You Look Nice Today

You Look Nice Today
A Journal of Emotional Hygiene, staffed by lonelysandwich, scottsimpson, and hotdogsladies.

Vintage Vape
May 16, 2015 • 11 min
Are you at the library?
Scat Academy (Part 1)
Nov 1, 2013 • 46 min
There’s not one citronella solution.
Make a Given Wish
Jan 2, 2013 • 28 min
You win awards by confusing people.
Schrodinger’s Conference Bag
Dec 2, 2012 • 33 min
It’s an LSAT question.
Adam Ruins Everything
Nov 2, 2012 • 40 min
It’s like Chaucer that way.
Oct 2, 2012 • 36 min
When Michiko comes in.
Morning Glory
Sep 2, 2012 • 32 min
Just a Squirt.
The Rules
Aug 2, 2012 • 39 min
A rug on top of another rug.
Gellies Local 416
Jul 2, 2012 • 33 min
Tiny Cars and Leviticus
Druthers, CA
Jun 2, 2012 • 40 min
Check your mailbox. Go ahead.
The Stenciled Approach
May 2, 2012 • 40 min
Sssssh! Imagine it.
Lobster Farm
Apr 2, 2012 • 30 min
Sushi DMV, pupu platter, Tuna Corn Mayonnaise, kiwanis roll, the Andrew Jackson with extra hickory, two types of foreigner, $50 squid, lobster drag, dinner theater, is it vegetarian if she throws it away, Tevas, “My mussel’s name is Sandy,” ma.
Mar 7, 2012 • 35 min
Unpeeling the gunt, extending the brand, and rendering a sidekick polyhedron. It’s a start.
That’s Babies
Nov 3, 2010 • 41 min
No thanks twins, Paregoric, Whaddaburger, Pacific Rims, airplane cures, can you pause it, toy robot, the miracle of childbirth, tubs, dilation-related study materials, music jokes.
The Magic Number
May 19, 2010 • 34 min
Here we are again with another live episode. We went, with some friends, into the woods. We came out of the woods with this recording.
Feb 9, 2010 • 41 min
Sellers are forced, after years of negative cash flow, to liquidate their storage locker as a condition of their bankruptcy claim. Sellers identify themselves as “We Look Nice,” an internet group.
The Sake Period
Dec 4, 2009 • 29 min
IN WHICH IS DISCUSSED: Various failed attempts at coolness and a modest proposal by which the cool might tutor the uncool. Also: boner pants and the makeout place.
In Congrefs
Oct 8, 2009 • 32 min
You Look Nice Today, Live in Philadelphia, The City with a Nickname, September 17, 2009
Breakin’ In
Sep 16, 2009 • 43 min
Body stuff. Belch alert. Home invasion defense strategies, Breakin’ In to find new friends, the tyranny of drinking glass etiquette, deep in Larry David territory, tip strategies, Adam’s got ninja sword, Scott’s got flask, Merlin’s got cognitive bias.
The Good Part
Jul 30, 2009 • 31 min
OK, here it comes. No, you’re gonna love it—the guitar does this “Wheeee!” thing while the drums go all “Chukka chukka booda booda.” Here it is. Shhhh! No wait, that’s not it. Almost there, just after this one more chorus.
Lonely Polisher
May 22, 2009 • 41 min
We teamed up with our pals [Jordan Jesse Go!]( and took the Monsters of Podcasting on the road. Our Pacific Northwest Megatour started in Seattle on Thursday and ended in Portland on Sunday.
Angry Captain
May 6, 2009 • 34 min
Forgotten names, Adam’s a rogue cop, too much Hanukah, gift credits, windfall projects, gross yoga stuff, there is no fiddler, picks of the week.
Mar 26, 2009 • 49 min
Making college affordable, restful, and culturally relevant
Feb 18, 2009 • 24 min
Merlin: Boy Scout. Scott: Boy Scout. Adam: YMCA Indian Guide
Christmas Is Near
Feb 3, 2009 • 30 min
Listen as we conduct our exclusive pro gift-giving super-session TED Talk master class webinar. Over $600 in essential GiftWisdom™ is yours for **FREE**.
Dec 10, 2008 • 38 min
The life of Joey Nickelpuss. And: variety of horns, including a romantic option. “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”: a brief synopsis, why Adam’s car is so relaxing (it’s the leather), a children’s hero for lean times, what was on your wall, Major D.
Faire du camping
Dec 3, 2008 • 26 min
If “penultimate” meant “last,” this would be the penultimate episode of our VSOP series. Thanks again to John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton, and the sturdy padlocks on the studio doors that prevented their escape.
Faux Tog
Nov 24, 2008 • 32 min
YLNT VSOP, Part II. The drugs* have kicked in, and we have reached cruising altitude. Stay tuned for the final, gripping conclusion to the VSOP series next week. Or so.
Selfish Express
Nov 13, 2008 • 52 min
It’s YLNT VSOP, Part I! We convened a special session in San Francisco, featuring guests John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton. Aided by Hodgman’s expertise and Coulton’s hatred of poetry, we finally got to the bottom of our most lingering questions.
Who Voted?
Oct 28, 2008 • 36 min
Find a handy voter’s guide on our website. Also: Also: Hats of the Seduction Community, Pascal’s voting wager (Vote for Adam’s dad).Love in a voting booth, medieval jewelry vis-à-vis Hypercolor, Adam’s hypnotic sexytime.
