Weekly tech fix for music creators

583 - Finally Filecopying
Jul 11
With Dominic Hawken, and Gaz Williams - the week’s music tech news discussed
582 - Heap + Sigsworth
Jul 3
TALK 582 - Heap and Sigsworth
581 - The Backupocalypse
Jun 27
With Yoad Nevo and Nick Batt
- A Canon In GUI Folklore
Jun 20
With Gaz Wiliams and Yoad Nevo - ROLI LUMI, Behringer RD-8 and isla Instruments SP2400 and more
Special: Jamie Lidell and Universal Audio Capitol Chambers
Jun 17
Jamie Lidell - Capitol Chambers
579 - Unicorn Strings
Jun 13
TALK 579 - Unicorn Strings
578 - A Coarser Cheese Grater
Jun 6
TALK578- New Mac Pros
Pocdast: Sonic TALK 577 - 808 Mate
May 23
TALK577 - Flock Of Baby Ducks
576 Super Boothbonic Plague
May 16
TALK576 - Superbooth 19
575: A Load Of Clap
May 2
TALK575 - A Load of Clap
574 - 24/7 Death Metal
Apr 25
TALK 574 - 24-7 Death Metal
573 - Tara Busch, The Jam Is Too Massive
Apr 18
With Tara Busch ,and Maff Lewis (I Speak Machine) and Gaz Williams
- Thereminst Carolina Eyck
Apr 11
TALK special - Carolina Eyck
572 - Data Liberation
Apr 4
With producer/ bassplayer Gaz Williams and media composer/producer Ty Unwin
570 - I’m InKomplete
Mar 21
TALK 570 I’m InKomplete
Sonic TALK: Resynator Special
Mar 7
TALK Special: Resynator
569 - Flavours Of Noise
Feb 28
TALK 569
568 - Shimmer Connoisseur
Feb 21
TALK568 - Shimmer Connoissuer
567 - Whats Coming In 2019?
Feb 14
TALK 567 - Whats coming in 2019
566 - Post NAMM
Feb 7
With Robbie Bronimann, Huston Singletary Gaz Williams and host Nick Batt
565 Pre-NAMM Preamble
Jan 17
TALK565 - NAMM Preamble
564 There’s Never Too Many Inputs
Jan 10
563 - MerrA.I. Christmas Special
Dec 20, 2018
With Gaz Williams, Dave Spiers and Matthew Hodson - 2018, AI Xmas Songs, projects
562 - Just Get On The Bus
Dec 13, 2018
In a first, we’re joined by Rich Hilton from the Chic tourbus en route to Glasgow (apologies for the sound) but couldnt be helped!,plus Dominic Hawken and Gaz Williams
561 - Rotate Your Whale In 3D
Dec 6, 2018
TALk561: Rotate Your Whale
560 - Flow Motion, Strike and Synth Watch
Nov 29, 2018
With Yoad Nevo and Matt Hodson - Waves Flow Motion FM hybbrid synth, Synth Watch, Alesis Strike Mulitpad, VCV Host - Vst in your VCV rack,
559 On The Road Again
Nov 22, 2018
With Rich Hilton, Charles Reeves and Dominic Hawken We talk touring, Eric Persing and Predro Eustache improvisations, the Rodcaster Pro, JMJ’s new album - Equinoxe Infinity, Xmas gifts and Custom controllers
558 - Randomization Is King
Nov 15, 2018
with Dominic Hawken, Gaz Williams and Divkid - Cubase 10, modular synth techniques and drum packages
557 - My Glass Table Broke
Nov 8, 2018
We talk State of the Loop - dedicated Ableton Live Looper controller, Novation Bass Station II firmware update, Make Noise - a patch from scratch, music gear disasters (Robbie wins!)
556 - Crippled Snare, iPad Pro + Spiralalala
Nov 1, 2018
A new guest - Dominic Hawken - songrwiter, serial entrepreneur and app developer, we talk Waves SounbdGrid, Spiralalala, AudioKit D1, Apple’s new iPad Pro and Mac Mini and Spitfire Audio’s Eric Whitacre choir
Free Convolution Reverb
Oct 26, 2018
TALK 555 - XL
554 - Mainstream Hurdy Gurdy
Oct 18, 2018
TALK 554 - Hurdy Gurdy
553 - One, 2, MKIII
Oct 11, 2018
TALK 553 - Brown-Ray
552 - All That Moog In One Place Though
Oct 4, 2018
Talk 552 -Moog One
551 - Fizzy Bells
Sep 27, 2018
TALK 551: El Kurdistan
550 - MoDX And A Keytar
Sep 20, 2018
We talk Roland’s new Keytar, the AX-Edge, the Yamaha MODX, Expressive E Touché and the new features of iZotope’s RX-7.
549 -Legal Requirements
Sep 13, 2018
A rare visit from busy media composer Ty Unwin, good to have him on, we talk Universal Audio Apollo X, Native Instrument Komplete 12, Roland’s new launch, Behringer RD-909 and our fixation with vintage releases anf Korg’s limited edition NanoSeries2 in…
548 -Acts of Corporate Benevolence
Sep 6, 2018
TALK 548 - Corporate Benevolance
547 - Mr Curly And A Carrot
Aug 30, 2018
We talk ArduTouch, Touchable Pro the new Tascam Model 24 mixer/recorder, Linsey Pollak’s DIY clarinets, Omnisphere 2.5 and doing what you love.
546 - All You Need Is A Bass And A Sock
Aug 23, 2018
TALK 546 - A Bass And A Sock
545 - Those Juicy Digits
Aug 16, 2018
With Charles Chicky Reeves, Steve Hillier and Yoad Nevo - We start with the 1969 iHop commercial which features an early modular synth soundtrack, Yamaha put a call out for synth ideas, Bernard Purdie and other drummers, 80s Drum machines - whats the…
544 - Chiptunes Explain It Please
Aug 9, 2018
With Rich Hilton, Divkid (Ben Wilson) and Matthew Hodson Ribn looping MIDI controller for iOS, Luis Fernando Zepeda’s talking organ, Apple to stop the iOS affiliate scheme, Saitone’s chiptune version of Thriller and WORM studios Rotterdam.
543 - Cliff Drop Ending
Aug 2, 2018
With Dave Spiers, Gaz Willians and Matthew Hodson We enjoy the excellent Vox Earworm documentary on the fade by Estelle Caswell, then discuss the shocking news of 425 consecutive months of a downturn in keytar sales, Thomas Dolby in the Roland Cloud and…
542 - Does Velocity Work In Space?
Jul 26, 2018
With Yoad Nevo, Matthew Hodson and Charles Reeves
541 - Dribble And Spit
Jul 19, 2018
With Gaz Williams and Matthew Hodson - We talk new Apple MacBooks and cross platform software, the new Roland GoMixer Pro, Mode Machines SEQ12 and step sequencers generally, the Roland Aerophone GO virtual winds instrument.
540 - The Resurrection Of Rainbow Tony
Jul 12, 2018
TALK 540 Rainbow Tony
539 - Frankensteining
Jul 5, 2018
A new guest in Matthew Hodson joins Yoad Nevo and Jamie Lidell on the panel this week we talk VCV Rack filter simulations, new MIDI controllers from Arturia (Keylab MK2) and Nektar (T4 and T6) and Native Instruments TRK-01 kick and bass Reaktor ensemble
538 - Like Risk, But For Samples
Jun 28, 2018
with Charles Chicky Reeves and Gaz Williams - We talk RMX OB drums Eurorack module, Softube Weiss Compressor and how many is too many? Algonaut ATLAS - sample organizer, the new import tarrifs, Moog One rumours
537 - The Rebirth Of A.I.
Jun 21, 2018
Rich Hilton joins us from the road with Chic - he met Paul McCartney last night - as you do. We talk Sam and Ash AURAS MPE enabled Kontakt library, Smooth Criminal on barrel organ, Soma Labs PULSAR-23 drum machine, and how we like to sonically mess things…
536 - Waldorfification
Jun 14, 2018
Robbie Bronnimann joins us after an absence of a while, we talk Waldorf picking up the Valkyrie VA synth now known as Kyra, Paris Monster - drums and synths, Output Arcade - the loop synthesizer, and loops and performance in general.
535 - The Smell Of Old Synths
Jun 7, 2018
A rare and welcome visit from Dave Spiers of Gforce Software joins Gaz Williams and Steve Hillier on the panel this week, We talk custom pianos inspired by the Tanked item for Piano Works in Rochester NY, massive reverbs, Spitfire Audio LABS free…
534 - Killing A Mosquito With A Phonebook
May 24, 2018
TALK 534 - Value Through Scarcity
533 - Fashionable Ukuleles
May 17, 2018
Charles Reeves joins us after 2 months on the road with OMD, we talk Moog Grandmother, Miclop CTRL-X, Nodes new live album and Loopops excellent Superbooth 20 Synths in B flat
532 - Superbooth
May 10, 2018
Back from Superbooth - the highlight of the show year so far, more of a convention than a trade show, but with many products shown for the first time. We cover what we can, bit there was a LOT!
531 - It’s Cable Not Ear Hair
Apr 26, 2018
With Gaz Williams, Jamie Lidell and Rich Hilton - We talk Moog Subharmonicon, the amazing Susan Rogers, Noise Makers Ambi Verb HD, Dreadbox and Digitakt updates and more.
- We Dont Want Your Stinking Clagnuts
Apr 19, 2018
Jamie Lidell is back with us from Nashville, and we’re back from Musik Messe - after a lot of walking. We talk products - Valkyrie, Steinberg/Neve interfaces, Clagnuts, Studiologic Mixface and ROLI Swam, orchestration and more.
529 - Hand Me Down Computers
Apr 5, 2018
TALK 529 Hand Me Downs
528 Just Flush It
Mar 22, 2018
We have a new guest in the form of Jamie Lidell, former Warp artist, vocalist, producer and songwriter based in Nashville, we talk about his career, computing power, wax cylinder archives, Dreadbox Medusa and more.
527 - My Mums Watching This Week
Mar 15, 2018
We talk Midi processing, Eurorack cases, Google nSynth, Roland 808 cloud and subscription models in general, Softube Console 1 and Cubase.
526 - TR-8S, Spinal Tap and Minimalism
Mar 8, 2018
TALK 526 - TR-8S
525: When You Meet Genius
Mar 1, 2018
TALK 525 - When You Meet Genius
524 - Hybrid Modular + Gibson
Feb 22, 2018
TALK 524 - Gibson, Furbies
523: The 5 Million Year Render
Feb 15, 2018
TALK 523 5 Million Year Render
522 - NAMM-a-LAMMA-Neutron
Feb 8, 2018
TALK 522 - Namm Afters, Neutron
521 - Arturia, Moog Pre NAMM Preamble
Jan 18, 2018
With Charles Chicky Reeves and Yoad Nevo As we head toward the NAMM show (next week from 24th Jan), Arturia release a bunch of stuff, Moog announce the DFAM and we also look at the interesting Enchancia MIDI Ring, touchscreens in studios, and the…
520 - Sample Everything
Jan 11, 2018
With Rich Hilton, Gaz Williams and Charles Chicky Reeves - We catch up with Charles - just back from OMD and Howard Jones tours, talk Behringer - UB-Xa, VC340, Roland’s new R-07 portable recorder, Ableton artist video featuring Katie Gately - found sound…
- Adorable Modular Tuts
Jan 4, 2018
We start with new years resolutions, then the Facebook and Universal Music Group content deal and what it might mean, Caitlin’s Modular lessons, (apologies for the break in transmission), the Razer Project Valerie laptop, cloud based sample library…
518 - Christmas Special
Dec 21, 2017
With Yoad Nevo, Rich Hilton, Dave Spiers and Chris McCleod First up happy holidays to you all - thanks for listening/watching - and also thanks to our panelists, who continue to give their time up to join us each week. We start with the guests’ choices…
517- The Three Finger Drag
Dec 14, 2017
We talk Audionamix Xtracks Stems, Arturia V Collection 6 and Buchla Easel, Moogfest Always On stream, Audio Swift Trackpad controller, Elastic FX and FX in general, Behringer’s multi-synth leak.
