The Shared Shutter

The Shared Shutter
Sarah Krieg is a photographer and filmmaker specializing in branding and family films. She has met some wonderfully talented photographers over the years and decided to start a podcast to celebrate them and share their talents and inspiration with the …

Courtney Larson
Sep 21 • 42 min
In this episode we speak with Director of Click Pro and esteemed wedding photographer at Inloveness Photography, Courtney Larson! We will hear all about how she sets boundaries, finds balance (or does she?) and manages to monetize her art without…
Colette Peri
Sep 17 • 50 min
Colette Peri is a stop motion artist, a Sony Alpha Female and one of the most creative and colorful people I’ve met. She weaves magic into threads of advertisements and I adore following along on her incredible journey on Instagram. This episode we…
Sophia Costa deep dives on what it takes to capture beautiful underwater images
Sep 14 • 43 min
Sophia Costa of The Sophia Co. lives in Oahu, Hawaii with her husband and two children. She is a Birth Story, Family, Maternity and underwater Photographer and Filmmaker with a passion for documenting the real. Things get salty as we discuss her…
Meg Loeks
Sep 10 • 48 min
Meg lives in a remote part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband, four young children and several animals. She shares glimpses of her life on her personal Instagram account: meg_nlo. We talk photography, chickens and her passion projects. Meg…
Tenley Clark talks about using color and creativity to keep you inspired at home
Sep 7 • 47 min
Tenley Clark is the queen of color and we talk about how she has followed her dreams, quite literally. She is constantly creating in incredibly creative ways. In this episode we talk about what it’s like to be different. How creating every day in…
BEAVER TAILS with Ashley Marston Episode 1
Sep 5 • 17 min
Ashley Marston is BACK and has Beaver Tales to share with Sarah and Dan in this surprise Saturday spinoff where we talk about mansplaining, unsolicited advice from strangers, and why photography is “fun”.
Kellie Bieser
Sep 3 • 45 min
This episode we speak to Kelie Beiser of Shutter and Glass Photography. We chat about what it feels like to be a legend (of light), her adventures in photography and on the farm, and how she convinced her husband to get 4 goats. Kellie has some…
Twyla Jones
Aug 31 • 51 min
Twyla joins us from the beautiful east coast of Florida where she lives with her long haired, animal loving husband and three little boys. She is the founder of Emotional Storytelling: community, education and resources for photographers and is…
Chloe Lodge
Aug 27 • 48 min
Today on the podcast we talk to photographer, author and terrible flirt (quite literally, listen to her “oh snap” moment at 35:10) Chloe Lodge, She shares her tips on finding inspiration amidst quarantine. Shares about all the different kinds of light…
Ashley Marston
Aug 24 • 50 min
We are kicking our very first episode off with the one and only ASHLEY MARTSON and believe me when I say, she is a kick! We have a blast in this episode as she guides us through her journey to becoming a birth photographer, how she manages to keep up…
Shared Shutter Teaser
Aug 13 • 3 min
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