Mr. Owl
Oct 16, 2008 • 45 min
Nose harmony, quarters, who’s Capote now?, P.S.H., “He plays you better than you play you,” layers of latex, latchkey ontologies, Billy Crystal never went to college but did wear a hat, start shooting your stock scenes, 1 water ski or two? Out-browed.
Oct 9, 2008 • 28 min
Changin’ gears, basic stranger strategy, Adam eats alone, the Sultan of Awkward gives wisdom, pick fruit from your neighbor’s tree, fortune cookie photomat, our new sponsor, that Al Roker, it’s a conversation.
Man School
Sep 30, 2008 • 30 min
Class of 2016: Sample from our wide range of available courses, including Sociology 102: Shaving, Chemistry 206: Principles of Muskmaking, and Techniques in Silent Disdain.
Tang Tangs
Sep 16, 2008 • 29 min
The parenting of negligence, things you didn’t know about gas stations, ancient aphorisms, tethered to a key, you go in and stay there until you have wisdom, They’ve Got It!, blue sky pie in the sky, Adam tries some culture jam, Erotic Rosary II, Uggo’s.
Where Is the Ham?
Sep 9, 2008 • 41 min
Sandwich smiles into the mouthpiece, teenage telemarketing salad days, LonelyWear’s autumn line, the secret of our success (at Macy’s), ham symphony, Karl gets fired from the Geek Squad, acquaintance on final approach, face school.
The Tux Age
Sep 2, 2008 • 23 min
Pilaf games, the myth of women and computers, retroplagiarism can happened to you, young butlers in high demand, 20s sex ed film, prespooling and the origins of the Industrial Revolution.
Rampant on a Field
Jul 29, 2008 • 35 min
Down and out in Улаанбаатар (sorry, Mongolia!), remembrance of fights past, rampant on a field of wheat chex, stickin’ with the quadrupeds, Adam’s almost assaulted, don’t flog Detroit’s dead horse, guac attack.
Aunt Nancy
Jul 18, 2008 • 27 min
Sit back, relax, mix yourself an Aunt Nancy but don’t cross the swords. We’re coloncasting over at ¿Esto debería estar en el recipiente de correo? Body (Not) Movin’.
Expressed as a Vest
Jul 8, 2008 • 32 min
Unhealthy ligatures, a course of Prednisone, “I’m not following you!”, obscure chess moves, smoking for the cure, misused orifices, we pass as nosies, Karl Van Hœt.
Live!: Baby on a Dog
Jul 2, 2008 • 39 min
Desperate for funds, we explore opening a restaurant. Along the way, Sandwich cries in the bathroom, Merlin sings a song, and Scott gets some information wrong. But, in the end, we think we’ve got a pretty lucrative restaurant franchise on our hands.
Guaranteed Morrie
Jun 23, 2008 • 34 min
Parental interference and other awkwardtunities, pie vs invisibilty, how Adam will die, Tuesdays with Tom Waits, Wisdom Experience guaranteed, another factory closes (bagpipe soundtrack).
Early Bird
Jun 11, 2008 • 41 min
How do your socks feel about it?, a new kind of retail experience, Sandwich knows his Douglas Firs, Farewell to Tight (actually The Sun Also Tights), white shoes, Los Altos Rancho Vista Wi’z, dippin’ dots, our favorite indie bands.
Truck Spank
Jun 2, 2008 • 37 min
So sorry!, the oxygen lobby, doin’ the Skokie, Wallet-on-Chain is not a town in England, Sean Connery is Japanese, What’s your latte name?, pre-disposable feminine hygiene, @EffingBoring gets the carnation.
Sacks-Minnelli Disease
May 21, 2008 • 44 min
Doing the fishstick, Sacks-Minnelli Disease, on the logical possibility of a cool fannypack, who’s your frelative?, “A Touch of Asperger’s”, social pressure at work (show your support for Dennis), what’s your standing O face?.
Nary a Dude
May 12, 2008 • 32 min
Sheriff’s got a posse, Clarence the barber (and his balls), the benenemafits of a Fleet-based regimen, the grapefruit and bacon diet, Neti pots and other 100% legitimate remedies.
May 5, 2008 • 44 min
Jamón y jabón, computerized career counseling, [email protected], Sandwich does the Boogie Oogie, skating to college, Checkin’ Out!, Angus Young-brand smelling salts.
Apr 29, 2008 • 47 min
On Being Boring, crazy meat, Merlin knows how to build a team, Lonely Spacecamp, Clooney trumps Hill but both beat you, Encounters with Celebrity, nickel bags of chocolate, a fowl deposition, the Tony Danza Story.
Peak Hair
Apr 21, 2008 • 45 min
“Oh my God: you GUYS!”; Scott sports vomit; Merlin raises a Predator; Scott has a hair theory about ladies who sing; Merlin calls for a National Day of Goatee Reconsideration; Adam moves into the nascent pubic wig vertical; The Boys crave new custom unifo
Apr 14, 2008 • 30 min
Sign up for SNARE!, Ol’ Grandpa Mann’s Phlegmatic/Bucolic Humour Balancing Apparatus, the magical beards of junior high, receiving pleasure for money, The Nerdiest Photographs in the World.
Known for His Reach
Apr 9, 2008 • 42 min
Merlin looks for cashews, Allan Holdsworth saves a kitten, Scott licks shiny faces, “arrested developments” in Adam’s pants, Elvis gives away trailers like they were moon pies, Scott plugs into the baptismal, and Moltz wins our first carnation.
Morning Powder
Apr 4, 2008 • 27 min
The Comptroller and the Loofah