Audio Poem of the Day

Audio Poem of the Day
Audio recordings of classic and contemporary poems read by poets and actors, delivered every day.

Before the Wind
Aug 22
By Kathleen Jamie
The Poet Asks Forgiveness
Aug 21
by Fay Zwicky
A Late History
Aug 20
By Weldon Kees
Aug 19
By Josephine Miles
A Fable
Aug 18
by Anna Maria Hong
Four Haiku
Aug 17
by Kris Hemensley
Aug 16
By Jim Harrison
Aug 15
by Laura Kasischke
Aug 14
by Laura Kasischke
Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight
Aug 13
by Yvor Winters
Dream of Ink Brush Calligraphy
Aug 12
By Karen An-Hwei Lee
Mysteries of Afternoon and Evening
Aug 11
By Rachel Sherwood
The Little Flowers
Aug 10
from “Akiba”
Aug 9
by Muriel Rukeyser
And a Lie
Aug 8
by Hannah Sanghee Park
On the Metro
Aug 7
By C. K. Williams
In Memory of the Utah Stars
Aug 6
By William Matthews
A Cedary Fragrance
Aug 5
By Jane Hirshfield
The Big Loser
Aug 4
By Max Ritvo
The Beach in August
Aug 3
By Weldon Kees
That’s My Heart Right There
Aug 2
Chain of Women
Aug 1
All You Did
Jul 31
by Kay Ryan
Mingus at the Showplace
Jul 30
by William Matthews
Still Water
Jul 29
By Patricia Fargnoli
Imagined Room
Jul 28
By Barbara Guest
Every Day a Shiny Bright New Day
Jul 27
by Maureen McLane
CAMH (On Sight)
Jul 26
by Douglas Kearney
[as freedom is a breakfastfood]
Jul 25
By E.E. Cummings
Jul 24
By Charles Simic
original [sin]
Jul 23
By Alison C. Rollins
Just Sepia
Jul 22
By Micah Ballard
Psalm (3)
Jul 21
By Mark Jarman
Your Other Heart
Jul 20
by Natalie Shapero
from “In Our Own Backyard”
Jul 19
by Norma Cole
Jul 18
By Nick Flynn
Report to Crazy Horse
Jul 17
The Last Man
Jul 16
By Eleanor Wilner
Jul 15
Agha Shahid Ali (read by Michael Stuhlbarg)
Jul 14
By Kiki Petrosino
Jul 13
By Andrea Cohen
The Rolling Saint
Jul 12
By Aimee Nezhukumatathil
The Obscenity Prayer
Jul 11
By Mary Karr
Jul 10
by Carloline Caddy
A Story about Chicken Soup
Jul 9
by Louis Simpson
Eagle Poem
Jul 8
By Joy Harjo
Exercise 8
Jul 7
By Catherine Wagner
Family Dollar
Jul 6
By Hannah Brooks-Motl
The Definition of Love
Jul 5
by Andrew Marvell
In Black
Jul 4
By Joyce Sutphen
The Circus [“I remember when I wrote ‘The Circus’”]
Jul 3
Prayer for a Bamboo-Flowering Famine
Jul 2
By Karen An-Hwei Lee
Watching It Happen
Jul 1
By Elaine Kahn
Landscape Made from Egg and Sperm
Jun 30
By Sandra Simonds
$$$Expensive Magic$$$
Jun 29
by Cedar Sigo
Little Map
Jun 28
By Jean Valentine
The Magic of Numbers
Jun 27
By Kenneth Koch
Without Warning
Jun 26
By Sarah Lindsay
Sonnet 106: When in the chronicle of wasted time
Jun 25
By William Shakespeare
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Jun 24
by Matthew Rohrer
The Missing Poem
Jun 23
By Mark Halliday
Jun 22
By Paul Monette
The Comb-Bearers
Jun 21
By Daniel Mark Epstein
The Annunciation
Jun 20
By Samuel Menashe
Twelve Twelve Twelve
Jun 19
By Aimee Nezhukumatathil
How Much?
Jun 18
By Carl Sandburg
April Snow
Jun 17
By Matthew Zapruder
Jun 16
For the Taking
Jun 15
By Sophie Cabot Black
[Murmurs from the earth of this land´╗┐]
Jun 14
by Muriel Rukeyser
Jun 13
By Billy Collins
Captain Lovell, [“My eyes are shaky and glimmer like the stars”]
Jun 12
By Gabrielle Calvocoressi
The Geese
Jun 11
By Jane Mead
Sonnets to Morpheus [“I know kung fu”]
Jun 10
by John Beer
Quite Frankly
Jun 9
By Mark Halliday
Job Application
Jun 8
By Meryn Cadell
What It Sounds Like
Jun 7
By Forrest Gander
Jun 6
By Kay Ryan
Jun 5
by Nate Klug
New Yorkers
Jun 4
By Edward Field
Mine eyes have seen the glory of…
Jun 3
Blues Alabama
Jun 2
by Michael S. Harper (read by Quraysh Ali Lansana)
Jun 1
By Stephen Dunn
After the Angelectomy
May 31
By Alice Fulton
May 30
by Helen Dunmore
White Buttons
May 29
By Mary Ruefle
When I Am With You
May 28
By Robert Bly
Hollow Boom Soft Chime: The Thai Elephant Orchestra
May 27
By Sarah Lindsay
As I Cross the Heliopause at Midnight, I Think of My Mission
May 26
By Matthew Zapruder
Domestic Violence
May 25
By Roger Reeves
I Told You I Was Sick
May 24
By Elaine Kahn
The Dream of Lacquer Box
May 23
By Kimiko Hahn
In This Order
May 22
by Laura Kasischke
Song Beside the Barn Wall
May 21
By Alice Templeton
Every Hard Rapper’s Father Ever: Father of the Year
May 20
by Douglas Kearney
poem in praise of menstruation
May 19
By Lucille Clifton
Blues for Dante Alighieri
May 18
By Kim Addonizio
John Altoon
May 17
by Cedar Sigo
Thai Silk
May 16
By Alexander Theroux