The Business of Freelancing

The Business of Freelancing
If you’re a freelancer, then you’re not just an expert in your field.

Finding Mastermind Groups
Aug 4 • 41 min
Our panel discusses the value of mastermind groups, how to find one, and the black magic it takes to do it well in our experience.
Minimal Viable Positioning
Jul 28 • 45 min
Our panel discusses what positioning is, why it’s important, and how to get started choosing your positioning.
Pivoting Your Niche with Marie Poulin
Jul 21 • 50 min
Our guest is Marie Poulin, business strategist and productivity expert, and we chat with her about her journey through many pivots and how to continually pivot your niche in order to best serve your audience.
Freelance Horror Stories: Projects Going Terribly Wrong
Jul 14 • 45 min
Our panel shares stories of failures we’ve had with client projects and how you can avoid similar disasters in your own business.
Thriving in the Passion Economy with Adam Davidson
Jul 8 • 47 min
We talk to Adam Davidson — a business reporter, co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money, and author of The Passion Economy: The New rules for Thriving in the 21st Century. We talk about why it’s an opportune time to succeed in business by combining your unique…
Getting Closer to Your Financial Reality with Luke Frye
Jul 8 • 52 min
We talk to Luke Frye, CPA and Co-Founder of Timber Tax, about cash flow forecasting, planning in these uncertain times, and how to get a firmer grasp on your financial reality so you can succeed in your business.
Origin Stories: Who Are These People In Your Ears?
Jul 8 • 19 min
Get to know more about our panelists, how we got our start in the wild world of freelancing, and why we’re chatting to you about the Business of Freelancing.