Fixing Faxes

Fixing Faxes
Follow along as we launch Clinnect, a digital health product.

Work Life Balance During COVID
Oct 13 • 26 min
Angela and Jonathan have a spontaneous discussion about work life balance during COVID. Also, we’re taking questions.
Building a Team While Building a Product
Oct 6 • 25 min
Angela opens up about how it feels to be adding team members while being in the midst of building the product.
Remote Work During Covid
Sep 29 • 30 min
From remote work to asynchronous work to mental health, Jonathan and Angela delve into Two Story Robot’s remote-first work and how they responded to the pandemic.
Taking a break this week
Sep 22 • 0 min
We’re taking this week off and catching our breaths. See you next week!
Why Say No to Money and Bootstrap?
Sep 15 • 28 min
Raising money or bootstrapping?
What’s Keeping Angela Up At Night?
Sep 8 • 27 min
Privacy by Design w/ Chris Foster
Sep 1 • 34 min
We talk about end to end encryption with our first guest. Chris Foster, CTO of Two Story Robot, takes us on a deep dive into cryptography.
Design Sprints
Aug 25 • 26 min
We spent 3 days doing a remote design sprint. It was intense, chaotic, productive, and a lot of fun.
Financial Supports for Canadian Tech
Aug 18 • 26 min
Everyone’s favourite topic: Non-dilutive financing and tax incentives!
The product development journey of Clinnect
Aug 11 • 27 min
Like any overnight success, Clinnect is 3 years in the making. We look back at how Clinnect came to be. Also, we got new mics!
Who is Angela and Jonathan?
Aug 4 • 28 min
Angela and Jonathan share a bit about who they are and their different backgrounds
How do we price a digital health product?
Jul 28 • 28 min
How do you price a new digital health product? We’re not exactly sure, but it’s probably not free.
Launching with Silly Bugs
Jul 21 • 24 min
We launched Clinnect to a small group of test customers with a few small bugs that our first user encountered right away. What does Clinnect do for this group of primary care providers and specialists?
Backlogs and Fax Machines
Jul 14 • 27 min
Surgeries are backlogged. What are referrals? Can we fix the fax?
Fixing Faxes… a teaser
Jul 2 • 2 min
A teaser of our first podcast, Fixing Faxes. We’ll be launching in a week or two, so subscribe to this feed to get the first episode when it is published.