516 -
Dec 7, 2017
With Yoad Nevo, Steve Hillier and Divkid ben Wilson - We start with the sad news of the discontinuation of the Dreadbox Erebus, the Tueno USB based analog synth, Electro Hamronix Volume pedal, Cableguys Halftime FX and Intellijel Rainmaker delay.
515 - Alexa, How Old is JMJ?
Nov 30, 2017
With Rich Hilton, Gaz Williams and Mark Tinley - We ask what if anything tempted the panel on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the Eventide MangledVerb, Erica Synths chat with JMJ, the Soma Laboratory Pipe, why telephone hold music is so bad, and the Poly…
514 - Cakewalk RIP
Nov 23, 2017
With Rich Hilton, Gaz Williams and Steve Hiller - Sad news about the shut down of Cakewalk by Gibson, new features outlined in the new MIDI spec at ADC, Swan Audio file sharing, Copenhagen Strøm subway gig, Sledge 2.5.1 OS, Teenage Engineering R.
513 - Cubase 9.5
Nov 16, 2017
We talk Bandcamp for releasing music, Cubase Pro 9.5 release, Sinevibes Eternal barber-pole flanger, Ultimat Percussion K2-X wuth Synthesizer Keith, Shuttle system now supports MPE, Synthetic Sound Labs 5U Modular FX Capacitor. iZotope Ozone 8
- 512 - Ableton Live 10
Nov 9, 2017
Happy Birthday to Rich Hilton! We are also joined by host of - Non-Eric who has some interesting findings on building a hackintosh, we start with the news of Ableton Live 10, then Korg on Nintendo Switch, the Anatal Electronics X-Bay modular…
511 - A Cool 50 Mill
Nov 3, 2017
Native instruments just got €50 million investment, Youtuber Andrew Huang came out about his Eurorack system, Soundtoys Outer Limits sound pack, Pioneer DJS-1000 performance sampler.
Fairlight Special
Oct 25, 2017
TALK Special Fairlight
510 - Squishy Artefacts
Oct 19, 2017
We start with a
509 - Latency Rocks - The Big Bird
Oct 12, 2017
We start with the new iZotope Ozone 8 mastering software, AI and machine learning and what we’d like to see from it, Ableton Live going 64-bit only, Reon Driftboxes, Rich spots a Big Bird, The Academy using latency for a live performance looping, Gaz has…
508 - Like a Washer Dryer
Oct 5, 2017
Gaz Williams, Steve Hillier and Charles Reeves - We start with the new Yamaha Genos music workstation, then songwriting in general, Quiet Art Recorditor, Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro, Nigel Stanford’s Automatica then the iConnectivity PlayAudio12.
507 - Bjork and Jump Cuts
Sep 28, 2017
Reason 10 is announced, A Tasty Pixel’s SampleBot, Spitfire Audio’s Hans Zimmer’s Percussion library, the 1939 Voder speech emulator, Bjork’s new album, Thompson Holiday’s Evolution of Dance Music infographic, the new Apple stuff.
506 - Josh Bell and Vocaloid
Sep 21, 2017
We talk Embertone Joshua Bell solo violin, the Tasty Chips GR-1granular synthesizer, Roland SPD-SX special edition, Eventide EQuivocate, Sonible EQs, Waves Factory Track Spacer, Waves Torque Drum Tuner, Vocaloid.
505 - VCV Rack
Sep 14, 2017
So it was a Boutique D-50 after all, VCV Rack free modular emulation system, Izotope Spire, Bastl 60 Knobs, Battle of the Beatmakers - beat battles.
504 - D-50 Labels and 4 Poles
Sep 7, 2017
New guest in the form of experienced producer and songwriter Steve Hillier, we start with the sad news that Walter Becker (of Steely Dan) has passed away, then we talk Moog Subsequent 37, Roland’s September Experience and the trailed D-50, PatchCad…
503 -Just A MiniBrute And an A.I.
Aug 31, 2017
We start with the Amper AI and Taryn Southern collboration, then on to the Max4live Iota Granular Looper, Making a violin, DSI Rev 2 desktop, the amazing Inception cover from John Heath using just a MiniBrute, Korg Mono/Poly iOS and the ZVUK9 Midi…
502 - Game Of Drones
Aug 24, 2017
TALK 502 - mPiano, Kebu
501 - Boutiques, Zoom Livetrak
Aug 17, 2017
TALK 501 - Boutiques, Zoom
500 - The Big One
Aug 3, 2017
TALK 500 - Partay
Special - Jason Donnelly Library Music Producer
Jul 18, 2017
Talk Special DJ Puzzle
499 - Filter Mouth
Jul 13, 2017
Rich Hilton and Divkid. We talk about Steinberg’s HALion and its ability to compile instruments for their free player, Aphex Twin and Tatsuya’s chat, Dreadbox Medusa, Ultimate Patches JD-Xi soundset, Bastl Softpop and library music. Note: No Live show…
498 - Still Use A Portastudio
Jul 6, 2017
We start with Rich’s experiences playing the pyramid stage at Glastonbury with Chic, then on to the UVI Ravenscroft high quality piano for iOS, Grammy winner Robert Carranza love his Tascam Porta One cassette multi-track and still uses it which leads to a…
497 Beatstep Pro Firmware, Glasto
Jun 29, 2017
Just Gaz and me this week, we first talk about Gaz’s current project then the new Arturia beatstep Pro firmware update, Nenad Milosevics Ableton skin design, Glastonbury, Ouput Inc’s Platform studio desk and Behringer’s Model D price drop.
Sonic State TALK 496 - Very Hot
Jun 22, 2017
We of course discuss the new Roland Boiqitues Desigern series SE-02 - analogue mono synth from the collaboration between Roland and Studio Electronics, the Sound Semiconductor SSI2144 - analog VCF chip, Galaxsynth Pop Star Vol.1 vocal emulations, Making…
495 - Mud, GAS and Wind Singers
Jun 15, 2017
We start with some insight into working with Grace Jones from Charles, the new ROLI Seaboard Block, Analogue Solutions Fusebox synth, question from Tom Gladstone - MIDI controller keyboard options, Sonnet Thunderbolt PCI expansion chassis, what gets you…
494 - iMac Pro and AudioFuse
Jun 8, 2017
We start with the new iMac Pro, Thunderbolt 3 is now license free, iZotope Spire, Arturia AudioFuse, Adam Borseti’s Minilogue patches, Ableton acquires Cycling ‘74.
493- Roland Have Something Cooking
May 25, 2017
We wonder what Roland have got coming in June, Bastl Dude micro mixer, the musical talents of Louis Cole, what DAW would we choose if we were just starting out, and gas over the River multi-timbral poly from Baloran, some Dreadbox chat too.
492 - making the Hippies Happy
May 18, 2017
We start with the sad news of Robert Miles death, the MP3 end of life, Moog IIIc reissue, Subsequent37, CellF Biosynth, Push Turn Move synth book, Bladerunner 2049.
490 - Fyre and Reason
May 4, 2017
Reason now has VST support, Sonic Couture’s Electro Acoustic - drum library, Aphex Twin’s Avril 14th unexpected success, the catastrophic Fyre Festival.
Sonicstate TALK 489 - Superbooth Aftershow
Apr 27, 2017
We are joined by Ben Wilson aka DivKid - who was at Superbooth as well, we talk of the show, starting with the Behringer Model D, Cirklon, Tonestar Roland Filter, MFB Dominion Club, 4ms SWN , Syntonovo, Elektron Digitakt, Jomox Alpha Base, Polivoks,…
488 - Post Musikmesse Roundup
Apr 13, 2017
We’re back from Musikmesse and ready for Superbooth in Berlin next week, we talk about the Waldorf Quantum, NonLinear Labs C-15, Aaton Digital Cantaar X-3 field recorder, Tascam’s cassette deck, AVID S6L desk and AAS Objeq delay. PLus rumours and releases…
487 - Optigan and Breakages
Mar 30, 2017
We start with the excellent new Optigan demos by Johnny Largo uploaded to Pea Hicks’, Native Instruments acquire a remixing fee and collection service, breakages - accidental, Musik Messe and the System 100. Note: No show next week…
486 - A Spigot Into Your Wallet
Mar 23, 2017
We start with a short tribute to Sister Sledge vocalist Joni Sledge who sadly passed away recently aged 60. Then we talk of the new reduced cost, A9 processor equipped iPad, then we focus on the new Roland Cloud service, Analog Strings from OUTPUT,…
485 - No, I Said Shed Load
Mar 16, 2017
We start with Rich and Robbie’s take on the new Behringer classic synths clone announcements, then the Tim Exile SLOO Reaktor instrument, Blokas pisound audio midi io head board, Townsend Labs Sphere L22 modelling mic, the ADAM S series DSPO equipped…
484: Send In The Clones
Mar 8, 2017
We talk about the classic EMI12345 MKIV desk that was used for Dark Side of the Moon recording, its up for auction - then we’re on to the talk of Behringer’s talk of making an affordable Minimoog clone, then its the Deckard’s Dream CS80 rackmount clone,…
483 - Composition And 1066
Mar 2, 2017
We hear about Robbie’s 80’s Caribbean cruise, then we talk Colin Benders 12 hour modular jam, Propellerheads melody and hooks - leads to Ty telling us bout his recent BBC series score and the panel talk composition, then its Eventide’s structural effect…
482 - The Funky Drummer
Feb 23, 2017
We explore live rig redundancy with Will Doggett and, then Tatsuya the ace synth designer is leaving Korg, Electro Harmonix Synth9 pedal and celebrating Clyde Stubblefield - the Funky Drummer.
- 481 Can We Just Start Again?
Feb 16, 2017
We start with the whole Adele Grammys thing - did she didn’t she, etc. Then we’re on to Oscar Peterson’s synth collection, the Foley artists at work with Third Man Films award winning short with Sue Harding and Pete Burgess. What was the last plug-in you…
480 - Return of The Big Knob
Feb 9, 2017
We start with Gaz NAMM thoughts, then get into practicalities of batteries, Softube Console 1 updates, Korg Gadget for OS X, Mackie’s Big Knob updated, backups and restoration and Non Linear Labs C15 and finally Towering Berlin Reverb.
479 - Post NAMM De-brief
Feb 2, 2017
We have a full panel this week - we’re back from NAMM and Cory, Rich and Marc were all there. We cover impressions of the show, favourite products and as much as we can fit into this show. Marc The Darc kindly provides the show notes.
478 -Pre NAMM Preamble
Jan 12, 2017
With NAMM just around the corner, we talk of the new Akai MPC Live and MPC X, the new Hyperdrive - USB-C port adapter for 2016 Macbook Pro. new Eventide FX and a lovely BBC peice on MIDI sequencing circa 1986.
