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Action! Excitement! Robin Laws Chats About Feng Shui 2nd Edition
Sep 27, 2014 • 71 min
When it was released in the 1990s Feng Shui was a genre crushing breath of fresh air. In an era of D&D clones and “mood” role playing games, Robin D. Laws’ game of Hong Kong film inspired action was just what the gaming community needed. Now it’s back and…
Discussing SHATTERED SHIELDS with Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Sep 20, 2014 • 96 min
Jennifer Brozek and Byran Thomas Schmidt have edited an anthology for Baen Books that highlights stories that contain Faith and Magic. “Swords and Shields. Faith and Magic. Grab yours and get ready, for the enemy is on the move. High fantasy and mighty…
Geekerati Talks Transformers 4 and SDCC with Topless Robot’s Luke Y Thompson
Jul 19, 2014 • 69 min
Luke Y Thompson is the Editor in Chief of the Village Media website Topless Robot. As Editor, Luke shares his sometimes controversial opinions about what’s going on in popular culture. He’s agreed to join us to discuss the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. He…
Adventure Maximus! — Teaching the Next Generation of Gamers to Play
Jul 12, 2014 • 88 min
Francis Hogan designed Adventure Maximus! to be a game where kids easily create characters, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes! Like most role playing games Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity and problem solving, but unlike computer…
Jonathan Strahan Discusses the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy
May 30, 2014 • 84 min
Jonathan Strahan is one of our favorite editors here at Geekerati Media. He has worked for Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field as an assistant editor, is an eight-time Hugo Award nominee, has won the World Fantasy Award (Special -…
Wayne Shaw Talks Superhero RPG History
May 17, 2014 • 104 min
The early days of Superhero themed role playing games is a case study in innovation and collaborative design. At his Advanced Dungeons and Parenting blog Geekerati host Christian Lindke demonstrated some of the influence that Superhero 2044 influenced the…
Shane Hensley Discusses Deadlands from RPG to TV
May 5, 2014 • 67 min
The mid-90s were a creative time in the role playing game industry and a lot of smaller companies were creating not only new games, but new gaming genres. DEADLANDS by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (1996) is one of the most memorable - and one of the best…
Telling Stories with Storium, a New Way to Play.
May 3, 2014 • 85 min
Will Hindmarch and Stephen Hood have come up with an innovative new game that combines the best of role playing games, card games, video games, and play by post gaming to create a new kind of narrative gaming experience. “Storium is a web-based online…
Modiphius Discusses Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, and Fate
Feb 15, 2014 • 81 min
Modiphius is an exciting gaming company that has a wide range of products Rto explore, including our own terrifying vision of World War Two - Achtung! Cthulhu, a roleplaying setting for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. We are re-booting the fantastic…
What’s Hot and What’s Not Spring TV and Pending Upfronts
Feb 1, 2014 • 105 min
The winter television hiatus is over and the networks have decided which shows are staying and which are being replaced with mid-season hopefuls. Our television expert Shawna Benson will be joining us to discuss what’s hot, what’s not, and what is coming…
Knights of the Dinner Table…Now Live Action
Dec 18, 2013 • 132 min
A KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE webseries?! HOODY-HOO!!! Introducing a new frontier for fans of Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. D20 Entertainment has been granted the license to produce a Live Action Series/Movie of KODT. B.A. Felton, Bob Herzog, Dave…
The Geekerati Holiday Gift Guide — What to Get for Christmas
Nov 27, 2013 • 75 min
Shawna, Dave, Meredith, and Christian will each bring their own particular Geek point of view and share with you our recommendations for this holiday season. What should you buy your favorite geek?
50 Years of the Doctor
Nov 20, 2013 • 96 min
2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the classic Science Fiction Television show Doctor Who. In honor of this landmark the BBC is planning a week long celebration, and we here at Geekerati will be sharing stories about our favorite Doctor and what the…
Exploring SLEEPY HOLLOW on TV, in Games, and Literature
Oct 30, 2013 • 98 min
With 11.3 million viewers Live + Same Day, a total 30-day Multiplateform Audience of 23.0 million viewers for the week of 9/23 episode, and ongoing strong Live viewer numbers (the 10/14 episode added to a strong BONES audience) SLEEPY HOLLOW is looking…
Firefly: From TV to RPG
Oct 23, 2013 • 95 min
Mark Diaz Truman - Lead Designer on the new FIREFLY RPG from Margaret Weis Productions - will be joining us to talk about the Cortex+ powered game. We’ll also talk about the show,why it has captured the imagination of so many dedicated fans, and how there…
Michael Surbrook — Gaming and Watching American Folktales
Oct 16, 2013 • 101 min
This week we’ll be talking with Michael Surbrook about the American Folkhero and his upcoming game book Folk Hero and about the recent trend of Folk Tale influenced TV Shows. Folk Hero examines an assortment of classic American folklore and tall tales…
The New Kind: Peter Hyoguchi’s SF Webseries
Oct 2, 2013 • 92 min
Peter Hyoguchi used Kickstarter to fund the first two episodes of an action SF webseries called THE NEW KIND. He’s one of a growing number of new millenium creators who are reinventing the Hollywood model. Listen in as we chat with him about his series…
A Chat With Erik Mona
Sep 25, 2013 • 95 min
This week we’ll be chatting with Paizo Publishing’s Erik Mona. We’ll chat about everything Paizo related we can fit into the schedule. Whether it’s the roleplaying game, the card game, the video game, or the Munchkin expansion we’ll be sure to ask Erik…
The Fall TV Season 2013
Sep 18, 2013 • 94 min
What new shows are worth checking out? What old shows are coming back? Which shows will make the cut and which will fall to the side? Our resident TV expert Shawna Benson will give us the low down on the 2013 TV season.
