show, On Being, and was awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Obama for…
12 Days of Christmas 12: Mark Powley - Less Stuff, More Christmas
Dec 23, 2014 • 15 min
To close out our 12 Days of Christmas we’ve enlisted the services of ‘Consumer Detox’ author and founder of the Breathe Network (“Less Stuff, More Life”), Mark Powley. Apparently the issue isn’t so much the way we go about Christmas, but the…
12 Days of Christmas 11: Elaine Storkey - Joseph’s Journey
Dec 22, 2014 • 15 min
Philosopher, sociologist and Christian feminist, Elaine Storkey has achieved a lot in her life. She’s lectured around the world, written numerous books, she succeeded John Stott as Executive Director of the London Institute of Contemporary…
12 Days of Christmas 10: Shane Claiborne - A Crappy Christmas
Dec 21, 2014 • 16 min
Shane Claiborne - author of ‘The Irresistible Revolution’, and founding member of The Simple Way - would like to share some thoughts on Christmas. Anyone interested?!
12 Days of Christmas 09: Nadia Bolz Weber - My First Advent
Dec 20, 2014 • 11 min
Nadia Bolz Weber is the founding pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints, and a leading voice in the emerging church movement, known for her honest and provocative style. And today she’s bringing a Christmas reflection just for you!
12 days of Christmas 08: Greg Boyd - A Subversive Christmas
Dec 19, 2014 • 19 min
Greg Boyd is one of Nomad’s favourite theologians and authors. He’s a leading figure in the reformation of evangelicalism, passionately advocating everything from the importance of doubt, care for creation, a non-violent view of God, and…
12 Days of Christmas 07: Phyllis Tickle - The Church of Christmastide
Dec 18, 2014 • 13 min
Author and lecturer, Phyllis Tickle, is one of the most influential voices in emerging church circles, and one of our favourite guests of 2014. We asked Phyllis to reflect on Christmas from the perspective of the emerging church and emergence…
12 Days of Christmas 06: Jenny Baker - A More Equal Christmas
Dec 17, 2014 • 12 min
Jenny Baker was one of the founders of the Sophia Network, an organisation that champions the equality of women and men in church. She’s also author of the book ‘Equals: Enjoying Gender Equality in All Areas of Life’. So we asked Jenny to reflect on…
12 Days of Christmas 05: David Benjamin Blower - Christmas vs. Empire
Dec 16, 2014 • 15 min
Today’s Christmas reflection comes from Nomad’s favourite musician and activist, David Benjamin Blower. David sets up a showdown between Christmas and Empire and throws in a couple of your favourite Christmas carols for no extra charge. So brace…
12 Days of Christmas 04: Wendy VanderWal-Gritter - A Hospitable Christmas
Dec 15, 2014 • 15 min
Wendy is the executive director of New Direction Ministries in Canada, an organisation that exists to provide “safe and spacious places for those outside the heterosexual mainstream to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.” We asked Wendy to…
12 Days of Christmas 03: Robin Parry - A Universalist Christmas
Dec 14, 2014 • 22 min
Robin Parry is an evangelical, but unlike most evangelicals he doesn’t believe that Hell and death is the end of the story for most of humanity. Instead, he believes the Bible teaches that we will all ultimately be reconciled to God and enjoy eternity…
12 Days of Christmas 02: Dave Andrews - The Wisdom of the Wise Men
Dec 13, 2014 • 13 min
Dave Andrews has committed his life to serving the poorest and most marginalised people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal for more than forty years. His wisdom and humility made him one of our most popular interviewees of 2014. In…
12 Days of Christmas 01: Carl Medearis - A Fearless Christmas
Dec 12, 2014 • 26 min
Carl Medearis - one of our favourite interviewees of 2013 - kicks off Nomad’s 12 Days of Christmas. Carl was a missionary in Beirut, Lebanon for 12 years and now works as an international expert in the field of Christian-Muslim relations. So,…
76: Jenni Williams - Why Not Women?