477 - Xmas Special
Dec 22, 2016
TALK 477 - Xmas Special
476 - Modular For Ants, Presonus Faderport 8
Dec 15, 2016
TALK 476 - Best Sellers 2016
Special - Interview with Klayton (Celldweller)
Dec 8, 2016
Klayton is one of those guys who has been successful through hard work, his lovely studio in Detroit has been built from success as a recording and performing artist (Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Scandroid) label FiXT Records, production work under…
475 - Kaliedophon, Repro-1, Cubase 9
Dec 7, 2016
We talk about the new Joue Modular MIDI control surface, then some classic BBC archive footage of David Vorhaus and the Kaleidophon, U-He’s new Repro-1 Pro-1 Vi, MOTU’s new USB3, Thunderbolt and AVB interfaces, Cubase 9, Cableguys TimeShaper and Ty has a…
474 - OP-1, Mixvibes Link For Android, Top Trumps 2
Dec 1, 2016
We start with the new Special Waves MINE modular MIDI controller, then Dave’s new Vintage Synth Top Trumps 2 - the card game for synth lovers, Yuja Wang’s astonishing piano improv, did the panel buy anything on Black Friday?, Mixvibes RemixLive and Cross…
473 - Modal Craft Synth Deadmua5 Course
Nov 24, 2016
We start with the news of the new Modal Electronics Craft Synth, Ty did a demo track for it, then on to the Deadmau5 Electronic Music Production Course at, Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4, Synthstrom Audible Deluge - its looks…
472 MPC Live, Dr Who Sounds
Nov 17, 2016
After hello’s and a brief detour into electric vehicle sounds, we talk of the Akai MPC Live - leaked by the FCC website, then Samsung’s $8 bill acquisition of Harman, Adobe’s project VoCo, Dr Who sounds from the the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and finally…
471 - Didn’t See That Coming
Nov 10, 2016
We start with news of Ty’s latest purchases: Elektron Analog Heat, Roland System-8, then on to the Korg releases, the Monologue, the ODYSSEi and King Korg Black edition, Synth Memes - and Nicks PWM theme, ROLI Blocks, Microsoft’s Surface Studio and the…
Special - Norell
Nov 2, 2016
In this Sonic TALK Interview we talk to two thirds of Danish electronic act Norell - their material straddles the line between classic Scandinavian pop and R&B topped off with the unique vocal style of MarieLouise Persson.
469 Korg’s Big Announcement
Oct 27, 2016
We first talk to Mark about running a music shop, then we talk digital distribution, Korg’s upcoming Big Announcement (Nov 1st), Ableton Live Set Export SDK, Reactable Rotor and John Carpenter Live.
468 Modo Bass, Albion V, Neutron
Oct 20, 2016
We start with the Dialog Audio Modulation Processor 3244 - a nifty MIDI parameter modulator, IK Multimedia Modo Bass, iZotope Neutron, Spitfire Audio Albiion V, Lawrence English and the sound of fear.
467 Drum Brute and Bastl Kastle
Oct 13, 2016
Great to have Marc Doty join us as we talk about the Arturia Drum Brute, the impossibly cute Bastl Kastle micro modular, the Elysia mPressor 500 compressor, Rob Scallon’s WTF Drums and interesting funding model and 2TBTruman’s Genesis 1 synthesizer.
466 - Imaginary Touch and Chin Trill
Oct 5, 2016
We start with the sad news that Kraftwerk sold out their gig in our local concert hall before we could get tickets, then Pallette Gear modular controllers, Behringer’s Augmented Reality Hololens DM12 interface, Positve Grid Tone Match distortion, the art…
465 - 23 Pianos
Sep 29, 2016
We start with news of Ty’s latest gear, then we enjoy Wiwi Kuan’s selection of 23 piano’s and discuss, then the Jussi vocal synth for VST and iOS, the Lewitt LCT 640 CT dual microphone, Alan Turing’s recently discovered 1951 computer music recording,…
464 - Hyper-familliarity And Pre-awareness
Sep 21, 2016
Our first task is to mourn the sad passing of Don Buchla, then we talk of the dilemma of instrument design, The Elektron Analogue Heat, Happy Birthday Sure SM58.
463 - Knobcon Aftermath
Sep 15, 2016
We catch up with recent events as Knobcon has just been - and Suit & Tie Guy was the organizer, on to the Roland System 8, TR-09, TB-03 and DJ808 which might just represent a new milestone in live performance for not just the DJ, Maschine Jam. We end with…
462 - Keyscape and Boutiques
Sep 8, 2016
We talk Spectrasonic’s Keyscape, Parva analog poly with MPE, Korg Volca Kick, Arp Odyssey Module, metronomes, Roland’s new releases (coming tomorrow), synth market saturation, and Robbie’s melting laptop.
461 - Millennial Whoop
Aug 31, 2016
We talk of Gaz’s album tempo mapped using Melodyne, Stranger Things and S U R V I V E, and the analysis of the groove, ADDAX EHX C9 VC organ in Eurorack, Presonus Notion 6 and notation in general, quick scan of the latest leaks - Korg Odyssey…
460 - Hurdy Gurdy Biznis
Aug 24, 2016
A new guest this week with Charles Chicky Reeves - hes got a list of credits as long as a long thing. We talk about the forthcoming Roland 24hr product launch event coming on the 9th Sept, the Pioneer Toraiz SP16, Mainstage and Bluecat plugin host, the…
459 - Bionic Sustain
Aug 18, 2016
Just the two of us, we can make it if we try - and try we did, battling through poor internet connection issues, but we got there. We talk about the Dreadbox Murmux 2 synth, Novation Launchpad Pro scales and firmware in general, Roland Boutiques, M-Audio…
- Spectravibe and Loopers
Jul 28, 2016
In the UK after a week of sultry weather, Summer appears to be over, we talk about the latest Behringer Synth teaser - 12 analog voices, the Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe, Rico Loop’s one shot looping film, the Soundtoys Summer sale and the…
457 - Wonderfully Pointless Onde Magnetique
Jul 21, 2016
We start with an homage to Ampex 456 tape and the general process of working with analog tape, then the Waves Scheps Parallel Particles plugin, the news that boffins are working on a cure for hearing loss with cilia regeneration drugs, Onde Magnetique -…
455 - Behringer Synth, Matrixbrute Filters
Jul 12, 2016
We catch up with Rich who’s in Toronto prior to a gig with Chic, and we tackle the new Behringer analog synth teasers, then the Eventide H910 classic harmonizer as a plug-in, HaQ AttaQ’s mobile setup, the Arturia Matrixbrute filters get a workout,…
454 Slave To The Algorithm - Elektron
Jul 7, 2016
We are small and perfectly formed - just Nick Batt and Gaz Williams today, but seeing as we can both talk ceaselessly, its not a problem, we start with Gaz on his new Eventide H9 multi-effects, then Apple’s new patent which allows them to broadcast…
453 - Bernie Worrell Waves 3D, DSI OB6
Jun 30, 2016
We catchup with Gaz’s Glastonbury experience, the new DSI OB6 desktop, sad news that Bernie Worrell has passed away, Waves NX 3D audio, Amelias Compass Controller Hub 8 and foot controllers in general, East/West Synthesis and creativity in isolation.
452 - Glasto, Woofers and Chips
Jun 23, 2016
With Glastonbury just around the corner we talk festivals and live broadcast, the 80 speaker noise violation in NY, Steve Meade Designs - phonebook ripping subwoofers (in a van), and one of the Curtis ships - 3340 is being remade.
451 - Reaktor Blocks, MIDI i/f, Synclavier V
Jun 15, 2016
We start with an homage to the AKG 451, then on to the iConnectivity MIO MIDI interfaces, Reaktor Blocks 1.2 and Softubes Modular release, the elusive GDR Subharchord, performing outside or in unusual spaces, Arturia Synclavier V - and a word about Gaz’s…
450 - Obsecenely Bottom Endy
Jun 8, 2016
We talk about the recent German court ruling on the use of Kraftwerk’s Metal on Metal sample - they lost to artistic freedom, Filenaming and versions, what do you do? Moog Model D resissue, and generally bottom end especially in a live situation, then we…
449 - Geert Bevin Moog iOS Developer
May 25, 2016
TALK 449 Moooog
448 - Dude Where’s My Radiohead Music?
May 19, 2016
Kode80 has been experimenting with some 3D visualisations (7:13), his work sparks a conversation on where this is going in relation to music, James Pinkerstone’s terrifying discovery that iTunes Music subscription has wiped 122GB of music date from his…
447 - Tomita and 60 years of Top Fives
May 11, 2016
After hellos and catchups, we talk Koka’s electro mechanical beat machine 2 (10:35), then after the sad loss of Isao Tomita, we talk about his enormous influence and innovation in electronic music (17:00), Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe’s performance at…
446 - Moog Model 15 and Dopamine Headphones
May 5, 2016
We start with a look at the new Moog Model 15 iPad app 9:42, quite a big step forward in what iOS code can achieve, iZotope Competition 28:45, then the super-addictive audio training games 30:58 , Live at the Necropolis Lords of the Synth from…
445 - Prince Stories from Paisley Park
Apr 28, 2016
We of course, talk Prince - with his passing last week, most of the panelist have been reflecting on his creative works, indeed Marc Doty is an ex employee at Paisley Park in Minneapolis, plus a few great anecdotes from Robbie and Dave, then we talk about…
444 - Circuit, Wiggle and Shrew Liver
Apr 20, 2016
We start this week with tales from All Tomorrow’s Parties - where Gaz played with Charlotte Church using the Industrial Radio MIDI Bass, then on to Novation’s massive Circuit firmware updates, Apple drop support for Quicktime on PC at the same time as…
443 - Superbooth and MusikMesse
Apr 14, 2016
After a couple of weeks break, where we were in Berlin for Superbooth16 - a brand new synth focussed show and MusikMesse, we’re back. Joined by Non Eric from who was also at both shows, we discuss the events and surrounding topics. We play out…
Sonic TALK: Bana Haffar and Eric Cheslak
Mar 24, 2016
TALK Bana Hafar
442 - Apple’s Stupid Clagnut
Mar 24, 2016
We streamed this show live to Youtube this week, and will probably do the same from now on. We start with the Electro Harmonix MEL9 Tape Replay Pedal, the G200Kg Browser based Modular synth, Apple’s keynote news, which results in Gaz’s excellent
441 - Memories of Touring With Emerson
Mar 17, 2016
TALK441 - Keith Emerson Stories
440 - Virus Reissue, 10k 808
Mar 9, 2016
We get a rare and welcome visit from Musotalk’s Non Eric, riff around the subjects of: Access Virus Ti Darkstar reissue, that TR-808 on ebay for £10k, Wintergatan’s amazing marble music machine, The Orkestra Obsolete’s Blue Monday cover (1930’s style). Oh…
439 - Eno, AUM, Mersenne
Mar 3, 2016
We start with the IceWorks Mersenne Percussive synth, Eno’s new album the Ship, Morricone oscar, Sonicstate Bristol gig sold out, Bluetooth MIDI from Yamaha and MIDI Thing, the Bela embedded audio/dsp board running on Beagleboard, Eventide Octavox,…
438 - Kordbot, Barry Gray
Feb 24, 2016
The massively successful Kordbot Kickstarter campaign is our first topic, then the extremely weird robotic drummer arm from Georgia Tech, the work of Barry Gray and our recent interview with Charles Hazlewood and Adrian Utley that Gaz shot which leads to…
437- Music Memos, SoundCloud
Feb 18, 2016
Some real tech of the future stuff here, with the Tangible Interfaces of Sean Follmer, Apple’s Music Memos, the future of Soundcloud, Zoom/s lovely F8 recorder seems too good to be true, patchbays and the Pacthulator 8000 and a little bit of Tasty Chips…
436 - More NAMM Sakamoto Revenant
Feb 11, 2016
We get more of the panel’s NAMM thoughts, then the Roland EL Cajon, Flutter EP from Sound Dust and we enjoy Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto and Bryce Dessner’s work on the soundtrack for The Revenant, and Dave announces his MIDI spoons.
435 - After NAMM Now What?
Feb 3, 2016
TALK 435 - Post NAMM 2016
Special Eric Persing of Spectrasonics
Jan 27, 2016
In this Sonic TALK special, we talk to Eric Persing of Spectrasonics - legendary sound designer and synthesist whose career spans some of the major changes in synthesis and music technology
433 - Pre NAMM + Bowie Stories
Jan 13, 2016
We start with a reflection of the great David Bowie - Rich Hilton worked with Bowie on Black Tie White Noise and has a unique insight into his creative process, then its on to NAMM stories - Clavia tease something piano-ey, Dave Rossum is building EMU…
432 - Cajon Or Cojones
Jan 6, 2016
We welcome 2016 with our first show of the year. We talk Mogees rhythm system, New Years resolutions, Immersive Audio Magic Ball mic system, and a little bit of NAMM chat.
