CFR Events Audio

CFR Events Audio
CFR Events Audio

Virtual Meeting: Combating Online Misinformation
Aug 6
Virtual Meeting: A Conversation with House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn
Aug 3
Responding to COVID-19 and Racism: Learning From Faith Communities
Jul 30
Virtual Meeting: CFR Master Class Series With John Campbell
Jul 28
Election Administration and Mail-in Voting
Jul 28
Reporting on Local Health Systems
Jul 23
Higher Education Webinar: Campus Health and Safety
Jul 22
Virtual Roundtable: Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan
Jul 16
Virtual Meeting: The China-India Border Crisis
Jul 15
Virtual Roundtable: Scotland’s Place in the World: Brexit and Pandemic Recovery
Jul 15
Resurgence of COVID-19
Jul 14
Virtual Meeting: Unrest at Home and U.S. Foreign Policy
Jul 13
COVID-19 Resurgence
Jul 9
Virtual Meeting: The Insurrection Act and the Future of Civil-Military Relations
Jul 8
Higher Education Webinar: Racial Equity Initiatives in Higher Education
Jul 8
Virtual Meeting: CFR Master Class Series With Stephen Sestanovich
Jul 7
Religion and Anti-Racism
Jul 7
Virtual Meeting: A Conversation With ICC President Chile Eboe-Osuji
Jul 6
Virtual Meeting Dedicated to Martin Feldstein: World Economic Update
Jul 2
Virtual Roundtable: International Trade and Women’s Rights
Jul 1
Virtual Meeting: CFR Master Class Series With Amy Jaffe
Jun 30
Corporate Virtual Meeting: Trump, Immigration, and COVID-19
Jun 25
Reporting on Racial Inequality
Jun 25
Virtual Meeting: Lessons Learned With David Cote
Jun 24
Virtual Meeting: CFR Master Class Series With Alice Hill
Jun 23
Virtual Roundtable: Russian Arms Control Compliance: A Report Card, 1984-2020
Jun 23
Local Leadership in Times of Crisis
Jun 23
Virtual Meeting: CFR Master Class Series With James M. Lindsay
Jun 18
Virtual Roundtable: Racial Inequities of COVID-19
Jun 18
Virtual Roundtable: World Order After COVID-19: Perspectives From China and India
Jun 18
Higher Education Webinar: The Triumph and Peril of America’s Alliances
Jun 18
Virtual Meeting: Lessons from History Series—The Enduring Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
Jun 17
Virtual Meeting: A Conversation With Brian Hook
Jun 16
Virtual Roundtable: Renewed Crisis on the Korean Peninsula
Jun 16
Religion’s Role in Social Change
Jun 16
Virtual Meeting: Lessons From History Series: Learning From Past Pandemics
Jun 11
Virtual Meeting: CFR Fellows’ Book Launch Series with Mira Rapp-Hooper
Jun 10
Assessing Public Health Risks
Jun 5
Immigration and Border Policy
Jun 4
Female Leadership During COVID-19
Jun 3
Higher Education Webinar: Fall Semester Planning During COVID-19
Jun 3
The Future of American Infrastructure
May 27
Risk of COVID-19 Resurgence
May 22
Higher Education Webinar: “The World” With CFR President Richard N. Haass
May 19
Science-Based Reporting and Countering Misinformation
May 12
Reopening North America
May 8
Higher Education Webinar: COVID-19 Implications for Higher Education
May 5
Cybersecurity and COVID-19: The Threat of Ransomware
May 4
COVID-19 and Considerations for Reopening
Apr 30
U.S. Elections and COVID-19
Apr 28