Nov 24, 2014 • 49 min
Nomad made a commitment a while back to have a lot more women on the show. So we thought it was about time we looked at the theology behind that decision. Jenni Williams lectures in Old Testament Studies in Oxford, is an Associate Minister in the…
75: Alister McGrath - Apologising for the Faith
Nov 9, 2014 • 48 min
Alister McGrath is the master of apologetics. With three doctorates under his belt and ranked among the ‘20 most brilliant Christian professors’, he’s publically locked horns with the likes of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. But is…
74: Sara Miles - Whose Table? The Radical Inclusiveness of Communion
Oct 24, 2014 • 60 min
Sara Miles was an atheist. Then one day, out of idle curiosity, she wandered into a church, had a bite of bread and a sip of wine and God came crashing into her life. Her response was to take the principles of communion and set up a food distribution…
73: Richard Rohr - Back to Our Roots? Finding a Spiritual Home in the Catholic Church
Oct 9, 2014 • 72 min
Richard Rohr is a Catholic priest and a Franciscan Friar. He is well connected and respected across Christian traditions (including the emerging church), so he seemed like the perfect person to speak to about what Protestants can gain from Catholic…
72: Phyllis Tickle - Why a New Church is Emerging
Sep 23, 2014 • 65 min
Phyllis Tickle has her finger on the pulse of the emerging church like no one else. So if you’re interested in why the emergence of a new kind of church is both inevitable and necessary, and the vital role of the Holy Spirit in this, then tune…
71: Dave Andrews - How Not to be a ‘Great’ Man of God
Sep 10, 2014 • 51 min
Dave Andrews has committed his life to serving the poorest and most marginalised people through small, local Christian communities. He’s clearly a man who knows Jesus intimately, and has gained tremendous experience and wisdom. So why doesn’t he…
70: Bex Lewis - How to Live Well in a Digital World
Aug 25, 2014 • 49 min
Dr. Bex Lewis is a research fellow in social media at Durham University and author of the popular book Raising Children in the Digital Age. So we thought we’d have a chat with her about what it means to live well in a digital world.
69: Robin Parry - A Hope in Hell
Aug 8, 2014 • 50 min
Robin Parry is an evangelical, but unlike the majority of evangelicals he doesn’t believe that Hell and death is the end of the story for the majority of humanity. Instead he believes the Bible teaches that we will all ultimately be reconciled to God…
68: Krista Tippett - The Lost Art of Listening
Jul 9, 2014 • 65 min
Krista Tippett has built a career on listening. Through her award-winning public radio show and podcast, On Being, she listens to people from all religious and spiritual traditions, learning about what it means to be human and how to live life. So she…
67: David Benjamin Blower - Bringing Down the Empire with a Song
Jun 24, 2014 • 67 min
David Benjamin Blower is a prophet in the Old Testament tradition. Using music and the written word, he creatively and insightfully points the finger at himself and the world around him railing at the injustices he sees.
66: Dail Dines - Make Love Not Porn
Jun 5, 2014 • 43 min
Gail Dines is a professor of sociology and women’s studies. She has been studying porn and its effects on society for over 20 years, and has become one of the world’s leading anti-porn activists. Why has she dedicated so much of her life to this…
65: Richard Wilkinson - Is Inequality the Root of all Evil?
May 23, 2014 • 56 min
Richard Wilkinson is professor of social epidemiology (that’s the distribution of disease within a society, in case you were wondering!). His book, The Spirit Level has caused quite a stir, because he believes he’s answered a very long-standing…
64: Nadia Bolz Weber - How Not to Be a Boring Christian
May 9, 2014 • 56 min
Nadia Bolz Weber is anything but boring, Raised in a fundamentalist church, she rebelled, immersed herself in a hedonistic lifestyle, found faith again, and now leads House for all Sinners and Saints. Tune in for a fascinating interview, full of…
63: Bob Ekblad - Social Action or Spirit Anointing?
Apr 24, 2014 • 43 min
Bob Ekblad serves immigrants, inmates, homeless people and people struggling with addiction in the US. What’s even more interesting about Bob though is how he seamlessly combines social justice with a powerful healing ministry.
62: Elaine Heath - How to be a Christian Mystic
Apr 10, 2014 • 58 min
Lecturer in evangelism, theology and Chrisitan spirituality and author of The Mystic Way of Evangelism, Elaine Heath joins us on the show. We chat with Elaine about contemplative prayer, and the healing and outreach that naturally flows from it. So…
Journey 04: Tim and Dave’s Pioneering Adventures
Mar 24, 2014 • 28 min
About once a year we upload a podcast with just Tim and Dave, talking about themselves. So if you’re interested in knowing a little more about how Nomad shapes their lives, and the Christian community they’re forming, then tune in. But if you want…
61: Greg Boyd - Meat is Murder! (or just a very tasty meal..)