Super Genius Owen K.C. Stephens Visits
Sep 11, 2013 • 94 min
We’re going to have a chat with Owen K.C. Stephens about Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and his work at Super Genius Games.
Geeking Out with Kids: Little Wizards and Other Distractions
Sep 4, 2013 • 94 min
We at Geekerati recently had the opportunity to attempt something completely new to us…a “remote interview.” We submitted some review questions to gaming editor extraordinaire Amanda Valentine regarding her latest project LITTLE WIZARDS. The game is…
d20Pro: Online Gaming Getting More Content
Aug 28, 2013 • 33 min
Tonight on Geekerati Shawna and I chat with Mat Morton about d20Pro and the current d20Pro Marketplace Kickstarter campaign. Built for gamers and by gamers, d20Pro is a trend setting virtual tabletop app that both enables rapid combat and encourages…
Random Geek Thoughts
Aug 21, 2013 • 89 min
Tonight on Geekerati Shawna and I will discuss D23, the upcoming television season, and a new role playing game that parents can play with their kids entitled Lil’ Wizards.
GameHaus Game Cafe
Jul 31, 2013 • 72 min
Listen to our chat with Terry and Robert aobut their exciting idea for a board game cafe called GameHaus. “We’re opening the first board game cafe in Los Angeles, where great food and drink go hand-in-hand with great games! What is a board game café? The…
San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Shawna Reports Live
Jul 17, 2013 • 20 min
It’s time for Geekerati’s Annual Coverage of San Diego Comic-Con. As usual, Shawna will be attending the event and will broadcast live from the floor on Preview Night. She’ll let us know what some of the cannot miss panels will be and we’ll discuss those…
Agent 13: Flint Dille and David Marconi
Jul 10, 2013 • 92 min
Agent 13 is the creation of Flint Dille and David Marconi. The character was featured in a Top Secret S.I. Campaign Setting, a comic book series, and a series of novels published by TSR. For a time the character faded into the background, but now he is…
Pulp 2.0 - Bill Cunningham is Bringing the Good Stuff
Jun 12, 2013 • 99 min
Our own Mad Pulp Publisher Bill Cunningham’s publishing company Pulp 2.0 is on a roll. Bill will be joining us to talk about the company’s recent projects and what he has in store for us. Let’s just say Super Heroes, Men of Mystery, Hideous Monsters and…
Sasquatch Game Studio’s Primeval Thule RPG Setting
Jun 5, 2013 • 98 min
Join us as we chat with Game industry veterans Richard Baker, David Noonan and Stephen Schubert who have united to found Sasquatch Game Studio, a design house and publisher devoted to creating “dream team” products for the hobby game market. Their first…
Downloading the Upfronts: TV’s in Fall 2013
May 29, 2013 • 92 min
Join Christian Lindke and Shawna Benson as they discuss the upcoming television season. It’s a great year for geeks and genre fans.
Sovereign Stone — Kickstarting Elmore’s Vision
May 22, 2013 • 92 min
Join us as we chat with Tony Lee and Ken Whitman about the exciting Sovereign Stone Kickstarter project. Sovereign Stone was a collaboration of tabletop RPG gaming luminaries featuring Larry Elmore, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Through Elmore’s vivid…
David Gerrold’s THE STAR WOLF — Kickstarting a Series?
May 15, 2013 • 91 min
Join us as David Gerrold and David C. Fein discuss their attempt to Kickstart an SF Television series pilot episode. Multi-generational Star Trek alumni join forces to bring you the science fiction series you want… David Gerrold’s The Star Wolf! The Star…
Ray Harryhausen: Memories and Magic
May 8, 2013 • 74 min
Are you enjoying the summer blockbuster season? Are you a fan of Star Wars and Jurassic Park? Without the groundbreaking work of Ray Harryhausen, the modern film industry would be very different from what you see today. Harryhausen’s work in special…
Amazon Original Pilots: Worth Your Time
May 1, 2013 • 107 min
The world of on demand entertainment is here. Between Kickstarter projects where consumers are empowered to fund the projects they would like to see produced to new shows being produced for streaming services, it is a brave new world of entertainment.…
Dungeon Bastard and The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl
Apr 24, 2013 • 91 min
While many game designers have battled to the death to win the title of ” Author of the World’s Greatest Dungeon Crawl!”, it is only the truly bold who would endeavor to aim to be the author of “The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl!” Such boldness pales before…
A Chat with Wesley Chu | Author, Kung-fu Master, Actor, Deat
Apr 10, 2013 • 97 min
Join us as we chat with author Wesley Chu about his new novel THE LIVES OF TAO: “It follows Roen Tan, an out-of-shape loser, who finds his world turned inside out and upside down when a friendly alien hitches a ride inside his mind. Because this is no…
