Cleaning Up. Leadership in an age of climate change.

Cleaning Up. Leadership in an age of climate change.
Once a week Michael Liebreich has a conversation (and a drink) with a leader in clean energy, mobility, climate finance or sustainable development. Informational, inspiring and fun!

Cleaning Up Episode 10: Angela Francis “A green deal without the yellow vests”
Sep 23 • 54 min
What does Brexit mean for the climate transition? What will COPs 30 to 50 be about (and why is it trade?) What should environmentalists do instead of giving somebody who’s got a pile of problems another one to deal with? Do we need a revolution to save…
Cleaning Up Episode 9: Jigar Shah “Creating climate wealth”
Sep 16 • 66 min
How does one come up with a brand new clean energy business model? Why if energy transition is the ‘biggest wealth creation opportunity of our lifetimes’ many have been slow to get on board? What went wrong in California with rolling blackouts and why…
Cleaning Up Episode 8: Roger Dennis “The Price of Resilience”
Sep 9 • 64 min
What does a futurist do? Does it include dealing with jetpacks? Or is it more about helping organisations to become more resilient? Cool as jetpacks might be, our Episode 8 guest, Roger Dennis covers no less interesting topics: how he helped to prepare…
Cleaning Up Episode 7: Bertrand Piccard “A good and exciting life”
Sep 2 • 68 min
According to Wikipedia, Bertrand Piccard is a Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist. This is something of an understatement. Bertrand did indeed qualify as a psychiatrist from the University of Lausanne. But he is best-known as an explorer, aviator and…
Cleaning Up Episode 6: Christiana Figueres “To Paris and beyond”
Aug 26 • 48 min
What does it take to turn a demoralised organisation around? How to convince 195 states to sign up to the Paris agreement? What does Christiana Figueres have to say about RCP8.5 and those still believing there will be no energy transition? Find out in…
Cleaning Up Episode 5: Kirsty Gogan “Fighting for nuclear”
Aug 19 • 60 min
What role (if any) should nuclear play in a low carbon future? Should we build more large-scale light-water reactors despite high costs? Is nuclear safe? Kirsty Gogan, a leading voice on nuclear power answers all of the above.
Cleaning Up Episode 4: Barbara Buchner “Counting the climate cash”
Aug 12 • 62 min
How much is being invested in climate action around the world? Where and in which sectors are the investments concentrated? How much is needed to get us on track for net zero? If it wasn’t for our Episode 4 guest, Barbara Buchner, it would be impossible…
Cleaning Up Episode 3: Antony Slumbers “Real estate in the crosshairs”
Aug 5 • 61 min
Why human skills matter in an intensely more technological world? Are we going to return to our offices when the pandemic is over, or is remote work the new normal? Will office space become a service? In Episode 3 of Cleaning Up Antony Slumbers, software…
Cleaning Up Episode 2: Rachel Kyte “Investing in climate leadership “
Jul 29 • 75 min
What is stopping us from providing affordable and reliable energy for all? What is the role of graduate education in addressing the racial inequalities still so manifest in the US? What does leadership in international affairs look like in 2020? My guest…
Cleaning Up Episode 1: Prof. Cameron Hepburn “Building back better”
Jul 22 • 60 min
What makes a green stimulus? What might a better metric for economic performance than GDP look like? Who is the faster cyclist, Michael Liebreich or Cameron Hepburn, Dean of the Smith School at Oxford? Don’t miss the very first episode of Cleaning Up!