Rethinking Podcast

Rethinking Podcast
Hello and welcome to the podcast of Rethinking Economics NL! Here we talk with fellow REthinkers about economics, education and so much more! Do you want a more diverse and plural economics? Come REthink with us!

Rethinking with… Peter Tkatchenko
Oct 16 • 57 min
Peter Tkatchenko, the co-founder of decommercializing Durham joins us to talk about his views on the Marxian-structuralist perspective, and on the different educational systems of the US and the UK. We discuss questions such as: Does being an extravert…
Rethinking with… Henrika Meyer
Oct 9 • 46 min
Henrika Meyer, working on the video lectures series that is out now on all platforms of Rethinking Economics Rotterdam, joins us in conversation about economic schools of thought on climate change and the many lessons she learnt during this project.…
Rethinking with… Alan Chen
Oct 2 • 51 min
Alan Chen, former Treasurer of Rethinking Economics NL joins us to talk about his journey from engineering into economics, the views sociology can give economists on labour, how he jumped into the position of being Treasurer and is an example of start…
Rethinking with… Clara Etchenique
Sep 25 • 56 min
Clara Etchenique, founder and former Chair of Rethinking Rotterdam. We talk about differences in education between the Netherlands and France, how to get funding as a new organization, and what it takes to build a local group. To name a few topics. So…
Rethinking with… Marc Beckmann
Sep 18 • 54 min
Marc Beckmann, former Chair of Rethinking Economics NL joins us in this week’s episode of the REthinking Podcast. We talk about Rethinking Economics NL, about becoming part of the board. He shares his wisdom gained as Chair and makes us aware of the link…
Rethinking with… Rosa de Koning
Sep 11 • 38 min
Today we’re Rethinking with… Rosa de Koning! Former Secretary of Rethinking Economics NL. We talk about her journey through economics, how different education can be between institutions within a country, how philosophy and economics work together and so…
Trailer Rethinking Podcast
Aug 29 • 0 min
A short introduction to what you can expect of the Rethinking Podcast, brought to you by Rethinking Economics NL.
Rethinking with… a Table of Chairs
Aug 29 • 65 min
Hey everyone! With this episode we are kicking off the Rethinking Podcast! In this episode, we talk with all the Chairs of Rethinking Economics NL, past, present and future. This means you’ll be listening to a conversation with (in order of being Chair)…