Alyssa Faden Talks Torn Armor: Squad Based Minis Boardgaming
Apr 3, 2013 • 94 min
Torn Armor is a fantasy skirmish miniature game based on the rich lore of “Torn.” It features anthropomorphic creatures such as cat, mouse, monkey, and rhino-headed creatures in their desperate defense of their homeland against the Spartan-like “Sisk”…
SyFy’s Defiance, multi-platform storytelling, and Kobolds
Mar 27, 2013 • 91 min
On April 15, SyFy will invite viewers to sample their latest innovation — DEFIANCE premieres, not just as a television show but as a video game, as well. Writer Clark Perry joins us to talk about his work on DEFIANCE and what sci-fi fans can expect from…
Kickstarting Fandom — From Traveller to Veronica Mars
Mar 13, 2013 • 74 min
From Gaming to Television Shows the Kickstarter phenomenon is changing the marketplace. Product lines, and shows, that fans long thought would be lost and forgotten are being resurrected. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Stephanie Thorpe — Elfquest, Fandom, and Being Awesome
Mar 6, 2013 • 91 min
Stephanie is an actor, producer and content creator.? Born and raised in Vancouver, she studied at Oxford and received a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto.? She’s been a driving force as a producer and actor in numerous web projects including…
Lone Wolf Development Talks Hero Lab and Realm Works
Feb 13, 2013 • 86 min
Lone Wolf Development is one of the longest lasting support software providers in the gaming industry. The company’s first digital offering, Army Builder, revolutionized miniature war gaming by providing a robust and simple tool that has now benefitted…
Pilots and Crashes — TV’s Mid-Season Pick Ups
Feb 6, 2013 • 92 min
Each year the television networks introduce us to an array of new programming. Some of these shows go on to become long lasting franchises, some become cult fan favorites, and others fall to the wayside forgotten. Resident Geekerati TV expert Shawna…
2012 in Review and a Preview of 2013
Jan 8, 2013 • 96 min
Shawna and Christian share some of their favorite moments from 2012 and discuss what they are looking forward to in 2013. This should be a great year for geek culture.
Geekerati Holiday Gift Guide
Dec 4, 2012 • 88 min
Tonight Shawna and Christian will discuss some of the Geek related gifts you might consider getting for your favorite pop culture obsessed friends.
Transmedia and “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”
Nov 27, 2012 • 94 min
The geeks host Jay Bushman of Fourth Wall Studios who will be discussing Transmedia and Ancilliary content. Jay is currently doing the transmedia for “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.” He was on the team which won an Emmy for transmedia for “Dirty Work.”
Iron Man, The Avengers: Behind the Animated Scenes
Nov 20, 2012 • 70 min
This week we are joined by two screenwriters who have worked on the Iron Man Armored Adventures and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes shows. They will share with us some insights about the animation world and what it takes to translate decades of…
Tony Lee and Wayne Sykes talk POCKET GLADIATORS
Nov 13, 2012 • 74 min
Tony Lee and Wayne Sykes are the duo behind the Double Shogun game design studio, and they are hanging out with us to discuss their latest design POCKET GLADIATORS. Company Overview Pocket Gladiators will be the first release from Double Shogun, a joint…
Third Eye Games Discusses Camp Myth
Nov 6, 2012 • 71 min
The good folks at Third Eye Games are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest venture, CAMP MYTH. Camp Myth is a summer camp built exclusively for mythological creatures. A place where mythical kids from across the globe gather to…
Aaron Ginsburg Discusses the Thrilling Adventure Hour
Oct 30, 2012 • 97 min
Aaron Ginsburg of The Thrilling Adventure hour is doing some pretty exciting things across a wide array of media. From stage to internet streaming to graphic novels, the Thrilling Adventure crew are everywhere. What is the Thrilling Adventure Hour? The…
Monte Cook Discusses Numenera and More
Oct 23, 2012 • 83 min
This week the geeks are joined by Monte Cook who will discuss his work on the upcoming Numenera role playing game. It’s an exciting science fantasy role playing game that will be coming your way soon.
Robin Laws Discusses Hillfolk and the DramaSystem
Oct 16, 2012 • 73 min
Robin D. Laws is one of the most innovative game designers in the RPG field. His design work includes Feng Shui, the Gumshoe System, Dying Earth, Hero Wars, and many other influential games. Laws is also the author of two must own books for any game…
Fall TV Season: What’s New? What’s Hot? What’s Not?