431 - All I want For Christmas Is..
Dec 22, 2015
Last show of the year, Gaz actually joins us from a Christmas Party! After the panel show and tell their latest gadgets, we talk Mariah Carey trapped in a MIDI file, Misa Digital super step sequencer, Modstep iOS sequencer, Blue’s Star Wars Mics,…
430 - Una Corda - Gear of The Year
Dec 17, 2015
A rare and welcome appearance from composer PJ Tracy, joins us to discuss the Native Instruments Una Corda piano Kontakt instrument, Red Martian gets his stuff pressed to Edison wax cylinder, the panel also discuss their choices for gear of the year. And…
- 429 Bright Sparks Project
Dec 9, 2015
TALK - Bright Sparks Movie
427 - Kick Drum Through A Squirrel
Nov 25, 2015
TALK 427 - Convolution, Granular
426 - From The Finger To The Mouth And Flesh
Nov 18, 2015
We start with a look at the DBX GoRack, a portable PA enhancing solution, then Tim Exile’s Reaktor 6 based instrument Flesh, the panel disclose a few of their favourite utilities, the Mandala V3 drum pad system, and Markus Fuller’s Boutique JP-08 teardown.
Interview: Eric Mouquet from Deep Forest
Nov 11, 2015
We talk to Deep Forest’s Eric Mouquet about his journey into electronic music from early beginnings to the hugely successful Deep Forest project - which merged ethnic soundscapes with chilled beats over many albums.
425 - Push 2, Live 9.5, UVI Falcon
Nov 4, 2015
After hearing about Ty’s new synth arrival (John Bowen Solaris), we get on to the Ableton news - Push 2, Live 9.5 and The Link, UVI Falcon - the new software instrument and also Stephen Slate’s VMS Virtual Microphone System - which could be set to…
Interview with Rachel Claudio
Nov 1, 2015
@rachelclaudio @ableton
424 - The Horror
Oct 29, 2015
We first look at the new Zynaptiq UNMIX, a tool for processing drums when in a mix, ACPAD MIDI controller for acoustic guitar, Halloween sounds and pranks, MOTUS motion music device and a bit of El Capitan talk.
423 - Back To The Future With JMJ
Oct 21, 2015
We talk about the new Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4 MPE controller, Jean Michel Jarre’s Electronic 1 release, Eventide Anthology X, on Back to the Future Day, our panel ponder what they’d like to see 30 years from now
422 - 8-bit and Hartmann’s New Synth
Oct 15, 2015
We enjoy 8-bit Guy’s history of early game and computer sound generation, the panel all use some sort of room correction, we explore their effectiveness, the Axel Hartmann new synth tease, Edd Shearan first song to reach 500 million streams and the Korg…
421 - MPC Touch, Mother 32, Circuit
Oct 7, 2015
You can tell Summer is over - the releases are coming thick and fast. We talk about the new Novation Circuit groovebox, Moog Mother 32, semi modular and of course the Akai MPC Touch.
420 - Location Location Location
Sep 30, 2015
TALK 420 - Location Location
419 - Boutique Speak
Sep 23, 2015
We start with a healthy does of Roland Boutique range after details were leaked online over the weekend, before the official launch., then Marc Doty tells us about the Mini Moog raffle and how to get PWM on a Mini. We’re then on to the new Sensel Morph, a…
418 - Boutique, Mother 32, UA USB3
Sep 15, 2015
TALK 418 - ROLI„ Roland, Moog
417 - Gobbler, Reaktor 6 - Sonic TALK Bingo
Sep 9, 2015
Nice to see Non Eric back after a long while, We start with a look at Google Street view of Real World Studios, Logic 10.2 and Gobbler, cloud storage in general, Reaktor 6 drops - what are NI up to? Sample Logic Gamelan library sounds sweet, Gaz talks…
416 - Knobcon And Zac Efrons Donkey
Sep 2, 2015
TALK 416 - Knobcon Zac Efron
415 - Overbridge
Aug 12, 2015
New guest Ty Unwin is back for more, we talk Elektron Overbridge - now at V1.0 for Live, Roland MX-1 USB host mode, Presonus Studio One 3 Prime - a free DAW, Slate Digital Summer plug-in deals - essentially a rental program, the lovely sound sculpture of…
Special - Windows 10 Facts With Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager
Aug 7, 2015
We talk to Principal Program Manager at Microsoft - Pete Brown Pete who gives us the facts on a number of issues - MIDI, Audio, whats with Thunderbolt on Windows? And the new auto update feature.
414 Classic Mics, Classic Synths, Streaming and Stems
Aug 6, 2015
We get to know new guest Ty Unwin and his massive synth collection, then we talk AKG 414 and mics in general - as its episode 414, the cultural impact of streaming gives us something to think about, Volca Mix mockups, Niative Instruments Stems and…
413 - MikeMe and Heartbeat
Jul 30, 2015
We say a big hello to Corry Banks from, check out Mark’s new MIDI gizmo LE STRUM, then we’re on to the MikeMe large diaphragm remote mic, the Audiobus Remote app, Electronic music soundtracks, the Owl programmable Eurorack Module.
412 - Live From Stekker, Windows 10
Jul 23, 2015
TALK 412 - Windows 10, U2 and Stekker
411 - Magic Earbuds
Jul 15, 2015
First we talk of the Doppler Labs Here - earbuds with mics and DSP which allow for real-time filtering/processing for the real world, they just got $17mill in funding, then the Future Retro Mondovox - a clever MIDI processing box for unison and poly setup…
410 - ReFaces Are Here
Jul 9, 2015
We HAVE to talk about the new Yamaha ReFace units of course, then we’re on to BeatStep Pro and finally more collaborative community action from
409 - Post Glasto Kanye Come Down
Jul 2, 2015
Gaz returns from Glastonbury, the scene of Kanye’s gig, Robbie only just made his gig in London, we talk stage monitoring, AJH Synth Mini Mod Moog Model D Eurorack, LFO the movie, Jerobeam Fenderson’s Scope Art Kickstarter and FACT Magazine’s Against The…
408 - Reface and Glastonbury
Jun 25, 2015
TALK 408- Reface and Glastonbury
407 Squash It Like a Sausage
Jun 18, 2015
TALK 407 - Whats Your Favourite Waveform?
406 - OWOW, Propellerheads Discover, Overbridge
Jun 11, 2015
@wearelektron @bestservicenews @JosephErnest @propellerheadsSW
405: Oval, Kosmo And Auto Mixing
Jun 4, 2015
We talk of the Kosmo desktop stand, new Oval Hangdrum Kickstarter, Auphonic automixing system, Presonus Studio One V3.0 and Tony Swain’s Imagination production and the Roland SH-1000.
404 - Paul Vo Wond, Prophet 6
May 20, 2015
We catch up with Jem Godfrey’s latest projects, which include co-producing with Gary Barlow of Take That fame. The Paul Vo Wond, Stereoping Synth Controller and working with TX81z FM synth, Marc Doty has been sent a Prophet 6 to look check out, we ask him…
403 - Recording Drums And Beyond
May 13, 2015
TALK 403 - Drums and beyond
Meet The Makers - The Harvestman
May 11, 2015
402 - Omnisphere 2
May 7, 2015
@behringer @modalelectronic @spectrasonics
401 - Blue Mofi,MIDI and Apple Watch
Apr 30, 2015
@BlueMicrophones @izotopeinc
- With Guitar and Modular Editors
Apr 24, 2015
TALK- Messe Editors Special
400 - Another Fine MESSE
Apr 23, 2015
We are joined again my Marc Doty who helps us disentangle the whole MESSE. We talk AIRA of course, JD-XA, Bastl, Modal Electronics new synths and just about everything MESSE we can fit in.
Special - Isotonik Studios
Apr 13, 2015
TALK Special- Isotonik Studios
399 - MESSE Roland, Pro Q 2
Apr 9, 2015
398 - Marc Doty And The $1million Dollar Controller
Apr 2, 2015
First time on the show for Marc Doty, and a pleasure to have him, he talks about his work for the Moog Foundation and other subjects which include, stomp pedals with CV - Pittsburgh modular stomp case, HTML5 Drum machines, the Moog Liberation and the…
397 - Talk Like Rocks
Mar 19, 2015
Robbie joins us from Long Island where’s he’s on tour with Howard Jones, we talk about the notion of the studio collective, as wonderfully illustrated by Kytopia in Utrecht, then Robbie spots the ARP Odyssey and we chat synths, Zynaptiq MORPH 2 brings us…
396- Who Wants an Atari?
Mar 13, 2015
TALK 396
395 - Kraftwerk, Wizards Of Oz
Mar 5, 2015
TALK 395 -Midas Synth, Kraftwerk
394 - Apple Buy Camel?
Feb 26, 2015
We start with the Accusonus Drumaton mic bleed eliminator plug-in, then on to more solid news on that Apple/Camel rumour, Ableton Live 9.2 beta starts, guitar tuners, including Mark’s Tronical autotune system, non-linear songrwiting techniques, Gaz eulogy…
393 - PO MS SQ MIDI Guitars
Feb 19, 2015
After the NAMM madness, its a small panel with myself Gaz Williams - we discuss the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators - which Gaz has recieved for review, I talk about the MS-20 Desktop kit with SQ-1 sequencer, we then move on to Ghost In the MP3 - a…
NAMM Special - Guitars and Modular
Feb 13, 2015
TALK 392 - NAMM Guitar/Modular Wrap
391 NAMM Wrap Pt 2 Volca POlka
Feb 12, 2015
TALK 391 - More NAMM
2015 Post NAMM Roundup
Feb 4, 2015
TALK 390 - NAMM afters
Podcast:Sonic TALK 389 - Damn! Its NAMM!
Jan 13, 2015
388 - Odyssey and A Synthex Please
Jan 8, 2015
TALK 388 - Axoloti
387 - Surf Rock With Gaz
Dec 18, 2014
We start off with an amazing live performance of Gaz’s Surf Rock band the Rumble-O’s live from the Cube in Bristol where they are setting up for a gig playing the soundtrack to 1960;s surf film, Endless Summer. Then we attempt to follow that with a panel…
386 - Write The Themetune
Dec 10, 2014
Expert Sleepers MIDI expansion for a Silent Way - shows four microBrutes - old school poly, MiPuc gets and update, isnt it about time we had no wires? The super dense world of Black MIDI, sample rate accurate MIDI, what’s it for? 10 Ableton performance…
385 Dangling Coupons + Cubase Pro 8
Dec 3, 2014
We start with a discussion on a good starter vintage synth, thanks to Attack Magazine, then confession time - what did the panel buy on Black Friday, Cubase 8 new features and exciting upgrades, Wave Alchemy’s free drum sounds made on an MS20 mini, the…
Sonic TALK: 384 - Drones and Cymatics
Nov 26, 2014
TALK 384 - Drones and Cymatics
383 - Adamski and 3/4
Nov 20, 2014
We have a real treat in store with Adamski oon the show talking about his new direction of 3-Step - or 3/4 only music, whilst retaining his own contemporary feel, Softube Console 1, the dedicated channel strip controller, Din Is Noise - a hypnotic sound…
382 - Comet Landing - Aphex Interview
Nov 13, 2014
TALK 382 - Aphex Twin and the Comet
381 - Everything Is Great - Emerson Modular
Nov 6, 2014
9:00 Moog 50th Anniversary Keith Emerson Moog Modular, 25:00 Yaybaha mad accoustic springstrument, 31:00 Woojer vibrating wotsit, 39:25 iZotope Ozone 6 compo, 39:55 John Carpenter Lost Themes, 52:30 massive modular patch from Cyrusrex via…
Podcast:Sonic TALK 380 - Noodling Gives You Wings
Oct 30, 2014
TALK 380 Noodling
Podcast::Sonic TALK 379 - Editing Aretha ProTools Licenses
Oct 15, 2014
TALK 379 - Serum
378 - U2 vs Radiohead
Oct 8, 2014
We start by hearing from Robbie about his new film score gig, then we a look at the new Retronyms Wej iPad stand/hub/lighting effect - pre-sales available now, then the ramazing firmware hack for the Behringer BCR2000 form Zaq Audio which turns it into a…
377 - Reason 8, U-He Bazille, Live Events
Oct 1, 2014
We discuss Xhail, the new AI driven library music compossition and licensing tool, then Reason 8, U-He Bazille, Billy Elliot and live event streaming into cinemas and a few other topics besides.
