Visualise You

Visualise You
How to pivot in your career and visualise and start a business more in alignment with your true souls calling.

Why Gratitude is Important for Your Life.
Sep 23 • 20 min
In Episode #5 of Visualise You, we talk about the Importance of Gratitude in Your Life and why it’s so much more than just saying thank you.
How to Build a Successful Jewellery Business with Dan McClen
Sep 15 • 37 min
In Episode #4 of Visualise You, you’ll hear how Dan McClen went from an Accountant in the Motor trade to the Founder of Solace Jewellery. Born out of the research and the desire to find hypoallergenic jewellery that his then-girlfriend would not have a…
Visualising a Different Life and Business for Yourself with Wendi Blum Weiss
Sep 1 • 35 min
In Episode #3 of Visualise You. I am joined by Wendi Blum Weiss. Wendi is a Serial entrepreneur, Best Life Mentor and an Enlightened Business Strategist, Wendi has published no less than 5 self-help books and her latest creation is, a planner/calendar and…
Poems of Recovery with Ananda de Jager
Aug 31 • 29 min
Episode #2 of Visualise You – I never imagined when I started out on this podcast journey that my first episode would be of such an inspiring, deep, emotional, vulnerable, and healing story. In this episode, you’ll hear from Ananda De Jager a 26-year-old…
How to Be a Successful Serial Quitter
Aug 30 • 23 min
In this very first episode. Episode #1 – I begin by sharing where it all started for me. I’ll share key moments from my career and pivot journey and 9 essential life lessons I learnt along the way. Quitting and pivoting in your career is actually a really…
Aug 29 • 0 min
Welcome to the visualise you podcast. I’m your host Beth Hewitt and each week on the show, we will talk about how you can pivot in your career and create a business that is more in alignment with your true soul’s calling. I’ll bring you interviews with…