the fna show

the fna show
fna is an aural excursion through thought.

Aug 27 • 3 min
fna is an experiment in sound and idea, this moment, this movement, with urgency.
May 20 • 3 min
fna is an experiment in sound and idea, a construct within a memory, this memoir.
season three trailer
May 15 • 0 min
Season three starts Wednesday, May 20, 2020.
Mar 18 • 2 min
Let loose to tear. Let in to feel. fna is an exercise in sound and idea; enjoy your descent.
Feb 21 • 2 min
Keep leaning forward; bound to proper posture. Enjoy the crucifixion of complacency.
Feb 4 • 3 min
Bound loosely with insecurity, and waving over the mishandled past. Enjoy the crucifixion of complacency.
Jan 30 • 3 min
Passing open windows with bent anticipation. I believe in the infinite, and am encouraged. Enjoy the crucifixion of complacency.
with atrophy
Dec 3, 2019 • 4 min
I want to believe. Here we go again down the stream of fna-consciousness. Come along as I venture to crucify complacency.
Nov 26, 2019 • 1 min
Bonus Instrumental: An irregular pulse from Nahre Sol. Auras kindled; embellishment added.
the truth anew
Nov 19, 2019 • 2 min
Will you join me on another excursion into the undertow? Will you be with me as season 2 of the fna show emerges from the tepid afterbirth of many years of meandering? Come along as I venture to crucify complacency.
the creative undertow
Nov 15, 2019 • 3 min
An examination of the creative undertow that continues to be a welcomed, though frightening influence in my life.
fna 2019 trailer
Nov 10, 2019 • 2 min
What is the fna show? That depends on when we currently are. This is roughly what it is in 2019.
fna teaser
Aug 31, 2019 • 0 min
more fna coming soon
Season Allure 2018 Trailer
Jan 5, 2018 • 2 min
allure is the trailer to the non-existent 2018 season of the fna show. we can only imagine what it was like.
the station
Feb 29, 2016 • 2 min
Whilst texting with my brother recently, it occurred to me that it has been far too long since I’ve composed a podcast. When I think of fna, I don’t envision it as something that is dead. Changing still, yes. Shifting, but not expired. fna is an…
the reconvention
Oct 21, 2013 • 2 min
celebrating purposeful creation by whatever means necessary.
the rhythm, the lie
Oct 2, 2013 • 3 min
tangling within itself. trudging through itself. wondering besides itself.
the rhythm, the lie teaser
Sep 29, 2013 • 1 min
the ravine
Sep 22, 2013 • 9 min
devai is searching for something among the bramble and the doubt in episode two of the short, short story series.
the dusk and the doorway
Sep 1, 2013 • 6 min
the first short, short story in the new series by eamonn. crucify complacency and more will be revealed.
the fudge
Feb 28, 2009 • 0 min
Dear Parke, Isn’t fudge wonderful in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?
the walk
Jan 31, 2009 • 16 min
a short story from the annals of holmes community college about friendship and self pity
the initial
Jan 5, 2009 • 6 min
initially for your ears, no talkie
the golf ball
Dec 31, 2008 • 2 min
the bold and definitive explanatory rap single regarding a particular coffee counter golf ball
the carols
Dec 22, 2008 • 7 min
[fna archive rebroadcast] a carol medley done fna style consisting of it came upon a midnight clear, deck the halls, god rest ye merry gentlemen, silent night, what child is this, & carol of the bells
the venture
Dec 5, 2008 • 7 min
the venture successfully enabled the crucifixion of complacency. enjoy the musical descent
mirror marrow
Nov 30, 2008 • 2 min
a brief, strange poetic escapade
the nexus
Nov 9, 2008 • 12 min
the nexus is an offering of jumbled nuances. returning for a brief stint is the douchiest person of the show award.
f*cked up scriabin
Nov 1, 2008 • 1 min
a descent into insignificance with a bent toward intrigue
the island(pt2)
Sep 21, 2008 • 7 min
continuing in the murky footsteps of the void…a musical and at times noisy observation of things as they appear.
the void(pt1)
Aug 17, 2008 • 9 min
the first iteration in a two part segment of examination; there is no good news here
the insensate
Jul 25, 2008 • 8 min
a resultant of the viewing of the film revolver
the transmission
Jun 25, 2008 • 9 min
a phonetic experiment reproducing a strange conversation between my brother and myself
the stories
Apr 10, 2008 • 15 min
seven short capsule-sized stories of foxes and trees and hunger and sparrows.