Real Spies, Real Lives

Real Spies, Real Lives
Exploring the writing life of an espionage writer

Introducing a Reader Magnet for a New Trilogy
Aug 6 • 62 min
Some background on a reader magnet entitled Dateline: Belgrade came about, and an introduction for the upcoming trilogy, Self-Inflicted Wounds. You may learn more about the Balkans than you ever wanted to know. And, yes, a thunderstorm passed over while I…
Absolute Power Can Corrupt—or Not
Jul 30 • 59 min
In the final story, “Brave New World,” from the collection, Spy Flash II, we see that even the most sincere of politicians can succumb to the temptations of power, even if for good reason. And it takes a spy to show the way back to the light. Stay tuned…
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Jul 23 • 64 min
What role does a Klingon proverb play in the third story from the collection Spy Flash II, “Best Served Cold”? Listen and find out. Though this story’s inspiration was four years ago, it unfortunately encompasses a topic still timely today, still…
Manipulation—It’s What Spies Do
Jul 16 • 58 min
Story number two from the collection Spy Flash II. “Promise her anything” is the instruction to get an asset to agree to a marriage she doesn’t want. But some spies fulfill their promises.
Jul 9 • 61 min
Trying to be more spontaneous instead of scripted, even when reading the excerpt. I may have, well, employed my limited ability to mimic accents. Be kind.
Second Guessing the Second Guessing
Jul 2 • 25 min
Some thoughts on including extremist characters and their philosophy in fiction, and an excerpt from A Change for the Better.
When is History History?
Jun 25 • 32 min
My thoughts on whether an event is history or a current event. Oh, and an excerpt from my novella, A Change for the Better. You can hear more excerpts at my website. Just click on the “Past Podcasts” tab.
The Lure of Historical Fiction
Jun 18 • 7 min
Some insight into why I write historical fiction.
The Dark Side of Writing Thrillers Remix
Jun 12 • 7 min
Let’s try this again—after some much-needed tutoring on sound editing. Enjoy!
Real Spies, Real Lives (Trailer)
Jun 11 • 0 min