Black Biz Banter

Black Biz Banter
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Is it just another conspiracy?
Oct 19 • 12 min
Consider this… At first glance maybe, but upon further analysis, perhaps something else is also at play. Afriware Books founder gives suggestions on other ways of working through the convenient conversations we can get into. —- Support this podcast:…
For New Authors Part 2
Oct 11 • 10 min
Book distribution of your new book is an important factor in deciding whether a bookseller will carry your book. Hear some helpful hints from Owner/Founder of Afriware Books, Co. —- Support this podcast:
Interview with Takiyah Prowell, author of “Re-Re the Reader”
Oct 8 • 18 min
Takiyah L. Prowell, 8 year old author of “Re-Re the Reader” joins us to discuss her inspiration for writing her first book. She says, “Reading is my superpower.” Owner/Founder of Afriware Books is honored to have her as our first guest on the program. —-…
Turning No to YES
Oct 4 • 13 min
Have you reached an impasse with one of your suppliers? This episode may assist with moving closer to working out a better understanding of both of your businesses. Join Afriware Books founder/owner as she shares tips on navigating these delicate…
Wearing Many Hats
Oct 1 • 13 min
The business owner’s responsibilities can range from janitor to fulfillment center director. As you navigate them all on your own or with a team, Owner and Founder of Afriware Books has a few tips to keep in mind. —- Support this podcast:…
Business Model Changes
Sep 26 • 12 min
Covid19 brought a mountain new business challenges with it. Not the least of which was changing our core business model. In-store vs online sales. Owner and founder of Afriware Books shares some victories along the way. —- Support this podcast:…
For New Authors
Sep 24 • 13 min
Are you looking to publish a book or have you newly published one? This episode is just for you. Afriware Books owner/founder offers 5 tips for getting your book on the shelves at bookstores. —- Support this podcast:
Sep 20 • 34 min
Afriware Books founder reveals the backstory to the latest opening of a satellite in Racine Wisconsin. She almost didn’t post it, so if you liked it, let her know. —- Support this podcast:
Customer Service Part 1
Sep 20 • 17 min
Going above and beyond has many applications. Owner/founder of Afriware Books shares a recent example she went through during the pandemic. —- Support this podcast:
Be ready for Plan B
Sep 20 • 10 min
Flexibility is the name of the game. If your first plan gets changed, be ready to get creative. Founder of Afriware Books discusses an example where well executed plans still had to be changed at the last minute. —- Support this podcast:…
Important Decisions
Sep 6 • 13 min
Did you know Afriware Books founder was asked to participate in an event involving the celebration of the creator of the Tarzan series Edgar Rice Burroughs? Listen and learn —- Support this podcast:
Take the Risk
Sep 5 • 11 min
By definition , being in biz means taking risks. Afriware Books founder discusses some situations that come up that you could never u never planned for. —- Support this podcast:
Why Choose Black Bookstores
Sep 3 • 11 min
What’s the difference when you buy your book at Amazon versus buying it at an independent bookstore? Afriware Books founder explains from her perspective. —- Support this podcast:
Drawing your Line in the Sand
Aug 29 • 12 min
Dignity is defined and preserved by each person. Afriware Books founder shares one of her defining moments right before leaving corporate America. —- Support this podcast:
Exploring Your Gifts
Aug 26 • 11 min
Did you know that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to explore the inner gifts you were given at birth? Find out how Founder of Afriware Books pulled out a gift she didn’t realise she possessed in a very tense situation at the store in Oak Park right…
Keep Your Word
Aug 23 • 12 min
Founder of Afriware Books shares an important lesson learned from noted author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. —- Support this podcast:
The sweet parts of Black Entrepreneurship
Aug 21 • 10 min
Founder of Afriware Bookstore compares corporate America with Entrepreneurship and highlights a key difference. Find us at —- Support this podcast:
Walking in Your Light
Aug 20 • 14 min
Sometimes you are the only one who can see it. Afriware Books Founder shares her experiences at the precise time she saw that guiding inner light and moved in spight of the world around her. Find us at —- Support this podcast:…
What’s for you is for YOU
Aug 20 • 9 min
Have you felt the need to study your competition? Afriware Books founder explains how that could be a waste of your valuable time. Find us at —- Support this podcast:
Selling as Sharing
Aug 18 • 10 min
Have you ever told someone about your favorite movie? Well that’s the same process i recommend to use for selling merchandise. Find us at —- Support this podcast:
Afriware Books Anniversary
Aug 15 • 11 min
Fulfilling moments to celebrate along the way. Find us at —- Support this podcast:
Stepping into the Unknown
Aug 10 • 11 min
When you’re in that in-between space stewing over whether to move forward with your business idea. Nzingha Nommo will share her experience when in that place to assist in moving through. Find us at —- Support this podcast:…
The Reason Why
Aug 9 • 10 min
The spark that started the desire to share ideas. Before her business formed, founder Nzingha Nommo shares her experience attending a Black History Event in corporate America. Find us at —- Support this podcast:…
Getting Started
Aug 8 • 10 min
Are you stuck in overthinking mode about starting your business? Hear how Nzingha Nommo, founder of got her start and… —- Support this podcast:
Keep a Goin
Aug 8 • 10 min
You never know who or what will show up to keep you encouraged in your business venture Nzingha Nommo, founder of shares an experience where she almost gave up the business until… Find us at —- Support this podcast:…
The beginning…
Aug 6 • 2 min
Just an intro episode. Find us at —- Support this podcast:
Trailer teaser for Black Biz Banter
Aug 5 • 0 min
Find us at —- Support this podcast: