Core Intuition

Core Intuition
Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece discuss Mac and iOS programming, independent development, Apple news, and more.
297: They Probably Have A Plan
Sep 21 • 60 min
Daniel and Manton talk more about Apple’s new product lineup, and the difficulty of choosing which products to buy, if any. They speculate more about the merits of cellular usefulness on Apple Watch, and compare the iPhone X with the also-great iPhone 8.…
296: I’m Almost Never Surfing
Sep 13 • 58 min
Manton and Daniel react to the announcement at Apple’s annual iPhone event, comparing notes on the allure of the iPhone X, Apple Watch 3, and new Apple TV. They talk about the impressiveness of all the significant product updates being made in parallel,…
295: Turns Out I Have To Write The Code
Sep 9 • 65 min
Daniel and Manton follow up briefly on Manton’s backup strategy, and catch up with Daniel’s progress with MarsEdit. They talk about the merits of using cryptopgraphic signing for software licenses, and balance the risks and rewards of combatting piracy.…
294: I Remain Unconvinced
Aug 24 • 46 min
Manton and Daniel react to Chris Lattner’s move to Google Brain, and whether it affects his continued involvement with the Swift project. They also talk about news divulging Apple’s focus on self-driving technology research for project Titan. Finally,…
293: This Might Make Sense To You
Aug 16 • 53 min
Daniel and Manton react to the Ulyssess text editor’s switch to subscription pricing, and debate whether users expect subscription software to require obvious ongoing developer investment. They also compare notes as they look toward finishing up on summer…
292: People Arriving Slamming Doors
Aug 11 • 33 min
Daniel and Manton are finally both at home again. Well, sort of. They compare notes about time spent working on JavaScript-based text editors, and the challenge of supporting two high level modes in an app. They talk about the new “Freelance” channel on…
291: Driving Home In One Day
Aug 4 • 38 min
Daniel catches up with Manton in Santa Fe, NM, on his way home from buying a used Volvo in Seattle. They chat about’s slowly expanding user base, the difficulty of working on the road, and options for crossposting from various services to and…
290: The Best Software That Doesn’t Sell
Jul 22 • 54 min
Manton catches up with Daniel, who is traveling in Santa Cruz. They talk about Daniel’s determination to push through on MarsEdit release plans in the face of enviable releases from other developers. They discuss Apple’s new Machine Learning blog, and…
289: A Little More On The Drastic Side
Jul 14 • 61 min
Daniel and Manton reflect on the MarsEdit 4 beta, the bugs it’s revealed, and the impact on Daniel’s schedule urgency. They also react to Apple’s purported “sense of panic” about the iPhone 8: is it a true indicator of problems, or just the status quo for…
288: Blogging Is Quote-unquote Dead
Jul 8
Manton talks to Daniel about his just-released MarsEdit 4 beta. They discuss the anxiety caused by sitting on unreleased features, and other rationale in favor of a public beta. Daniel talks about the anticipated income boost from the new version, and how…
287: All The Money In The World
Jun 22 • 47 min
Daniel and Manton react to Chris Lattner’s early departure from Tesla, and segue into speculation about his job prospects, and the challenges of effective technical interviews. They talk about the new frameworks announced at WWDC, and overcoming fear of…
286: Run To The Apple Store
Jun 15 • 51 min
Manton and Daniel compare notes on recent MacBook Pro repairs and the relative merit of purchasing AppleCare. They react to Tim Cook’s admissions that an Apple “car” project exists and is still underway. Manton looks on the bright side of “Planet of the…
285: I Got To See The Drainage Ditch
Jun 9 • 56 min
Daniel and Manton catch upon WWDC, and Manton’s ailing MacBook Pro. They talk about new hardware announcements and react to highlights from the Keynote. Manton laments Apple’s continued, slow progress with SiriKit, and Daniel is frustrated that HomePod is…
284: It’s Gonna Be A Busy Week
May 26 • 37 min
Manton and Daniel chat about WWDC, what they expect Apple to announce, and what we think of it. They discuss Federico Viticci’s iOS 11 concept video, and limitations of prototypes vs. iterative design. Finally, they discuss Dash’s return to the App Store,…
283: Reset All The Things
May 21 • 58 min
Daniel and Manton discuss the new JSON Feed format and initial public reaction to it. They talk about Panic’s source code being stolen, and Daniel celebrates/laments his new MacBook Pro.
