The Blind Spot Money Talk

The Blind Spot Money Talk
Resource for small to mid-sized businesses to identify their blind spot to stop the leak and improve their profit.

Is your “sales” chain strong to increase profit?
Jul 30 • 20 min
Mastering sales skills are important for business owners and as much as it is a learned skill, it does not come easy for most. What is your mindset when it comes to sales skills to improve your profit? Please submit “topic” suggestions so I can address…
What are your Financial planning goals vs. values?
Jul 30 • 32 min
“Goals Always Change – Values Never Do” - Catalano Financial. Proper financial planning sets the business owner to have improved business profit overall. Have you aligned your values with the goals? Please submit “topic” suggestions so I can address your…
Do you know the importance of business coaching?
Jul 24 • 11 min
As business owners, we can’t be experts in all areas to run a profitable business. Do you know the importance of business coaching? The biggest value-add is saving time. Tune in to learn more. Please submit “topic” suggestions so I can address your pain…
Are you prepared to survive a down economy?
Jul 20 • 19 min
COVID 19 is hitting many businesses hard this year and many are forced to shut their doors, are you prepared to survive a down economy? As you know the secret to surviving is CASH FLOW, tune in to learn a few tips to help your business to improve your…
Did you know that SCORE’s free and confidential mentorship can help with growing your business?
Jul 10 • 22 min
For over 50 years, SCORE has served as America’s premier source of free business mentoring and education. As a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE has helped more than 11 million entrepreneurs through mentoring,…
Did you know zero card processing service can add money back to your bottom line?
Jun 30 • 17 min
Accepting credit cards is crucial for the success of businesses but it comes at a cost - one that could put business owners in over their heads if they aren’t careful. There are many entities involved in credit card processing and that means one solution…
Are you maximizing your profit with properly implemented bookkeeping?
Jun 30 • 15 min
Proper bookkeeping will maximize the bottom line up to 20% while you are working hard increasing your business top line. It brings more awareness and visibility to strengthen the success of your business and future growth plans. Please submit “topic”…
The Blind Spot Money Talk - Intro
Jun 29 • 8 min
The first step to building a financially successful business is knowing your financial blind spots. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses regardless of their size - have a blind spot and leaking money from their bottom line. As a host I am going to…