Mar 10, 2014 • 41 min
Theologian, church leader, and author Greg Boyd is back on the show. Greg believes a call to non-violence is at the heart of the gospel. He also believes this call impacts how we relate to animals. That’s right, Greg’s a vegetarian. Check out the…
60: Sharon Baker - For the Love of God, Can We Go On Believing in Hell?
Feb 7, 2014 • 50 min
Sharon Baker is a theologian and author of the controversial Razing Hell. Sharon takes issue with the traditional understanding of hell, and instead holds to a ‘Christian Universalism’ where all people are refined by God’s purifying fire after their…
59: Pete Rollins - In God We Doubt
Jan 9, 2014 • 45 min
Pete Rollins is a philosopher, writer and founder of the Ikon community. Pete believes that unless we die to certainty and embrace doubt then God becomes just another consumer product. God, in effect, becomes an idol. Sounds interesting!
58: Paul Kerensa - What Would Jesus Laugh at?
Dec 20, 2013 • 52 min
Paul Kerensa is a stand-up comedian and BBC scriptwriter for shows like Miranda and Not Going Out. So he seemed like just the chap to talk to about the relationship between humour and religion, and to ask ‘What would Jesus laugh at?’
57: Michael Hardin - Is God a Cosmic Child Abuser?
Dec 10, 2013 • 48 min
Michael Hardin is a theologian, founder of Preaching Peace, and author of The Jesus Driven Life. He’s got a rather colourful background and doesn’t mince his words, which always makes for an interesting interview. So we asked him whether God is really…
56: Steve Chalke - Gay Marriage, Abomination or Blessing?
Nov 7, 2013 • 51 min
Steve Chalke is one of the UK’s most influential evangelicals and he recently blessed a same-sex civil partnership. Needless to say, this caused a bit of a stir! So we caught up with him and asked him what led him to take this controversial step.
Extra: Tom Wright - What’s So Great About the Apostle Paul?
Oct 11, 2013 • 44 min
We’ve somehow managed to persuade Tom Wright, one of the world’s leading New Testament theologians, to come on the show for a third time! We ask Tom to summarise his 1680 page ‘Paul and the Faithfulness of God’, and ponder whether if he met him…
55: Pippa Evans - Worshipping at the Atheist Church
Oct 9, 2013 • 42 min
We at Nomad recently had a revelation, perhaps we can learn from non-Christians as well as Christians. So we headed down to London and visited the Sunday Assembly, or The Atheist Church as it’s become known. After ‘worshipping’ with 300 atheists,…
54: Mark Wakeling - Shopping with a Conscience
Sep 9, 2013 • 34 min
Mark Wakeling is a man with a conscience and a man that’s got the energy and creativity to follow it. He’s a social entrepreneur who has founded Global SeeSaw, which sells ethical and Fair Trade products made by women in India exploited by human…
53: Scot McKnight - What Exactly is the Good News?
Aug 9, 2013 • 45 min
Scot McKnight is professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, Illinois, a prolific author and founder of the hugely popular Jesus Creed blog. Scot recently wrote a book called The King Jesus Gospel, so he seemed like the man to help us understand…
52: Bruce Stanley - Finding God in the Forest
Jul 9, 2013 • 43 min
As well as life coaching, creative project management, tea making, and helping run the popular ReJesus website, Bruce Stanley has also helped pioneer the Forest Church movement. Forest Church is an experiental community group that helps people connect…
51: Stuart Murray - What the Church Needs to Learn from the Anabaptists
Jun 10, 2013 • 47 min
Stuart Murray is chair of the Anabaptist Network in the UK and author of The Naked Anabaptist. So we ask him what’s so special about the Anabaptists tradition, and what the it has to say to our post-Christendom culture.
