Master of None with Clifford Hudson

Master of None with Clifford Hudson
In the Master of None podcast the former CEO of Sonic, Clifford Hudson, challenges established thinking, offering counterintuitive career advice essential for every professional at all levels, whether you’re just starting out or in the middle of your ca

Innovation is Not a Luxury: Preparing for The Two Guys
Oct 22 • 44 min
In this episode of Master of None, I speak with advertising giants Brian Brooker and Pat Piper, the brains behind Sonic’s iconic ad campaign “The Two Guys.” Together, we’re going to dive into what it took to develop the campaign and how their innovation…
Surviving the Perfect Storm
Oct 15 • 56 min
Your ability to embrace unanticipated change will determine whether you survive the perfect storms that come up in your personal life and your career. If you’ve come to a place where you accept and learn to use change, perfect storms will drive you into…
Just Say Yes
Oct 7 • 53 min
On today’s conversation, Cliff talks with Mayor Kathy Taylor who said “yes” to the unique opportunities that have come along her professional path. As former Mayor of Tulsa and Former Secretary of Commerce and Tourism in the State of Oklahoma, she…
Your “And” Matters More Than Your “What”
Oct 2 • 33 min
In this episode of Master of None, we explore how opportunities can be found within opportunities and how business enterprise expansion can be found within existing businesses. Cliff’s guest, Bill Fromm, shares the story behind his unique career expansion…
Innovation is Not a Luxury
Sep 22 • 62 min
On today’s episode of Master of None, we discuss how innovation is essential to growth. But how do you innovate with limited resources? Clifford talks to Dr. Juliet Garcia who spent years implementing innovation in a public institution with limited…
Change is a Constant
Sep 10 • 50 min
On today’s episode of Master of None, Clifford talks to Ted Kergan about the evolution of life and business, as well as themes of team-work and collaboration. The perfect storm sometimes occurs in our lives - it’s what we do in the midst of great trials…