282: Try Crazy Stuff
May 11 • 47 min
Manton and Daniel react to new rumors of Apple’s “Siri Smart Speakers” standalone voice assistant. They follow up on the debate about Chromebooks vs. iPads in schools, Apple’s ongoing development of Workflow, and changes in App Store commissions. Finally,…
281: Just Use Twitter, Dad
May 4 • 44 min
Daniel talks to Manton about his challenges with server problems, and his successful fulfillment of accounts to Kickstarter backers. Manton talks about his strategy for shutting down social media in the wake of stress, and taking time to…
280: You Have a User Base
Apr 29 • 52 min
Manton and Daniel talk about Manton’s launch of to Kickstarter backers, then check in on Swift and the state of Developer Tools. Finally they talk about Apple’s affiliate program cuts, and the merits of avoiding reliance on a single platform or…
279: No Planned Updates
Apr 21 • 52 min
Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s impending rollout of to backers starting next week, and the merit of picking a specific launch date and sticking with it. They respond to a listener question about accounting practices, and discuss Apple’s…
278: A Little More Urgency
Apr 14 • 53 min
Manton and Daniel react to Apple allegedly using private API from Clips, and what it means for their App Store Apps to enjoy special privileges. They talk about Daniel’s consideration of a freemium approach for the next major release of MarsEdit. Finally…
277: Appealing To The High End
Apr 7 • 67 min
Daniel and Manton react to Apple’s surprisingly transparent “roundtable” meeting with several members of the press, and celebrate the many positive signals coming out of the event. They engage in a friendly debate about the likelihood that Mac users will…
276: I’m Going To Say Yes
Mar 30 • 67 min
Manton and Daniel discuss the opening of the WWDC ticket lottery, and the correlated announcements about details of the WWDC Bash location, and Apple’s promotion of 3rd party events happening in the orbit of the conference. Manton reflects on his new…
275: A Completely New Thing
Mar 24 • 65 min
Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s decision to hire Jean MacDonald as’s Community Manager, and the psychological effects of transitioning from a single to multi-person company. They also react to this week’s Apple announcements, focusing…
274: Actually The Business I Want To Run
Mar 18 • 57 min
Manton and Daniel discuss Apple’s short-lived restrictions on editing App Store descriptions, weighing the merits of adding more semantic fields to App Store pages, and supporting a separate review process for metadata-only updates. They talk about…
273: Unquestionably Viable
Mar 9 • 76 min
Daniel and Manton rethink WWDC’s Apple Bash location, and celebrate the recently announced scholarship program for the conference. They catch up with Daniel’s productivity challenges, and lament the discipline required to finish any major release. Daniel…
272: The Cheap Hotels Are Gone
Feb 28 • 66 min
Manton catches Daniel up on process, while Daniel bemoans a loss of motivation and focus in recent months. They discuss strategies for increasing productivity through personal rules and changes of habit. Finally, they reflect upon the news that…
271: Not Trying To Pile On
Feb 16 • 70 min
Daniel and Manton react to the promo trailer for Planet of the Apps, and discuss whether it lives up to Apple’s name? They compare the show with other reality television such as the Great British Baking Show and Project Runway. Then they revisit the…
270: Life Is My Office
Feb 10 • 50 min
Manton and Daniel talk about MarsEdit’s selection by The Sweet Setup as the “Best Mac WordPress Client,” and reflect on the psychological boost of having one’s work appreciated. They talk about the potential upside to Mac development and the privilege of…
269: Now I’m In For $20
Feb 3 • 59 min
Daniel and Manton reflect on Manton’s successful Kickstarter, and talk about how he’s planning to move forward. They also react to Apple’s earnings, and consider the implications for Mac, iPad, Services, etc. in the future.
268: Hey, Look At All This Money
Jan 27 • 66 min
Manton closes in on the last week of Manton’s Kickstarter, and Daniel catches up on his progress. They discuss new beta updates from Apple for both Mac and iOS. The react to Apple’s forthcoming review prompting system for iOS, and the ability for…
267: On A Boat In The Middle Of The Ocean
Jan 20 • 58 min
Daniel asks Manton about his Kickstarter progress, two weeks in. Manton talks about marketing for the Kickstarter, how many people watch the video, and how to transition from marketing the passionate philosophical backers, to making a case for the sheer…
266: Sayonara Sucker
Jan 12 • 52 min
Manton and Daniel react to Chris Lattner’s departure from Apple to Tesla. They ponder the consequences to Apple of having open-sourced Swift, and how important it was for Lattner to see it done before he left. They indulge in imagining what Apple might…
265: Here’s A Step Forward
Jan 4 • 58 min
Daniel and Manton celebrate Manton’s successful Kickstarter debut, speculate as to whether he should have offered higher pledge levels, and consider the benefits and challenges of receiving feedback from potential customers who don’t understand your…
264: I Don’t Believe In Yoko
Dec 22, 2016 • 42 min
Manton and Daniel talk more about the forthcoming Setapp Mac software subscription service, and compare notes on ambitions for major software software releases they plan to make in early 2017.