50: Brian McLaren - Finding God in Other Religions
May 10, 2013 • 40 min
Brian McLaren is an internationally recognised and sort after author, speaker and activist. In this episode we’re chatting with Brian about his latest challenging and provocative book that explores the vital topic of Christianity’s…
49: Carl Medearis - Jesus vs. Christianity
Apr 10, 2013 • 44 min
Carl Medearis worked as a missionary for many years in Beirut, Lebanon and as a result is recognised as an international expert in Muslim-Christian relations. Carl has some fascinating insights into cross-cultural mission from his years of working…
48: Alastair Gordon - Where is God in the Arts?
Mar 9, 2013 • 37 min
Alastair Gordon is a professional and accomplished artist who exhibits around the world. He’s also a follower of Jesus. Apparently following Jesus and being a professional artist is a rather tricky thing these days, so we spoke to Ally about this…
47: Andy McIntosh - Science vs. Religion (part 2)
Feb 7, 2013 • 39 min
Andy McIntosh is professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion at Leeds Uiversity. Following on from our interview with Prof. Polkinghorne, we wanted to speak to someone with a different perspective on life, the universe and everything, and Andy is the…
46: John Polkinghorne - Science vs. Religion?
Jan 9, 2013 • 31 min
John Polkinghorne has spent more years than we’ve been alive inhabiting the world of science and faith. He’s a theoretical physicist, theologian and Anglican priest. He’s been Knighted by the Queen and has received the coveted Templeton Prize for his…
45: Matt Russell - Church for the Spiritually Homeless
Dec 9, 2012 • 45 min
Matt Russell planted Mercy Street about 15 years ago in the US. Starting from scratch it quickly grew to around a 1000, many of whom were recovering addicts. The church developed a culture of gritty authenticity and honesty. Needless to say, he’s got…
Journey 3: Tim and Dave’s pioneering adventures
Nov 30, 2012 • 15 min
Nomad Journey is an occasional show where Tim and Dave reflect on their own pioneering adventures. In this episode they look back over the last 8 months and the formation of a new Jesus-centred community that emerged from their pioneering…
44: Andrew Marin - Building Bridges between Church and the LGBTQ Community
Nov 8, 2012 • 43 min
Andrew Marin grew up in a conservative church, and much to his surprise developed a calling and passion to build bridges between the Church and the LGBTQ community. So he moved into a gay part of town, and spent all his time getting to know…
43: John Hayes - Moving into the (Poorest) Neighbourhood
Oct 9, 2012 • 38 min
John Hayes is founder and director of the mission order InnerChange. InnerChange supports missional communities who are living incarnationally in the poorest areas of cities around the world. So brace yourself for a challenging and inspiring interview!
42: Chris Rose - The Street Child World Cup
Sep 10, 2012 • 41 min
Inspired by a glorious summer of sport, Nomad thought we’d bring you a story that seamlessly links mission and sport. So we met up with the Amos Trust’s Chris Rose. Chris has got an amazing story to tell of gathering together street child from around…
41: Mike Sares - Working with the Scum of the Earth
Aug 9, 2012 • 37 min
Mike Sares is a fairly normal, middle-aged, middle class type of guy. But he somehow managed to connect with a group of young artists and skater punks and planted and pastors the Denver based church Scum of the Earth. It’s an inspiring story of…
40: Ian Adams - How to Start a Missional Community
Jul 9, 2012 • 32 min
Ian Adams co-founded mayBe, a fresh expression of church in Oxford. He also works for the Church Mission Society as a missional community developer. So we thought he’d be the right chap to talk about how to start new forms of church.
Spirituality: Liz Babbs - ‘Lindisfarne’
Jun 23, 2012 • 3 min
We’ve asked Liz Babbs to contribute a meditation for our occasional ‘Nomad Spirituality’ series. So here it is, ‘Lindisfarne’.
39: Liz Babbs - The Celtic Rhythm of Life
Jun 10, 2012 • 35 min
Liz Babbs is an author, speaker and evangelist and one who has been deeply influenced by celtic spirituality. So we chat with Liz about celtic spirituality and its potential as a tool for mission.
38: Chris Wright - The Missionary God of the Old Testament
May 12, 2012 • 45 min
Chris Wright is an Old Testament scholar who reckons the biblical narrative only makes sense if mission is seen as its overarching theme. So we test this theory with him and ask him to explain some of the trickier Old Testament stories!
