Pretty Pretty Podcast

Pretty Pretty Podcast
Pretty Pretty Podcast smashes the superficiality around leadership, visibility + success to cut to the core of what actually matters ✨ being your exquisite self. Hosted by Fast Company’s most innovative PR professional & executive coach, Courtney Love Gavin. Courtney Love & guests discuss how they break through the noise and share their gifts with the world by boldly leading with their personality, purpose + passion. Ready to elevate your expertise and influence for exponential impact? Come hither.

Reinventing Your Career During Coronavirus
Aug 5 • 27 min
Now is THE TIME to take control of your career and to take your story to its maximum potential. There are enormous opportunities available to all of us, you just have to know where to look and get started.
Breaking All The Branding Rules with Sarah Ashman
Jul 29 • 29 min
Today Courtney Love Gavin is with the founder of Public Persona Studio, Sarah Ashman. Listen in as Courtney Love and Sarah discuss the personal branding approach that’s a recipe for disaster, how to express yourself professionally while keeping true to…
How To Flex Your Expertise & Be THE Expert
Jul 15 • 24 min
Want to be a sought-after expert? Join The Notorious CLG, the Visibility Expert for Experts like Gloria Steinem, Oscar-winning directors & Pulitzer Prize winners, as she delves into what an expert REALLY is [Spoiler Alert⚠️]: It’s NOT slapping the word…
First Stop To Extraordinary: Space Camp
Jul 12 • 12 min
Welcome to the prettiest podcast on the planet with your host & fearless leader, Courtney Love Gavin. Courtney Love illuminates why she finally got her own “lower back tattoo”, how Pretty Pretty Podcast is SO necessary right now and shares the…