Podcasts:Sonic TALK 376 - On Tour With Courtney Love
Sep 25, 2014
TALK376 - AI In Music
Podcast:Sonic TALK 375 - Tara Busch
Sep 17, 2014
Tara Busch from I Speak Machine - a collective who make Scifi horror shorts with Tara performing the sound track live, has a gig at London’s South Bank on Sunday (21st). We talk about the project and her process, we also talk about the new Korg Electribe…
374 - NI S-Series Kontrol
Sep 4, 2014
After a short Summer break we get right back into it with a lot of new gear released this month, starting with the NI Komplete Kontrol S-Series controllers, new Presonus rack RM16AI and RM32AI mixers, the Roland SBX-1 syncbox and HS-5 mixer, IK Midi Rig2.
373 - Chiptunes and Orchestra
Aug 21, 2014
TALK 373 - Chip Orchgestra
Special - Roger Linn
Aug 13, 2014
Roger Linn Linnstrument
371- Dirt Cheap Drums
Aug 7, 2014
TALK 371 - PO-12
370 - Waves StudioGrid,MOTU AVB
Jul 30, 2014
TALK 370
369 - The 30 Grand Limiter
Jul 24, 2014
A sweltering day here at Sonic Towers - we’re talking of Klaus Schulze and an old performance video from 1977, classic tune recreation from KrypToneNZ and Peahicks, Yamaha’s 40 years of synthesizers and what they should do to celebrate, Ploytec Pi2 gets…
368 - MC202 Album
Jul 17, 2014
TALK 368 - MC-202
367 - What Are You Learning?
Jul 8, 2014
TALK 367 - Stuffed Crow
366 - modulus 002, Plug-Out
Jul 1, 2014
TALK 366 - modulus
365 - DSI Pro-2, Trigger Finger Pro, Apple 3.5mm Jack?
Jun 26, 2014
TALK365 -Pro 2 Trigger Finger Pro
364 - $67k Aphex Twin Rarities, Gain Structure
Jun 19, 2014
Daw and Stadium sound
363 - Free Stuff!
Jun 11, 2014
TALK 363 - Roland AIRA , vocal production
SonicTALK 362 - Raven V2.0 - Which Kick Mic
Jun 3, 2014
TALK 362 - Kick Mike
361 - Axel Hartmann
May 27, 2014
TALK 361 - Axel Hartmann
360: Modelling
May 22, 2014
Models, Robots and Apple
359 - Secret Weapons,Vulfpeck and Polymath
May 15, 2014
TALK 359 Top Tips
358 - Diego Stocco’s Convolution
May 6, 2014
TALK 358 - Convolution
357 - Are You Feeling Lucky?
May 1, 2014
We are joined by Rich Hilton who is literally fresh off stage from his Chic gig in China and back in his hotel, the internet holds out. Also new this week is Andy Hunter, a DJ and collaborator with Robbie on Sushi Friday Music. We start with a new…
356 - Werkstatt and Moogfest
Apr 24, 2014
In the week of Moogfest we discuss the Ashville Electronic Music event, and the monosynth Werkstatt, the Pringles Organ - is it real? iVCS3 and XILS3 - two VCS3 emulations for iPad and desktop, plus a bit of creative gear usage and application…
355 - D-50 Sampling a Sample
Apr 16, 2014
First we look at the new Waves Vitamin plugin, then Imogen Heap’s Glove project, the furore surrounding the Binary Music D50 Kontakt intrsument and the questions thrown up by sampling PCM based instruments. We then discuss the nature of bad impulse…
354 - Windows In Your MPC
Apr 10, 2014
TALK 354 - MPC WIn 8
353 - The Fool?
Apr 1, 2014
We talk April Fools, which 303 is best, best recent technology acquisition, Earhoof app for iOS, Billy Corgan’s 8hr synth jam and various other avenues of conversation.
352 - Bitwig!
Mar 27, 2014
Today we wonder what happened to jamming - has technology surpressed that activity, Positive Grid Final Touch - mastering app on ipad, Peavey Revalver 4, Bitwig, is it possible to position sounds vertically in a mix, and best merch.
Post Traumatic MESSE 2014
Mar 20, 2014
350 - $25k To Spend On Gear
Mar 6, 2014
TALK 350 - Lets get spendy
349 - Avid Woes, Mac Pro - No?
Feb 27, 2014
TALK 349 - MacPro -NO!
348 - Diego Stocco, AIRA and Korg Odyssey
Feb 20, 2014
TALK 348 - AIRA So what?
347 - Modular and Here Comes AIRA
Feb 12, 2014
We’re in reminiscent moode today as we first enjoy the excellent trailer for Dope Matrix, then we celebrate 30 flippin years of Steinberg, and all the memories it excavates as you can imagine given the cummulative experience of our panel its a rich vien…
346 - Post NAMM - AIRA, Keytars and Geetars
Feb 5, 2014
TALK 346 - Post NAMM Wrap
345 - Pre NAMM Preamble
Jan 16, 2014
NAMM 2o14 preamble
344 Emax 2 Dogs And Peaches
Jan 8, 2014
TALK344 - New Year
343 - Xmas Show - Music and Song
Dec 17, 2013
TALK 343 - The Massive EAR
342 - Guitorgan What?
Dec 12, 2013
Back to a full panel this week, first we talk about the new Vangelis film with a clip of live improvisation, then the drum machine collection of Joe Mansfield, then the Kiwi Tech Juno 106 CPU upgrade, finally we help Mark decide if he needs a Guitorgan in…
341 - Cubase 7.5 - Its Not Crickets
Dec 5, 2013
TALK 341 - Cubase and Crickets
340 - Elektron Analog Keys
Nov 28, 2013
We start with an interesting talk by Gareth Jones on the challenges of mixing for small devices, Elektron’s new Analog Keys, the Skoog in the Apple store, Godley and Creme’s Gizmotron and finally the Linnstrument from Roger Linn.
339 - X Factor Chic - Cubase Gesture Control
Nov 21, 2013
TALK 339 - Cubase Gesture
SonicTALK -Vangelis’ Yamaha CS80 Presets
Nov 12, 2013
TALK 338 - Attack of the Tyros 5
- iPad Air, Korg Littlebits
Nov 7, 2013
We’re joined again this week by Non Eric from Musotalk who has procured an iPad Air - he shares this with us, we then talk about the Korg Little Bits synth kits and Patchblocks Kickstarter project, we drool over the current Vemia vintage electronics…
Podcast:Sonic TALK 336 - Gnats Got Wood
Oct 31, 2013
TALK 336 - Rodgers and Moroder
335 - Floppy Pusher
Oct 24, 2013
We start with Apple’s latest announcements new Mac Pro, iPad Air and the approach of IT Singularity, then what would you put in your electro 1950 jukebox? Boris Blank’s Fairlight is up for sale, Thunderbolt PCI chassis and general thunderbolt-i-ness. Gaz…
334 - Come To Butthead
Oct 17, 2013
TALK 334 Come to Butthead
333 - 10 Million Cant Be Wrong
Oct 10, 2013
Vocal shennanigans
332 - Reiki Mix Master
Oct 2, 2013
TALK 332 - 432 vs 440Hz
331 - Hello, Is Mr Thump There?
Sep 26, 2013
TALK 331 - Pow!
330 - Now in HD
Sep 19, 2013
First up, we are in HD! Or what they call HD ready anyhow, all our panelists are coming in on separate Skype machines and I’m on HD video for super quality. We discuss - the beautiful new Avid S6 control, but it’ll cost ya. Then the news of Moog…
329 - Trapped In A Jazz Funk Nightmare
Sep 11, 2013
This week we first celebrate Clif Richards (Sir) 100th album, then Chas Smiths amazing metal instruments as used by Hans Zimmer in Superman - Man of Steel, Squarepushers Z-Machines robot composition, and a gel speaker from Harvard boffins.
328 - OutoTune
Sep 5, 2013
TALK 328 - Roger that
327 - Korg Volcas
Aug 22, 2013
Sonic TALK - Fly on the webcam
Podcast:Sonic TALK 326 - Ice Cream Van Hobby
Aug 14, 2013
TALK 326 - Beards
325 - George Duke
Aug 8, 2013
This week we start with the sad news of George Dukes death and celebrate some of his finest moments. Then we enjoy Benge’s Twenty Systems - a collection of pieces represesnting the history of synthesis, then a bit of light releief with the LOL studio…
324: Gesticulation Motion
Aug 1, 2013
TALK 324 - D is for…
323 - Sound Map Of The World
Jul 25, 2013
First up Nick warns against backing up to comrpessed disk images on OS X, then we head over to Phase57 for a look at Asiohead’s hand built poly synth Ambika from Mutable Instruments. Then we talk of the Strymon El Capistan delay pedal, a good match for…
322 - Logic X
Jul 18, 2013
Another scorcher here in the UK as the heatwave continues, our main topic of conversation is the release of Apple’s Logic X update, but we also find time to talk about the new NDVR Note Poly Aftertouch 2.0 Indiegogo project, finally we look at the new…
321 - Diego Stocco
Jul 11, 2013
TALK 321 - Tres, Dos, Uno
320 - The Six Ps
Jul 4, 2013
Our panel grows during the show to include Rich Hilton fresh from his triumphant Chic performace at Glastonbury, we first talk of web controlled analog with the Analog Ala Carte and Patchwerk projects, then defaults - what you set up, performance anxiety…
Podcast:Sonic TALK 319 -Bluetooth Guerrilla
Jun 27, 2013
Firstly we riff on the upcoming Glastonbury festival and related tales, then we discuss the transition from using vinatge electronics in the studio to live as inspireed by the Depeche Mode Access focussed stage tour, then the Presonus video shot with…
318 - Waldorf Nave
Jun 20, 2013
This week we have a rare visit from Non Eric, who is presenting his views on the Waldorf Nave beofre publishing his review on monday (German language), we then cover the Zoom H6 6-track recorder. Then the new Ocean Way Plugin from UAD.
317 - Mac Pronytail
Jun 12, 2013
TALK 317 Mac Pro
316 - Whack and Woo
Jun 5, 2013
As Bill Withers famously wrote its “Just the Two of Us” this week - we start with Audio Damage’s Mangleverb plugin, then on to the Hartmann Neuron which has just been re-issued as a free VST, The Beatles Hey Jude recording sessions lead to some…
315 - Finger Dirt On The Parameter Wheel
May 28, 2013
314 - Harmonic Massage Gong Bath
May 23, 2013
We start with a look at the Meganome controller and Jaziri robot drumming band, then the new Hearts and Knives Visage album, then we discuss what a facillities a new recording studio should have, finally the work of esoteric electronic composer Eliane…
313 - In Space No One Can Hear You Strum
May 16, 2013
TALK 313 - Cheers ears
312 - Karl Hyde, Bionic Ear
May 8, 2013
A real treat for us this week, Karl Hyde of Underworld joins us for a chat about his solo project Edgeland, we talk about new musical challenges and working with a band. Then we move on to the the rest of our panel and cover the ColorPlay project, a…
311 - Man Bags
May 2, 2013
Fancy a rock legends cruise? Puns abound, Running AU plugs in Pro Tools 10 and 11 from, Jamstik guitar controller and some man bags and general luggage chat.