Extra 18: Andrea Campanale - Finding God in the New Spiritualities
Apr 23, 2012 • 31 min
Andrea Campanale is a Church Mission Society ’Mission Partner’. Andrea does some really interesting work among people involved in the new spiritualties. This has caused her to reflect deeply on mission and what it means to be church.
37: Tony and Felicity Dale - Why We Need to Simplify the Church
Apr 9, 2012 • 42 min
A couple of decades ago Tony and Felicity Dale felt called to move from the UK to the US to plant a church. As you can imagine, it’s been quite a journey (in all senses of the word!) and they’ve learnt stacks about what it means to be church. One of…
Journey 2: Tim and Dave’s Pioneering Adventures
Mar 27, 2012 • 17 min
Welcome back to Nomad Journey. This is our occasional show where Tim and Dave reflect on their own pioneering adventures, and how they’re applying the principles learned from all the experts they’ve been chatting with.
36: Nicky Gumbel - Is There a Future for Alpha?
Mar 11, 2012 • 40 min
It’s hard to measure the impact Nicky Gumbel has had on the worldwide church. He pioneered the Alpha Course as an evangelistic introduction to the Christian life. It is estimated that over 15 million people have now attended a course. So we thought it…
Extra 17: Phil Togwell - How to Pray in School
Feb 24, 2012 • 37 min
Phil Togwell is part of the 24/7 Prayer, an internatinal, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice. Over the last few years Phil’s been involved in setting up spaces in schools for children to honestly and naturally begin to…
35: Pete Ward - Why We Need a Liquid Church
Feb 10, 2012 • 42 min
Pete Ward is senior lecturer in youth ministry and theological education at King’s College, London. About 10 years ago now Pete wrote Liquid Church, and it turned out to be rather influential. Pete’s theories have stuck around and shaped the…
Extra 16: Simon Hall - The Story of ‘Revive’
Jan 24, 2012 • 31 min
Tim and Dave were in Leeds recently and so thought they’d catch up with Simon Hall of the Revive community. So tune in to hear the story of Simon’s journey into new forms of mission and Christian community (it’s a rich tapestry!), and the various…
34: Ruth Holgate - The Spirituality of Silence
Jan 10, 2012 • 50 min
Tim’s leaving Dave at home for this episode and heading north with Hannah to Loyola Hall for a 5-day silent retreat. We know what you’re thinking, a 5-day silent retreat might not make the most engaging podcast! But Tim will be recording a daily…
Spirituality: ‘Moving into the Neighbourhood’
Dec 20, 2011 • 12 min
Tim wrote a short Christmas meditation that Dave read out to help their community reflect on the significance of the incarnation. And they thought you might enjoy it. (The background music is from Grace’s latest album ‘Landskapes’,…
33: Chris Sunderland - Soil, Soul and Society
Dec 10, 2011 • 39 min
Chris Sunderland is involved in all manner of Jesus-inspired community stuff, but we’re particularly interested in his Earth Abbey project. Earth Abbey is a movement of people helping each other live more in tune with the earth. So…
32: Mark Powley - Consumer Detox
Nov 10, 2011 • 37 min
Mark Powley is founder of Breathe, a Christian network that encourages and resources simpler living. Mark is all about simple living and resisting the lure of our consumer culture (or as Breathe puts it, ‘less stuff, more life’), so we talk to…
Journey 01: Tim and Dave’s Pioneering Adventures
Oct 24, 2011 • 24 min
Nomad Journey is a new edition to the Nomad portfolio. On this occasional show we’ll be tracking the progress of our hosts Tim and Dave, as they try to apply their podcast learnings in their offline pioneering adventures. So tune in to find out how…
31: Tom Wright - Heaven is Not the End of the World
Oct 8, 2011 • 29 min
New Testament scholar extraordinaire, Tom Wright (how does he write so many books?!) is back on the show. This time Tom’s helping us get our heads round the connection between academics and the local church and what exactly our Christian hope is (we…
30: Welcome New Friend, Dave Ward
Sep 10, 2011 • 25 min
Nomad is back (I know, you didn’t even notice we’d gone)! The old team has stood down, but new boy Dave Ward (along with founding Nomad Podcaster, Tim Nash) has bravely stepped into the fray! This episode is an introduction to Dave and his journey…
29: So Long, Old Friends…
Jul 9, 2011 • 15 min
After two and a half years and 44 shows, and the stresses and strains of massive global success (if only!) the original Nomad team have decided to call it a day. So tune in for some final reflections on their online and offline journey. But fear not,…
28: Pete Greig - The Importance of Prayer
Jun 10, 2011 • 33 min
Pete Greig is one of the founders of the hugely influential 24/7 Prayer, an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice. He’s also Directer of Prayer for Holy Trinity, Brompton (you know, the church where Alpha came…
Extra 15: Peter Farmer - A Travel Guide for Missional Adventurers
May 10, 2011 • 22 min
Peter Farmer (the first person to appear on the podcast for a second time!), talks to Tim about the book they co-authored Pioneer Mission: The Travel Guide for Missional Adventurers. The book draws on Peter and Tim’s experience in pioneering…
27: Mike Pilavachi - The Story of Soul Survivor
Apr 9, 2011 • 30 min
Mike Pilavachi is the co-founder and leader of the Soul Survivor charity based in Watford, London, he’s also the pastor of the Soul Survivor Watford church, and leader of the hugely influential Soul Survivor festival. We chat with Mike about…
26: Steve Hollinghurst - Why We Need Mission-Shaped Evangelism
Mar 20, 2011 • 46 min
Steve Hollinghurst works for the Church Army’s Research Unit as their ‘Researcher in Evangelism to Post-Christian Culture’ and has extensive experience in working with people involved in the new spiritualities. Steve chats to us about some of the…
25: Cathy Ross - The Invisibility of Women
Feb 9, 2011 • 28 min
Cathy Ross is lecturer in contextual theology and pioneer leadership and is the General Secretary for the International Association for Mission Studies. So Cathy seemed like a pretty good person to talk to about how women have been overlooked in…
24: Neil Cole - How to Multiply Your Church
Jan 9, 2011 • 51 min
Neil Cole is the founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates, which has helped start many hundreds of churches in thirty-five states of America and in over thirty other nations. We talk to Neil about why we need to…
23: Christmas Merriment
Dec 23, 2010 • 17 min
On this Christmas special we speak to the ‘author’ and ‘speaker’ Billy Wordsworth. Billy has some rather interesting things to say about the importance of words in mission and new forms of church. So pour yourselves an oversized glass of mulled…
22: Scott Boren - Missional Small Groups
Nov 10, 2010 • 39 min
Scott Boren, among other things, has spent the last 20 years working as a small group consultant. Scott works with churches to help them develop effective community through small groups that are on a mission. After speaking to Scott we share some of…
21: Ruth Valerio - Why We Should Live Greener and Simpler Lives
Oct 10, 2010 • 39 min
Ruth Valerio manages A Rocha’s Living Lightly project, which encourages us to live greener and simpler lives. Ruth talks to us about the importance of environmental concern in Christian living and mission, and offers some resources to help us get to…
20: Kester Brewin - Pirates and the Death of the Emerging Church
Sep 10, 2010 • 52 min
Kester Brewin is one of the pioneers of the alternative worship scene in the UK and one of the founding members of the Vaux community. His book ‘The Complex Christ’ was hailed as one of the most important texts on the emerging church movement. We talk…
19: Terry Virgo - Old New Forms of Church
Aug 10, 2010 • 26 min
Terry Virgo is founder of the New Frontiers stream of churches, which now boasts over 700 churches in 60 countries. We speak with Terry about his early work in a deprived urban context, and how this led him into the house church movement and how and…
18: Ian Mobsby - How to Be Church in a Post-Secular Culture
Jul 10, 2010 • 44 min
Ian Mobsby is an Anglican priest who is a leading voice in the UK emerging church and New Monasticism scene. He’s also one of the founding members of the Moot community in London. We chat with Ian about what church and mission might look like in…
17: Nigel Pimlott - Youth Work in an Emerging Church
Jun 10, 2010 • 55 min
Nigel Pimlott is author of Youth Work After Christendom, and is deputy CEO for Frontier Youth Trust. We chat to Nigel about youth work and how it relates to mission and the emerging church. After this, we’ll discuss as a group how it applies to…
Extra 14: Sean Stillman - The Story of ‘Zach’s Place’
May 24, 2010 • 20 min
Sean Stillman has been working among biker communities and other ‘fringe’ groups, and is founder of the alternative church community “Zach’s Place” in Swansea, South Wales. Sean chats about the emergence of this community, his experiences to date and…
16: Stuart Murray - Church in a Post-Christendom Culture
May 10, 2010 • 46 min
Stuart Murray is chair of the Anabaptist Network, and is a trainer and consultant in mission and church planting. So we chat to him about what we can learn from the Anabaptists about how to go about church and mission in our post-Christendom culture.
