Official CAFE Lighting and Living Podcast

Official CAFE Lighting and Living Podcast
Learn all the secrets to create your dream interior with CAFE Lighting and Living’s passionate interior stylists. Presented by CLL Senior Stylist Dani Lyons with over 30 years of industry experience, you’ll be sure to learn a thing or two about timeless interiors while having some fun along the way. Let’s get started!

CL&L Episode 4: Mirrors Commanding Attention
Oct 19 • 5 min
A well positioned mirror creates a stunning focal point. Learn how Mirrors allow light to bounce around a room with understated elegance with CL&L Senior Stylist Dani Lyons.
CL&L Episode 3: How To - Bar Cart Styling with a Secret Cocktail Recipe
Sep 18 • 10 min
Learn the versatility of a bar cart and make an envious impression with expert styling tips from Senior CAFE Lighting & Living Stylist Dani Lyons. With a secret cocktail recipe, just what you need this Spring; from our sister company Saddler’s Creek Wines…
CL&L Episode 2: Living Real & Restoring A Sense of Calm in a Hectic Home
Aug 24 • 5 min
There’s no doubt about it, life at the moment is hectic. Who knew our home spaces (and head spaces) would be pushed to such limits!? Sure, the occasional bout of homework on the dining room table has often been part of the picture, but with many people…
CL&L Episode 1: 6 Expert Tips to Create A Timeless Interior
Aug 11 • 7 min
Welcome to CAFE lighting & livings’s first podcast. Today you will learn the 6 expert tips to create a truly timeless interior. Listen as Senior Stylist Dani Lyons from the Melbourne Showroom shares over 30 years of expert advice on decorating classic…