TALK TO GORDY is a twice weekly podcast that listens to your voice on matters that are important to you! From the half serious to the frivolous to the boringly mundane, Gordy Young has heard it all. He will offer some good common sense. The advice is f…

Episode109: We’re 6 months into a global pandemic…Dr. Rob Riley tells us where we stand
Aug 11 • 20 min
Interview with Dr. Rob Riley about Covid-19 and where we stand 6 months after it started spreading globally.
Episode108: UFO Investigator Greg Cisko
Aug 7 • 18 min
UFO Expert Greg Cisko talks about the Tic Tac video and what it all means.
Episode107: Update: Upcoming Guests
Aug 4 • 11 min
Update on upcoming guests to the show
Episode106: Mystery Seeds from Outer Space?
Jul 31 • 17 min
Mystery seeds are showing up in U.S.mailboxes…here’s an update.
Episode105: Goodbye, Regis…
Jul 28 • 17 min
I met Regis a couple of times. Once in South Bend and once in Chicago. He couldn’t have been nicer. What a personality…what a character…and what a career. He was one of a kind. He loved visiting his alma mater Notre Dame and the folks around South…
Episode 104: Covid 19 Honor Pins
Jul 24 • 19 min
Covid 19 Victim Honor Pins
Episode103: Harvey Stauffer Interview
Jul 21 • 16 min
Harvey Stauffer is an old friend…we’ve known each other for more than 25 years. He’s the host of one of the best blues radio shows anywhere, the Blues Revue weekends on WVPE-FM in Elkhart, Indiana. You can hear the live stream Saturdays & Sundays…
Episode102 Getting Used to This Again
Jul 17 • 18 min
How to contact me via email, voicemail and coming soon…snailmail!
Episode101 Start Here: Let’s Introduce Ourselves…
Jul 14 • 8 min
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