Extra 13: Beth Keith - The Importance of Learning Networks
Apr 24, 2010 • 15 min
Beth Keith has been experimenting with and resourcing others in starting new forms of church for years and is part of the national Fresh Expression’s team. Beth talks to us about how she works to link together emerging churches into ‘learning…
15: Brian McLaren - A Journey Towards the Emerging Church
Apr 10, 2010 • 51 min
Brian McLaren is pastor, author, speaker, activist and one of the leading figures in the emerging church movement. Brian tells us about some of the questions he’s been wrestling with as he’s journeyed towards new forms of Christian faith and church.
Extra 12: Martin Smith - Missional Worship, and Life After Delirious?
Mar 24, 2010 • 14 min
You’ll know Martin Smith from one of the Christian music scene’s most successful bands ‘delirious?’ We talk to Martin about life after delirious? and whether there is a connection between worship and mission.
14: Jonny Baker - Why Worship Needs to be Alternative
Mar 10, 2010 • 45 min
Jonny Baker is one of the UK’s leading figures in the alternative worship and emerging church scene. We talk to Jonny about mission and new forms of worship, and then ponder how this might apply to us. We also recommend some resources to help you…
Extra 11: Matt Rees - The Story of ‘Home’
Feb 24, 2010 • 23 min
We’re carrying on our exploration of fresh expressions of church by having a chat with Matt Rees. Matt is an ordained priest in the Anglican church and leads a fresh expression of church in Oxford called Home.
13: Rowan Williams - The Mixed Economy of Church
Feb 10, 2010 • 35 min
We thought it was about time we headed down to Lambeth Palace to have a chat with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Rowan said that if nothing else he wants his time as Archbishop to be remembered for his commitment to developing Fresh…
Extra 10: Laura Stewart - Life Inside ‘The Crowded House’
Jan 24, 2010 • 14 min
Join us as we chat to Laura Stewart, a member of one of ‘The Crowded House’ Gospel Communities. Following our chat with one of the network’s leaders, Steve Timis, it’s a chance to hear what being part of this network is really like.
12: Steve Timmis - What is a Gospel Community?
Jan 10, 2010 • 42 min
Steve Timmis is co-founder of The Crowded House network of churches, and co-director of the Porterbrook Network, an initiative that trains church planters. We chat with Steve about the theology and practice of their Gospel Communities.
Extra 09: Christmas Merriment
Dec 23, 2009 • 21 min
Join us as we enjoy a Christmas meal together and chat about the Nomad journey so far. It’s a somewhat different podcast this time that features, as a one off, the music of an up and coming ‘singer songwriter’.
11: Steve Chalke - Cross-Shaped Mission
Dec 10, 2009 • 47 min
Steve Chalke is one of the UK’s most influential and controversial Christians. There’s not enough space here to list everything he gets up to, but it’s surely enough to say that the Queen awarded him the title of Most Excellent Order of the British…
Extra 08: Graham and Tracey Guthrie - Finding God in the Inner-City
Nov 24, 2009 • 26 min
Graham and Tracey are a couple from Nottingham who followed God’s call to move to an inner city area and share the love of Jesus. They chat to us about their experiences of loving their neighbours without an agenda.
10: Alan Hirsch - How to Re-Jesus the Church
Nov 10, 2009 • 43 min
Alan Hirsch is an influential missiologist, author and leader in the Missional Church movement. We chat with him about the need for mission and church to be shaped by the person of Jesus. There’s also the usual chat from us and some suggested…
Extra 07: David Mitchell - How to Find Community in a Mega-Church
Oct 24, 2009 • 19 min
David Mitchell, from Woodlands Church in Bristol, joins us to explain how he combines pastoring a large city centre church with life in a community house.
