Still A Chick Lit

Still A Chick Lit
A conversation with female authors and aspiring authors of fabulous fiction, who are north of forty and fifty. We’ll find out what fuels their passion for writing and in their lives. It’s a chance to hear how they are taking on the stereotypes of older characters in romance, chick-lit and women’s fiction. Thereby getting publishing to realize there is a market that is craving books with characters that are relatable, inspirational, and aspirational. It’s time for their second act, and they are just getting started.

Introducing aspiring and fabulous forty plus author, Brooke Nolan
Sep 15 • 96 min
For this special debut of the Still A Chick Lit podcast, we are joined by Brooke Nolan. We will be discussing her debut novel Worth Waiting For. Tune in to learn what inspired her to write, and why she’s passionate about stories with characters over 50…
In women’s fiction, what is chick lit? And what’s different between it and romance?.
Sep 5 • 33 min
Chick lit is a genre to describe novels written by women in their 20s and 30s about their work an emotional lives. Why can’t women who are north of 40 and 50 still be considered chick lit writers who write about their work-life an emotional life as women,…
Food and family the story behind the creation of. 2 upcoming cookbooks.
Aug 7 • 32 min
Well things in the world want to seem like they want to divide and conquer us, we can find the commonality we all share in food, family, love, and traditions. The Stories we heard and the food we enjoyed in the kitchen I like grandmothers and mothers is…
Welcome and What does still a chick lit mean to North of forty and fifty plus authors and writers
Aug 4 • 32 min
Meet the host and learn what inspired the podcast and still a chick-lit. Get to know her background, books she’s written, and what new books are headed your way like Beverly Avenue Blues. In the coming weeks, she’ll talk to other north of forty and fifty…
Still A Chick Lit (Trailer)
Aug 3 • 0 min