263: The Writing-off-December Club
Dec 16, 2016 • 60 min
Daniel asks Manton for the latest on his Kickstarter plans, discuss the merits of waiting to ship until after the holidays, and the discipline that waiting requires. They go on to talk about macOS 10.12.2 and the challenges that even minor OS…
262: Work Through And Finish
Dec 8, 2016 • 43 min
Daniel and Manton talk about coping with disappointment of failing to achieve goals in an expected length of time, recognize the differing demands of building software for different markets, and talk about tricks for managing lack of enthusiasm for…
261: There’s Money To Be Made
Dec 1, 2016 • 55 min
Manton and Daniel discuss whether it’s really possible to make millions on Mac software, examine the pros and cons of package managers, and talk about Manton’s registration of and his renewed enthusiasm to “bet everything” on this pursuit.
260: Invitation To Failure
Nov 23, 2016 • 52 min
Daniel and Manton discuss Sal Soghoian’s sudden departure from Apple, and what it may mean for Apple’s future ambitions with automation. Then they react to Apple’s alleged decision to abandon their line of AirPort branded routers, and bemoan the loss of…
259: Take A Stand On Something
Nov 16, 2016 • 45 min
Daniel releases Touché for Mac, and he and Manton discuss the value of making your own stuff to combat feelings of hopelessness with world. They revisit Dash in light of its recent open-sourcing, and consider the timing and apparent quality of Apple’s…
258: Not Just A Normal Day
Nov 9, 2016 • 44 min
Daniel and Manton react to US election news, coping with questions of the significance of our work, and how to motivate ourselves to move forward. They discuss a new subscription service, Setapp, which offers a subscription priced suite of 40+ apps.…
257: No Pressure At All
Nov 6, 2016 • 58 min
Manton and Daniel check in with outrage over the MacBook Pro, dongle mania, and the viability of the Touch Bar as a Pro or ubiquitous UI interface. They catch up on their struggles to balance time commitments and to make progress on indie projects.…
256: A Strong Emoji Game
Oct 28, 2016 • 64 min
Daniel and Manton talk about the new MacBook Pros and Touch Bar, compare Apple’s approach to Microsoft’s, and appreciate the potential for Microsoft’s competition to inspire Apple. They talk about Touch Bar integration with Mac apps, and react to Apple TV…
255: Some Weird Private API
Oct 21, 2016 • 56 min
Manton and Daniel answer listener Q&A about the advantages of being an indie or small team. They react to news that Apple has scaled back its car plans, and speculate about CarPlay getting renewed focus for the company’s automotive ambitions. Finally,…
254: It Blew Up In This Case
Oct 14, 2016 • 73 min
Daniel and Manton dive into Apple’s controversial suspension of Dash developer Kapeli’s App Store account, and respond to listener Q&A about whether non-sandboxed apps are at risk of removal from the Mac App Store.
253: Great To Have An Excuse
Oct 6, 2016 • 66 min
Manton and Daniel discuss Manton’s experience at the Release Notes conference, talk about the rationale for supporting what might be considered edge-case behaviors in apps, and dig deeper into questions of freemium pricing, reflecting on the Omni Group’s…
252: A Little Bit Unique
Sep 30, 2016 • 50 min
Daniel and Manton talk about the Release Notes conference, which Manton is attending. They commiserate on the challenge of digging oneself out of software release rut, and take stock of the ups and downs each has had over the years. They talk about…
251: Part Of The Community
Sep 22, 2016 • 69 min
Manton and Daniel react to macOS Sierra, and enjoy a brief discussion about the user-facing presentation of file systems on macOS and iOS. They talk about Scott Stevenson’s “Thanks, Daniel” project, acknowledging the community contributions of Daniel…
250: The Advantage Of Buttony Buttons
Sep 16, 2016 • 63 min
Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel’s decision to buy an iPhone 7 after all, critique Apple’s decision to ship Jet Black phones in spite of their proneness to scratching, and question whether it’s worth shipping a product whose defects will garner…
249: Little Phrases And Taglines
Sep 8, 2016 • 73 min
Manton and Daniel discuss announcements from the Apple iPhone 7 event, including the new hardware and anticipated Mario runner game from Nintendo. They also talk about the lack of wisdom in Daniel’s annual iPhone buying plan, the removal of the headphone…
248: We’ve Had A Strange Summer
Sep 1, 2016 • 65 min
Daniel and Manton react to the European Union’s €13B retroactive tax demand to Apple, talk about the impact of tax laws on indies and small companies, and weigh in on Apple’s purported AI and machine learning triumphs. Finally they catch up on their…