The Aesthetics of Leadership

The Aesthetics of Leadership
The Aesthetics of Leadership are a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of transformations, especially in leadership.

Dallas Matthew: Building Wealth
Aug 9 • 59 min
Public servant, real estate investor, personal finance guru, fitness expert.
Cole Householder: The Power of Prose
Aug 5 • 80 min
Cole Householder is a current Collegiate Rugby player at Louisiana Tech University, at which he is in his third year studying History, with hopes to be a professor, so that he might show others the impact and beauty of history. Through his studies he is…
Anthony LaJoye: LaJoyeful Living
Aug 3 • 31 min
Anthony LaJoye is an entrepreneur, businessman, musician & outdoorsman among many other things. After a debilitating back injury at the age of 27 he turned to natural healing & learned the power of positivity. Since then Anthony has devoted his life to…
Mike Cerbus: Authenticity Reigns
Aug 1 • 67 min
Mike Cerbus travels the world as the Education Director for Power Monkey Fitness, where he has left his mark on thousands of people through coaching Power Monkey clinics. He holds the highest honor of having coached at every single Power Monkey Camp. His…
Matthew Petruso: Creating Freedom
Jul 30 • 41 min
Matthew Petruso is an entrepreneur who fell into entrepreneurship after being fired from an oil and gas company at 21. Never wanting the feeling of not being in control of his finances and/or his life again; he took things into his own hands. Learning how…
Dr. Ryan Livingston: An Aligned Life, Body and Mind
Jul 29 • 81 min
To facilitate transformational shift of human consciousness towards fulfilled lives, using innate principles and laws of life, through the vehicle of chiropractic. Dr. Livingston specializes in quality of life performance. He is uniquely positioned…
Kevin Hejnas: Teamwork Making The Dream Work
Jul 27 • 51 min
An incredible interview with transformational leader and coach, Dr. Kevin Hejnas. He and his team have created a sustainable program for optimal living. In this episode, we talk about his biggest transformational experience to date and identify the…
Diamyn Hall: The Mental Side Of The Game
Jul 26 • 94 min
In this episode, Diamyn Hall, Collegiate baseball’s first mindset coach. We discuss high performance characteristics that lead to the best chances for a desired outcome. For more information about Diamyn Hall: Website: Instagram:…
Brandon Burns: Creating Peak Performance
Jul 17 • 32 min
Founder & CEO of Adamas Academy, Brandon is a former Division 1 collegiate gymnast with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry as both an athlete and coach. His experience training elite-level athletes as well as his background in…
Maverick Willett: Transformational Coach & Entrepreneur
Jun 30 • 45 min
Maverick is a former collegiate athlete, Army Ranger Veteran, and now a full-time online coach. He’s been training/coaching others to reach their physical and mental potential for over a decade. Since going online, the results he’s been able to get have…