The Clinical Entrepreneur

The Clinical Entrepreneur
The podcast for healthcare practitioners who want to build a thriving, profitable business and create a life they love.

005: Using Facebook Live to Build Your Audience with Dr. Bart Precourt
Aug 11 • 35 min
Almost every medical practitioner who’s wanted to grow their practice has turned to Facebook at some point over the last five years in search of great new patients. However, there are many different ways to use the platform, and not all of them…
004: Identify Your Niche with these 7 Questions
Aug 4 • 27 min
When we start our clinical practices, many of us don’t yet know what we love to do. We haven’t yet found the things that light us up and that will help us build thriving practices and long, satisfying careers. For example, we don’t know that we…
003: Are You a Healthcare Practitioner who Struggles with Self-Care? You’re Not Alone!
Jul 31 • 21 min
As medical practitioners, we all give lots of advice. We all say we know how to fix things, and people come to us for answers to their toughest questions. However, with our busy schedules, it’s easy for us to fail to practice what we truly believe…
002: How a Crisis Helped Me Find My Superpower
Jul 21 • 30 min
We all have stories running around in our heads stopping us from taking the plunge and starting the businesses of our dreams. We may believe that we don’t know enough about accounting, or how to hire people, or how we’ll get enough great patients…
001: How to Powerfully Define Your Brand with Michael Liebowitz
Jun 23 • 27 min
As healthcare practitioners, we have our fields, practices, and our patients. At some point in our careers, we’ve also all explained what we do to someone in a way that we thought was clear and easy to understand, then learned that our explanation…