Oct 9, 2012 • 86 min
Now that the fall television season is in full swing, Shawna and Christian will chat about new and returning shows. As always, the emphasis will be on shows with geek appeal and we’ll be discussing many of the genre shows coming out this year. But we’ll…
Champions Complete — Superheroes Your Way
Sep 18, 2012 • 61 min
Tonight we have Derek Hiemforth, the author of the upcoming Champions Complete, joining us to discuss superheroes and gaming. I’m eager to hear about the upcoming Champions Complete game which appears to be a return to classic form for one of the best…
Rescheduling Matt Forbeck — 12 in ‘12, Freelancing, & Magic
Sep 11, 2012 • 58 min
Last week’s episode was cut short due to technical difficulties at BlogTalkRadio. Thankfully, Matt agreed to join us again to discuss his latest 12 in ‘12 project MONSTER ACADEMY as well as his media-tie in writing and his work on the Magic: The Gathering…
Matt Forbeck — 12 in ‘12: Monster Academy and Magic Comics
Sep 5, 2012 • 16 min
Matt Forbeck is one of the hardest working, and friendliest, people in the gaming industry. He’s stopping by our Geekly Headquarters tonight to discuss his latest 12 in ‘12 trilogy project “Monster Academy” and his work on Magic the Gathering comic books.…
Marketing and the Freelancer in Genre Fiction and Gaming
Aug 29, 2012 • 83 min
In this episode, Shawna and Christian are joined by Monica Valentinelli to discuss the challenges of Marketing genre fiction and hobby related gaming in a shifting digital landscape. Monica has edited and written a number of hobby gaming products, and is…
Big Bang Theory Writer Maria Ferrari Visit the Geeks
Aug 22, 2012 • 78 min
Join us for a conversation with Maria Ferrari, one of the writers working on one of the most successful shows on television. Maria will discuss the last season, as well as tell us about the things that she geeks about in their spare time. A little bird…
Episode 106: Night’s Black Agents
Jul 25, 2012 • 45 min
Pelgrane Press is an innovative and creative gaming company that has published a number of award winning role playing games in the past decade. They are known for their high production values, excellent writing, and innovative mechanics like their GUMSHOE…
Con Season: Comic Con Winners and Losers and Gen Con Preview
Jul 18, 2012 • 46 min
Christian and Shawna will be discussing the winners and losers at this year’s Comic Con. Are events like the Con adjacent Nerd HQ the future of the Con? What do we do about Hall H lines? Especially after this year. Christian will discuss his upcoming…
Episode 103: Strange Dead Love: Tales of Paranormal Romance
Sep 25, 2011 • 62 min
What is it about vampires, and other paranormal monsters, that is so sexy? Jess Hartley joins the geeks to discuss Paranormal Romance in writing, television, film, and gaming. Jess is an author of paranormal tales and a hard working game designer with a…
The Geeks Discuss the Fall 2011 Season
Sep 18, 2011 • 68 min
From “The Playboy Club” to “Pan Am” and from “Ringer” to “The Secret Circle,” there are a lot of new offerings in this fall’s television schedule. Join Christian Lindke and Geekerati’s resident TV expert Shawna Benson as they discuss what to watch, what…
A Conversation with a Part-Time Sorceress
Sep 13, 2010 • 90 min
This evening Shelly Mazzanoble joins the geeks to talk about D&D, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and what Wizards of the Coast is doing to recruit new gamers into the hobby.
Interview with Jess Hartley
Sep 6, 2010 • 90 min
Jess Hartley’s work ranges from the World of Darkness and gaming Podcasts to Patron supported fiction and a Geek advice column. Join us as we talk with her about gaming, fantasy fiction, and whatever else crosses our minds.
Recovering from GenCon and Con Season
Aug 9, 2010 • 86 min
Tonight we’ll be discussing GenCon and the Convention season in general as well as discussing how Christian — unlike Wil Wheaton — avoided Con Crud.
The Summer TV Season and Blockbusters So Far
Aug 2, 2010 • 80 min
Tonight we will discuss the shows that have been released for the Summer television season and how the blockbuster season has fared so far.
Covering the Conventions
Jul 26, 2010 • 89 min
The San Diego Comic Con and GenCon are two of the biggest “geekfests” of the summer. This episode we will be debriefing Shawna’s trip to San Diego and discuss Christian’s upcoming trip to Indianapolis.
Auteur Theory: A Conversation (Part One)
Sep 20, 2009 • 120 min
For much of the 60s and 70s Auteur theory dominated discussions about film. What is Auteur theory? What is the state of the theory? Is it a useful lens to look at film? How much do we understand regarding the authorship of collaborative narratives?
Brandon Sanderson Talks Fantasy
Sep 6, 2009 • 120 min
Since Brandon Sanderson’s first book ELANTRIS hit the shelves in 2005, Sanderson has been one of the most prolific authors in the field. His books range from trilogies and stand alone novels to children’s fiction. We will be talking with Sanderson about…
Jeff Tidball Discussing Gaming, Gen Con, and Narrative
Aug 30, 2009 • 120 min
Jeff Tidball is a graduate of the USC Film School’s Screenwriting Program. We will be discussing how modern gaming, video and table top, apply traditional principles of plot and narrative. We will also discuss some of the exciting news coming out of this…
Random Geek Musings
Aug 23, 2009 • 60 min
Eric and Christian discuss MIDDLE EARTH QUEST, GHOST STORIES, PANDEMIC, and the upcoming television season.
Comic Con Wrap Up
Aug 9, 2009 • 30 min
Shawna discusses the sights and sounds of San Diego Comic Con 2009
The REAL Guide to Comic Con Part 2
Jul 19, 2009 • 120 min
This Sunday, the Geeks will be discussing the lesser known aspects of SDCC. In addition to Comic Book and films about Comic Books, the SDCC has events and panels that span all pop culture interests. Whether you love SF/Fantasy literature, old horror…
A Real Guide to San Diego Comic Con
Jul 12, 2009 • 120 min
This week and next, we’ll be providing an insider’s guide into the San Diego Comic Con. What are the tricks of getting to sit in on the panels you want to see? How do you get to meet the artists you want to meet? This week we’re talking about the Comic…
Geekerati Turns 2…so let’s talk TV Upfronts!
May 18, 2009 • 60 min
Lots of TV news to discuss tonight - so Shawna Benson will break it all down…the new shows, what’s coming back next fall, what didn’t make the cut, and what the heck happened with Dollhouse, Chuck and other beloved ‘geek’ shows!
