The Be Unbound Podcast

The Be Unbound Podcast
The one-stop-shop for Unbound students to get the latest news on developments in the community and with the new business developing fresh programs and courses.

Interview: Abraham Chen
Aug 5 • 28 min
In this episode, CMO Ben Billups is joined by Abraham Chen, a staple of the Unbound community. Hear about Abe’s experience joining during the CollegePlus era, how he found his community, and what he’s been able to do because of Unbound. DON’T MISS: You…
Staff Mutiny
Jul 29 • 31 min
In this Episode, witness a mutiny against CEO Jonathan Brush as the other staff members steal the spotlight. CMO Megan Weber, introduces the personality and pet peeves of this extraordinary team.
What is Ascend?
Jul 22 • 26 min
In this episode, Admissions Director Ellie Smith joins Jonathan Brush and Ben Billups to discuss the new Ascend program by Unbound. They lay out what the new program entails, who it’s for, and also discuss additional offerings from Unbound like the new…
A Brief History of Unbound
Jul 16 • 32 min
In this episode, Unbound CEO Jonathan Brush, COO Megan Weber, and CMO Ben Billups take a walk down memory lane. The three review the history of Unbound, all the way back to the days when it was called CollegePlus, and discuss the exciting possibilities in…
Q&A: Unbound’s Transition
Jul 7 • 25 min
In this episode, Unbound CMO Ben Billups is joined by CEO Jonathan Brush as he answers questions from Unbound students about the recently announced transition to a new business, what it entails, and how students can get involved.