Contempo Coding Podcast

Contempo Coding Podcast
The Contempo Coding Podcast focuses not only on medical coding, but stories and struggles of being a work-from-home mom. We talk about the industry, changes, hot tips, and information to build you up for success in the medical coding field.

Medical Coding Certifications
Aug 7 • 23 min
There’s lots of certifications these days, but will they result in a better chance at a job? Better pay? I discuss the most popular medical coding certification and what other credentials to look at and how they may play into your coding career.
Recruit a Little Positivity
Jul 24 • 19 min
One of this week’s YouTube videos discussed LinkedIn and connections with recruiters. This podcast goes further on the discussion in the role of the recruiter and the need to understand the massive role the recruiter takes and the need for kindness…
Documentation Pitfalls
Jul 17 • 18 min
This episode discusses some documentation pitfalls that have come into play with the usage of EMRs.
It’s a Small World Afterall
Jul 10 • 19 min
It’s a small world in healthcare and you run into the same people over and over again. In this episode I touch on the importance of keeping positive relationships and then segway into some pointers for ABNs.
The Introduction
Jul 3 • 20 min
Introduction episode for Contempo Coding. I discuss landing my first job in auditing, climbing through the ranks, and handling being work-from-home auditor and mom.