Coffee Break with Miss Debbie

Coffee Break with Miss Debbie
Debbie Wiens is an author, blogger, wife, mother and also a Dance Studio Owner for 23 yrs! She has mentored and trained thousands of students and friends over the years. She carries and immense wealth of wisdom and experience in many areas. She is a great inspirational communicator and many will appreciate her fun dry sense of humor. Debbie will cover many various topics such as how to run a successful business, the do’s + don’ts, great stories as well as failures and valuable lessons learned. Some episodes will just be lighthearted entertaining fun stories. Blending Faith, Art + Studio Life!

SO MANY Life Lessons From the Littles
Oct 17 • 16 min
With children, it’s not just dance. We have so much more to learn. Just ask the 6 year olds.
On Being Offended in 10 Minutes or Less
Oct 16 • 8 min
In this season of experts, busybodies and self righteousness, let’s be more forgiving, shall we?
Episode 1 - Introduction
Oct 15 • 8 min
Whether we are drinking coffee together or “spilling the tea”, let’s grow together with bits of wisdom that I have gathered throughout the saga that is my dance studio life. Cheers!
3 Life Lessons From the Dog Park
Oct 14 • 11 min
Some of the most practical wisdom you can gain is probably over at the dog park.
Life Lessons From Dance Class
Oct 9 • 2 min
From the series “3 Life Lessons to Get You Through the Day”, the dance segment.
3 Life Lessons Regarding Your Calling
Oct 9 • 8 min
Instead of wasting time convincing others of what you are called to do, why not just confidently DO IT?
Gratitude Unlimited
Oct 9 • 7 min
A joyful, gracious atmosphere must be intentionally fostered.
Podcast Snacks
Oct 9 • 3 min
Fuel the Emotions
Coffee Break with Miss Debbie (Trailer)
Sep 26 • 0 min