William Maynard Discusses THE TERROR OF FU MANCHU
Apr 20, 2009 • 60 min
Hang out with the geeks as we talk with the first author in 22 years to be authorized by the Sax Rohmer estate to write a Fu Manchu novel. THE TERROR OF FU MANCHU was recently published by Black Coat Press and we look forward to talking with William about…
Gail Z. Martin: Author of Dark Haven Visits the Geeks
Apr 13, 2009 • 60 min
Gail Z. Martin returns to Geekerati to discuss the third book in her Chronicles of the Necromancer Series. What lies ahead for Martris Drayke?
The Future of Pulp
Mar 18, 2009 • 60 min
The pulps of the early 20th centruy defined many of the tropes of modern heroic fiction. Whether you are reading a comic book, reading a James Patterson novel, or watching a Joss Whedon action/adventure television show, the pulps were an influence. But…
David Gaider Discusses Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne
Mar 11, 2009 • 60 min
David Gaider joins the geeks to discuss his novel Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne. The novel is a prologue to the eagerly awaited BioWare Dragon Age video game. BioWare has a history of producing excellent fantasy/sf video games and David has been at the…
Who Will Watch WATCHMEN?
Mar 5, 2009 • 60 min
When WATCHMEN came out in the 1980’s it rocked the comic book universe. Will the movie rock theater audiences as much as the original maxi-series blew the minds of comic fans?
Brent Weeks Discusses the Night Angel Trilogy
Feb 11, 2009 • 60 min
Come listen as break out fantasy author Brent Weeks discusses the Night Angel Trilogy. We’ll talk about the struggle of becoming a published author and the advantages/disadvantages of having your entire trilogy released over a three month time span.
Wandering the Whedonverse
Feb 4, 2009 • 60 min
What is it about Joss Whedon that captures the geek imagination so strongly? We’ll discuss past Whedon shows, Dr. Horrible, and the upcoming DOLLHOUSE.
Marc Bernardin Discusses PUSH: The Comic and the Movie
Jan 28, 2009 • 60 min
Last year, in anticipation for this year’s film, DC comics hired Marc Bernardin to write a prequel to PUSH. Listen as Marc talks about the series, the movie, and the recent trend toward “superpower light” action films.
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Discuss BONES OF THE DRAGON
Jan 21, 2009 • 60 min
From the Dragonlance Saga and the Rose of the Prophet to the Darksword Trilogy and the Death Gate Cycle, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have been entertaining Fantasy Fans for decades. Join us as they discuss their successful writing careers and their…
Eric Nylund Discusses MORTAL COIL With the Geeks
Jan 14, 2009 • 60 min
Eric Nylund visits the Geeks to discuss HALO, Media Tie-in fiction, and his new novel MORTAL COILS. The book is about two teenagers named Fiona and Eliot and “It turns out that Fiona and Eliot are much more than ordinary teenagers. They are the result of…
The Best of 2008 and Geek Hopes for 2009
Jan 7, 2009 • 60 min
Tonight our panel of Geeks will discuss the things that tickled their fancy in 2008 and those things that they are looking forward to in 2009.
Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Geekerati Reading
Dec 19, 2008 • 15 min
Tonight’s episode will be a simple reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Recession Holiday Shopping for the Geek
Dec 12, 2008 • 60 min
This week, we explore the ins and outs of satisfying your favorite geek’s needs during a recession. Cheap, but cool. Ken Edwards of joins us with his insights.
In Memoriam: Forrest J Ackerman
Dec 6, 2008 • 60 min
The geeks talk about the weird and wonderful life of “Forry” and discuss his signficance to science fiction over the last fifty years.
The American Film Marketplace
Nov 21, 2008 • 60 min
What do hucksters, flim-flam men, and used car salesmen have in common with the film industry? Everything!
Interactive Media: The Ever Changing Xbox Experience
Oct 24, 2008 • 60 min
Microsoft is making big hay out of their upcoming update to their Xbox Live interface. Is it all hype, or is there something radical in the works? We’ll also share our initial impressions of FABLE II, or as I like to call it Blacksmith Hero.
October Horror Harvest
Oct 7, 2008 • 60 min
October is “Horror Month” and the geeks are here to talk about their favorite horror films.
Pirates vs. Ninjas
Sep 22, 2008 • 60 min
With International Talk Like a Pirate Day behind us, it is time for the geeks to reflect on an age old geek question. Who is cooler, Pirates or Ninjas? Our panelists will present their favorite pirate and ninja movies, games, books, and television shows…
Author and Editor William Jones Visits the Geeks
Sep 8, 2008 • 60 min
William Jones is a writer and editor who has worked across genres, including mystery, horror, science fiction, dark fiction, historical and young adult. He has edited several fiction anthologies and magazines. His writing also reaches into the…
What Kind of Show is This?
Sep 1, 2008 • 60 min
In a past episode, a caller asked what kind of show we host here at Geekerati. Tonight’s episode will be filled with a little bit from all the areas of geekdom that we cover here at Geekerati.
Matt Forbeck Discusses: Blood Bowl, Mutant Chronicles, Brave New World, and Other News
Aug 25, 2008 • 60 min
One of the busiest men in the gaming industry drops by to chat with the geeks about the upcoming Mutant Chronicles movie, his novelization, the status of the Brave New World movie, and many of his other projects.