310 - Analog Special
Apr 25, 2013
Gaz gets an impromptu makeover from his high spirited bandmates after his Karl Hyde session at Radio 6 Live in the UK, we start with a look at the amazing tape delay setup of Wouter van Veldhoven, the new SynthRestore Aurora AR57 a British mono synth, and…
309 - Post Messe Mess
Apr 17, 2013
We talk of those Volca’s, Novation Bass Station 2, Pro Tools 11 and what it means, CopperLan and high resolution control and more. Unfortunately Skype crashed at the start of the show - which unfortunately takes down the video recording so audio only this…
308 - Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo
Apr 10, 2013
Mark Tinley, a regular guest on the show has secured interviews with Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccarullo - guitarist extraordinaire.
307 - I’d Rather Be In The Dentists Chair
Apr 4, 2013
We start with a crop of Melodyned classics from major To Minor, then on to the anechoic chamber phenomenon via an anecdote from Mark which leaves us speechless, then on to the Mac Pro now unavailable in Europe, plus a little bit of April Fools and Musik…
306 - TV Mania Tech
Mar 27, 2013
Bored With Prozac and the Internet?
305a - Quincy Is 80
Mar 21, 2013
TALK 305a - Quincy Jones
305 - Tracktion Developers
Mar 13, 2013
Julian Storer and James ‘Woody’ Woodburn from Tracktion join me for a chat about the lease of life Tracktion is getting and plans for the future.
304 - Technology Trickle Down
Mar 7, 2013
We first explore the new ROLI Seaboard - a multi-axis controller, Steve Reich’s recent concert exploring themes from Radiohead, the Giant Tuba of Marknuekirchen, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinasuars live rig, Hollow Sun SOTU, with plenty of…
(TB)303 - Atomic Kitten, Gerbil Rock
Feb 28, 2013
A new guest joins us from the rarified world of pop production, now working in commercial writing and founder of prog rockers Frost - top chap and good value! Jem tells us about his work with X-Factor artists and other high pop acts. We talk about Avid…
302 - Nun On A Mobility Scooter
Feb 21, 2013
TALK 302 - Tickler
301 - One CD and Four Minibars
Feb 14, 2013
Andy Shillito is just back from the US touring with the Darkness,’s Rob Puricelli steps in to complete the panel - we discuss Krafwerks sellout Tate Modern shows, then the Grammys production and what goes into a production of that scale…
300 - Twelve and a Half Days
Feb 7, 2013
300 episodes - makes roughly 12 and a half days of listening should you choose to tackle it. First show in June 2006 and here we are. Joining me in the studio to mark this milestone are Dave and Chris plus a couple of bottles of bubbly - thanks guys! On…
299 - Post NAMM Post-Mortem
Jan 31, 2013
Fresh back from rainy California - or perhaps not so fresh! We talk of the NAMM show releases - the Korg MS20 Mini, Moog Sub Phatty, Buchla Easel, iConnect MIDI+ and audio passthrough andmuch more.
298 - NAMM Rumours
Jan 17, 2013
Not much on the agenda this week apart from a bit of good old NAMM speculation and chit chat. We talk about the Moog Sub Phatty (07:57), Ableton Push will be on display for the time (18:00)Mark brings out his Yamaha EZ-EG MIDI guitar (27:59) and Gaz…
297 - Touchscreen Breakfast Bar Trombone
Jan 10, 2013
In our first episode of the New Year, we’re happy to welcome Noneric - host of who’s not been with us for a while due to his massively successful Musotalk site, we talk of Mark Tinley’s Coles Ribbon sports commentator mic, then the new Waves…
296 - Phantom Phone Vibrations
Dec 20, 2012
Our first topic is the light and fluffy one of the Mayan impending end of the world 10:29, then Gaz gives us his impressions of Live 9 Beta 18:05, Cubasis for iPad and a bit of predicting for next year (53:19) followed by a bit of Zedd (59:59). Finally…
295 - 121212 Soundcheck Day
Dec 13, 2012
We kick off with a brief appearance from Darren Price from Underworld - as thats where Dave Spiers is today (thanks for the use of the bandwidth!). We then dive into the Leap Motion and the AirHarp experiment 7:00, Mark Tinley’s Christmas Single as the…
294 - Logic’s Next Big Update
Dec 6, 2012
New guest in the form of Mike Grieg - music tech lecturer at Teeside University joins us to discuss MIDI Jitter, rumour s and Logic - what we’d like to see in the next big update, exhibition of giant synth photos and what is the most aesthetically…
293 - My Golden Spanner
Nov 28, 2012
The panel assembles to discuss - that golden Moog, the Korg Polysix iOS app, Imogen Heap and her gloves, the new Google Chromebooks and Donald Fagen new release Sunken Condos.
292 Who Ate All The Pi?
Nov 22, 2012
Line 6 M20D new concept in live mixing, the Elektron Analog Four synthesizer, Cubase 7 and Yamaha Nuage post production system and Tinitus.
291 - Jordan Rudess Kevin Chartier
Nov 14, 2012
TALK 291 - Windows programmers do it faster
290 - The State of Dubstep
Nov 8, 2012
We take a look at the original Sonification OF Everyday Things - instrument - from Dennis P Paul and ponder what would sound good. Then the possibilities of CV to MIDI with Moog Minitaur OS V2.0, Windows 8 launch and the surface - we offer the software…
289 - Ableton 9, Push and the Raven
Oct 31, 2012
It’s all about touch this week with Ableton Live 9 and the Akai built new Live controller Push, then the even more impressive Steven Slate Raven MTX 47 inch multi-touch screen production console. Finally we talk about a 1956 5mb storage unit the size of a…
288 - I Want To Ride My Badger
Oct 25, 2012
Of course we first look at the new Apple products, then a great fly on the wall video with Queen in the studio, Native Instruments Action Strings and a photo is worth a thousand words…
287 - On Tour With Gaga, BoomStar Rocket Man
Oct 17, 2012
We are joined by Andy Shillito freah back from engineering The Darkness supporting Lady Gaga, we talk of his work then how do you add tracks to a live gig recording, Felix Baumgartner’s incredible leap and what are the musical equivalents, the Studio…
286 - Pringles Drumkit Soundboobcloud
Oct 11, 2012
This week we talk of fancy home studios, Ghetty Images teaming up with SoundCloud for some revenue for uploaders, Sound Forge for Mac is released and the power of the Pringles Drum Kit.
285 - Never Say No To A Banana
Oct 4, 2012
Neil Young’s new Pono player is our first subject, followed by the new Hollow Sun Kontakt instrument Altaerion - then we look at a couple of DIY style synth projects and finally on to the Popinator and your choice of studio snacks.
284 - Moby Chip Wiggler
Sep 26, 2012
This week our special guest is Tom Blazukas - overall winner of the Find Music In Everything competition we ran with iZotope Iris recently - we talk to Tom about his work. Then we enjoy Moby’s drum machine collection, discover a few hidden treasures in…
283 - The Eccentronic Research Council
Sep 20, 2012
After a few musical tradesmen anecdotes, we talk to Dean and Adrian about the new project with Maxine Peake which takes the subject of the Pendle Witches trial of 1412 at Pendle Hill in Lancashire and creates a concept album or words and electronic music.…
282 - The last Thing I Learned
Sep 13, 2012
First up, Gaz tells us about his new Sonuus Whahoo, a kind of multifilter wah pedal on steriods, we talk bass drum mics with the news of the new AKG D12VR, then Chiptunes come under the microscope with the Pianocade and the Chipophone, then we look at…
281 - MiniNova, Integra-7, Krome and Kamouflage
Sep 6, 2012
A big week for releases, what with the Roland Connect event and the Intergra-7, Korg’s Live stream for Krome and the new Novation MiniNova - plenty to talk about. Plus we discover Rich’s new Dubstep moniker Skrilltonius…
280 - My Video Device Went Down On Me
Aug 22, 2012
NOTE - no show next week (29th Sept 2012). First up, sorry for the video quality, if you are watching - our video capture device went down today, thanks to viewer Atmosonic for recording the live stream - and sending it over. We start with the new Permut8…
279 - Google Peepshow
Aug 15, 2012
Our panel grows during the show to a full compliment, with topics starting at Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 keyboard, then we dig the new studio quality setting for Google Hangouts, and finally we talk about what Mountain Lion can do, or not do for you.
278 - Big Pile Of HUI
Aug 8, 2012
A flying visit from the man who made that amazing double Juno 106 - the Juno 2012, and a chat, then we move on to the rather amazing collection of studio shots I found here , I wont name it as it’s rather fruitily titled. Then we discuss the controklerist…
277 - Olympic Ceremony Underworld Special
Aug 1, 2012
A real scoop for us here on Sonic TALK, we get the chance to speak to member of Underworld Darren Price on working on the Olympics opening ceremony about what exactly went into a show of such magnitude. Quite possibly the first person involved in the…
276 - The Dark Seed
Jul 24, 2012
The Dark Seed
275 - Presonus Nimbit
Jul 19, 2012
Nimbit and More
274 - Strad Or Bad
Jul 12, 2012
TALK274 - double Blind
273 - Mowg Envy Bitwig Penguin
Jul 5, 2012
A lot to talk about this week - we are temporarily joined by Rich Hilton who’s in the UK and about to do a Chic gig at Kew Gardens in London. Sadly the hotel bandwidth is just not up to it. But nevertheless, we first discuss Avid’s recent sale of M-Audio…
272 - Ethan Winer - The Audio Expert
Jun 20, 2012
This week we are joined by Ethan Winer who’s just released his Book - The Audio Expert: Everything You Need To Know About Audio. We talk about his book, thoughts on audio gear, the most critical areas for improvement in the studio environment, why we buy…
271 - Webmodular Pink Baby Face
Jun 14, 2012
TALK271 - Webmodular
270 - OhmStudio Developer Chat
Jun 7, 2012
TALK270 - OhmStudio
269 - Shock The Monkey
May 31, 2012
Apex-Twin, ChimpOscar etc
268 - Loch Ness Monster Fudge
May 24, 2012
TALK 268 - 12 Inch Pianist
266 - 909 Bikini
May 17, 2012
TALK266 - 909 Bikini
265 - Baroque Karaoke
May 8, 2012
Dinahmoe Hum
264 - Happy Birthday Moustache
May 2, 2012
A welcome visit from Gaz Williams who tells us all about his new project Pop’pea, Thomas Dolby on 80’s kids TV, Spacesaver Dual 17 inch laptop - yummy, Mystery Guitar Man and the four iPhones, then Happy Birthday Giorgio Moroder.
263 - Loose and Sloppy
Apr 26, 2012
TALK263 - Screamo
262 - I Cant Get No Disinfection
Apr 19, 2012
Though I try ,yes I try
261 -Fearsome Thereminist
Apr 12, 2012
Fanny Craddock Of the Theremin
260 - Anechoic Massage
Mar 29, 2012
Back from Musik MESSE with a flurry of new releases and videos, we start with the Propellerheads Rack Extensions, then move into a synth-fest with the StudioLogic Sledge polysynth, then finally we marvel at the Zynaptiq Unveil - a tool which allows…
259 - Rock Opera Begins At 40
Mar 15, 2012
TALK 259 - Happy Birthday Gaz
258 - Flying Robots Make Mono Music
Mar 8, 2012
Atomic Shadow
257 -Leap Loop Schmoop
Mar 1, 2012
Leap year special - we wont be doing this on Feb 29th again until 2040 - so enjoy! Dave Spiers and Gaz Williams join me to discuss the THX Deep note sound and its origin, the Pulse Controller piezo table drumming device, a Vangelis and Moroder mashup from…
256 -How Do You Like Your Eggs?
