Chmura Economics At Work

Chmura Economics At Work
The Chmura Economics At Work Podcast is hosted by Leslie Peterson, President of Chmura Economics & Analytics. The podcast features interviews conducted by Leslie with a variety of guests & collaborators who work in economic development, workforce development, education, site selection, or corporate. They will discuss the latest economic trends, workforce and labor data, and how they keep in touch with the needs of their local economies in order to contribute to regional community prosperity.

What’s In Your Labor Market? Mississippi Prospects Conversation with Chris Chmura
Jul 21 • 19 min
Chris Chmura, PhD, CEO and Chief Economist of Chmura Economics, appears on the Mississippi Prospects Podcast.
Community College: Leading in Workforce and Economic Development; Mark Hays, Dallas College
Jun 26 • 42 min
Leslie Peterson, President of Chmura Economics & Analytics and host of the Chmura Economics At Work Podcast, interviews Mark Hays, Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development at Dallas College.