The Pilot Season Fall 2008: What Shows Will Make the Cut this Fall
Aug 18, 2008 • 60 min
This season many new genre shows await us as viewers. Our resident TV Guru Shawna Benson will give you the lowdown on this season’s offerings as well as predict which shows will “make it.”
Michael Alan Nelson Discusses the FALL OF CTHULHU: GODWAR series
Aug 11, 2008 • 60 min
Boom Studios editors have been wandering the Dreamlands looking for stories and Michael Alan Nelson is here to discuss FALL OF CTHULHU and non-Euclidian geometry.
Summer Blockbusters: The Second Half
Aug 4, 2008 • 60 min
We are now at the second half of the summer blockbuster season. Join the geeks as we talk about recent film releases, the upcoming animated Star Wars, and continue to download from Comic Con.
San Diego Comic-Con International Decompression Show
Jul 28, 2008 • 60 min
The geeks react to the 2008 Comic-Con .
SDCC 2008 Update #1
Jul 25, 2008 • 15 min
Bill and Shawna discuss the chaos of Comic Con on the first day, Thursday and preview the insanity of Friday
Comics2Film Visits Geekerati
Jul 21, 2008 • 60 min
We here at Geekerati are big fans of comic books…and movies. Join us as we talk with Rob Worley of Comics2Film about comic book movies past and present.
San Diego Comic Con 2008 Preview Show and the Search for the World’s Greatest Superhero
Jul 14, 2008 • 60 min
San Diego Comic Con is only two weeks away. The event attracts a crowd the size of a reasonable city, but is the title “Comic Con” still appropriate. Our panelists will be covering the event live, and today we’ll be talking about what the Con is offering…
The 100 Best Westerns of All Time? A Response the the WWA List
Jul 7, 2008 • 60 min
The Western Writer’s Association has released a list of their Top 100 Westerns. The top of the list? SHANE. Are they crazy…or crazy like a fox?
Disgrasian Discusses Asians and Asian Culture in Film and Television
Jun 30, 2008 • 60 min
Jen and Diana from the popular blog Disgrasian will be joining us to discuss how Asians and Asian Culture are depicted by Hollywood. We’ll be chat about everything from Mr. Moto and Charlie Chan to Jet Li and Jackie Chan.
Discussing DEVIL’S CAPE with Rob Rogers
Jun 23, 2008 • 60 min
Rob Rogers joins the geeks to discuss his “superheroic” addition to the Discoveries line of books by Wizards of the Coast.Heroes with a Southern Gothic edge. If New Orleans has earned its “Sin City” nickname for its debauchery, then its nearby sister…
Gary Wolf and John J. Myers discuss SPACE VULTURE
Jun 16, 2008 • 60 min
What do you get when the creator of ROGER RABBIT and a Catholic Archbishop join forces? A classic tale of planetary romance. SPACE VULTURE is a tale that fans of Alex Raymond’s FLASH GORDON should rush out to buy.
The continuing evolution of science fiction
Jun 9, 2008 • 60 min
50 years ago the idea of landing anything on Mars was but a pipe dream. Now we have a sophisticated “robot” taking soil samples, looking for signs of life. We’ll discuss how the rapid development of new technologies makes some sci-fi quaintly outdated,…
Downloading the Upfronts
May 19, 2008 • 60 min
For the second year in a row, our resident TV Guru Shawna Benson analyzes the television upfronts. What will you be watching next year?
Big Bang Theory’s David Goetsch Joins the Geeks
May 12, 2008 • 60 min
David Goetsch is a Co-executive Producer on the CBS comedy “BIG BANG THEORY.” He has also written for 3rd ROCK from the SUN and GAME OVER. Tonight he joins the geeks to discuss the lingering effects of the WGA strike and what its like to write about geeks…
Annual Summer Blockbuster Discussion
May 5, 2008 • 60 min
The Summer Blockbuster season starts early this year. Join the geeks as we discuss this year’s exciting, and possibly disappointing, crop of summer spectaculars.
Fox and NBC: The TV Pilot Season and the 52 Week Season
Apr 14, 2008 • 60 min
Join the geeks as Shawna walks us through this year’s TV Pilot season and as we discuss the long term effects of the WGA strike.
Shelly Mazzanoble: A Conversation with a Part-Time Sorceress
Apr 7, 2008 • 60 min
Shelly Mazznoble is the author of “Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress,” a book aimed at explaining role playing games to a group often left out in discussion of gaming…women. Shelly’s writing is witty, fun, and she is able to explain the underlying…
Erik Mona discusses Planet Stories
Mar 31, 2008 • 60 min
In 2007, Paizo Publishing began reprinting some long out of print Sword and Sorcery classics through their Planet Stories line of books. Erik Mona joins us to discuss the books and what lies in the future for Planet Stories.
The Reboot Show
Mar 24, 2008 • 60 min
The Geekerati crew are gonna do some dreamin’ this week…given the opportunity, what ‘geek’ entertainment would we like to give a makeover, a REBOOT to? The rules, as follows: 1. You can reboot any comic, book, radio & tv show or movie ever made. 2. You…
Dave Stevens Remembered
Mar 17, 2008 • 60 min
Dave Stevens - in his variety of interests including comics, film, movie serials, pinups, jazz, comic strips, aviation and cartoons - touched all of our lives in one way or another. He was a master craftsman who diligently labored over every drawing,…
Lee Goldberg discusses mystery writing for print and the screen
Mar 10, 2008 • 60 min
Lee Goldberg has been a writer on a number of television mystery shows ranging from Monk to Murder She Wrote. He’s joining us to talk about his latest Monk media tie in novels and the difference between writing for print and for the screen.