Feb 21, 2012
TALK 256 - Shift Happens
255 - Whats A Stochastic Synth?
Feb 16, 2012
TALK 255 - Modular Reason
254 - Crimson Love
Feb 9, 2012
TALK254: Studio PLanning
253 - Blip And Screech
Feb 2, 2012
TALK 253 - DP For Windows
252 - Namm Goes Hard
Jan 26, 2012
Mark Tinley, Gaz Williams and Nick Batt.Fresh back from the show, we debrief and select our highlights from the NAMM show.
251 - Pre NAMM Preamble
Jan 12, 2012
We talk of the stuff we know is coming, Moog Minitaur, Casio WX-P1, something from Teenage Engineering, Akai MPC Renaisance and CopperLAN for modular control and more
250 - The Naked Burglar
Jan 5, 2012
TALK250: Post prandial
249 - Synthesizing The Planets
Dec 28, 2011
Mike Leghorn talks about his work synthesizing Holsts The Planets
248 - Christmas Party!
Dec 22, 2011
TALK 248 - Dear Santa
247 - It Sort Of Tickles It On Demand
Dec 15, 2011
TALK247 - Mainstage
246 - Grumpy Old Synthesists
Dec 8, 2011
TALK 246: Ugly
245 - The Tightest Of Briefs
Dec 1, 2011
TALK245: Holst and Synths
244 - QuNeo And Google’s Artist Hub
Nov 24, 2011
TALK244 - Our Trev
243 - Live From Sonic Towers
Nov 17, 2011
For the first time in Sonic TALK history, we’ve got five panelists in the same room at the same time, as Rich Hilton is over in the UK on Chic disco business, we persuaded Gaz, Dave and Mark to join us too, making it the first full live panel.
242 -Leafblowers And Knob Soup
Nov 10, 2011
TALK242 - Mics and MIDI
241 -We Have A Winner
Nov 3, 2011
TALK 241 - Write the theme tune
240 - Fear, Sex and Synthesizers
Oct 27, 2011
Dark, Dark synths
239 -Wheres My Deconvolution Unreverberator?
Oct 20, 2011
TALK 239 - Animoog
238 -Correctional Facillity
Oct 12, 2011
TALK238: speaker emulation, rooms
237 - Slovenian Horseburger
Oct 4, 2011
The Science of 3D audio
236 - Marketing B*ll*cks?
Sep 29, 2011
TALK236 - MIDI pipe - honest
Sonic TALK235 - A Small Piece Of Cheese
Sep 22, 2011
TALK235: A man and his shed
234 - A Wheelbarrow Full Of BS
Sep 15, 2011
TALK234: Win a headtorch!
233 - Fastest Fingers First
Sep 8, 2011
TALK233 -Maschine, Mashine, Machine
232 - Little Brown Corvette
Sep 1, 2011
TALK 232- Noise Rainbow
230 - Matt Robertson Björk’s Biophillia MD
Aug 25, 2011
TALK230 - Matt Robertson
230 - Alan Wilder Has A Good Clearout
Aug 18, 2011
TALk 230 - Orchestra
229 - Teenage Engineering OP-1
Aug 11, 2011
Timmy Mallets Gorilla
228 - I Repair Synths Over Skype
Aug 4, 2011
TALK 228: Kompleteish
227 - Prince Has A Great Wah Wah Face
Jul 28, 2011
TALK227- Amon Tobin
226 - A Dalek From Birmingham
Jul 21, 2011
TALK226 - Raiders of the Lost Arp
225 -I Know A Guy With A Potato Cannon
Jul 14, 2011
TALK 225 - Your own cul-de-sac
224 - Ergonomically - Its Questionable
Jul 7, 2011
TALK 224: Undermine their taste in music
223 - Brazillian Spectroscope
Jun 30, 2011
TALK 223 - Our Man In Brazil
222 -Kore Blimey
Jun 23, 2011
Another week, another car park for Gaz, live from the back of his car at Castle Bingo, Swansea en-route from a teaching gig, we discuss alternative scales, microtonality (or not!), NI discontinuing the Kore platform, Glastonbury and what it takes to play…
221 -Lots Of Small Movements And Pubstep
Jun 9, 2011
TALK221 - iCloudy
220 - Instant Modular Cocktails
Jun 2, 2011
Its PIMMS oclock
219 - This Might Tickle Slightly
May 26, 2011
TALK219 - First writing then the big toe
218 - Fly To The Hills
May 19, 2011
TALK218 - Private Jet
217 - Locked In The Attic With Ctrl -V
May 12, 2011
TALK217 - Live Music!
216 - Lick The Screen Clean
May 5, 2011
TALK216 - Stinky Mic
Interview: Daniel Miller - Head Of Mute Records
May 4, 2011
Daniel Miller -Mute boss
215 - Yogurt Powered Computing
Apr 28, 2011
TALK215 - fart mastering
214 - Post MESSE Mess
Apr 14, 2011
213 - The Tyranny Of Choice
Mar 31, 2011
TALK213 - MESSE and Emotion
212 - I’d Buy It For Real Money
Mar 24, 2011
TALK212 - Smell-o-Vision - almost
211 - A Nasty Steve Hillage
Mar 17, 2011
TALK 211 - Looky Looky
210 - Ulrich Schnauss - Shoegazer Electronica
Mar 10, 2011
Ulrich Schnauss
209 - Dave Gamson Scritti Politti
Mar 3, 2011
TALK 209: Dave Gamson
208 - Neil Arthur Blancmange
Feb 24, 2011
A cascading series of compromises
207 - Kanyne West
Feb 17, 2011
TALK 207: Hybrid drives
206 - Bob Moog Foundation, Tara Busch
Feb 10, 2011
Litigation is the highest form of flattery
205 - Its The Horns That Do It
Feb 2, 2011
TALK 205 - B2M Experiments
204 - Where Did The Bassline Go?
Jan 27, 2011
TALK 204 - Kissed By a Dog
203 - PheNAMMinal
Jan 20, 2011
TALK 203 - NAMM 11 Chit chat
202 - 50s Futurism Bread-Bin
Jan 5, 2011
Pre NAMM pre-amble
201 - Terrible Tech Day
Dec 23, 2010
TALK 201 - Bad Skype Day
200 - Tara Busch Live
Dec 9, 2010
TALK 200 - Lets party
199 - Dont Smack The 2-Buss
Dec 2, 2010
TALK199 Gain
198- Bass That Makes Your Nose Vibrate
Nov 25, 2010
TALK 198 - Phase align
197 - 25 Years Of Hurt
Nov 18, 2010
TALK 197- Beard on the popshield
196 - Ba Ba Ba
Nov 11, 2010
Talk 196 - Fa Fa Fa
195 - Pin The Tail On The Donkey
Nov 4, 2010
Unsightly DAW Bloat
194 - Hands on The Slim Phatty
Oct 21, 2010
Abletons Huston Singletary
193 - Going Native
Oct 14, 2010
TALK 193 - JMJ, Zimmer, Tools
192 - Dude, Where’s My Music Gone?
Oct 7, 2010
TALK 192 - Archive and touch
191 - Lots O’ Synths
Sep 30, 2010
TALK 191 - 17 million?
190 - Tara Busch, Live AMP, DVZ
Sep 22, 2010
TALK 190 - Hello Tara Busch
189 - Analog - What Is It Good For?
Sep 16, 2010
TALK189- its all in the box
188 - And Vinyly - Mind Control
Sep 8, 2010
TALK 188: Mind Bender
187 - Made Of Pixie Shoes
Sep 2, 2010
TALK 187 - Virtual is better
Sonic TALK186 - Bieber Stretch Phenomenon
Aug 19, 2010
TALK 186- Bieber mania
185 - Inspiration Toilet Ozzy
Aug 12, 2010
TALK 185: I remember that throne
184 - Inception Synth Programmer Howard Scarr
Aug 5, 2010
TALK184 - Howard Scarr
183 - I’m Not In Love Fruitbat Tickler
Jul 29, 2010
TALK 183 - Massive Organ
Sonic TALK182 - Avast Ye Clubbers
Jul 15, 2010
TALK182- Mic Rot
Sonic TALK181- Prince, Prodigy - Prophecy Purchase Live
Jul 8, 2010
TALK 181 - Honey I bought a Prophecy
Sonic TALK180 - Mixing It Up
Jul 1, 2010
TALK180 - Synths eh?
179 - Bent Lutherers and Stunt Mics
Jun 24, 2010
TALK 179 - World Cup Interruptus
178 - Earsmack, Old Sodbury
Jun 17, 2010
TALK 178 - Dogs Dont Dance
177 - We’re All Doomed
Jun 10, 2010
TALK177 - Smell the glove
Sonic TALK176 - Supersonic Ukelele
May 19, 2010
TALK 176 - 747 Ukelele
Sonic TALK175 - Prunefinger Debut
May 12, 2010
TALK 175 - Compress moi?
Sonic TALK174 - Scott Humphrey Talks
May 6, 2010
TALK174 - Scott Humphrey
173 - You Just Want To Touch It
Apr 29, 2010
Talk 173 - Live from Tokyo
Sonic TALK172 - I’m a PC and Windows 7 In A Guitar Amp Was MY IDEA
Apr 22, 2010
TALK 172 - Ash Ruins Everything
Sonic TALK171 - McLaren And The Gamblers
Apr 15, 2010
TALK-171 - You got to know when to hold em, know when to..
Sonic TALK-170 Musik MESSE Special
Apr 1, 2010
TALK170 - Post MESSE debrief
Sonic TALK169 - Oh Yeah, Chik-a-Chik Ah
Mar 18, 2010
TALK 169 - Get a (day) Room
Sonic TALK-168 - Skinput And Gear Porn
Mar 11, 2010
TALK 168 - Beer Belly Skinput
Sonic TALK167 - The Bladerunner Test
Mar 3, 2010
TALK 167 - Souvlaki
Sonic TALK166 - 10 Billion Songs To Unmix
Feb 24, 2010
TALK 166 - Curling in the morning
165 - Gleefully Grabbing The Knob
Feb 18, 2010
TALK165 - Let make a polysynth
Sonic TALK164 - Birds n Guitars
Feb 11, 2010
TALK 164 - Steinberg Museum
163 - Humans, What Are They Good For?
Feb 3, 2010
Comedy software
Sonic TALK-162 - Mr Sprinkles Organ
Jan 27, 2010
TALK162- Mr Sprinkles Organ
Sonic TALK-161 Post NAMM10 Post-Mortem
Jan 21, 2010
TALK 161 - NAMM Chat
Sonic TALK-160 The 70 year Old Synth and NAMM
Jan 7, 2010
TALK 160 - Avatar, iSlate, Novachord, NAMM
159 - The Singing Paperclip
Dec 23, 2009
TALK 159- 21st Century Wrap
158 - Vintage Synth Dead Cat Bounce
Dec 17, 2009
TALK 158 - Synths, sampling
Sonic TALK157 -An Imaginary Audience With Tara Busch
Dec 10, 2009
TALK- Tara Busch Special
Sonic TALK156 - Analog Can Opener, Modulation Consensus
Dec 2, 2009
TALK156 - The kitten benchmark test
Sonic TALK155 - Whats That Dreadful Music?
Nov 26, 2009
TALK155- Switched On, Turned Off
Sonic TALK154 - Kicks, Feet and Krautrock Doc
Nov 18, 2009
TALK 154 - Brilliantly Chunky
Sonic TALK153 - Weezer Snuggies Space Rockers
Nov 11, 2009
TALK153 - Snuggle up
Sonic TALK152 - Joan Jet Rocks, Apopalypse Now
Nov 5, 2009
TALK152 - The Apopalypse
Sonic TALK151 -Bang The Wavedrum And Talking Piano
Oct 22, 2009
TALK151 - Vocoder fear
Sonic TALK150 - Brahms And Liszt
Oct 14, 2009
TALK150 - MIlestone moments
Sonic TALK149 - SynthSquad And Launchpad
Oct 8, 2009
TALK149: Launchpad Synthsquad
Sonic TALK148- The Lost Consonant
Oct 1, 2009
TALK148 - Eigenwhat?
