Acoustic Conversations

Acoustic Conversations
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Tyler Stenson II
Aug 18, 2010 • 57 min
“Leave Oregon. It’s the first song I play when I hit the stage in Nashville … but it really is OH-re-gon,” Tyler Stenson tells us, noting with pride that even though he’s moved to Nashville, he remembers his roots. He’s in Portland for a CD release tour,…
Matthew Price
Jan 26, 2010 • 59 min
“When I was a kid, I think it was when I was in high school … I made this decision that I wanted to start focusing on really doing things, instead of just watching,” says Matthew Price. So he learned to juggle. And play the guitar. And to write music. We…
Jake Oken-Berg
Jan 12, 2010 • 64 min
If there’s a gimmick to Jake Oken-Berg, it’s the run for Mayor. That’s what gets you to ask, what’s up with this guy? But that’s where the gimmick ends. Because it turns out, he’s as stone serious about politics as he is about his music. And when you…
James Jeffrey-West
Dec 22, 2009 • 59 min
“For me, the musicians that I like are the ones that are somehow tapping into the universe,” says James Jeffrey-West. And he says it with total and complete authenticity. He says it, too, while talking about Buddy Guy and Jimmy Hendrix, among other…
Lisa Forkish
May 23, 2009 • 64 min
“I’ve gotten really into Dollhouse,” says Lisa Forkish. “My whole family is obsessed with Joss Whedon.” And yet, somehow, her music stands in stark contrast this geek cred. Forkish exists deeply. Her songs are calculated and considerate, showing off her…
Justin Jude
Apr 18, 2009 • 63 min
“I think a lot of my earlier songs were all about relationships. Mostly that went wrong,” says Justin Jude of his early songwriting. Much is going right for Jude, whose tone and tenor has taken on a rich storytelling vibe that makes his music varied and…
Dustin Pattison
Apr 1, 2009 • 58 min
“I figured if I was going to write this kind of music, I was going to need a murder ballad,” says Dustin Pattison in a gentle tenor of his tune Peace With God. And it’s with that same soft-spoken demeanor that the singer-songwriter walks us through his…
Matt Vrba
Mar 4, 2009 • 61 min
Matt Vrba isn’t pure folk. He isn’t pure country. He certainly isn’t pure rock and roll. But somewhere in there, somewhere munged between the blues licks and jazz, up under the trucker cap and faded jeans, there’s a storyteller with grace of the greats…
Sam Wegman
Jan 21, 2009 • 46 min
Sam Wegman has been playing the guitar since he was 12. So what, right? Thing is, the guy is now just 19, a college student and dorm room troubadour, turning out some insanely catchy riffs and razor-sharp lyrics. This week on the show, we talk with Sam…
Tyler Stenson
Jan 19, 2009 • 55 min
Tyler Stenson calls his music “Epic Folk”, a fusion of country, folk, and rock. It is at once a grab bag of honest storytelling and cutting lyricism that he deftly illustrates with his guitar. This week on the show, we talk with Tyler about growing up in…
Jun 21, 2008 • 35 min
These guys have been playing as a together as a band for eight months and already have the tone and grist of seasoned pros. We caught up with them early the same evening they were due to pick up the gold master of their first album, Crack the Pavement.…
The Bart Ferguson Band
May 2, 2008 • 61 min
From the days of Nine Days Wonder to The Strangers to Kerosene Dream to The Bart Ferguson Band, our guests this week have been making music. Over two decades, and a roller coaster of tours and dances with commercial success, the band is evolving once…
Mar 25, 2008 • 63 min
In our first episode, we sit down with Al James from Dolorean to talk about the recent release of their first album, “You Can’t Win.” Al plays four tracks off the new album for us. Individual downloads will be available soon from