Somatic Movement & Mindset

Somatic Movement & Mindset
The Somatic Movement & Mindset Podcast has been created to educate, empower and enhance your health and wellbeing. Within this podcast you will learn how to harness the amazing abilities your mind and body possess. Clinical Somatic educator Heidi Hadl…

Finding balance emotionally, mentally & physically in an ever changing world
Oct 19 • 11 min
Finding balance within an ever changing world can be a challenge, learn how to regulate from within.
The link between Stress & Inflammation
Oct 13 • 14 min
The link between Stress & Inflammation
How to create a healthy mindset
Oct 5 • 17 min
Learn how to create a healthy mindset when life throws you many curve balls
You are what you think
Sep 27 • 14 min
Learn why what you focus on in lfe has a profound effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. Learn how to create good health from the inside out.
Why Movement is Medicine
Sep 20 • 10 min
Learn how using Somatic Movement can be a powerful medicine for your overall health & wellbeing
Can posture affect your health & wellbeing?
Sep 13 • 10 min
Learn how to improve your overall health and wellbeing by addressing your posture
Getting to the root cause of pain & stress
Sep 6 • 13 min
Learn how to harness and influence your nervous system when you are stressed or in pain
The Neuroscience of Somatic Mindfulness
Aug 31 • 15 min
Learn the neuroscience behind somatic mindfulness
The importance of using Somatic Movement to help improve the quality of your Sleep
Aug 11 • 13 min
Learn how Somatics can improve your sleep
How your emotions and mindset influence back pain
Aug 11 • 10 min
The close connection between your emotions, mindset and back pain
The importance of internal awareness with Somatic Movement and daily activities
Aug 11 • 9 min
The importance of internal awareness with Somatic Movement and daily activities
Managing your emotional, mental & physical health
Jul 15 • 11 min
Do you feel stuck in the past? How have you conditioned your brain to reliving past events? How do you perceive events? Where do you place your own health and wellbeing? Do you create time each day for self-care or do others come first? How does…
Words have power
Jul 15 • 11 min
Words have great power and can create peace or wars. How do your words reflect your inner thoughts and mindset? How do they impact on you? Learn how your subconscious and conscious mind work together, either building you up or tearing you down. Can…
How to boost your brain health - Part 1
Jul 15 • 9 min
Would you like to know how to boost your brain? Learn all about neurogenesis and how you can make your brain flourish. Heidi explains what your soma is and how this and neurogenesis impact on your current and future health and wellbeing. Learn how…
How your subconscious mind influences your daily habits
Jul 15 • 10 min
Do you know how much you operate subconsciously during your day? Do you know how much you are driven by your habits? Is your subconscious and the habits you have created contributing negatively towards your health and wellbeing? Does pain hold a…
Dealing with fear, uncertainty and lack of control
Jul 15 • 8 min
How are you feeling? Do you feel you have control? Do you feel you confident moving forward or does your current situation cause you to feel fearful and unsure what is your next right move? This episode considers how stress and trauma can splinter…
Look after you brain and it will look after you
Jul 15 • 15 min
Do you find some days feel as if you are living the same as the day before? Do you create time for down time and self care? Within this episode, learn how important self care techniques are. Heidi explains the powerful role of your Autonomic Nervous…
The Issues with working from home
Jul 15 • 11 min
With the changing world we currently live in, many people are working from home. How has it been for you? Have you noticed any new aches and pains with working from home? How does it affect you mentally? Can you switch off at the end of the day? In…
The importance of awareness
Jul 15 • 13 min
Learn how important your balance systems are. Heidi explains how intricately connected they are and guides you through an awareness practice to heighten your awareness to muscle tension and posture. Learn how developing awareness can start to create…
How to be a habit breaker
Jul 15 • 7 min
We are all creatures of habit! Do you know why habits are formed? Do you know how to break them? Within this episode Heidi explains how your subconscious is a driver in your life and how it influences your words, thoughts, actions, behaviour and…
Pain - How to deal with it
Jul 15 • 11 min
Does pain get you down? Do you feel it dictates your life? Would you like to reduce your pain? Within this episode you will learn the neurophysiology of pain and how it links to your emotional and mental health. You will find out how pain can change…
How to reduce pain with Somatics
Jul 15 • 8 min
Would you like to reduce pain? Would you like to move with ease? Learn how your muscles can create a distorted posture, which at times you are unaware of! Heidi will explain why office workers have a common posture and how this can be corrected with…
How does your external environment influence your internal world?
Jul 15 • 10 min
Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Within this episode, Heidi explains the difference and how you can maintain an internal balance or equilibrium when everything else around you can be unsettling or stressful. Learn if you are reactive or…
The power of touch
Jul 15 • 9 min
How important is touch to people? With physical distancing, touch has been impacted and has been adopted as the “new normal.” Within this episode, Heidi explores the power of touch and the physiological and psychological effects. You will learn how…
How to boost your brain health - Part 3
Jul 15 • 8 min
In this episode you will learn the importance of exercise and movement to stimulate neurogenesis. Learn how novelty and curiosity is crucial for brain cell production.Heidi mentions the hippocampus. To hear about it in more detail, go to episode 9,…
How to boost your brain health - Part 2
Jul 15 • 10 min
In this episode, Heidi teaches you about your Hippocampus and how important it is for your brain health. Learn how amnesia can occur from stressful events. Within this episode, you will learn the power of silence from research and also how various…
The benefits of somatic movement
Jul 15 • 8 min
What is somatics? How can it help you? Which areas of your body are involved? Is there a link to your mind? Learn the link between your emotions and movement. This episode delves into what your Soma is and also how intricately tuned you are.For…
Is it good to stretch?
Jul 15 • 10 min
For many years stretching has been the go-to approach for many to release muscle tension. Does stretching really work? In this episode, Heidi uncovers the science behind stretching and why this old approach to releasing muscle tension has changed. …
What does your posture reveal about you?
Jul 15 • 13 min
What is Somatics? What is Pandiculation? Within this episode, Heidi will explain what they are and how your posture can be improved by developing somatic movement. You will learn how your brain patterns muscle tension from stress and habits. You…
Is strengthening the core and stretching good for back pain?
Jul 15 • 15 min
Stretching and strengthening the core has been the two common back pain approaches for many years. Do they really work? Many health professionals have been directing clients to these avenues, with many people still suffering with back pain. Learn how…
How to manage pain and move with ease
Jul 15 • 8 min
Are you in pain? How do you view pain? Have you been able to control or manage your pain? Do you find you are living in a very tense, tight body, finding the activities you love to do are becoming a thing of the past? In this episode you will learn…