College Brew by Writer's Qi

College Brew by Writer's Qi
Let’s talk college.

How to write a research paper?
Oct 1 • 11 min
Worried about how you’re going to get started on your paper? Listen to find out on how to make that process easy!
Student Takeovers | Ida Ali
Oct 1 • 88 min
Let’s talk about college and movies! In conversation with Ida Ali on how she managed her college apps, what she’s doing now and how she finds Chapman University! Anjali shares tips about college apps, managing your time and staying motivated!
How to discover your potential | Anand Chulani
Oct 1 • 74 min
Writers Qi teams up with India’s No. 1 Success coach, Anand Chulani, to bring a session for high schoolers on how to discover your potential! This workshop guides and helps students to become confident about their choices and discover their true calling!…
Bristol University Admissions | Doris Bechstein (International market manager India) & Professor Judy Laing (Bristol Law school)
Oct 1 • 69 min
In this video Doris Bechstein (International market manager India) discusses in depth the admission process for one of the topmost UK universities, Bristol University. Viewers can virtually tour the campus, be informed about admissions during the…
Student Takeovers | Shreenidhi Nichani
Sep 16 • 20 min
This time we’re in conversation with Shreenidhi, a passionate art student! We discuss Indian food, architecture, the stigma around an arts degree and so much more!
Student Takeovers | Mudit Chandna
Sep 16 • 26 min
In this takeover, we’re in conversation with Mudit, a soon to be University of Toronto student. We discuss career opportunities, how to write a great essay and sports!
Student Takeovers | Sanil Mittal
Sep 16 • 23 min
In this episode we’re in conversation with Sanil Mittal, we discuss scuba diving, traveling and the admissions process along with much more!
Student Takeovers | Akshat Malu
Sep 16 • 27 min
Akshat Malu: In conversation with Akshat Malu, Babson freshman. In this takeover, we cover theatre, the admissions process and tips on avoiding procrastination!
Student athlete admissions | FAQ with Davidson College
Sep 16 • 72 min
Discuss how students can communicate their interest to U.S. college coaches as potential student-athletes, the admission related process, and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) timing and restrictions. Insights into the multiple layers to the…
Northeastern University Admissions & Boston FAQs | Brendon Graham, Senior Admissions officer
Sep 16 • 68 min
Answering some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Northeastern University. This video is in continuation of the Northeastern University campus tour. Here we’re covering some of the very basic and common to all questions about housing, cost of living,…
The Art & Design Portfolio webinar | Parsons school of design
Sep 16 • 56 min
Writers Qi in conversation with Lauren Kushnick from Parsons School of Design for tips on preparing your art & design portfolio. This webinar is a must-attend for students and their families interested in art colleges.
Choosing the right major: What should I study in college?
Sep 16 • 58 min
In this video, three US graduates from prestigious universities: Columbia, Northeastern, and UPenn talk about the majors they selected, their college experience and life after graduation.⁣ They discuss their respective fields in business, biology and…
The future of college applications during Covid-19
Sep 16 • 60 min
Covid-19 has put many students hoping to apply for university abroad in unprecedented situations. In this webinar, WritersQi discusses college applications with Erica Sin, Director, Arborbridge (SAT Test Prep) and Paul Greene (ex Admissions Officer at…
The Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program | Columbia Business School
Sep 16 • 48 min
In this video Professor McQuade of Columbia University discusses in detail the Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program, a pre-college course by Columbia University. This is a program started by Columbia Business school to foster entrepreneurship…
Boston University admissions | Anne Corriveau, Director, International Admissions
Sep 16 • 57 min
This video is our first episode of College Brew, college counselling brought to your home by WritersQi in times of Covid-19. In this video, Anne Corriveau, the director of International Admissions at Boston University discusses the admission process for…
Georgetown University admissions | Irfan Nooruddin, Professor, School of Foreign Services
Sep 16 • 63 min
In this podcast, Irfan Nooruddin discusses the current situation for students at Georgetown University, and shares insights on the admissions process for international students at Georgetown. Being a Professor at the School of Foreign Services, he gives…
How to get into NYU | Alexander Polk, Assistant Director of Admissions
Sep 16 • 66 min
This video is for all students looking to pursue their college education at the prestigious New York University. Alexander Polk, the assistant director of admissions discusses in detail the current admission process for Indian students and international…
Insights into British Boarding Schools | Malvern College & Haileybury School
Sep 16 • 62 min
Boarding schools in the United Kingdom provide an excellent foundation and opportunities for young students. British boarding schools pride themselves with premiere facilities and education offering internationally recognised qualifications. This video is…
What is a liberal arts education? | Adam Sapp, Pomona College & Lisa Schen, Swarthmore College
Sep 16 • 67 min
Answering some frequently asked questions about studying liberal arts in conversation with Adam Sapp from Pomona college, a part of the Claremont Consortium, and Lisa Shen from Swarthmore college. This webinar covers common philosophies about a liberal…