Get the Balance Right

Get the Balance Right
This show is for creative entrepreneurs and agencies looking to grow a more profitable and sustainable business. Hosted by Heather Zeitzwolfe, CPA who serves this community with coaching, profit advising and tax & accounting services. Join her for conv…

Higher Purpose Leadership Through Conscious Capitalism (Guest Kymm Nelsen)
Oct 20 • 33 min
On this episode of Get the Balance Right our guest is Kymm Nelsen, one of the founders of the Portland, OR chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Our discussion focuses on the growing movement around purpose driven business and the positive impact these…
Done is Better than Perfect; Lower the Bar, Take Action and Start Living Your Dream (Guest Annelise Worn from the Marketing Mentor Program)
Oct 13 • 29 min
On this episode of the Get the Balance Right podcast we are joined by Annelise Worn the founder of the Marketing Mentor Program and the host of The Mumstyle Business Podcast. She and her husband started their business around a relative’s kitchen table…
Marketing with Purpose; A Holistic Approach (Charlotte Chipperfield founder of Chipperfield Media)
Oct 6 • 22 min
On this episode of Get the Balance Right podcast, we are joined by Charlotte Chipperfield the founder of Chipperfield Media and the host of the Holistic Marketing Podcast. Charlotte is a marketing success catalyst who works with her clients one-on-one…
Financial Advising Without Shame (Lisa Brumm from My Financial Girlfriend)
Sep 29 • 33 min
On this episode of Get the Balance Right Podcast we are joined by Lisa Brumm, CEO and founder of My Financial Girlfriend, an investment firm that empower clients through a shame-free approach to financial advising. We dive into the social stigma around…
Real Time Animation With Guest Dave Waite From Zookeeper
Sep 22 • 28 min
On this episode of Get the Balance Right Podcast my guest is Dave Waite, the founder and creative director of Zookeeper, an animation and branding studio located in Los Angeles. As an advanced product beta tester for Adobe, Dave has the inside scoop….
Work Smarter - Achieve Your Goals the Correct Way with Guest Jen McFarland from Women Conquer Business
Sep 15 • 28 min
I am joined by Jen McFarland from the Women Conquer Business Podcast. She has over two decades worth of experience in leadership, data analysis, project management and digital marketing. We explored the topic of goals! Yes, those things you should be…
The Importance of Email Marketing (Elizabeth Case from Yellow Dog Consulting)
Sep 8 • 32 min
On this podcast I get nerdy with Elizabeth Case, a pop culture enthusiast who owns Yellow Dog Consulting. Her firm offers sales and marketing to small business owners who don’t love sales and marketing. We discuss the power of email marketing and the…
Stop Wearing So Many Hats; Optimize Your Agency Through Six Foundational Roles (with guest Karl Sakas)
Sep 1 • 26 min
My very special guest is the man, the myth, the legend…Karl Sakas. If you’re an agency owner, changes are you’ve been exposed to his genius through his writing or at conferences and webinars. He’s a one-man blogging machine; if there’s a topic related…
Making a Positive Impact: Getting Certified with Benefit Corporations for Good (Guests Tom Herring and Mary Anne Harmer)
Aug 25 • 29 min
My guests today are Tom Hering and Mary Anne Harmer the force behind Benefit Corporations for Good a certification program for businesses focus on their triple bottom line: Planet, People and Profit. Tom and Mary Anne are long time veterans of the…
How to Strategically Use LinkedIn with Deborrah Ashley a.k.a. the LinkedIn Blackbelt
Aug 18 • 41 min
On this podcast I have an informative discussion about LinkedIn with Deborrah Ashley (aka the Linkedin Blackbelt) on how to up your game on the platform to gain exposure in a more strategic manner. Grab a pen and pencil, because you’ll learn insider…
Market Research Executive By Day, Super Hero Health Coach By Night (Jeff Spitzer - VP of Client Services at Interviewing Services of America)
Aug 11 • 25 min
On this podcast I talk with Jeff Spitzer, a veteran of Market Research whose experience spans several decades. We discuss Jeff’s humble beginnings as a garbage man, his parlay into market research, and his passion for health coaching. We dive into the…
Eradicating Toxic Workplaces with Erin Longmoon (Zephyr Recruiting)
Aug 4 • 24 min
In this episode I discuss how to avoid toxicity in the workplace with serial entrepreneur and recruiter Erin Longmoon from Zephyr Recruiting. She helps her clients find the Right Fit™ employees and foster an atmosphere where people love their jobs….
The Power of Video with Bryan Cargill (Tactus Media)
Jul 28 • 36 min
The tables are turned, I’m back with Bryan Cargill but this time he’s the one being interviewed. In this episode we discuss the power of video and storytelling. He is a man of many talents, he is the man behind Tactus Media that offers an array of…
Using Your Super Power to Grow Your Business (with Julie & Holly from Media & Marketing Minds)
Jul 21 • 27 min
On this podcast I am joined by two guests, Holly Bowyer and Julie Neumark from Media & Marketing Minds (M3) a firm that strategically positions their clients through the use of stories. We discuss how you can effectively market your business by…
Leveraging podcast appearances to build your brand (Julie Fry from Your Expert Guest)
Jul 14 • 23 min
Julie Fry’s passion for connecting people lead her to a career in helping small business owners leverage podcast appearances to build their brand. She transformed her gift for collaboration into Your Expert Guest, a business that connects podcast hosts…
A candid conversation with Ben Herman, CEO of Mad Fish Digital
Jul 7 • 31 min
This episode includes a conversational trip down memory lane with Ben Herman. We discussed his first professional exposure to the world of websites to his journey to become the CEO and founding partner of Mad Fish Digital (which has been recognized as…
Show Premiere - Host Heather Zeitzwolfe interviewed by Bryan Cargill. (Topic: Ten Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Should Avoid When Growing Their Agency)
Jun 18 • 24 min
Welcome to the premiere episode of the Get the Balance Right podcast. In this episode the tables are turned, host Heather Zeitzwolfe is interviewed by Bryan Cargill (Tactus Media). The episode contains a portion of a conversation, which originally aired…
Marketing Strategist Nicole Choman, CEO of OAKwave
Jun 18 • 24 min
My guest today is Nicole Choman has been in marketing for 20 years. She’s the CEO of OAKwave, a marketing strategy firm located in Raleigh, NC. She’s also the author of the newly released book Bad Marketing (We’ve Turned Marketing Into Our Worst…
Creator of How to Rock a TED Talk - Cathey Armillas
Jun 18 • 33 min
My guest today is Cathey Armillas the world renown public speaker and creator of How to Rock a TED Talk. Cathey coaches visionaries and thought leaders to help them transform their ideas into amazing and memorable speeches. Cathey is also the author of…