Patriots Afterthoughts - A New England Patriots Fan Podcast

Patriots Afterthoughts - A New England Patriots Fan Podcast
Short and sweet thoughts after every New England Patriots game - win or lose (hopefully win). Check us out at and follow @NEAfterthoughts and @mikey_c on twitter.

Week 5: Broncos 18 – Patriots 12
Oct 18 • 7 min
In a shocking turn of events, 12 points was not enough to win an NFL football game. I thought the Broncos stunk, but today it was the Patriots offense that didn’t have much. Sure, they’ve been hit hard with Covid and injury - but I still expected more.…
Week 4: Chiefs 26 - Patriots 10
Oct 5 • 8 min
Just didn’t have it this week….Or I should say HIM this week. Because the Pats were in this game. Nobody gave them a chance and they were IN THIS GAME! Shame that Cam got sick and couldn’t play because I think with Cam things would have been a little…
Week 3: Patriots 36 - Raiders 20
Sep 27 • 6 min
Back in the win column! Today the Pats gave the Raiders their first loss of the season in a dominant running performance and a great day by Rex Burkhead. LFG!
Week 2: Seahawks 35 – Patriots 30
Sep 21 • 5 min
Week 2 came down to the final play of the game. The Patriots were in position to win it, but it just didn’t work out this week. A lot of good stuff to build on, and plenty to improve upon. I haven’t felt this good after a loss in quite some time. Just too…
Week 1: Patriots 21 - Dolphins 11
Sep 13 • 6 min
The Cam Newton era of the New England Patriots is finally here, and they start off this new season with a 21-11 victory at home against the Miami Dolphins in front of an empty Gillette Stadium.
Welcome to Patriots Afterthoughts
Sep 10 • 1 min
Welcome to a brand new podcast from After every Patriots game - Mike is going to turn on his recorder and give his immediate thoughts on the game he just watched. 2020 is the start of a new era of Patriots football, and whatever…