Bruno Talks With

Bruno Talks With
I had a chance to work on my own product and on that journey I met a lot of wonderful people. Now I’m inviting them to be my guests. Bruno Talks With is a “semi-scripted casual chat”. We share our experience and knowledge, no matter how poor or solid it is. You might be interested in the talk if you are building a product or you want to start building it. You’ll see other people have similar problems, struggles and dilemmas. ****** Become Patron of Bruno Talks With ******

Ep #8 Don’t give up • Alex West
Oct 9 • 64 min
My guest is Alex West and we talked about lot of things that indie hackers can relate to. Success, fails. Finding ideas for your next project. Boring or interesting ones. Full time job next to the side project. Reading books, writing blogs. MRR.…
Ep#7 Building in public, pros and cons • Danny Postma
Oct 2 • 56 min
My guest is Danny Postma and we talked about building in public. The good parts, the bad parts. Pros and cons. He also shared his experience of building in public when he worked on Headlime. Great execution, great numbers, but what else did it bring to…
Ep#6 Write your own ebook! • Lena Sesardic
Sep 25 • 72 min
Episode #6 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Lena Sesardic. Lena distilled her expertise in product management and wrote a book “The Making of Product Managers”. Full homegrown product, without any additional investments, bootstrapped way of writing a…
Ep#5 No CS Degree • Pete Codes
Sep 18 • 50 min
Episode #5 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Pete Codes. Pete is running a “No CS degree” newsletter where he collects the stories from people without CS degree. We talked about other things such as validating ideas, learning to code, publishing ebooks…
Ep#4 Product managing your side projects • Krupali Patel
Sep 11 • 54 min
Episode #4 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Krupali Patel. What is it like when you switch from corporate to indie hacker world? How is it when you have tech and non-tech founder? What are they building at Kiba Labs at all? Why people avoid building…
Ep#3 Newsletter are never out of fashion • Andrew Kamphey
Sep 4 • 50 min
Episode #3 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Andrew Kamphey. We talked about newsletters and the indie hacker scene in Bali. Influence Weekly (7k subs) Better Sheets…
Ep#2 Communities before products • John Saddington
Aug 28 • 59 min
Episode #2 of Bruno Talks With. My guest is John Saddington, founder and CEO of YEN. We talked about communities and communities before products mindset What is a community How to start it What types of communities do we have…
Ep#1 Give What You Want To Receive • Arvid Kahl
Aug 21 • 79 min
This is the first episode of Bruno Talks With. My guest is Arvid Kahl. - Arvid’s blog, podcast and newsletter - you can find Arvid’s book here - Follow him on…