Betty is a journalist who gets an interview with a man who murdered 21 people in a mass shooting. He claims that Merryweather, the international candy manufacturer made him do it. Betty starts to realize that there could be more to his claims than she …

Trailer (Promo)
Aug 4 • 1 min
The trailer for the serialized fictional thriller, Merryweather, created by Lucas King. ————Follow Lucas King on twitter: @lucaskingtweets.For business related inquires, interviews etc. Please contact by
Episode 5 - No longer A Human
Aug 2 • 7 min
Betty goes to visit Andreas in prison one last time. She uncovers the truth about Paul McDermott, Merryweather and Andreas’ real motives and intentions in an intense conversation.Cast:Betty - Kas NixonAndreas - Lucas KingEric McDermott - Zak…
Episode 6 - What Is Your Fight?
Aug 2 • 9 min
Betty has to find a way to expose Paul McDermott and Merryweather as her story races towards an end.Cast:Betty - Kas NixonAndreas - Lucas KingVictim 1 - Benjamin GrayVictim 2 - David HolmesMan - Adam Templar‐————————-Follow Lucas King on Twitter…
Episode 1 - My Name Is Betty Auxford
Aug 2 • 10 min
With her life seemingly going nowhere, unemployed journalist Betty Auxford tries to get an interview with the mass murderer; Andreas Johnsen for her blog.Cast:Betty - Kas NixonNews Reporter - Laurits BjerrumWitness 1 - Lorin ZackularWitness 2 - Zak…
Episode 3 - Something Very Sinister
Aug 2 • 11 min
As Betty starts investigating Merryweather she gets entangled in a dangerous conspiracy. Cast:Betty - Kas NixonGeneric Dave - Laurits BjerrumPaul - David Holmes‐————————-Follow Lucas King on Twitter for updates on future…
Episode 4 - I Was Kidnapped
Aug 2 • 8 min
Betty has been kidnapped and brought to an abandoned warehouse. She has to escape before it’s too late.Cast:Betty - Kas NixonPolicewoman - Lorin ZackularKidnapper - Benjamin GrayKidnapper 2 - Laurits BjerrumAndreas - Lucas King‐————————-Follow…
Episode 2 - They Made Me Do It
Aug 2 • 10 min
Betty interviews Andreas Johnsen. She realizes there might be more to him and his actions than she first thought. But can she trust this man? This man who killed 21 people.Cast:Betty - Kas NixonAndreas - Lucas KingLisa - Lorin ZackularPaul - David…