The Thomas Jefferson Hour

The Thomas Jefferson Hour
Your weekly conversation with Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, as portrayed by the award-winning humanities scholar and author, Clay Jenkinson.
#1226 American Happiness
Mar 21 • 64 min
“You can’t understand Jefferson without understanding slavery; you can’t understand the paradox of his life and the words that he wrote in the Declaration of Independence without understanding this historical connection with Sally Hemings and with the…
#1225 Liberty’s First Crisis
Mar 14 • 55 min
Our conversation this week is with the scholar, Charles Slack. Slack is the author of Liberty’s First Crisis: Adams, Jefferson, and the Misfits Who Saved Free Speech. His book chronicles the tumultuous early years of the United States when dissent was…
#1224 Friends of the Hour
Mar 7 • 56 min
Today, listeners call us and ask questions directly to President Jefferson. The inquiries cover a broad collection of topics: Jefferson’s relationship with the press, postage costs during his time, President Andrew Jackson, patents, banking,…
#1223 The Logan Act
Feb 28 • 56 min
President Thomas Jefferson explains the Logan Act’s origin, its possible uses and its connection to Alexander Hamilton. George Logan was a Quaker, doctor, farmer and state legislator from Pennsylvania who undertook, as a private citizen and at his own…
#1222 First Retirement (Part Two)
Feb 21 • 59 min
Jefferson 117
#1221 The First 100 Days
Feb 17 • 58 min
Clay S. Jenkinson discusses Thomas Jefferson’s election as President in 1801, his first 100 days in office, and notes the sometimes-uncanny parallels with our time. Find this episode, along with further recommended reading, on the blog. Learn more…
#1220 First Retirement (Part One)
Feb 10 • 58 min
Jefferson 116
#1219 Inauguration, Then & Now
Feb 3 • 61 min
President Thomas Jefferson is asked to provide context for presidential inaugurations. Clay & David discuss our third president’s inaugural address — its content & its tone — while comparing it to the address of our forty-fifth president,…
#1218 Two Parties
Jan 27 • 59 min
We speak with President Thomas Jefferson this week about the unexpected emergence of the two-party political system during his time. Find this episode, along with further recommended reading, on the blog. Learn more about “John Steinbeck’s…
The Jefferson Watch: The Inauguration
Jan 26 • 12 min
In the first of a new series of essays, Clay draws comparisons between the inaugurations of Presidents Donald Trump and Thomas Jefferson. The full essay can also be found on the blog. “By not acknowledging the fact of the opposition—and making some…
Thomas Jefferson’s Inauguration
Jan 20 • 9 min
This bonus episode is an excerpt from #752 Inaugural, originally published in January of 2009. Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson, discusses his inaugural address of March 4th, 1801. You can hear the original episode in full on the…
#1217 Secretary of State (Part Two)
Jan 20 • 63 min
This week, we return with the 15th installment of the “Jefferson 101” series. In this second of two shows discussing Jefferson’s time as the first Secretary of State, we learn more about Jefferson’s vision of America and the strong…