Gail Z. Martin Discusses THE BLOOD KING and THE SUMMONER
Mar 3, 2008 • 60 min
Join us as Gail Martin discusses her latest release, THE BLOOD KING second in the CHRONICLE OF THE NECROMANCER series, and the role of necromancers in Fantasy literature. Gail Martin discovered her passion for science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories in…
Christy Marx Discusses Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games
Feb 25, 2008 • 60 min
From Conan to Jem, Christy Marx’s writing in the animation field has run the gamut. The same can be said for her writing in the video game and comic book industries. Join Christy as she discusses her career as a writer in different entertainment media and…
A Conversation with John Rogers
Feb 18, 2008 • 60 min
John Rogers is a writer with a wide variety of experience. He has written screenplays for films like TRANSFORMERS and THE CORE, comic books like BLUE BEETLE, and is an executive producer on the upcoming TNT series LEVERAGE. In addition to being a talented…
Black Coats and Justice Inc.: Black Coat Press and Moonstone Books Keep the Pulp Tradition Alive
Feb 11, 2008 • 60 min
For many young readers, the discovery of the adventures of Doc Savage, John Carter, the Spider, the Shadow, or Richard Benson can lead to a life time love affair with literature of all kinds. Our guest Win Eckert, and host Bill Cunningham, are two…
Patrons and Kobolds: How Wolfgang Baur is Revolutionizing the RPG World
Feb 4, 2008 • 60 min
Not that long ago, Wolfgang Baur decided to try a little experiment. He knew that people who played roleplaying games were serious about their hobby, and that many have secret game design fantasies. He wondered if there were enough to create a business…
Heathen Comics’ THE CROOKED MAN
Jan 28, 2008 • 60 min
Heathen Comics’ Gabriel Hardman visits the Geeks to discuss THE CROOKED MAN and the unique opportunities the internet provides to aspiring comic artists.
The Return of the Radio Serial
Jan 21, 2008 • 60 min
Continuing our January topic covering emerging and revitalized entertainment, we are joined by Decoder Ring Theater’s Gregg Taylor who discusses the exciting cyber-future of Radio Theater.
Game based movies and movie based games: Why are they so awful?
Jan 14, 2008 • 60 min
What was up with IN THE NAME OF THE KING? Are Uwe Boll movies the exception or the norm? What about games based on movies and television shows?
What will the television of tomorrow look like?
Jan 7, 2008 • 60 min
Joining us tonight to discuss the future of visual entertainment Tracy Swedlow, the founder of InteractiveTV Today [itvt]. [itvt] is the most widely read and trusted news source on the rapidly emerging medium of multiplatform, broadband interactive…
e-Books and RPGs: The future of game publishing is now.
Jan 2, 2008 • 60 min
Gareth-Michael Skarka, of Adamant Entertainment, joins the geeks to discuss e-publishing in the modern RPG marketplace. Skarka has made a name for himself as the publisher of the acclaimed THRILLING TALES pulp d20 Modern supplements.
The Best Video Games of 2007
Dec 26, 2007 • 60 min
Ken Edwards, the Gaming editor for, visits the geeks to discuss the best video games of 2007.
Fantasy on Film: From the Printed Page to the Silver Screen
Dec 17, 2007 • 60 min
The new millennium has seen a resurgence of fantasy on the silver screen. Some of these films have been spectacular, and financially successful, but others have failed to bring the audiences studios might have expected. Are we at a crest on a roller…
Our Favorite Holiday Movies
Dec 10, 2007 • 60 min
Tonight we will be discussing our favorite Christmas Holiday films.
Christmas Shopping for Your Inner Geek
Dec 3, 2007 • 60 min
Come join the Geeks as we discuss what the geek near you might just want for Christmas.
Geekerati Radio — “Everybody I Shot is Dead”
Nov 26, 2007 • 60 min
Deborah Chesher, renowned photographer and author of the previous book “StarArt” talks with us about her new book “Everybody I Shot is Dead” which details the lives and deaths of several famous musicians she has fortunate enough to cover — musicians like…
Beowulf: From Campus to Comics to Cinema
Nov 19, 2007 • 60 min
Professor Richard Scott Nokes returns to our broadcast to discuss the upcoming Beowulf movie. Joining him is Alexis Fajardo, the creator the Kid Beowulf comic. Kid Beowulf chronicles the adventures of a young Beowulf and alters certain elements of the…
Tim Minear Talks the Strike
Nov 16, 2007 • 60 min
Television writer/producer Tim Minear begins at minute 00:52( and joins the geeks to discuss the ongoing WGA strike.
Animation and Motion Capture
Nov 12, 2007 • 60 min
Join us as as Variety editors David S. Cohen and Peter Debruge discuss their favorite animated films of the year. They will also discuss whether a motion capture film, like Beowulf, qualifies as an animated film.