Sonic TALK147 - The Synth Whos Name Cannot Be Spoken
Sep 23, 2009
TALK147: creativity through taxation
Sonic TALK146 - Harpsichords Are Gnarly
Sep 17, 2009
TALK146: Bachs Crabs
Sonic TALK145 -Korg’s Clean Sweep
Sep 10, 2009
TALK145 - Motorcycle grind
Sonic TALK144 - Robot For Piano, Meece For Music
Sep 3, 2009
TALK144 - Mommy I’m Scared
Sonic TALK143 - Jordan Rudess
Aug 27, 2009
TALK 143 - Jordan Rudess
Sonic TALK142 - River of Effluent
Aug 20, 2009
TALK142 - Les Paul
Sonic TALK141 - Modular, Desktop, Backup
Aug 12, 2009
TALK 141: I can see Big Ben
Sonic TALK140 - Mackie M-Powered, Logic 9, Underworld App
Aug 6, 2009
TALK140 - Stylized Testicles
Sonic TALK139 - Island Life/Is that Organ Real?
Jul 23, 2009
TALK 139 - Island Power Supply
Sonic TALK138 - Baked Motorcycle, Broken Guitar
Jul 15, 2009
TALK138 - Phone in overdub
Sonic TALK137 - I’m Down With the Cloud
Jul 9, 2009
TALK137: Inside 8 Tracks
Sonic TALK136 - Sweaty Knees
Jul 2, 2009
TALK136 Asphault Masticater
Sonic TALK135 -That Friday Feeling
Jun 25, 2009
TALK135 -Dedicated to Andy Hughes
Sonic TALK134 - Largo Love, Acxel Antipathy
Jun 18, 2009
TALK134 - Post LIMS Largo Love
Sonic TALK133 - My APC Goes Boom Boom
Jun 10, 2009
We start off with a little speech synthesis courtesy of, then straight into the meat with the Jasuto modular VST and iPhone synth, the Autogun free VST synth with 4 billion presets, a new SEM module from Tom Oberheim, APC40 hysteria is…
Sonic TALK132 - Diego Stocco
Jun 4, 2009
Firstly we talk with Diego about his work and processes and equipment, then we’re on to Henry Till and his messy room, Orbital to tour with a whole bunch of analog gear, then its the Rock-afire Explosion and obsolete technology which gets us on to the…
Sonic TALK131 - Tap Tempo Changed Everything
May 28, 2009
We start with a couple of mechanical oddities from the Mobius Strip music box, and the bizarre mechanical drum machine from James Taylor, we then move on to the Synplant - an organic instrument from Sonic Charge, Lady GAGA introduces the Virus Ti use in…
Sonic TALK130 - Eurovision Radiophonic and EMS
May 20, 2009
Dave Robinson tells us all about the Eurovision massive production and the enormous redundancy they put in place, then it’s the recent BBC Radiophonic Workshop gig at the Roundhouse in London, after which we suffer a network outage which sees me…
Sonic TALK129- When Is a DAW Not a DAW?
May 14, 2009
TALK129 - Novelty Record
Sonic TALK128 - Synths Synths Synths, New Props DAW
May 7, 2009
Our topics this week begin with the excellent reverb processor, then we talk of Imogen Heap’s recent improvisations live from Maui, AHNE (Analog Heaven North East) synth fest, then what are Propellerheads releasing on May 9th? We finish up…
Sonic TALK127 - Lose The Tache Keef
Apr 30, 2009
TALK127 Impulsive responses
Sonic TALK126 - That Woman
Apr 23, 2009
TALK126 - When Tigers Attack
Sonic TALK125 - 11,000 Dollar Synth Jam
Apr 16, 2009
Our week begins with the release of Ableton Live 8, and the realization that we all need some Live in our lives, then it’s on to an excellent video interive with NIN ‘s Trent Reznor, who really does appear to be a very switched on guy, after oggling all…
124- Musik MESSE and Live From Tokyo
Apr 9, 2009
TALK 124 Post MESSE 09 Roundup
Sonic TALK123 - Just Plain Wrong
Mar 26, 2009
This week we enjoy a pre Musik MESSE rumour or two, discuss the merits of stage diving for the super group after Chris Martin sprinted around the arena in Sydney earlier this month, then a couple of drum topics - the first in the form of the Silent Drum…
Sonic TALK122 - Happy Birthday Mark
Mar 19, 2009
First up, we lament the imminent closure of Manny’s Music in New York City - a legendary music shop, then it’s on to the amazing Kutiman’s Youtube video mashups, a new music streaming business model impresses some of us, then we enjoy a great…
Sonic TALK121 - My Singer Was Hypnotized
Mar 12, 2009
After hellos we take a listen to some great tunes from Jen Scaturro at, then we’re on to our least favourite jobs in the studio, Photosounder - the visual audio editor that allows you to process your audio in apps like Photoshop, boutique and…
Sonic TALK120 - All Aboard the Loveboat
Mar 5, 2009
After a quick mention of the new Macs and the i7 processor, we play a burst of the them from the Loveboat in honour of PJ Tracy who’s enjoying a late honeymoon on a cruise. Then we start out with a Vince Clarke interview in UK free paper Metro, a quick…
Sonic TALK119 - Limo To Tijuana
Feb 25, 2009
After shout outs to some of our new Twitter followers (we are sonicnick btw), we lust (well I do) after the new Apple 17 inch MacBook Pro, we get on to some nuts and bolts of touring and how we choose the gear that will make the show go on, the Ryan Gruss…
Sonic TALK118 - Michael Jacksons Swarovski Socks
Feb 17, 2009
After wondering where the EMS Synthi 100 system will go that’s currently on eBay, and the items for sale in the Michael Jackson auction, we move on to the announcement that company behind Muzak - yes there really is one has announced Chapter 11 after more…
Sonic TALK117 - The Rise Of The Throat Flickers
Feb 11, 2009
First up we guffaw over the amusing and probably unintentional use of Microsoft’s Songsmith vocal accompaniment software wiith some crackers from Billy Idol, The Police and Eminem, then it’s the wonderful Diego Stocco’s Music From Sand and all that sound…
Sonic TALK116 - Difference Between Dated and Classic?
Feb 4, 2009
TALK116 - It’s so fiddly
Sonic TALK115 - I’m Sorry, I Dont Understand
Jan 29, 2009
Our first topic is based on the news that Steve Jobs is leaving Apple for a period of recuperation after the announcement of his illness. Many commentators are predicting the demise of Apple if he leaves them for good, but I’m not so sure. If that were…
Sonic TALK114 - Post NAMM Post Mortem 2009
Jan 23, 2009
Winter NAMM 2009 discussed
Sonic TALK113 - Happy New Year
Jan 7, 2009
TALK113 Samples and Multitracks
Sonic TALK112 - The Christmas Show
Dec 18, 2008
TALK112 - All I want for Christmas is..
Sonic TALK111 - Tidy Your Room Young Man
Dec 10, 2008
We start with an homage to Oliver Postgate - the UK children’s TV show creator who passed away this week, then we’re on the Stylophone both real and iStylophone versions, then we’re on to Christmas themes and No1 singles both UK and US - or rather lack…
Sonic TALK110 - Live - Dont Forget The Feta
Dec 3, 2008
PJ Tracy, Dave Spiers, Nick Batt. Our first moments are spent marveling in the wonders of Ad Jingles and their creation, with blasts from John Parr and Jonathan Hodge, then we discuss the recently announced Moog Taurus pedals reissue. Then a quote from…
Sonic TALK109 - Singing Shorts
Nov 27, 2008
Dave tells us the latest installment from the weird world of hearing and balance tests and we ponder a positive word beginning with X, which takes us to Xanadu, Mark’s theta wave podcast gets a mention, then we’re on to the world’s thinnest speakers, made…
Sonic TALK108 - Grunting Performers, Resort Studios
Nov 19, 2008
First PJ tells us all about his recent Emmy winning experience, Dave pines for his new Roland D550 and MKS70, then we move on to the WiiMote to MIDI, Jordan Rudess shreds on the nanoKeys, then we ponder the merits of Resort Studios - Nassau Compass Point…
Sonic TALK107 - How To Get That Bond Drum Sound
Nov 12, 2008
We talk of the ZX Spectrum sound chip, last weeks Music Live! show in Birmingham, and AudioNerd’s new plug-in TemperTemper which is a Microdiatonically Equal Tempered Metronome - a click that can be in tune with your track. Then it’s on to the new Bond…
Sonic TALK106 - Marking Homework
Nov 5, 2008
Electoral preamble aside, we move on to the subject of AsioHead’s homework, who gamely rose to the challenge set last week to finish a track by this week - in fact we have two! Well done mate. Then we’re on to the Yamaha Tyros 3 - the uber arranger…
Podcast Sonic TALK105 - What’s The Worst That Could Happen?
Oct 30, 2008
After hellos and discussion of various ailments we move on to the current economic climate and what that might mean for music, as well as plucking a few artists from the charts in the last two Uk recessions, then we’re on to Dr Pepper and Chinese…
Sonic TALK104 - Warbling Divas and Tumbleweed
Oct 23, 2008
After Dave Spiers tells us about his hearing tests from earlier today, we talk of the iTunes Genius recommendation system and other similar services, then its the great Reason bassline challenge and the panels own favourite b-lines, Nick embarrasses…
Sonic TALK103 - Stinky Macs, Stinky Mics
Oct 16, 2008
This week Mark is excited about his new iPhone app RJDJ which does seem pretty nifty, we then talk of the new Apple laptop range which seems to have omitted musicians and video producers from it’s possible customer base by the exclusion of FireWire on the…
Sonic TALK102 - Better Late Than Never
Oct 10, 2008
So this weeks show covers, Punk meets butter as Johnny Rotten appears in a butter ad in the UK - we wonder if it’s all gone wrong and at what point is it acceptable to take the money and run. Then Dave drops a massive hint on the next 80’s band to reform,…
Sonic TALK101 - Post Centennial Rant
Oct 1, 2008
As this is episode 101, we indulge our grumpier sides and talk about things that really annoy us in the studio world, but not before we marvel at Matt Mahaffey’s amazing rendition of classic AC/DC track Back in Black on drums and Omnichord, then we…
Sonic TALK100 - The Champagne Issue
Sep 25, 2008
TALK100 - Lets Party!
Sonic TALK099 - International Dance Party
Sep 17, 2008
First up we remember the voice of Don LaFontaine, Mr movie trailer himself, then we ponder the SPL Transient Designer which seems to be used so much these days, another brief spell remembering Richard Wright keyboard player with Pink Floyd, the wonderful…
Podcast Sonic TALK098 - 100 Million Youtube Views
Sep 10, 2008
After thanking the powers that be for not obliterating us in the Cern particle accelerator experiment that took place on the morning of our recording, we move on to Sony’s latest laptop recall gaffe, then the new HG Fortune The Dream Machine self…
Sonic TALK097 - Sweet Robot Music
Sep 4, 2008
First up we ponder the significance of Universal Audio’s latest UAD-2 Sharc powered DSP plugins and examine their claims in detail, then we run from the awesome attack of the musical robots - is no one safe? After which, we discuss the new wave of DIY…
SonicTALK 096 - Where the Good Doggies Go
Aug 28, 2008
Firstly we talk of Creamfields and other weather dependent activities, then we’re into Slau’s response to Rich Hilton’s question on M&S mic tecnhnique, sound libraries on hard discs and other sound effects related chat, then we talk of music that makes us…