09: Rob Bell - The Importance of Community
Oct 10, 2009 • 29 min
Do we need to introduce Rob Bell? Former Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, presenter of the Nooma DVD series, author of many an influential book. We chat with Rob about mission, community and new forms of church.
Extra 06: Mark Cutliffe - Life in an Organic Church
Sep 24, 2009 • 16 min
We continue our exploration of new forms of church by chatting with Mark Cutliffe who is involved in an organic church near Swansea.
08: Frank Viola - Organic Church
Sep 10, 2009 • 42 min
Frank Viola is one of the leading figures in the Organic Church movement. Frank is an advocate for a return to New Testament models of church, which he believes means keeping it small, informal, highly participatory and Spirit led.
Extra 05: Peter Farmer - Leading a Missional Lifestyle
Aug 24, 2009 • 12 min
Peter Farmer chats with us about his radical missional lifestyle in a deprived area of Nottingham. He shares with us the practices he has committed to and the theology that underpins all he does.
07: Mark Stibbe - Breaking Out from the Building
Aug 10, 2009 • 40 min
Mark Stibbe, former Vicar of St Andrew’s, Chorleywood, joins us to talk about his time at this large charismatic Anglican Church near London. He explains the journey he led the Church on towards a more mission-shaped structure and practise.
Extra 04: Who is Michael?
Jul 24, 2009 • 14 min
Just in case you’re wondering who these podcasters are, we introduce you to Michael. Michael chats with us about his Christian journey to date (after he’s finished telling us about his numerous nicknames, that is). Michael, Nick and Lora then reflect…
06: Shane Claiborne - Joining the Irresistible Revolution
Jul 10, 2009 • 43 min
Shane Claiborne is a leading figure in the New Monasticism movement and a founding member of The Simple Way community. Oh, and he wrote the influential book, The Irresistible Revolution. Shane tells us how Jesus inspired him to move to a deprived…
Extra 03: Who are Lora and Hannah?
Jun 24, 2009 • 12 min
Allow us to introduce two more of the podcaster’s, Lora and Hannah. We hear how they came to faith and why they’re part of this new community. We also reflect on our first mission venture as a group.
05: Tony Campolo - Evangelism or Social Action?
Jun 10, 2009 • 41 min
Tony Campolo is a sociologist, pastor, author, speaker and former spiritual advisor to US president Bill Clinton. Tony is helping us explore the relationship between evangelism and social action. Together with your emails and the usual discussion and…
Extra 02: Who is Nick?
May 24, 2009 • 15 min
On this show we introduce to you one of the hosts, Nick. We talk about how he came to be on this podcasting journey and why he’s exploring new forms of church. There’s also a an update on the latest developments in the community.
04: Mike Frost - What is a Missional Church?
May 10, 2009 • 39 min
Mike Frost is an internationally recognised missiologist, and one of the leading voices in the Missional Church movemement. He’s written a number of influential books and co-founded the Forge Mission Training Network. So he seemed like the perfect…
Extra 01: Who is Tim?
Apr 24, 2009 • 14 min
Nomad Extra is a shorter, complimentary programme that delves into the latest news from our journey. On the first of our Nomad Extra podcasts we get to learn a bit about who one of the podcast’s hosts, Tim, is and how he came to be exploring…
03: Andy Hawthorne - What is Incarnational Mission?
Apr 10, 2009 • 33 min
This month we are joined by Andy Hawthorne founder of ’The Message Trust’, an influential Christian mission organisation based in Manchester. Andy helps is explore what it means to be a missional community in an urban context. We also chat to…
02: Greg Boyd - Why is Community so Important?
Mar 10, 2009 • 36 min
Teaching Pastor at Woodland Hills Community Church and influential author, Greg Boyd, joins us on the show to share his insights and experience of Christian community. We also spend some time with Andrew Jackson who lives in community…
01: Tom Wright - A New Creation-Shaped Church
Feb 10, 2009 • 28 min
The inaugural Nomad podcast kicks things off with a chat with arguably the most influential New Testament scholar of our generation, Tom Wright (I know, we don’t know how we got him either!). Tom’s tells us everything we need to know about the Bible…