WGA Strike: The Geek Angle
Nov 5, 2007 • 60 min
The Geeks will discuss the pending WGA strike with television writer/producer Rob Long. Rob has some interesting insights into the future financial models of the industry that are intimately related to the technology that surrounds and binds us. Rob Long…
Horror Themed Television Shows: What Are Your Favorites?
Oct 29, 2007 • 60 min
It’s two days until Halloween. Join us as we discuss our favorite horror themed television shows and why we like them. Let’s see how obscure we get.
“Torture P_rn:” Typical Horror or Societal Scourge?
Oct 22, 2007 • 60 min
This week we’ll be talking about developments in horror films. What is it? What exactly qualifies as “Torture P_rn?” Is is really as bad as they say? If it is, is the term too broadly used?
Vampires and Other Things that Prefer the Night
Oct 15, 2007 • 60 min
Jeff Mariotte will be visiting our show for around 15 to 20 minutes to help us kick off a conversation about Vampire movies and television shows, as well as other nasty things that go bump in the night. Jeff Mariotte is a former editor in chief at IDW…
Were the Dark Ages Really That Dark? A Discussion of Pop Culture Medievalism
Oct 8, 2007 • 60 min
Tonight we will be talking with Professor Richard Nokes about the phenomenon of Popular Medievalism. As consumers of entertainment, we are surrounded by medieval imagery. How well does this imagery reflect the middle ages?
Fall TV Kill List: The Projected Winners and Losers for the Coming Season
Oct 1, 2007 • 60 min
Christian Johnson, Bill Cunningham, Shawna Benson, and Eric Lytle will look at the numbers and project which shows will survive until the end of the season.
The Fall of TV or Just the Fall Season?
Sep 24, 2007 • 60 min
BTR Host Shaun Daily will be joining us to discuss the start of this Fall’s TV schedule.
The Geek Quiz
Sep 17, 2007 • 60 min
We’re going to find out just how big a geek you are.
Podcasting 101: What is it and what effect does it have on other media?
Sep 10, 2007 • 60 min
John C. Havens, VP of Business Development at BlogTalkRadio joins us for a discussion of podcasting. We’ll learn what to do, what not to do, and what to listen to.
Barsoom, Hyboria, and Urban Mean Streets: The Pulps and Their Modern Legacy
Sep 3, 2007 • 60 min
This week the geeks discuss our favorite pulp authors and analyze their legacy on modern storytelling.
Game Designer James Lowder and the Geeks discuss what you should be Watching, Reading, and Playing
Aug 27, 2007 • 60 min
Your esteemed panelists will be discussing the books you should be reading, the shows/movies you should be watching, and the games you should be playing
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Aug 20, 2007 • 60 min
shows, movies, comics, books that deserve a remake/sequel and why they shouldn’t be “campy.”
Trash or Treasure
Aug 13, 2007 • 30 min
The geeks take different media and share what they think is treasure and what is garbage.
Alien Invasions
Aug 6, 2007 • 60 min
The geeks discuss alien invasions in movies, TV, comics, and video games.
Marc Bernardin, Highwaymen, and Monster Attack Network
Jul 30, 2007 • 60 min
Marc Bernardin discusses the transition from comic book reporter to comic book writer.
Geekerati’s Pre-Comic Con Rundown
Jul 23, 2007 • 60 min
Comic Con begins July 25th and the Geeks are Going!
What’s so special about DVD special features?
Jul 16, 2007 • 60 min
Do you ever listen to or watch the bonus features on your DVDs? We do and we want to talk about what we like and don’t like about special features.
Harry Potter and Pottermania
Jul 9, 2007 • 60 min
The geeks are all Pottermaniacs. Join us as we discuss the upcoming film and speculate about the final novel in the series.
Episode 9: Interview with Matt Forbeck
Jul 2, 2007 • 60 min
Between designing toys and games to editing and writing fiction, Matt Forbeck is a very busy man. He still finds time to chat with the geeks.
Episode 8: An Interview with SF/Fantasy Author Susan Palwick
Jun 25, 2007 • 60 min
This week we will be interviewing SF/F author Susan Palwick about her newest novel Shelter and SF/F in general.
Episode 7: TV Shows and Viral Campaigns
Jun 18, 2007 • 60 min
From the Original Star Trek Series to Jericho, Fan Uprisings Have Helped Shape Entertainment
Episode 6: “Blog Like It’s the End of the World” Edition
Jun 13, 2007 • 60 min
Zombie Movies, The Coming Apocalypse, and Internet Memes
Episode 5: Truly Independent and the Blatantly Mass Market
Jun 11, 2007 • 60 min
Luke Y Thompson of the OC Weekly will join us to discuss Independent Genre films and OC Weekly’s June 8th Summer Blockbuster Issue.
Episode 4: Entertainment as Dialogue
Jun 4, 2007 • 60 min
The geeks discuss the increasingly interactive nature of entertainment.
Episode 3: Cinema, Cineplexity, and TV Wars
May 28, 2007 • 60 min
The summer film season so far, television’s “off season” season, and the Cineplexity party game.
Episode 2: Downloading the Upfronts
May 22, 2007 • 60 min
Christian Johnson, Shawna Benson, and Crew Discuss the Announced Television Fall Schedules
Episode 1: Summer Blockbusters with the Geeks
May 15, 2007 • 60 min
Your resident Geeks at Cinerati/Geekerati discuss and review this Summer’s crop.